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Thread: The ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center

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    Default The Weirdo Problem -- (((Actually the Mamzer-kike ZOGbot Problem)))

    The Weirdo Problem

    Actually the Mamzer-kike ZOGbot Problem


    The other day, the YouTube pioneer RamZPaul posted something on Twitter that generated a lot of responses and not all of them positive. The tweet was a link to a story about the arrest of someone calling himself Augustus Sol Invictus. Paul added a bit of commentary, “The former Alt Right was a movement that welcomed freaks and weirdos. The “no punch right” philosophy resulted in this.” As of this posting, the tweet had 133 replies and over one thousand likes.

    Not all of the responses were positive, of course. Members of the subculture, in which people calling themselves Augustus Sol Invictus are welcome, were unhappy with Paul’s take on the matter. The general theme of the negative reactions is that Paul is ”punching right” and that this guy claiming to be a 2000 year old Roman Emperor needs to be defended. In other words, drinking goat’s blood and claiming to be a Roman emperor are not unforgivable acts in that subculture.

    It probably does not need to be said, but Paul is correct. A person who has legally changed his name to that of a Roman emperor and is regularly issuing royal decrees on Twitter, needs mental help, not a political career. He’s also running for president, when he is not drinking goat’s blood in pagan rituals. The normal response to such things is to assume the person is mentally ill. Even if he is not a danger to himself or others, he should not be included in anything serious.

    Paul is also correct to point out that the alt-right collapsed under the weight of these sorts of weirdos. There were so many oddballs and crazies flying the alt-right flag at one point, their enemies were spoiled for choice. The far-left media could just keep plucking these characters out and putting their profile out there on-line. In fairness, most of the people attracted to the alt-right were perfectly normal, but that’s not what the public saw when the alt-right was showcased in the mass media.

    This is a problem that all outsider politics faces. The weirdo problem was not unique to the alt-right. Anyone who has attended a Libertarian Party event knows that movement has had a weirdo problem for generations. The environmental movement has had a similar problem. Most people are happy to support conservation efforts, for example, but when they see some nut dressed as an elf, demanding everyone give up their cars, they assume he and the movement are crazy.

    There are two reasons outsider politics is plagued with weirdos. One is they are always going to be the most open to newcomers. They are trying to boost their numbers, so they are never going to be too picky about people coming into their thing. Even if the new people have odd ideas, the assumption is they will learn the new politics and eventually fit in. You see this with the White Nationalists, who spend a lot of time indoctrinating one another in the ways of the subculture.

    The other reason for the weirdo problem is there are a lot of weirdos in a big society like America, so supply can easily overwhelm a new movement. These weirdos are always looking for a home, so as soon as something gets going, they are attracted to it like moths to a flame. Since new political movements are disorganized and chaotic at first, they have no way to ward off the weirdos. The alt-right was swamped by people whose reality was formed by fantasy literature and video games.

    That is the lesson of the alt-right, one that the successor operations like Casey’s American Identity Movement have learned. Rather than try and attract the biggest crowd possible in the shortest time possible, the goal is to focus on high quality people, who can grow local chapters organically. It’s not as fun as trolling people on Twitter, but it limits the number of weirdos entering the movement. It is much harder to be August Sol Invictus in real life than on-line.

    Of course, the main issue with outsider politics is that they usually form up around a complaint or a list of complaints. If the Roman emperor and the accountant have the same complaints they can end up in the same camp. At that point the accountant rethinks his position and moves along. In other words, a negative identity opens the doors for anyone who has those grievances. Often, it rewards the extremists at the expense of the sober minded.

    That is the key to any successful movement in the age of democracy. The default is always going to be the shared reality of the society. The people who control the public space, can therefore always be the default position. In order to combat that the outsiders have to have a positive identity that can be both defended, but also advocated to normal people. The trick for outsiders is to remain in the realm of the acceptable while challenging the prevailing orthodoxy.

    That can only be achieved by having rules and standards. This gets back to what Paul pointed out in his tweet. “A man that drinks blood and thinks he is literally a Roman Emperor is probably not my first choice for leadership material.” When the standard means presenting a respectable face to a skeptical public, lunatics drinking goat’s blood are never embraced as part of that public face. Instead they are kept in the background so they cannot cause trouble.

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    Default The Alt-Kike was Full of Mongrel Lawyers of the ZOGbot Poverty Flaw Center

    The Alt-Kike was Full of Mongrel Lawyers of the ZOGbot Poverty Flaw Center




    This is the 2017 501(c)(3) Income Tax Return for 2017 with the Board of Directors, including Bryan Reo



    Nick Martin


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    Default Augustus Invictus a.k.a. Austin Gillispie is a Bored Shyster for the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center

    Augustus Invictus a.k.a. Austin Gillispie is a Bored Shyster for the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center

    -- OR --

    A ZOGbot from a 501(c)(3) outfit which has lots of ZOGbots impersonating White Supremacists


    RamzPawl quoted some guy named Nick Martin who is another "haet informer" running his own project to inform on us White Haeters on his new blog at


    However, Nick Martin did come up with something I've been looking for, namely the 2017 Short Form IRS form for the "Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas" or as I call it, the "ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center" which coontains sundry bowel Movement "leaders" and lawyers representing White Nationalism 1.0 and Alt-Right 1.0.



    Check out page 2 for the Board of Directors. In addition to James Edwards of the Political Cesspool, and Augustus Invictus, there is William Johnston. Esq of the American Freedom Party, and Dickie Spencer and Mike Enoch. Z-man and others attribute the foolishness of these critters to foolishness and degeneracy. Which they are, granted, but why do any of you think it was an accident that both Dickie and Mike-the-Kike managed to call an Uber get away car and David "The Duck of Deaf" Duke managed to jump inside away from the heart of the Charlottesville Incident. Charlottesville 2017 was much the same as Greensboro 1979 -- an orchestrated incident designed to bring up from underground new talent and then destroy them.

    But look at the Executive Director Attorney Kyle Bristow, Brett Klimkowsky and Bryan Reo, who is third in command. Bryan Reo sued myself and my Aryan Nations Church for "defamation" in Lake County Ohio and won a $105.000 judgment against myself and $200 in compensatory and $200 in punitive damages against my Aryan Nations Church, with the coonivance of Attorney Bristow and Klimkowsky.

    See: Bryan Anthony Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 15CV001590
    Bryan Anthony Reo v. Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV000825

    Right now the matter is on appeal to the 11th Ohio District Court of Appeals. Bryan Reo filed four more lawsuits in Lake County which I transferred to the federal district court in Cleveland Ohio.

    Bryan Anthony Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 19-cv-02103-SO
    Bryan Anthony Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 19-cv-02589-CAB
    Anthony Domenic Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 19-cv-02615-JRA (Bryan Reo's Father)
    Stefani Rossi Reo v. Martin Lindstedt 19-cv-02786-CAB (Bryan Reo's Brazilian Wife)

    All for $500,000 each for ridiculing the mongrel and its mamzer family. I am of course counter-suing both Bryan Reo, its wife and father, Attorneys Bristow and Klimkowsky, the Lake County Courts, the State of Ohio and the federal government for violating my civil rights and that of my Aryan Nations Church. In these post-Charlottesville litigation the trick ZOG and ZOGbots play is that they can sue civilly your church or religious or political group but unless you are a "lawfare" ZOGbot group you cannot defend your own Church. So much for the First Amendment / Bill of Goods "protection". I am forced to convene an ecclestiacal kort and render a judgment for $200 billion in compensatory damages and $200 billion in punitive damages and sell stock in the Lake County Geldings & Walking Wombs using the principles of Biblical castration of regime criminals to make my own jewstice.

    My point is that everyone in the "Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas" or ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center is a ZOGbot as well as a jew or mongrel or homosexual or pervert or criminal or just messed up in the head. In fact, in an interview recently Randolph Dilloway revealed that Dr. William Pierce ran an Elohim City for CreaTards for getting to keep the $400,000 in Order loot, and had P.O. Box 666 in Marlington WVa to drop the sheckel on dangerous CreaTards to the FibbIes. And of course the Rev. Dr. Robert Millar ran an informants' paradise in which Timothy McVeigh was given the tools for Oklahoma City. Both sides knew what was going down on April 19. 1995.

    Nothing wrong with you enjoying high-brow Movement coontent like Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents or middle-brow content like Z-man or low (low, low, low)-brow entertainment like Daily Stormer. But realize that Chris Hasson e-mailed Harold Covington five years ago, then wrote only to himself on his gmail account. Gmail notified the feds and Hasson got arrested for domestic terrorism and was coerced into confessing to weapons and drug charges a few months ago. I've been in the [bowel] Movement since Waco and formed some militias (and disbanded them) and ZOG isn't even pretending that the CONstipation & Bill of Goods mean anything anymore.

    No organizing should cross county lines or friends and relatives. The future belongs to the Ten Thousand Warlords who will run things like the 1866-1880 Klans at the county level.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Clip of “Alt-Right” Leader Richard Spencer Endorsing Vaccine and Praising Fauci Goes Viral

    Clip of “Alt-Right” Leader Richard Spencer Endorsing Vaccine and Praising Fauci Goes Viral


    A clip of the bizarre former leader of the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer, mocking people who are skeptical of forced vaccination and praising the lead coronavirus hoaxer Anthony Fauci has gone viral on Twitter, as many people begin to ask what kind of agenda former members of the Alt-Right have in offering such vitriolic support for the coronavirus hoax and the government response to it.

    The video was originally tweeted out by @BaronStrucker and was then retweeted by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice.

    The Daily $permer



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    Default Blow for spencer as lawyer dumps him in charlottesville case



    In a fresh blow for Richard Spencer, his defense counsel John DiNucci has suddenly dropped his client.

    Di Nucci filed a motion at the District Court to withdraw as counsel for defendant Richard B. Spencer.

    DiNucci has been defending Spencer in a civil action lawsuit brought against a number of prominent Alt-Righters for the "Unite the Right" Charlottesville rally three years ago.

    At that rally, local police and antifa apparently colluded to provoke violence in an attempt to discredit the Alt-Right and the other groups participating. This played an important role in creating the chaotic situation that led to the death of Heather Heyer, who died when a car driven by James Fields, a young Alt-Righter, plunged into a crowd of leftist demonstrators after being attacked. The media then blamed Heyer's death on James Fields, the Alt-Right, and its leaders, like Spencer.

    Since then the establishment has been employing "lawfare" tactics, like this civil action, to further attack the Alt-Right. If or when a judgement is passed against the defendants, the costs and damages could run into millions of dollars and bankrupt Spencer and his NPI organisation, while also doxxing his supporters and donors.

    DiNucci's decision to withdraw from the case looks like a classic case of the proverbial rat abandoning the sinking ship. But it could just be a simple case of Spencer forgetting to pay his counsel or else sending a bouncing check.

    For those of us who know Dickie well, this seems the most likely explanation.

    We Survived the Post-Charlottesville Internuts Fuktardocaust


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