Jews (Other than Baal Finck & Eliar James) Try To Hi-Jack Christian Identity


Lucifer is trying to transform into an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).

This website a former Major in Pastor Butler’s Aryan Nations has just made me aware of looks to be literally an attempt by Jews to hijack Christian Identity by twisting and perverting it. That’s why I try to make the truth of our Identity as simple and clear and entry-level to Christians as possible, because we need to get them in the door before they are herded down the wrong path and given a false impression about our faith.

1. The Jews are not God’s chosen people. They aren’t descended from Abraham, so they did not inherit a covenant between him and God, and they are NOT God’s chosen people, so you CAN recognize, judge, and criticize them based on their fruits. They are usurpers, descended from Satan himself through Cain.

2. We (Whites) are the Israelites of the Bible, and God’s chosen people.

Those two initial changes to mainstream Christianity are the basic articles of faith, the key-turners for us, THEN they can absorb the details of doctrine, I believe.