Divine Trooff Mamzeries looking at Obie-gender-benders' Forum for P[r]oof[t]ers


I am requesting that if one or two of you are able to do some proof reading work, Divine Truth Ministries is in need of a proof person(s).

You would be responsible for the proof and editing of The Divine Truth publication, any new Books or Booklets that are created by myselfor this ministry.

Pay would be a FREE printed copy (yearly subscription) of The Divine Truth total of 6 issues, and a FREE PRINTED book or booklet signed by Pastor Mullet of what you have proofed.

As this ministry is growing we are starting to find problems within our material that should have been found and corrected, however, thishas not been the case. We pride our ministry on providing the DIVINE TRUTH, and as such we should have the material that goes with the name.

If you can do this please contact Pastor Mullet, Thank you and Yahweh Bless.


Pastor Paul R. Mullet

PO Box 464

Bainbridge Ohio 45612

(740) 466-4424