ZOG has poisoned muh Crack -- I've got a heart attack -- I'm Closing Divine jewth Mamzeries


As of May 1st, 2017, Divine Truth Ministries will be suspending operations, and the website will no longer be available after that time. I'm an addlepated petty criminal with an addition to crack, and so ZOG has done with me like with Ray Redfearn and poisoned my crack with rat poison, so I've suffered a massive heart attack and am too sick to practice and preach No-Devil papist-preterism.

Billy Roper is now on its own, this Factotum of ZOGbots is virtually slurping on April Gaede's greatly used hibernigger pussy and trying to promote Phil Morrow's Mamzer Mission. Perhaps they both can learn from my demise to say no to drugs -- and bacon.

We hope that during the intervening two and a half months that I have before D-g takes me home those who are interested will archive the audio recordings of the largely idiotic and unscriptural radio programs as well as the articles and pdf files which I've plagarized from Meerkkkkat Mark & Klunt Downey they’d like to keep. We would like to thank all of our friends and supporters who have taken this path with us and given us some smokin'-dope for the last year, and hope that you have learned and grown, as we have. May God bless you as you stand fast for our faith whatever that is and the largely mamzeroid people throughout the struggle which lies ahead. By that I mean keeping Phil Morrow from smoking them $25 rocks of good crack and thus not being able to keep up the v-bulletin Bronze Plan for his idiotic forum.

As a reminder, Pastor Paul Mullet’s largely illiterate and incoherent books are still available on Amazon, HERE. You've never read stupider and more ignorant shit.

Victory is coming. Hasten the day!