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Thread: Why I am not a White Nationalist

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    Default Why I am not a White Nationalist

    Why I am not a White Nationalist


    am not a White Nationalist.

    I’m just not a spineless cuck who pisses his pants every time someone calls him a racist on Facebook. And I don’t let people who I have no respect for tell me who I’m allowed to support or call a friend.

    Six years ago, before I ever spoke at an “Alt-Right” event or submitted an article to Alternative Right or Radix or Counter Currents, I wrote an essay titled, “Mighty White.” I stand by it to this day, and my views have changed very little over the years.

    In fact, there’s very little new to say, except that, if anything, I’ve learned to hate white people and White Nationalists more than any of their opponents. Not because they are evil monsters, but because they generally suck. I hate white people and White Nationalists because they are weak, broken, phenomenally autistic, or all three. I am now, more than ever, clearly still not a White Supremacist.

    (Actually, almost no one is. “White Supremacist” is a political slur. Ironically, only inbred rednecks identify as “White Supremacists” and the KKK hasn’t been a politically powerful organization, even among avowed racists, for decades. Anyone who talks about “white supremacists” is either clueless or a liar. Or the media. So, a clueless liar.)

    As anyone familiar with my work knows, I support tribalism always and everywhere. As the 1970’s motto goes, I believe that “small is beautiful” when it comes to human communities. However, a tribal community has to have a lot more going for it than race. And this is where the idea of White Nationalism falls apart for me. Race alone isn’t enough to unite a people.

    I flew to Germany to speak to German Identitarians recently, and I totally support their efforts to preserve their culture, because they have a culture — the culture of the majority of my own ancestors. The Germans aren’t just “white.” They’re German. They have a distinct language and a history as a people.

    Most Americans are pan-European mutts. America, by omission if not by design, has no people. It has no religion, and its only culture has been a culture of inclusion and expansion. Adventurous settlers paved the way for generations of enterprising businessmen — not unlike Donald Trump. They have been its conquerors and kings and popes — and the culture they’ve produced has been entirely market-driven.

    White Nationalists in America see the legacy of their ancestors — white European settlers — being destroyed, and because they are too realistic at this point to imagine the expulsion of non-whites (as progressive heroes like Lincoln did), they want a homeland for whites somewhere in America like the Jews have in Israel. It’s not a terrible idea, and no more unfair than creating a state for any other ethnic group.

    But within the group of White Nationalists, you have pagans and atheists and Orthodox Christians and Catholics and Nietzscheans and Evangelicals and Baptists and a whole mess of other sub-groups who have nothing in common but a shared white European heritage and who in fact have a long history of fighting with each other. If a whites-only ethnostate materialized tomorrow, the sub-groups would start genociding each other almost immediately, because although they may be able to come to an agreement on some basic HOA rules about lawn care, their philosophical worldviews are mutually exclusive and ultimately incompatible.

    America is pluralistic by design not because the Founding Fathers wanted to protect the rights of women or racial or sexual minorities — but because white European Christian men have spent centuries murdering and imprisoning each other over religious differences. I see no reason why this phenomenon would not immediately become a problem within a “diverse” population of whites. In fact, if you want to get rid of all of the White Nationalists in America, my advice is to give them exactly what they want. As soon as you give them their own land and eliminate all of their common enemies, the sky will turn black as they scramble to give each other “free helicopter rides.”

    The various factions of White Nationalists already spend more time gossiping about each other (usually anonymously), stabbing each other in the back and jockeying for power and influence than any group I have ever seen — except maybe Social Justice Warriors, who are also predominantly white. I’m not sure which group is the Jungian shadow of the other, but the majority of people in both groups are some of the most broken, shittiest white people on the planet.

    The New Church LadiesSocial Justice Warriors think they are better than everyone because they apologize theatrically for being white and spend their time trying to destroy the lives of other white people. They are intellectual cowards who forgive every black athlete or rapper who shoots someone or beats his wife and they would never question a Muslim’s Allah-given right to throw a homosexual off a building or stone a woman to death. They only care about racism, homophobia or misogyny if white men are the offenders.

    White Nationalists theatrically claim to be proud of being white because it is usually the only thing they have going for them, and then they spend countless hours obsessing over who is to blame (aside from their white parents) for the fact that they have nothing else going for them. If you’re an elite athlete or a brilliant inventor, you don’t need to get “white pride” tattooed on your chest.

    And yes, “brown pride” is equally lame.

    I recognize the argument that “pride” is a corrective to “anti” messaging, but if there’s anything truly and cussedly American in my nature, it’s that I am instinctively meritocratic. (That, and I’d like the government to stay off my goddamned lawn and out of my fucking business.) I wrote Androphilia in 2007 because I’ve never believed that homosexuality was something to be proud of, and that men should be characterized by, “what they do, not who they screw.” Paper-thin identities that require snowflake affirmation parades have been triggering me for a long time. Instead of being proud of something relatively superficial, you could always, you know, do something interesting with your life and give yourself something worthwhile to be proud of.

    The “white pride” crowd is generally desperate and sad. Some of them are so stupid and conspiracy-oriented that they have convinced themselves I served in the Israeli military and/or am working as a planted agent provocateur for the CIA (seriously, that’s a thing). But there are exceptions. As far as White Nationalists go, I’ve met some guys I really respect.

    It’s cool, almost hipsterish, to hate Richard Spencer these days — even in WN circles. But I like Richard. He’s witty and stylish and above all committed to a cause that — even if I don’t exactly agree with it — is not only socially but physically dangerous to support.

    A man of Spencer’s provenance could be spending his days making personal calls from his office at some high-status, low responsibility job, and his evenings doing coke in the bathroom as he parties with models at museum fundraisers. He doesn’t have to do anything. He’s basically Bruce Wayne.

    Instead, he has a vision and stands up for it in public. It makes him no money and lowers his social status. He gets run out of gym after gym by notoriety-seeking professional virtue signalers. He’s been publicly denounced by almost everyone who ever supported him outside of his community of Alt-Right intellectuals. He is routinely attacked in public, and major celebrities and newspapers have hypocritically agreed that while violence is theoretically always wrong, it is totally OK to punch Dick Spencer. Meanwhile, Spencer has never attacked anyone or committed a “hate crime” and having met him on several occasions I am certain that he thinks “hate crimes” are the pointless, counterproductive and insufferably plebeian efforts of infantile crackpots. (On this, we absolutely agree.)

    Whether you want what Spencer wants for the West or not, you have to agree that what he is doing takes balls.

    The same could be said of a variety of other right-wing intellectuals who fearlessly speak out under their own names — instead of hiding behind anonymous handles as the majority of them do. The extremely decent and reasonable Jared Taylor comes to mind. He invited me to speak at one of his American Renaissance conferences years ago even though I am sure he was harassed incessantly for scheduling a “known degenerate” to speak at a conference held deep in Tennessee. Taylor has also been physically attacked for speaking in public about ideas with words.

    I’ve also written for Counter-Currents and spoken at a few private Counter-Currents gatherings. Greg Johnson is less of a public figure, but he produces a lot of top-tier intellectual material on philosophy. He’s never been able to bring me the whole way ‘round on White Nationalism, but I’m happy to talk about ideas over dinner with him — you know, like “free thinkers” did before they lived in constant and paralyzing fear of the game of “Alinsky Ad Libs” now casually referred to as “journalism.”

    I’ve met a fair number of White Nationalists at conferences and events over the years. Many of the attendees are exactly what you’d expect them to be — pasty losers and basement nerds obsessed with blacks and Jews, who fetishize whiteness because they want to feel better than someone else. Their culture is a culture of jealousy and ressentiment and entitlement.

    But I have also met hundreds of bright, courageous young men who have legitimate concerns about their own futures and the futures of the children they hope to have. Most of them are attending or fresh out of college, and they’ve gone through decades of anti-white “diversity” programming and listened to lie after lie taught as fact. I have a friend who is going to Portland State University right now, and he sends me photos and screenshots of teachers presenting anti-white, feminist and “gender-fluid” material in science classes. He’s not a White Nationalist, but he would certainly agree with many of their criticisms of American society, and so do I. We’re just not race fetishists, and we just don’t agree that White Nationalism is a viable solution to those problems.

    I have spoken at AmRen and NPI because my criticisms of American society and the direction of Western culture generally have overlapped, and continue to overlap, with criticisms made by writers in the Alternative Right and White Nationalist communities (to the extent that such communities even exist in any monolithic way). My criticisms of modernity also overlap with similar criticisms made by various men’s advocates, anti-feminists, Radical Traditionalists, anarchists, students of the occult, Orthodox Christians, pagans, folkish heathens, gun advocates, self-defense advocates, martial arts instructors, and physical fitness experts. I don’t agree with everything that any of them say, but I refuse to live in fear of associating with whomever people who follow the ladies gossip magazines have decided “the bad people” are this month.

    That brings me to my disappointment with white men, generally.

    The majority of the best American white men are complete cowards.

    They’re not afraid of a fight necessarily — they don’t lack physical courage — but they are terrified of any social ridicule that could result in a loss of money or status.

    I’ve seen the strongest men I know, some of the strongest men in the world, reduced to cowering, pleading, desperate babies because someone — anyone, no matter how credible — threatens to expose them as a “racist” or “sexist” or some kind of “phobe.”

    They’ll do anything and debase themselves in any conceivable way to make the accusations go away. Whiny apologies, carefully crafted public statements condemning whatever they think people want them to condemn, awkwardly staged photos with token friends and business associates and employees. They’ll tell sloppy lies and throw close friends under the bus to try to save themselves and their “personal mission,” which is always some fluffed-up, messianic, Stephen Covey version of Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time.”

    Most of these men aren’t White Nationalists or White Supremacists. They’re far too self-centered to support any cause that doesn’t offer a tax-write off and immediate public relations benefit. They’re too ambitious to support anything that might limit their market or reach or cause them to lose Instagram followers. America’s market-driven culture has transformed Western individualism into pure narcissistic nihilism. The white men who are actually successful in America are more like Patrick Bateman than Tyler Durden. They’ll pretend to care about whatever they are supposed to care about and say all the right words — but it’s all bullshit.

    I’m writing this on Memorial Day, and most of these guys are probably holding Memorial Day sales and posting about how much they appreciate those who served, even though — with the exception of those who have actually served — they really give zero fucks about Memorial Day. It’s just a “marketing opportunity,” like every other holiday, season and major public tragedy. They don’t care about the charities they give money to or the people they say they are trying to help, or whoever they say they want to “feel included.” They care about getting their dicks sucked, literally and metaphorically.

    Most of these strong, successful white men would probably agree with White Nationalists on a variety of issues, as they’ve had to sit through the same feminist/diversity indoctrination sessions as everyone else. They’re smart enough to know that they are being lied to by people with an agenda. And they love themselves, so they certainly don’t hate being white.

    But ultimately, they worship success, not race or culture or even manliness. They don’t care about honor or integrity. They’ll say and do and even convince themselves that they believe anything that will make them more successful. Success is not a terrible god, as gods go. Winners care about winning, right?

    Because I pride myself on being one of the most honest and self-aware thinkers I know, I’ll make an introspective aside here. We become angry and disappointed with people largely because they fail to live up to some ideal that we’ve constructed for them. This is my problem with people who pretentiously refer to themselves as “misanthropes” and profess a hatred for all humanity. They hate people for not being who they want them to be, for not conforming to some idiosyncratic personal fantasy about how people should behave. Wiser men observe how people actually behave, recognize who people actually are, and adjust their expectations accordingly. Better to be realistic and find yourself pleasantly surprised than to be eternally sullen and disappointed.

    Maybe I want the best white men to be better than they are or have ever been.

    I wish they conducted themselves with more integrity, but maybe they never did.

    Maybe no one ever did.

    Maybe I’m the sucker here.

    That might be true to some extent.

    But the fact remains that the best white men, the most successful white men, are actually quite fragile and easy to manipulate and pressure. They’re weak because they exist in constant fear of being exposed as racists and sexists — even if they aren’t any more racist or sexist than anyone else. Even if they really have little or nothing to hide.

    The best and most successful white men are weak because they let the most pathetic white people imaginable run them, blackmail them and extort them. They cave over and over and they never speak their mind because they live in constant fear of backlash from people who they have — and should have — nothing but contempt and disgust for. I’m not talking about other races or people of other religions or women, generally speaking. I’m talking about virtue-signalling people — mostly other white people — who threaten charges of racism and sexism for their own personal gain.

    We live in an age where the strongest white men in the world allow themselves to be pushed around by gossipy bloggers, church ladies, sleazy reporters, rent-seeking academic activists, little fat screaming lesbians and weak autistic hipsters.

    The best and most successful white men in the world are infected with parasites and if they refuse to stand up and tell these garbage people to fuck off, they deserve to fail. They deserve to be enslaved by their lessers. Their race deserves to perish.

    I’m not a White Nationalist because I don’t think people are worth saving just because they’re white.

    Okay, you’re white. Great. Most white people suck. What else have you got?

    I share a genetic and cultural heritage with white people. Race is more than “skin color.” But all white people are not my people. I don’t particularly care about the fate of any racial group. What happens to “white people” is not my problem or my responsibility. I want to be surrounded with people who share not only my vague common ancestry, but my values and beliefs. Anyone who read Becoming a Barbarian knows I don’t care about “the politics of the Empire.” I want to leave it all behind. I just want to hang out in the woods with my friends and build something beautiful — I want to build a new culture. I want to invest in the people I know personally and my family and the people I am oathed to — my tribe, The Wolves of Vinland.

    I’m not a White Nationalist, I’m a Wolves Nationalist.

    My aim as a writer isn’t to get you to support some major political movement or to join mine.

    It’s to inspire you to find a group of people you’d be willing to say the same thing about.

    Jack Donovan Web Page


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    Default How the Alt-Right Is Using Sex and Camp to Attract Gay Men to Fascism

    Did you know that eating cum and shit can provide 100% of your protein and fiber requirements?

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    Default A Reply to Jack Donovan -- by Greg Johnson

    A Reply to Jack Donovan -- by Greg Johnson


    1,867 words

    Dear Jack,

    I just read your new essay, “Why I am Not a White Nationalist,” and it really deserves a reply. I appreciate your kind words about me, and I think of this as a continuation of our cordial and collegial conversations on White Nationalism. I have decided to make this an “open letter,” since a public statement deserves a public reply, and there is nothing here that I would not say in public anyway.

    I have always held that our movement should follow what I call the Fight Club rule: everyone gets to determine his own level of involvement and explicitness, and the rest of us have to respect whatever course is chosen. I want as many people as possible to feel as comfortable as possible contributing to our movement — or not — in any way they please. So regardless of the outcome of this discussion, I will respect your decision. But it is also my role as a White Nationalist to try to persuade people to expand their comfort zones, perhaps all the way into the ambit of explicit White Nationalism.

    I have, however, long maintained that you are a valuable ally precisely because you never claimed to be a White Nationalist, but you still stuck up publicly for White Nationalists, wrote for our publications, and spoke at our events. Having people who are not White Nationalists openly associate with us gives us social validation and builds bridges to the mainstream. But these good deeds were, of course, punished with a great deal of grief — not from the SPLC, the ADL, or Antifa, mind you — but from the very people you were helping.

    As I read it, the valid core of your critique is simply this: White Nationalists were among the first people to enthusiastically read, review, and promote your work. But there are a lot of losers, assholes, and freaks in the White Nationalist world in particular, and in white America more generally. So you don’t exactly feel at home here. I get it. The best and the worst people I have ever met are White Nationalists. I try not to let the assholes get me down. I tell myself that this will all pass and that the only thing that matters is whether our race exists on this planet 200 years from now.

    Moreover, your writings on masculinity, modernity, and tribalism have now found a much wider audience than White Nationalists and white Americans. Naturally, you prefer to communicate, associate, and identify with people who are receptive to you and your ideas. That is your mission as a writer. Again, I get it. We just have different missions. I identify as a White Nationalist because, perhaps somewhat grandiosely, my mission is to save the white race.

    So you wrote this essay to clarify your position. It is an exercise in brand and label management, like my essays contrasting the New Right and the Old Right (here, here, here, and here). I understand it, and I am completely fine with it. But along the way, you make some comments that I would like to dispute.

    First, I disagree with your characterization of America. It is fashionable on the Right and Left to deride America as a country that passed from barbarism to decadence without an intervening stage of civilization. Americans, you say, are not a people. We are just a collection of deracinated Euro-mutts with no culture but the junk we buy and sell.

    I challenge you, though, to walk through the American galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., or to take a walking tour of the great architecture of those cities, from colonial to neoclassical to art deco, or to read the greats of 19th-century American literature like Melville and Whitman, and then to tell me that these are not the products of a confident, coherent high culture sprung from Europe — and the British Isles in particular — but mutated and refined in the New World into something unique and truly magnificent.

    America was not, as you put it, always a “culture of inclusion.” White Nationalism is not “un-American.” White Nationalism and White Supremacism were encoded in our immigration and nationalization laws up until 1965.

    There really is an American culture and an American ethnic identity. It was weakened by its own Anglo individualism, commercialism, and rootlessness, then infected and sickened by a hostile Jewish elite, and is now caked with filth and decadence. But it is still there, within you and me and all Americans. We just need to scrape away the ignorance and inauthenticity that blind us to who we really are. Once we do that, a lot of the infighting that you rightly deplore within the American White Nationalist scene will abate. Because the various forms of ideological factionalism that pit us against each other are not alternatives to rootlessness, but symptoms of it.

    Second, you characterize White Nationalism as something that makes sense only to deracinated Euro-mutts who have no ethnic identity. But I have argued that there is no such thing as generic white people, even in the colonies. Americans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders are different peoples. They may have similar origins and blended European stocks, but they have evolved distinct ethnic identities.

    Thus, White Nationalism is not just something for the colonies. White Nationalism means separate homogeneous homelands for all white peoples who long for sovereignty. It means Germany for the Germans, France for the French, Australia for the Australians, and America for the Americans. It might even mean Brittany for the Bretons, Flanders for the Flemish, and Dixie for the Southrons.

    Third, I was a bit disappointed — not mad, just disappointed — to see you unironically repeating the Leftist and libertarian canard that “only inbred rednecks identify as ‘White Supremacists,’” and “white pride” is for losers who have nothing else going for them but their skin color. The false premise here is that we only have the right to feel proud of our own achievements, not the achievements of others. So if I feel proud to belong to the race that produced Plato, Shakespeare, Goethe, and Wagner, that’s obviously a sign of an inferiority complex.

    In fact, however, we do have the right to things that we do not earn. They are called gifts. We did not earn our genes. They were given to us. We did not earn our cultural heritage. It was given to us. We do not earn the pride we feel in our families. It is their gift to us. But the best of us do not simply rest on the laurels of others or consume the capital of civilization. Instead, we take our heritage as a challenge to pursue individual excellence and contribute something to the common store of civilization. And wasn’t this precisely the attitude of our forebearers — including the Germanic pagans you revere — toward their received heritage?

    Fourth, I agree with your feelings of disdain for the present fallen state of white Americans, but I differ with your chosen path. As a White Nationalist, I regard the fate of white people as my problem and my responsibility. I want to save them from a political system that dishonors and degrades us, and has set us on the road to extinction. My goal is not just to save our biological stock, but to liberate our people from today’s corrupting and inauthentic junk culture, and to put us back in touch with both American folk culture and Western high culture.

    You have chosen a different path, which you describe as follows.


    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Fonovan
    What happens to “white people” is not my problem or my responsibility. I want to be surrounded with people who share not only my vague common ancestry, but my values and beliefs. Anyone who read Becoming a Barbarian knows I don’t care about “the politics of the Empire.” I want to leave it all behind. I just want to hang out in the woods with my friends and build something beautiful — I want to build a new culture. I want to invest in the people I know personally and my family and the people I am oathed to — my tribe, The Wolves of Vinland.

    I’m not a White Nationalist, I’m a Wolves Nationalist.

    From my perspective, tribal community-building exercises like the Wolves of Vinland are a useful part of White Nationalist metapolitics. But not all communities are equally conducive to political change. Frankly, if I ran the present corrupt system, I would be delighted to see dissidents turn their backs on their people and hang out in the woods with their friends. But in all candor, we too are turning our backs on some of our people. Our aim is to save all of them, but some of them would prefer to die than think or exercise the slightest act of moral courage. Thus it is inescapable that White Nationalists will eventually become a new people. We are the white people with a future. But to realize that destiny, White Nationalists need to choose our model of community carefully. Personally, I think we should aim to become a market-dominant, culture-creating minority like the Jews, to maximize our access to education, high culture, wealth, power, and influence.

    My goal is to save white civilization. Yours is to replace it with a new and vital barbarism that is somehow not racialist. I don’t think your path is sustainable for two reasons. First, if our multiracial civilization collapsed into barbarism, it would fragment on racial lines, and at that point White Nationalism would in effect be thrust upon you. Second, if American civilization collapsed, it would not be barbarians who started the world anew. It would be other civilizations that would march in and seize control of the ruins.

    You wish to turn away from white America and choose your own tribe. But is a tribe something that you can really choose? From my perspective, choice does not exist in this matter. You are born to a tribe. You and are I are white Americans. Unfortunately, that includes an unhealthy dose of libertarian individualism and devil-take-the-hindmost meritocracy that blinds us to our tribal nature and weakens the community from which we spring. To my eyes, the Wolves seem like a paganized version of the perennial American Calvinist impulse to shake off the losers and build a purified new community on the frontier. It is just another gated community. But a tribe you choose is not a real tribe, although — paradoxically — a penchant for this kind of thing is very much a genuine part of our tribe. You are an American despite yourself, Jack.

    White Nationalism emerges when whites realize that we share a common destiny and that it is impossible to drop out of a system that wants to destroy us.

    In closing, I want to emphasize that I am pledged to respect whatever decision you make on this matter. Naturally, I would like you to become a White Nationalist. But I was perfectly content when you were just an ally, and at the very least, I hope I may have persuaded you to think a bit better of us.

    In friendship,


    Counter-Currents Publishing
    Books Against Time

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    Default Warlordism, not Nationalism, is the Present — and Future

    Warlordism, not Nationalism, is the Present — and Future


    I read Jack Donovan’s essay as well as Greg Johnson’s reply. Jack Donovan’s analysis of who he is is better than Greg Johnson’s attempts to re-create a “White Racial Nationalism” which has never existed except in the fever dreams of the White Nationalist [bowel] Movement which is full of jews, mongrels, and other non-whites who are delusional as to their own genetic past and thus have no future.

    Having been in LibberToon and Reform and other third-party politics as well in the Militia Movement after Waco as well as Christian Identity (actually See-Eye Dentistry) the fact is that while everyone in the proposed overall Movement claims to hold the same beliefs, the reality is that it is every lying fuktard for itzself. Nothing more. The only way to bring order to any proposed Movement is to have something worth having at the moment and to keep it by holding your coalition together. Even then, those who are outnumbered and out-maneuvered will plot to take you down; likewise if you are outnumbered you will continually engage in acts of rebellion and maneuver to make yourself the local baron over that which you control.

    So these coalitions, even when comprised of jews, mongrels and ZOGbots, are always at odds with each other. They regularly betray each other and then cum back together every so often but with their unstable arrangements they break apart again as temporary likes and dislikes keep them in a state of flux.

    For example, in August 2000, TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office when I mentioned Louis Beam and David & Katja Lane as contacts via e-mail from my militia days in the early to mid 90’s. TraitorGlenn Miller ran out of my office in my mom’s double-wide for fear that I would kill the drunken Lumbee melungeon rat. But I convinced both Louis Beam and the Lanes to pretend to be TraitorGlenn Miller’s Internet champion while telling the reporters about TraitorGlenn Miller’s running out like a yellow mongrel dog at “The Greensboro Incident” and snitching on the CI and Order members at Ft. Smith and against another at this Selby County Faggot Bookstore where the jew owner blackmailing TraitorGlenn Miller along with some of its customers were killed. Then when TraitorGlenn Miller would ask how they found out about that old dirty laundry, I’d say, “Beats me, [Traitor]Glenn, Beats me.”

    Anyways in 2004 me and TraitorGlenn Miller fell out over me calling TraitorGlenn Miller a ZOGbot rat, and forcing Silly Roper to mount “The Christmas Coup of 2004” and so there was a resumption of a split in the bowel Movement between CI and Klansmen vs. Rabbi Linder and its Greater Free Range Colostomy Bag & ZOGtard Corral Forum along with TraitorGlenn Miller as Linder’s paymaster which lasted until one sick drunken mongrel rat gunned down three mongrels in the Old Kike’s Home parking lot. TraitorGlenn Miller is alive on death row because the drunken melungeon rat can’t drink or smoke in prison.

    Now I don’t know what “intellectuals” in the bowel Movement have anything to do with each other. My goal and practice has been to detect bowel Movement jews, mongrels, and ZOGbots and to “ghettoize” them so that they must stick to theys’ own. Trying to get those unruly tards who hate each other more than ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final to pull together is a fools’ task.

    Jack Donovan wants to be a Warlord of the “Wolves of Vinland.” Fine by me. I have nothing much in common with Jack Donovan. If Jack wants to kill jews, mongrels, ZOGbots and sundry vermin in “Vinland” then fine by me as long as it is over a hundred miles away from Granby. Having Ten Thousand Warlords upon ZOG Collapse means that nothing much matters a hundred miles off until there is enough of a surplus amongst the survivors for distance warfare to be profitable in terms of loot.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri


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