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Thread: $permFart is Doomed -- High Profile Departures and Financial Woes Raise More Questions About Stormfront’s Future

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    Default $permFart is Doomed -- High Profile Departures and Financial Woes Raise More Questions About Stormfront’s Future

    High Profile Departures and Financial Woes Raise More Questions About Stormfront’s Future


    After a string of high profile departures, the future of Stormfront is more uncertain than ever. In just three months, the Internet’s most notorious and deadly white supremacist community has lost two charismatic leaders and the ability to process credit card donations.

    The abdications of Stormfront Radio cohost Freeland Roy Dunscombe (AKA “Truck Roy” and longtime chief of staff James Baker (AKA “Jack Boot”) have left the site’s founder, Don Black, and its most dedicated members deflated.

    “In the lean times, it was largely you and David Duke and a few other guys that were keeping things going. Now, we’ve got a lot more people pushing things,” said Dunscombe in his final regular broadcast on December 27, 2016. “I do kind of want to step down from doing radio stuff. … I’ve got a lot of other little projects going on, as well as a growing family and kids that are getting older and you know all the standard excuses. There’s a lot going on.”

    Black, sounding uncharacteristically discouraged, replied, “I’m here two hours and I’m wondering if that’s in our future. A two-hour show can be kind of burdensome. I have a lot going on too.” The 64-year-old shut-in has been noticeably more absent from his morning ramblings, leaving broadcast duties to regular guests like Patrick Slattery, David Duke’s right hand man, and “Don Advo.”

    Three months later, to the day, Stormfront suffered an even larger blow, the resignation of its both beloved and reviled chief of staff, Baker — best known for his role in implementing Stormfront’s controversial ban of swastikas in 2008.

    “I remember my early days on this board: Black behind the scenes lubing the gears and Boot out front waving the banner,” wrote JEWFISH, one of the site’s biggest benefactors. “Boot and Black, SF’s one-two punch. Now wondering what else awaits. Another shoe still to drop?”

    The announcement undoubtedly came as a significant blow to Black, who was noticeably absent from discussion of Baker’s resignation. During Dunscombe’s final regular broadcast, Black made a point to mention, “People come and go, of course. … We actually still have some of the old moderators — my chief of staff of course, Jack Boot, joined in ’98. We still have a few of the old moderators, but people do come and go and it gets a little discouraging sometimes.”

    The site’s sustaining members, its financial lifeblood, were obviously shaken.

    “Sad news for SF,” wrote “Pride Isn’t Hate.” “Lost Roy, now Boot.”

    With the concurrent announcement that Stormfront lost its ability to process credit card transactions, others openly speculated on the once preeminent site’s future.

    “Well, I don’t think this is a good sign,” lamented “Aryan Beauty.” “Between the credit card debacle (even WNS who have been far more high profile than SF have solved this problem) and Jack Boot “retiring,” so soon after, things don’t look too good for the future of SF — especially for a site that needs to clear $7k a month to stay viable. I hope I’m wrong, but time will tell.”

    During the April 5, 2017 broadcast, Black admitted to his listeners that, “We’ve had some problems with our credit card processor, which has had a major impact on us in the last month and a half. … We haven’t really been pushing contributions or any kind of donation drive since September or so, because I don’t like to beg, but since we’ve had this problem with credit card processors and I haven’t been begging, we are frankly broke.”

    The payment processing company previously utilized by Stormfront appears to be First Data Corporation. The company’s Global Gateway Virtual Terminal, formerly named LinkPoint, had apparently been Stormfront's primary credit card transaction processor since around 2007. The banking conglomerate may have collected fees on close to $1 million in Stormfront donor transactions during that time.

    Without significant contributions from this audience, Stormfront may only last a handful more of months, according to Black, who is considering putting the site on life support by taking out a desperate personal loan from a family member.

    “I have no doubt that our people will come through,” he stated before conceding, “or I could be wrong. This could be the time that you don’t come through.”

    Readers at the Daily Stormer, which overtook Stormfront as the most trafficked white supremacist site in July of 2016, gleefully mocked Stormfront for its tribulations.

    “Their ability to accept debit or credit cards has been denied for months now,” wrote “Abupt.” “Jack Boot resigned. Who is left? Slim assed pickings. It is like watching an old rerun of The Three Stooges, but there only seem to be two.”

    Andrew Anglin, the site’s founder, took a more sympathetic tone. “As far as Stormfront goes,” he wrote, “I don’t think we should celebrate their demise or even say anything negative about them. It has always been very sad to me that they have so many hundreds of pages attacking me, accusing me of being a pedophile and a secret kike and a nigger and everything else. … That said, I don’t think it is right to ever attack other white nationalists — even when they are attacking you.”

    This from Anglin, who rose to prominence in the white nationalist community, in part, by placing himself at the center of as much infighting as possible.

    Stormfront’s recent stumbles punctuate nearly a decade of declining registrations and activity on the forum. With its recent travails, resuscitation from its decrepit founder seems increasingly less likely.

    Calls for comment to Dunscombe, Baker, and “Don Advo” were not returned.

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    Default Waning Storm: Stormfront.org Loses Its Domain

    Waning Storm: Stormfront.org Loses Its Domain


    Friday evening, the oldest Neo-Nazi web forum on the internet went dark. Network Solutions’ decision to seize Stormfront.org’s domain comes in the wake of the Charlottesville Unite the Right (UTR) rally, which resulted in the death of Heather Heyer.

    The rally was deliberately planned to bring the movement’s most recent iteration — the web-based racist “alt-right” —into the real world.

    A group known as the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law filed a notice with Network Solutions on August 21, 2017 informing them that www.stormfront.org (Stormfront), a website using Network Solutions’ domain registration services, violates the provision of your Acceptable Use Policy “AUP.”

    A search on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers website for stormfront.org lists the domain status as under “clientHold,” which means that the website’s managers are prevented from accessing, transferring or updating the site.

    The incident marks a renewed bout of public interest in the promulgation of far-right racist rhetoric in the digital world after Andrew Anglin, the editor and founder of the Daily Stormer, slurred Heather Heyer, who was killed in Charlottesville, as a “drain on society,” among other disparaging remarks.

    Since the post, the Daily Stormer has been banned from multiple web hosts including GoDaddy, Google and a Russian .ru web domain.

    Stormer webmaster Andrew “weev” Auernheimer apparently published “PunishedStormer.com” via DreamHost web hosting. This was an attempt to maintain the site on the “real web,” as opposed to the “dark web,” where the site has used an .onion address to circumvent ISP tracking.

    Stormfront was caught in the crossfire due to its longstanding associations with White Nationalism, and particularly the Daily Stormer. As the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law’s complaint noted:


    Quote Originally Posted by niggress's cumplaint
    The AUP prohibits “utilizing the Services in a manner deemed, in Company’s sole discretion, to display bigotry, racism, discrimination, or hatred in any manner whatsoever.” Since its creation, Stormfront has been consistently recognized as a site for racial hatred and was even the subject of a documentary on the subject entitled Hate.com. The Stormfront website was use along with dailystormer.org to organize and encourage participation in the violent and fatal “Unite the Right” rally held in Charlottesville , Virginia last weekend. A representative sample of posts on the site refer to interracial coupled by slurs, share racist caricatures, or otherwise dehumanize minorities by referring to them as “creatures” or “ethnics.

    While Stormer has been drawing the greatest attention from news agencies of late, Stormfront has stood as a monolithic entity in the White Nationalist community for some time. The site was born in 1995, founded upon founder Don Black’s release from prison for his role in a botched invasion of the island of Dominica. While behind bars, Black learned the coding and programming skills that would aid him in establishing and running the site.

    Stormfront.org quickly carved out a niche for itself, pledging to “provide information not available in the controlled news media and to build a community of White activists working for the survival of our people,” under the motto of “White Pride Worldwide.” Before long, Black’s operation was the world’s most popular White Nationalist web forum, peaking at 300,000 registered members in May of 2015.

    For those on the racist right, Stormfront represented an open, vibrant community. Contributors to the site included a stable of far-right celebrities such as Sam Dickson, who has recently gained notoriety by representing Richard Spencer in court, as well as neo-Nazis, white supremacists and garden-variety racists of all ideological persuasions.

    Stormfront.org’s guidelines strictly warned new members not to post regarding violent threats or illegal activity. Nevertheless, there is a substantial and well-documented blood trail tied to the site.

    A study by Hatewatch detailed the scores of murders committed by readers and posters on the site. Among them are such names as Joseph Paul Franklin, a serial killer convicted of eight murders, Wade Michael Page, who fatally shot himself after killing six at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, and Anders Breivik, who killed 77 in a car bomb attack and shooting in Oslo, Norway.

    Despite its stature in the white supremacist movement, Stormfront’s readership and donations pool has been dwindling over the past few years, as Hatewatch has reported. Of Stormfront’s 300,000 registered users, it should be noted that significantly fewer of those registered members are actually active on any given day, especially in recent months. .

    Black and Stormfront suffered from an aging membership, which was increasingly out of touch with what has been referred to as “White Nationalism 2.0.”

    Another major blow to the site occurred when Derek Black, Don’s son who he had groomed from childhood to man the helm of his father’s empire, defected by writing to the Southern Poverty Law Center to denounce white nationalism.

    As Stormfront’s star was fading, the irony-laden and meme-savvy Daily Stormer surged above it in Alexa rankings, a fact frequently bemoaned by Black on his radio show on the RenseRadio network.

    On Monday’s episode, Black made mention of the loss of Stormfront.org, decrying Network Solutions’ decision as censorship based on the site being “politically incorrect.”

    “Because some Jewish lawyer decided that oh, we were promoting bigotry and hate, and that we had something to do with Charlottesville, so it doesn’t get any better than this does it [laughing]?”

    At the time of his domain seizure, Black and his staff were in the process of planning a late September retreat for Stormfront.org users in the Tennessee mountains outside of Knoxville. Slated speakers included Black, David Duke, Sam Dickson, and others. Don Black has not indicated what his next plans for the conference. He has indicated he was “talking to his lawyers,” about legal action regarding Stormfront.org’s domain.

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    Default Hey $permFartian Ass-Clowns! Me and ZOG have been financially butt-fucking you fuktards for years, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Hey $permFartian Ass-Clowns! Me and ZOG have been financially butt-fucking you fuktards for years, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Me and Donald Duck paid less than $300 per month to host $tormdrain but we got you to donate $7500 per month.


    I finally admit how much it actually costs to host $tormDrain vs how much I've lied it costs for years.


    Try running this site, when it was fully accessiblee, on a shared server, or even a small server. It will stay down most of the time.

    Did you know I've been doing this over twenty years? Fucking you tards, that is. It's always been a struggle to regularly upgrade servers to keep up with load from normal traffic, much less DDoS. The current servers were sometimes overloaded. Luckily me and the Duck had "Hal Turner" financing in which ZOG paid the bills and we got to keep the ZOGbux from the sundry geezer-gelt and whiggaz-mites you fuktards sent to pay for raising Derick Black[stein] as a whigger faggot that now goes ass-to-mouth with jews and niggers. Chloe had her own ZOGbux from working with the CIA with the beaner billionare for her work in helping retarded mamzerlets.

    And, yes, I spent years optimizing mysql and httpd, along with different levels of caching. We currently pay $92/month just for an eight-cpu version of Litespeed webserver software, and it's been worth it in speed. It also caches some content, as does vBOptimize, as does Cloudflare ($200/month). Get that, fuktards? We would beg for $7500 per month to "keep $tormdrain up and running" and at itz peak it only cost less than $300 per month including Cloudflare. Thank D-g & the Duck that there is a ZOGling whigger ass-clown sucker born every minute. Hello $permfartian special snow-fake one-in-sixty-seconds ass-clown, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    We don't actually get $7500/month, maybe half that, and much less lately, and I don't get paid. But speculate all you want. Everything over $300 per month was pure slop to be swilled down and put into my pocket so that you tards couldn't do something to save yourselfs, like buy canned food and shotgun shells.

    If any of you can figure out how to actually run this board, with its 30gb database and normal traffic, on $30/month, along with legal bills, and the radio show, I'll give it to you and never look back. Shit, I'm an old sick worthless thieving bastard and didn't want to cum back in any case butt ZOG made me go through the motions & the Duck is still working the bowel Movement anyways.


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    Default Send ZOGbux for $permFart today.

    Send ZOGbux for $permFart today.

    Neither Me nor the Duck have worked a real job since 1978 and we are too old & fat to start now.


    I appreciate everybody's support. But it's that time of month again, when the big, scary bills hit. Our contributions have once again totaled less than $2000, which is not enough to cover our basic server and radio bills, and this month we no longer have enough personal money to make up the difference.

    So my plan is to shut down the main server on the 6th, backing everything up offsite first. I hope to also move the entire 50gb database to our much smaller, secondary server. This will be difficult because of the size of this site, and that server is not nearly adequate to run everything. But I hope it will be enough to allow access to Sustaining Members, but probably not to other users or guests..

    In the meantime, I plan to cut costs further on a new, bigger server (though I've already reduced them by nearly half in the last few years), so we can get back to normal operations.

    Google started major censorship three weeks ago, reducing our guest traffic by over ten thousand visitors a day, but registered users are what keep server loads high, so we'll still need a fairly high end main server to bring access back to normal.

    All of this will take most of this week and will involve some disruption for SMs, and no access for everybody else. I've cancelled my trip to a League of the South conference in Wetumpka, Alabama this next weekend, the theme of which is David Duke's and my fiftieth year of activism. That would have been difficult for me to attend anyway.

    Again, I appreciate everybody's support. And I realize part of our current financial shortfall has been caused by my not begging for money lately, but I'm done with that.


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    Default Stormfront.org restricts access to donors, shuts down main server

    Stormfront.org restricts access to donors, shuts down main server

    Milton Munster Don Black needs moar geezergelt & we need moar new names, cum-cum, cum-cum.


    $permFart -- a Division of $PLC/ADL ZOGbot Industries -- has fallen, has fallen -- until such time as ZOG gives them more ZOGbux

    Stormfront founder and former Klansman Don Black announced on Tuesday that the white supremacist movement’s first major hate forum is temporarily restricting access to “sustaining members” — users who donate at least five dollars a month — and will be archiving and shuttering its main server on April 6 due to a “financial crisis.” This is the accepted and time-tested protocol for Hal-Turner Type Bowel-Movement financing. Claim a cutback in ZOG financing for ZOGbottery, then scare the bowel-Movement tards that they are about to lose theys' "fix".

    Black is well-known among white supremacists for perennially complaining about the costs of maintaining the site, which he has threatened to close before. This time, his threats appear to be real, like when the jewboy with Crohns/jew-ass-GAIDS shut down its Virtual Colostomy Bag / TraitorGlenn Miller NNF forum for three daze in November 2014 to explain why ZOG was still financing its forum six months after TraitorGlenn Miller went postal as arranged by the Geriatric Rats Division of the Federal Witness Protection Program and gunning down three mongrels at the Old Kike's Home in Overland Park Kansas.

    “I appreciate everybody’s support. But it’s that time of month again, when the big, scary bills hit,” Black wrote to current sustaining members. “Our contributions have once again totaled less than $2000, which is not enough to cover our basic server and radio bills, and this month we no longer have enough personal money to make up the difference.”

    Stormfront’s influence cannot be understated. For over a decade, a Stormfront account was virtually mandatory for members of the white supremacist community to network and organize.

    The forum also hosted a number of users who went on to commit violence. A 2014 study by the SPLC found that in the five previous years, the members of the forum murdered nearly 100 people — including 77 murdered by Anders Breivik in Norway in 2011.

    Stormfront was founded in 1995 by Black after learning basic computer programming while serving a three-year sentence in federal prison for attempting to overthrow the government of Dominica with other white supremacists in 1981.

    Although Stormfornt lost market share in recent years to sites like the Daily Stormer, the Right Stuff and social media platforms favored by the racist “alt-right,” it still commands a formidable audience of old guard racists — many of whom are still deeply respected on the racist right today.

    Despite its reputation, Stormfront always struggled to pay its bills. Donations have trended downwards for almost a decade, leaving Black to rely on the generosity of several major donors including users “JEWFISH” and “white_usa_.”

    Stormfront’s domain was seized in the wake of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2018, after the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law filed a notice with Network Solution, a company that registered the forum’s domain.

    These recent challenges cast serious doubt on Stormfront’s long term prospects, particularly given that Black’s wife, Chloe Black, paid the bills in recent years.

    “Don Black’s wife, Chloe, had been working full time past retirement age to help support this site,” “Ruthless” wrote on the thread discussing the temporary restrictions on April 4, 2018. “All of the years that Don posted how much was needed to run this site and all the months that SF didn’t receive enough donations. That difference was made up from Chloe Black’s income. I hate to have to beat my David-Duck cast-off skank's ass having her work in the mamzer-mines of this billionaire beaner's sugar-subsidy mills in order to maintain our West Palm Beach lifestyle, much less pay the $92 server bill and $200 Cloudflare for DDOS attacks. But Chloe that dried-up old skank with the pancake tits only gets wettt when I get it up enough to apply the whip.

    “The [radio] show will continue, but, Stormfront the Website suffers from a financial shortfall and it, contrary to rumors that circulate around that say, ‘Ohhhh, Don Black could run that website for fifteen dollars a month.' Well, I would welcome anybody to try that,” Black told his cohost Patrick Slattery on the April 2, 2018, episode of Stormfront Radio. "Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We'll be back, I just, I need to reduce expenses, considerably. Thank D-g that little sperg Derek runt-oft with the jews and niggers and we no longer have to keep the little twerp up.

    Black didn’t sound optimistic, even with an outpouring of support from his readers on the forum, many pledging to send cash donations imminently.

    In the midst of Stormfront’s crisis, Black also cancelled his planned appearance at a League of the South conference in Wetumpka, Alabama, honoring David Duke and his 50th year of activism collecting ZOGbux for gambling and skanks for humping.

    Stormfront, which represents one of the most complete and stable archives of white supremacist content in existence, functioned for years as an onboarding document for burgeoning white supremacists except for what they censored as a Division of $PLC/ADL ZOGbot Industries. With the temporary restriction of access to guests and free users and downgraded servers looming, a longstanding pillar of white supremacy looks poised to fall.

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