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Thread: The "False News" that cost Hillary the [S]Election

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    Default The "False News" that cost Hillary the [S]Election

    Here’s How Facebook Actually Won Trump the Presidency


    MARK ZUCKERBERG IS trying hard to convince voters that Facebook had no nefarious role in this election. But according to President-elect Donald Trump’s digital director Brad Parscale, the social media giant was massively influential—not because it was tipping the scales with fake news, but because it helped generate the bulk of the campaign’s $250 million in online fundraising.

    “Our biggest incubator that allowed us to generate that money was Facebook,” says Parscale, who has been working for the campaign since before Trump officially announced his candidacy a year and a half ago. Over the course of the election cycle, Trump’s campaign funneled $90 million to Parscale’s San Antonio-based firm, most of which went toward digital advertising. And Parscale says more of that ad money went to Facebook than to any other platform.

    ‘Facebook and Twitter were the reason we won this thing.’

    “Facebook and Twitter were the reason we won this thing,” he says. “Twitter for Mr. Trump. And Facebook for fundraising.”

    In the wake of Trump’s stunning upset last week, media analysts have worked feverishly to figure out how social media may have altered the outcome of this election. They—and we—have pointed to online echo chambers and the proliferation of fake news as the building blocks of Trump’s victory. But the answer may be much simpler. Of course Facebook was hugely influential in the presidential election, in large part because Trump’s campaign embraced Facebook as a key advertising channel in a way that no presidential campaign has before—not even Clinton’s.

    “I think the Trump campaign did that extremely well,” says Andrew Bleeker, president of Bully Pulpit Interactive, which helped lead Hillary Clinton’s digital marketing efforts. “They spent a higher percentage of their spending on digital than we did.”

    Changing Minds Where It Mattered

    Throughout the last year-and-a-half, stories about the imbalance between Clinton’s ad spending compared to Trump’s proliferated. They noted how Clinton spent more than $200 million on television ads in the final months of the election while Trump spent less than half that. Because Trump wasn’t spending as much on television all along, it seemed like his team wasn’t investing in changing anyone’s minds. But they were: they were just doing it online.

    “The big takeaway was using digital in a digital-first way,” says Matt Lira, a Republican digital strategist and senior advisor to House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. “It was the main course. It wasn’t leftovers.”

    Facebook proved to be a powerful way for Trump’s team to hone the campaign’s message with the kind of enormous sample sizes you can’t get with traditional polling. “They have an advantage of a platform that has users that are conditioned to click and engage and give you feedback,” says Gary Coby, director of advertising at the Republican National Committee, who worked on Trump’s campaign. “Their platform’s built to inform you about what people like and dislike.”

    Coby’s team took full advantage of the ability to perform massive tests with its ads. On any given day, Coby says, the campaign was running 40,000 to 50,000 variants of its ads, testing how they performed in different formats, with subtitles and without, and static versus video, among other small differences. On the day of the third presidential debate in October, the team ran 175,000 variations. Coby calls this approach “A/B testing on steroids.” The more variations the team was able to produce, Coby says, the higher the likelihood that its ads would actually be served to Facebook users.

    “Every ad network and platform wants to serve the ad that’s going to get the most engagement,” Coby says. “The more you’re testing, the more opportunity you have to find the best setup.”

    The Digital Bully Pulpit

    Clinton also had a robust digital strategy, investing $30 million in digital ads in the homestretch. Her campaign produced thousands of rapid-response videos and set up a customer service team to help people with their voting questions. But, says Bleeker, “the Trump campaign took to an extreme what we were trying to do on the Hillary campaign.”

    Social media was Trump’s primary communication channel. It wasn’t a platform for broadcasting pre-planned messages but for interacting with supporters and starting new conversations—however controversial those conversations often were. Bleeker says one of the biggest lessons he’s learned from this election cycle is that social media is increasingly going to be part of any candidate’s so-called “earned media strategy”—that is, the coverage a candidate gets for free in the press. The President-elect has shown he can turn a news cycle in 140 characters or less; in a recent 60 Minutes interview, he said he plans to continue using Twitter as president.

    “He’s going to tell his side of the story from the digital bully pulpit,” Lira says.

    Whether fake news did or didn’t affect the election’s outcome, Facebook as a platform did. The winning candidate was not just willing, but eager to break with traditional models of campaigning. His team invested in new ways of using the digital tools and platforms that have come to dominate the media landscape. Anyone who wants to defeat him in the future will have to do the same.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Inside a Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income’

    Inside a Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income’

    NOV. 25, 2016


    A fake news article posted by Beqa Latsabidze, a Georgian. “My audience likes Trump,” he said.
    “I don’t want to write bad things about Trump. If I write fake stories about Trump, I lose my audience.”


    TBILISI, Georgia — Jobless and with graduation looming, a computer science student at the premier university in the nation of Georgia decided early this year that money could be made from America’s voracious appetite for passionately partisan political news. He set up a website, posted gushing stories about Hillary Clinton and waited for ad sales to soar.

    “I don’t know why, but it did not work,” said the student, Beqa Latsabidze, 22, who was savvy enough to change course when he realized what did drive traffic: laudatory stories about Donald J. Trump that mixed real — and completely fake — news in a stew of anti-Clinton fervor.

    More than 6,000 miles away in Vancouver, a Canadian who runs a satirical website, John Egan, had made a similar observation. Mr. Egan’s site, The Burrard Street Journal, offers sendups of the news, not fake news, and he is not trying to fool anyone. But he, too, discovered that writing about Mr. Trump was a “gold mine.” His traffic soared and his work, notably a story that President Obama would move to Canada if Mr. Trump won, was plundered by Mr. Latsabidze and other internet entrepreneurs for their own websites.

    “It’s all Trump,” Mr. Egan said by telephone. “People go nuts for it.”

    With Mr. Obama now warning of the corrosive threat from fake political news circulated on Facebook and other social media, the pressing question is who produces these stories, and how does this overheated, often fabricated news ecosystem work?

    Some analysts worry that foreign intelligence agencies are meddling in American politics and using fake news to influence elections. But one window into how the meat in fake sausages gets ground can be found in the buccaneering internet economy, where satire produced in Canada can be taken by a recent college graduate in the former Soviet republic of Georgia and presented as real news to attract clicks from credulous readers in the United States. Mr. Latsabidze said his only incentive was to make money from Google ads by luring people off Facebook pages and onto his websites.

    To gin up material, Mr. Latsabidze often simply cut and pasted, sometimes massaging headlines but mostly just copying material from elsewhere, including Mr. Egan’s prank story on Mr. Obama. Mr. Egan was not amused to see his satirical work on Mr. Latsabidze’s website and filed a copyright infringement notice to defend his intellectual property.

    Yet Mr. Egan conceded a certain professional glee that Mr. Trump is here to stay. “Now that we’ve got him for four years,” he said, “I can’t believe it.”

    By some estimates, bogus news stories appearing online and on social media had an even greater reach in the final months of the presidential campaign than articles by mainstream news organizations.

    Soul Searching

    Since then, internet giants like Facebook and Google have engaged in soul searching over their roles in disseminating false news. Google announced that it would ban websites that host fake news from using its online advertising service, while Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, outlined some of the options his company was considering, including simpler ways for users to flag suspicious content.

    In Tbilisi, the two-room rented apartment Mr. Latsabidze shares with his younger brother is an unlikely offshore outpost of America’s fake news industry. The two brothers, both computer experts, get help from a third young Georgian, an architect.

    They say they have no keen interest in politics themselves and initially placed bets across the American political spectrum and experimented with show business news, too. They set up a pro-Clinton website, walkwithher.com, a Facebook page cheering Bernie Sanders and a web digest of straightforward political news plagiarized from The New York Times and other mainstream news media.

    But those sites, among the more than a dozen registered by Mr. Latsabidze, were busts. Then he shifted all his energy to Mr. Trump. His flagship pro-Trump website, departed.co, gained remarkable traction in a crowded field in the prelude to the Nov. 8 election thanks to steady menu of relentlessly pro-Trump and anti-Clinton stories. (On Wednesday, a few hours after The New York Times met with Mr. Latsabidze to ask him about his activities, the site vanished along with his Facebook page.)

    “My audience likes Trump,” he said. “I don’t want to write bad things about Trump. If I write fake stories about Trump, I lose my audience.”

    Some of his Trump stories are true, some are highly slanted and others are totally false, like one this summer reporting that “the Mexican government announced they will close their borders to Americans in the event that Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.” Data compiled by Buzzfeed showed that the story was the third most-trafficked fake story on Facebook from May to July.

    So successful was the formula that others in Georgia and other faraway lands joined in, too, including Nika Kurdadze, a college acquaintance of Mr. Latsabidze’s who set up his own pro-Trump site, newsbreakshere.com. Its recent offerings included a fake report headlined: “Stop it Liberals…Hillary Lost the Popular Vote by Several Million. Here’s Why.” That story, like most of Mr. Latsabidze’s work, was pilfered from the web.

    Mr. Latsabidze initially ran into no problems from all his cutting and pasting of other people’s stories, and he even got ripped off himself when a rival in India hijacked a pro-Trump Facebook page he had set up to drive traffic to his websites. (He said that the Indian rival had offered $10,000 to buy the page, but that he had reneged on payment after being provided with access rights and commandeered it for himself.)

    Then the notice arrived from Mr. Egan in Canada, which prompted the company that hosts Mr. Latsabidze’s websites, including departed.co, to shut them down for two days until he removed the offending story.

    “It was really bad for me,” Mr. Latsabidze recalled. “Traffic dropped and I had to start everything all over again.”

    Mr. Egan, for his part, said he did not like others making money unfairly off his labor. And he estimated that “probably half” the readers of his stories believe they are true because of the widespread theft by other websites.

    “A lot of that was conservative readers who see it picked up on other sites and believe it,” Mr. Egan said. “In many cases, they haven’t actually read it, they’re just reacting to a headline.”

    Form of Infotainment

    Mr. Latsabidze said he was amazed that anyone could mistake many of the articles he posts for real news, insisting they are simply a form of infotainment that should not be taken too seriously.



    “I don’t call it fake news; I call it satire,” he said. He avoids sex and violence because they violate Facebook rules, he said, but he sees nothing wrong otherwise with providing readers with what they want.

    “Nobody really believes that Mexico is going to close its border,” he said, sipping coffee this week in a McDonald’s in downtown Tbilisi. “This is crazy.”

    All the same, the Mexico-closing-its-border story proved so popular after it appeared on his site that he hunted around on the web for other articles on the same theme. He found a tall tale about Mexico planning to call back its citizens from the United States if Mr. Trump won. This, too, generated huge traffic, though not quite as much as the first one, which Mr. Latsabidze described as “a really great story.”

    He insisted he has nothing against Mexicans or Muslims, whose exclusion from the United States is requested by an online petition that often appears on his websites and who are invariably presented in a negative light in the stories he posts.

    “I am not against Muslims,” he said. “I just saw that there was interest. They are in the news.” Nor, he added, is he particularly against Mrs. Clinton, though he personally prefers Mr. Trump.

    If his pro-Clinton site had taken off, he said, he would have pressed on with that, but “people did not engage,” so he focused on serving pro-Trump supporters instead. They, he quickly realized, were a far more receptive audience “because they are angry” and eager to read outrageous tales.

    “For me, this is all about income, nothing more,” he added.

    The income comes mostly from Google, which pays a few cents each time a reader sees or clicks on advertisements embedded in one of Mr. Latsabidze’s websites. His best month, which coincided with the hit bogus story about Mexico closing the border, brought in around $6,000, though monthly revenue is usually much lower.

    Mr. Obama, speaking in Berlin last week, assailed the spread of phony news on Facebook and other platforms, warning that “if we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not” and “if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems.”

    While Facebook does not directly provide Mr. Latsabidze any revenue, it plays a central role in driving traffic to his websites. He initially established several fake Facebook pages intended to steer traffic to his websites, including one supposedly set up by a beautiful woman named Valkiara Beka. This woman, he acknowledged, does not really exist. “She is me,” he said.

    He discovered, however, that such pages were ineffective compared with legitimate Facebook pages from real people, particularly Trump supporters, because they have so much energy and love promoting stories they like.

    Departed.co — named after Mr. Latsabidze’s favorite movie, “The Departed,” and recently redirected to usatodaycom.com — published dozens of stories daily, many of them similar to one posted on Nov. 17 with the headline, “This Is Huuge! International Arrest Warrant Issued By Putin For George Soros!” The story was not true and had already been published on scores of other fake news sites around the web.

    Then there are the stories that have a grain of truth, along with big dollops of exaggeration and extrapolation, like “Dying Hillary Says She Just Wants To Curl Up And Never Leave Her House Again After Defeat.” Mrs. Clinton did say the day after her election defeat that she just wanted to curl up with a book. But she was not, as far as anyone knows, dying.

    Kremlin Suspicions

    In the prelude to the election, bogus reports about Mrs. Clinton’s health and highly favorable ones about Mr. Trump were promoted with gusto by Russian state-controlled news media outlets and legions of pro-Russian internet agitators. This has stirred suspicions that the Kremlin has had a hand in the fake news industry, prompting American researchers to assert in recent studies that the online blurring of the boundary between truth and falsehood is in part the result of Russian manipulation.

    But Mr. Latsabidze and others here say they serve only their bank balances, not Russia or anything else.

    He insisted that his team operated entirely on its own and that it did not want or need outside help. He said that it took him just two hours to set up a basic website and that anyone with a modicum of computer savvy could quickly start hawking news — real or fake — online.

    “I did not invent anything,” he said. “It has all been done before.”

    Mr. Latsabidze, who apparently has broken no laws, said that any crackdown on fake news might work in the short term but that “something else will come along to replace it.”

    “If they want to, they can control everything,” he said, “but this will stop freedom of speech.”

    For now, the postelection period has been bad for business, with a sharp fall in the appetite for incendiary political news favoring Mr. Trump. Traffic to departed.co and affiliated websites has plunged in recent weeks by at least 50 percent, Mr. Latsabidze said.

    “If Hillary had won, it would be better for us,” he said. “I could write about the bad things she was going to do,” he said. “I did not write to make Trump win. I just wanted to get viewers and make some money.”

    In the months since he got into the fake news business, Mr. Latsabidze has landed a day job as a programmer with a software company, which he sees as a better future. “This is more stable work,” he said.

    But he seemed reluctant to quit altogether.

    “Are there any elections coming up in the U.K.?” Mr. Latsabidze asked.

    He was disappointed to hear that none were scheduled soon. But, advised that France will hold a hotly contested presidential election next April featuring a Trump-like candidate in the form of Marine Le Pen, a far-right populist, he perked up.

    “Maybe I should learn some French,” he said.

    Andrew Higgins reported from Tbilisi, Georgia, and Mike McIntire and Gabriel J.X. Dance from New York.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Violence doth not a protest make: Soros and the anti-Trump riots

    Violence doth not a protest make: Soros and the anti-Trump riots

    November 20, 2016
    By Geoff Caldwell



    A prayer for the protester; Election 2016:

    The Soros is my master; I shall not think

    He maketh me to lie down in public streets: he leadeth me beside violent acts.

    He restoreth my iphone, he leadeth me in the paths of anarchy for his name’s sake.

    Yea though I whine through the valley of the shadow of truth, I will fear no fact, for thou art with me; thy deceit and thy lies comfort me.

    Thou preparest a riot before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with stupid; my brain runneth empty.

    Surely division and delusion shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the gutter of the Soros for ever.

    Look, I get it. For tens of millions of Americans, Election 2016 turned out exactly the opposite of what they were expecting. And had it gone the other way, tens of millions of other Americans would have felt that punch in the gut feeling of disappointment and hope lost.

    But what I will never get is the absolute meltdown happening on the streets of city after city across the country. While the main stream media is tripping all over itself to narrate these meltdowns as democracy at its best, an organic rise of the grass roots exercising their First Amendment rights, they are, in both philosophy and in practice, anything but.

    The First amendment is quite clear: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    For the most recent examples of such peaceable assembly, one need look no further than 2009 and the beginnings of the national Tea Party movement. When the Obama administration made it clear that it was putting the country on a one way path to open borders, European Union style socialism a sizable chunk of the American electorate said “not so fast”.

    At city halls and county courthouse steps across they country they gathered. They did not break windows, they did not burn cars, they held their protests, they picked up their trash and they went home. And then they voted.

    But when American flags are burning while Mexican flags are flying, when ambulances are blocked from reaching the hospital because anarchists have taken over the streets and when a man is literally pulled from his car and beaten because he voted for the non-approved candidate, that isn’t ”grassroots democracy” in action, that is mob rule in full force.

    What’s unfolding before our eyes is not our fellow citizens peaceably assembling to petition the Government. It is the extreme political left as funded and organized by the likes of George Soros, Moveon.org, Media Matters, and a host of other Open Society aligned forces pulling out all stops to keep America on their politically correct path. It’s no coincidence that Soros and the top tier donors to the hard left Democracy Alliance network that he helped found, just held a three day conference at the five star Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, D.C. to strategize against America’s latest President-elect. For 8 years they held the levers of government power, they will not relinquish that hold easily.

    You can despise Donald Trump to the deepest depths of human disgust, you can hate him with every ounce of your being, but if you’re actively working today to undermine the peaceful transfer of power tomorrow, you’re fighting against the very essence of what it means to be American.

    For as Cicero stated so clearly over two millennia ago: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.”

    It happened to Rome, and without vigilance and awareness it can most assuredly happen here too.


    The above column was submitted for publication to my regular print outlet, the Joplin Globe at 11:34 am Thursday, November 17, 2016 with email and cell phone contact information if there were any publishing concerns. Managing editor Carol Stark was on vacation with assistant editor Andy Ostmeyer filling in. I heard nothing back from Andy but such is usual with Carol and I don’t think twice. I send out my usual social media buildup for Sunday’s column, open the paper and there it is. Yet for the second time now in recent weeks, Andy just decided to not publish the column. No email, no phone call, no discussion, just left it out entirely with not even a courtesy contact as to why.

    Below is a quote from newspaper publisher Walter E. Hussman. Notice the focus on the reader. As many of you know, I do my best to communicate with you, my readers as I too find it vital. (Not to mention it’s just the courteous and professional thing to do.) As newsrooms across America are still scratching their heads as to how Donald Trump got elected President, they need look no further than to the millions of Americans who are fed up with having their news and opinion censored through the liberal prism. Some will learn and grow and become better for it, others will not. I’m afraid Mr. Ostmeyer is on the path of the latter.


    “A newspaper has a number of constituencies. Among those are readers, advertisers, employees, creditors, and stockholders. If a newspaper and its publisher always keep those constituencies in that order: readers first, advertisers second, employees third, creditors fourth, and shareholders last, then the newspaper will do well journalistically and financially, and the interests of all constituencies will be well served.”

    – Walter E. Hussman (1906-1988)

    Carol returns next week and hopefully the column will be back where you’re used to seeing it, but until then, please share with as many as you can via this site and let your contacts know, I did not just choose to not write a column, I’m as blindsided by this as you are.





    Solipsism -- Itz My ONLY Reality

    Join Me & Cousin the Reverend Mongol-Lloyd Hardy !
    Cut out the Middle-Man !!
    Worse-sheep jewrself !!!

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    Default Ass 4 Me, I got muh "Compromised kneepads" out & are ready to suck

    Ass 4 Me, I got muh "Compromised kneepads" out & are ready to suck

    Anson "The Ass-Clown" Burlingame
    November 20, 2016 at 9:13 am



    Ah, remember “when” censorship reared its head “over there”. If you want Andy to publish a column you best write about the “rape of a snail darter” or something equally sensitive to the environment.

    Carol published my after the election column in the Globe and it expressed my concerns now. I am pleased of course that more conservative government has a chance to prevail. But I fear single party dominance today as well. As I wrote, if Trump pulls an Obama, ramming through a sharply partisan agenda in the next year, while he in fact has single party power, well watch out. I even wrote Claire and Roy a letter suggesting anything passing or failing in the Senate should have their votes in agreement on a given issue.

    Like it or not, compromise is the only path forward that I will support. For sure you and I will disagree in some cases. But that is not news, of any sort.

    Good luck and if the Globe cuts you off I will return to the Corner to see what you have to say, for sure.


    Itz Fun Being A Witless Meercat!!!

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    Default I just can't believe that I've been cornholed again by the jewplin Glob, LameStream jewsmedia

    I just can't believe that I've been cornholed again by the jewplin Glob, LameStream jewsmedia

    Geoff Caldwell
    November 20, 2016 at 9:52 am


    Well hello there Mr. Burlingame. What a year eh?

    The worst of it for me with Andy is him not even having the courtesy to call or email when he has all the contact info. Contrary to what the EC may think, I’ve developed quite a following with the Sunday print column and when it’s not there I get email asking why? What makes it worse is Carol let me know first of week she’d be gone and to email the column to Andy for publication which as the note above explains.

    Once I can let go, but TWICE? And then to have a column from the ownership group about “fake news” and Facebook that didn’t even dig below the first two inches of surface by citing BuzzFeed as a credible source? Before you buy into the MSM about all the “fake news” remember who’s pushing the narrative and you see it’s the same MSM that pushed for Hillary every step of the way.

    Here’s a link describing the flawed methodology of the BuzzFeed “study”:


    The problem with the MSM today IMHO is a meme/narrative gets started by one of their own and then they all just follow in lockstep with no one actually researching behind the original claim. It’s a closed loop. “Well if blank reported it, it MUST be true”.

    Think back to the “hands up don’t shoot” fiasco. Very careless to report such so early but yet it kept getting repeating and to this day is still believed by many even though it’s a flat out lie.

    The power of the media to shape public discourse is amazing. It’s just that too many of the outlets today forget the responsibility that comes with that power. They let disagreement with point of view cloud the judgement of whether it’s actually true or not.

    Rant over for now but trust me. I’m not going anywhere. If Andy doesn’t want to publish me, I’ll find somewhere else.

    Hope all finds you well.


    I am The Librarian

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    Default I read a book by a jewboy & muh meercat meercunt went all wettt, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    I read a book by a jewboy & muh meercat meercunt went all wettt, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Anson Burlingame
    November 21, 2016 at 11:28 am



    Rant away. It does not bother me and I know you will have well researched info when you do, a hallmark of the Corner and your Globe columns.

    I read a great book, one recommended by David Brooks. The Fractured Republic by Yuval Levin. Therein he describes our politics today as a “dumb bell” with extremes on both ends and very little in the middle. As always, I have remained “right of center” but never a Tea Party loyalist. Obama went far too far to the left for me as you well know.

    This whole “alt right” thing is confusing to me and Obannon I suppose is the man I will keep my eye on. I ignore all the “white supremacist” or anti-semitic crap I read and hear and will await his own (or Trump’s) public pronouncements to see just hard far, right, they may go. If or when the religious right takes hold you will find me aligned with the EC in such matters. As far as I am concerned gay marriage and abortion is “settled law”. If “they” remove any federal mandates on such and leave it to individual states I will accept that as well. But if “they” try to tell me what to do as a matter of law if my grand daughter is raped, etc. well a big f…. you will come from me. As well I have some gay friends and if they want to get married, who am I or anyone else to say no. But if someone tells me I have to “deliver flowers” to their wedding, will same retort.

    On gun control, show me why anyone needs a private handgun in order to “maintain a militia” and I will agree. Otherwise bann the damn things but let me keep my shot gun to protect myself from local rabble rousers!!!

    Balanced budget, yes indeed. Negotiate from a position of power, you bet. Nation build, no more, period.

    And as always, fix public education as a matter of grave national security concerns. If/when that happens you can bet the graduation rate will go far down initially as we won’t be handing out “free” diplomas, unearned by academic and behavioral performance that meets high standards.

    All is rather normal here though age is catching up now. However Wheeler informed me I have not mellowed in the last year so I guess there is still some fight in me!!


    I'm Little Butt I'm Loud!!!

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    Default Every ZOGdog has itz Day; Every ZOGtard has itz Say

    Every ZOGdog has itz Day; Every ZOGtard has itz Say



    Everything is fractured in the ZOGland, especially the jewsmedia and the sundry ZOGling whigger & mamzer ass-clowns in the open-air coast-to-coast nuthouse I call ZOG/Babylon the Third & Final.

    You act all surprised that this globalonialist jew George Soros is activating the Black Lives Matter congoids to threaten and actually riot against the god-Emperor given that the sick evil crooked bitch Hillary lost and can't "gibsthemdat". Are you really surprised that they were gunning down piglice last spring and the ZOGbux stopped so as to not embarrass Killery? And given that she is using the Green commie-kikess Jill Stein as a stalking horse to do some "recounts" in which Stein can't win, thus lacking standing to sue, do you really think, like that nitwit Antsson, that Swillery "has suffered enough" now that gorgonskank is stirring again?

    I don't call myself a "White Nationalist" and especially not a member of the Alt-Right, but rather an old-fashioned White Supremacist of the Dual-Seedline Christian-Identity variety. By telling the truth as I see it, especially the infiltration of "spawn of Satan jews" and negro-lipped mongrels, my precious First Amendment to the CONstipation & Bill of Goods suffered this particular mongrel I revealed as non-white along with sundry jews taking down a dozen of my Church web pages under color of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. I had published pictures of the Mamzer from Mentor from social media. And was sued for $10.75 million, Now am being sued in three separate lawsuits in the Lake County Ohio Courts and have a bogus "stalking order" against me from 900 miles away.

    Of course the only portion I regret is that the vicious mongrel got fired from working at the North Perry Nuclear power plant. Yes, thanks to me there is good news/bad news that I might have saved 10-20 million ZOGlings around Cleveland, Ohio.

    So much for the "protections" of the CONstipation and Bill of Goods.

    Earlier this month my $2.3 million lawsuit against sundry Newton County Sheriff's Department deputies and judges and lawyers was dismissed before the 8th Circus Kort of Appeals because somehow I didn't properly state a claim upon which relief can be granted bitching about how they encouraged my brother to kill our mother and embezzle her estate of $300,000 and how judges can't obey probate law and step aside when compelled by Missouri law.

    And after having my grandchildren bought and sold like cattle and myself sent illegally to a maximum-security NutHouse, having five teeth knocked out and illegally tortured and drugged for refusal to accept a lawyer to sell me out, the CONstipation was nowhere to be seen either.

    So you are all whiny because the jewplin Glob didn't print your article? Well, they endorsed Hillery as well. How well did that go over?

    By the way, because I am a "White Supremacist" I am not allowed to run for federal, state or local office on a political party ballot. It has been that way since TraitorGlenn Miller "lost" a lawsuit in 2006. Later the ZOGling rat gunned down three mongrels in the parking lot of an Old Kikes Home in Overland Park Kansas where the drunken Lumbee melungeons liver and lungs got a reprieve. The mamzer critter is alive because it is on death row now.

    In 2015 the "Republican" legistraitors decided that in order to run for Sheriff you have to get a "pig license." Republicans hate a truly "republican form of government" worse than Joseph Stalin, who also didn't believe in letting nazis like myself run for public office, but didn't hypocritically pretend to running a CONstipational dem[on]ocracy.

    Thanks to the Internuts, pretty much everyone can have their own blog. The jew yawk slimes is Carlos Slims Blog. The Washington Pest is the Jeff Bezos Blog. The jewplin Glob is the Carol Stark Blog. Cousin Randy Turner has the Turner Report. Cousin Randy's cousin Swillis Gumpff-Turner, head of the Newtonia Ku Klux Klan and inheritard of the sheep farm gots "The Turner Diaries".

    The Alt-Right gots hundreds of blogs, jewtube accounts and up to last week Twitter accounts. Up until the time Ants-son cucked out last year, why even that nitwit had a blog.

    Me I use my blogs to tell anyone how to brew up biological weapons and that it is fine to torture the spawn of piglice, lawyers, politicians, and regime criminals to force them to testify against their regime-criminal spawners. Why I view "The Walking Dead" as more than mere entertainment but as a police procedure textbook. Didn't you like the "Negan Doctrine" of how he dealt with stupid assholes who thought that they are above the law in Season 7 Episode 1?

    So the form of government which is cum-cummin' to the Mighty Evil Empire is balkanization into Ten Thousand Warlords over 10 million mainly ex-whigger former ZOGling herd animals. For all their expertise in survival, I don't see anyone running a combine in them zombie pictures.

    Everyone who has something to say has a blog or a medium of expression on the Internuts. The god-Emperor tweeted to 30 million head of ZOGtard. Me, I have at any given time an average of 30 tards looking at my forum/blog at a time, which averages out to 700 unique visits and 35,000 per week and nearly 200,000 per year. Now some of them are jews and FiBbIes and ZOGtards like Ants-son, but some of them are potential Dylann Storm Roofs as well.

    Whenever I want to read what some middle-aged last-wave Baby Boomer cuckservative jewplin whigger has to say, why, I think off you Caldwell. But most of the time I post anonymously poison-posts onto Randy Turner's blog because I'm banned for life from the Turner Diaries, Stormfront, VNN, and the Daily Stormer.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


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