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Thread: [j]Unite the [Alt]-Right Rally

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    Default Battle of Charlottesville: A Firsthand Account

    Battle of Charlottesville: A Firsthand Account

    Lee Rogers
    Daily Stormer
    August 13, 2017


    Myself, Azzmador, Zeiger and Ben Garland personally attended the #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday. All of us were on the ground at Lee Park.

    It was a pleasure personally meeting many of you in person. You should feel proud to be part of this history making event. We have just sent shock waves through the entire political system.

    I wanted to give everyone my first hand account of what I saw while everything is still fresh.

    The Daily $permer



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    Default Here’s How Virginia State Police Facilitated Violence At Charlottesville

    Here’s How Virginia State Police Facilitated Violence At Charlottesville


    As an attendee of the Unite The Right rally and scheduled speaker, I have serious questions about the actions of Virginia police on Saturday. It appears that police created a dangerous situation which was entirely avoidable. I will explain in detail the facts of what happened. One does not need to support any of the positions of the alt-right to be concerned about what this means about the state of free speech in America.


    This is Lee Park in Charlottesville, as it was laid out for Saturday’s rally. The red lines indicate the position of metal barriers. The rally had a legally issued permit, revoked by the city a week before but reinstated by a Federal judge the day before the rally. The barricade layout was as police described to organizers it would be, and speakers received a briefing on this the day before. Virginia State Police commandeered the north side of the park. No one was allowed in that half of the park except a few rally people handling the audio equipment. Police also controlled the streets around the park on three sides: Jefferson St. to the north, 1st St. to the west, and 2nd St. to the east. Market St. to the south was an uncontrolled chaos full of antifa. The south end of the park is a small hill. Exits 1 & 2 were both short concrete stairways. Speaker and rally attendees arrived via Market St. from the east, protected by police. When I arrived I was funneled into Exit 1 and up into Pen 1. Shortly after I was able to get around the State Police dividing the pens to the south and made my way into Pen 2, which contained the audio setup for those planned to speak at the rally. Both exit stairs were defended by rally attendees with shields, and antifa skirmished with them at each stairway. Contact between the two sides was isolated to those positions and relatively under control from my vantage point. Within Pen 2 people felt relatively relaxed and we chatted and socialized while waiting for noon for the rally proper to start. Shortly after all rally attendees were present in the park, word began to spread that a State of Emergency had been declared, presumably by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. At my position in Pen 2, people were confused by this. It seemed unnecessary and preemptive since the rally seemed fairly well under control at this point. It was about 11:30 a.m., and the rally was not scheduled to start until noon. After some minutes of confusion and rumors, Virginia State Police got on a loudspeaker and announced that we had been declared an unlawful assembly. We were instructed to leave the park, and told that anyone refusing to do so would be arrested.

    Attendees began attempting to leave via exits 1 & 2 and were set upon by antifa as they attempted to do so. After a quick consultation, a small group of rally headliners and attendees decided to engage in civil disobedience and get ourselves arrested, myself included. We told our security teams to leave the park to avoid arrest, while Virginia State Police began forming a shield wall at the north end of the park. The pens were nearly empty at this point, except for those planning to be arrested and a few people still attempting to run the antifa gauntlet at the stairs to escape from the park. The VSP shield wall began advancing south, and we linked arms and held our ground. We told police we refused to leave and planned to engage in civil disobedience. We were respectful and informed them we would not resist arrest but we refused to leave the park willingly. The shield wall advanced on us and began to shove our line. We stood firm and held our ground for a few minutes. Police on the line did not say a word and refused to arrest us while shoving with their shields and swinging them at us. After a few minutes of shoving, our line was pepper-sprayed from a cop behind the police shield wall, and our resistance crumbled. Being near the end of the line, I was not sprayed directly. The spray drifted in the wind onto my arms and face but my eyes remained clear. We retreated through the western barricade but police on 1st St. would not let us onto the street forced us to retreat south. We’re pushed through the barricade at the south end of 1st St. and onto Market St., which was lined on both sides with mobs of screaming antifa with no police presence whatsoever. We ran west on Market St, running a gauntlet of antifa throwing bottles, sticks, and rocks. Two people I believe were nearly blinded by pepper spray.

    I followed them closely but then dropped back as the crowd hurled everything they had at another protest headliner, luckily missing with most of it. After running a few blocks west, we reached the intersection of Market and Preston, where a shield wall had been set up by rally attendees on a grass strip alongside Market St. Casualties were being tended there, including multiple heavily bleeding scalp wounds and pepper spray injuries. Luckily all the injuries seemed superficial except one man with a very bad head injury who seems to be going in and out of consciousness. From there the bulk of the rally attendees were able to march north and eventually reached the relative safety of MacIntyre Park, about two miles away, but many had been scattered throughout the city by the chaos of the dispersal. At that point the police had completely lost control of the city. The State of Emergency order meant that any public gathering was de facto illegal, but antifa were still allowed to roam freely bearing weapons and attacking people. This chaos ultimately led directly to the vehicular incident that killed a woman and badly injured more than a dozen others. My conclusions are that police wanted this to happen. It’s clear that VSP had specific orders to drive us out of the park to the south, into the teeth of violent armed antifa counter-protesters. Police could have easily separated the barricades and removed all rally participants to the north, away from antifa and into empty streets fully controlled by law enforcement.

    We were driven into a hostile situation intentionally. It’s impossible not to believe that the authorities issuing these orders knew exactly what would happen and that they wanted rally attendees to be harmed and possibly killed. There was an assumption that police would allow a retreat to the north in the event of a rally cancellation, no one imagined the police would choose to facilitate a clearly violent situation and force the two sides into uncontrolled contact. This looks like it was done with the intent to deny civil rights of a legal protest, in direct defiance of a federal court order. We were set up and trapped, then pushed into a kill zone full of hostile armed enemies. Every injury at this event was due to to the nonsensical withdrawal order of the police. National Guard (or possibly feds? It’s unclear) had a viewing post atop the funeral home at the corner of 1st and Market, equipped with several cameras. That video will corroborate my story if released. I got out relatively unscathed, my relatively mild (but still very painful) pepper spraying was my only injury. I was lucky, but many others were not so lucky. Serious questions need to be asked about who gave this order and why the rally participants were not extracted to the north, away from antifa. The opposing sides could have been kept apart very easily, but police chose not to keep the sides apart. Governor Terry McAuliffe and the Virginia State Police have blood on their hands, and they must be held to account for that.


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    Default Charlottesville Was A Turning Point For White People In America (Updated)

    Charlottesville Was A Turning Point For White People In America (Updated)

    The White Civil Rights movement began in Charlottesville.

    Vincent Law 13Aug17


    The gravity of what happened in Charlottesville will take a few days to sink in.

    The Alt-Right went to an assembly that was peaceful and legal. Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, illegally revoked the permit to host the event. He is affiliated with the Black Panther Party and a Black supremacist. The permit was revoked and then reinstated with the help of the ACLU.

    The Alt-Right went to assemble in order to advocate for the rights of White people to exist and to protest the erasure of American culture, history and to uphold the first amendment.




    We followed every legal measure and were cooperative with authorities leading up to the event. We even had to get a federal court order in order to be allowed to hold the rally. Even so, the national guard declared a “state of emergency” before the event got started and then they dispersed the rally attendees and pushed isolated groups of our guys into the Antifa mob.

    The state violated our constitutional rights and let Antifa and BLM do the knife work for them. They also let Antifa assemble without putting up any resistance.


    Hundreds of Antifa losers being allowed to assemble in the streets. State Police only enforcing State of Emergency against #UniteTheRight. pic.twitter.com/Qq7a4y2OoE

    — /pol/ News Forever (@polNewsForever) August 12, 2017

    Any blood is on the hands of the police, the city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia.

    This is the situation White people find themselves in today.

    Anyone who still thinks free speech and freedom to assembly still exists anywhere in the White world can clearly see for themselves what happens when White people try to peacefully assemble and advocate for their interests.

    The state disregards our rights, we are physically assaulted in the streets by non-Whites and political opponents, and the lying media runs propaganda campaigns to smear us. As of now, they are blaming the three deaths in Charlottesville on us. Yes, the three deaths. As you will recall, two of those deaths resulted from a police helicopter crash. By what stretch of the imagination are we to blame for pilot incompetence? Perhaps blame for the crash should be laid at the feet of the people actually responsible for running an inept and incompetent police force that failed to ensure public safety, uphold the rule of law and apparently can’t even pilot a helicopter correctly.

    The “conservative” media is in lockstep with the open Cultural Marxist propaganda organs as well. Fox News has also laid the blame for the three deaths in Charlottesville at our feet.

    Let me be clear. Literally, none of the deaths were due to the Alt-Right.

    The story behind the car crash is still unfolding. Fatal crashes happen all the time, and it is clear that the young man’s car was being attacked on all sides by a roving mob of Antifa when he slammed the gas pedal and accelerated.

    He will be acquitted because his life was clearly in danger by Antifa.

    Furthermore, the young man was not part of any Alt-Right group. Also, there is reason to believe that he was himself Jewish. This is highly irregular, especially when one takes into account that the Alt-Right as a movement is very critical of Jews and membership of Jews in the Alt-Right is frowned upon. James Alex Fields, Jr’s mother is named Samantha Bloom. That is a very Jewish name. Below is a picture of James Alex Fields. Decide for yourself.



    Remember that the disorder was purposely engineered by the mayor to crush the rally and possibly kill members of the rally. And as a result of their idiotic and heavy-handed tyranny, three people are dead and dozens are injured. Antifa is to blame for pretty much all of those injuries. None of this bullshit would have happened if the authorities had done their jobs, maintained order and let the rally happen.

    Meanwhile, the media is trying to spin this rally as a KKK rally or a Neo-Nazi rally.

    Let us be clear, this was an Alt-Right rally. This was a rally by people advocating for White identity. And it was brutally shut down. The media sees the deaths as a godsend so that the tyranny of the government can be forgotten and retroactively justified. These people will never let a good crisis go to waste. The same people who believe that Muslim terror attacks are part and parcel of city life and that ruin your life for suggesting that Islamic terror might have something to do with Islam are trying to tie some random kid in a tricked out Dodge Challenger to the Alt-Right, to all Right-wingers, Trump supporters and by extension to all White people..

    So what does that mean going forward?




    We did everything right and we STILL GOT SHUT DOWN. And I suppose that means that we are now officially the enemy of the anti-White state.

    The government used the military to shut us down and feed us to the dogs and then the media ran a giant smear campaign against us. Despite our cooperation with the police, they were nowhere to be found on the day of and they just brought in the National Guard to shut us down. They had no intent on allowing this happen. This is clear. The city did everything to stop this event and called in the big guns when we showed up.

    It was a trap, plain and simple.

    But let us be clear.

    Ultimately, this was a victory for us. Our movement will be emboldened by Charlottesville. The ‘Unite the Right’ rally legitimized our struggle. This is the beginning of the White Civil Rights movement. Before the rally even started, the National Guard was put on standby. The state of Virginia illegally used military force to override a Federal court decision.

    That means what they did was illegal. And it also means we are going to sue the state of Virginia for the actions of the National Guard and the city of Charlottesville for creating the situation that allowed the chaos and violence to ensue.

    We extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ in advance to the mayor of Charlottesville, the police, and the state governor. Your incompetence will end up funding our movement for years to come.


    Cheers, and thanks.


    A new video has emerged of the car crash. This one clearly shows Antifa attacking the car with a bat before the driver hit the gas.




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    Default Police chief: Ralliers didn’t follow safety plans

    Police chief: Ralliers didn’t follow safety plans


    Charlottesville nigger Chief of Piglice Al Thomas held a press conference to discuss the events surrounding
    the Unite The Right rally Monday afternoon at CitySpace. The lying nigger pig was part of drivinging the
    Alt-Right from their permitted Rally location to be ambushed while running the gauntlet of the Alt-Left.


    Attendees of the Unite the Right rally Saturday failed to follow previously arranged safety plans, Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas said at a news conference Monday.

    Two hours before the rally was scheduled to begin, groups flying the flags of extremist movements and armed with homemade shields and myriad weapons started marching down Market Street toward the park.

    Thomas said the violence was initiated by “mutually engaged combatants” at an “alt-right rally” that was met with large numbers of counter-protesters.

    “We made attempts to keep the two sides separate; however, we can’t control which side someone enters the park,” Thomas said, saying that previous arrangements had been made with rally organizers.

    “They decided to change the plan and entered the park in different directions,” he said.

    White nationalist leader Matthew Heimbach drew a crowd outside the court-house but was shouted down.

    By noon Saturday, local and state officials made emergency declarations that led to police in riot gear clearing the park. Some people who refused to leave the park were pepper-sprayed by state police, Thomas said. Tear gas was not used by authorities.

    “We were hoping for a peaceful event,” Thomas said. “We urged leaders from both sides to engage in a nonviolent demonstration.”

    The police chief said it took an hour to clear Market Street after the park was cleared. At approximately 1:45 p.m. Saturday, a car barreled into a crowd of protesters. The crash killed 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured 19 others. James A. Fields Jr., 20, has been charged with second-degree murder.

    The city had planned to keep the Fourth Street crossing on the Downtown Mall, where the crashed occurred, closed until 7 p.m. Saturday. Thomas said that he was unsure whether authorities had officially opened the crossing to traffic. The car that crashed into the crowd rear-ended a car that had crossed the pedestrian mall.

    Both the ACLU of Virginia and the Rutherford Institute received blame from some for the turn of events Saturday because of their representation.

    “I’m not sure whether or not the Fourth Street crossing was open. I don’t have the action plan with me currently, but I am certain the action plan called for the street to be closed,” Thomas said.

    Two state troopers, H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates, died in a helicopter crash in Albemarle County later Saturday. They were involved in police operations for the rally that day.

    Two Virginia State Police pilots were killed Saturday when their Bell 407 helicopter crashed and burned in Albemarle County.

    The images and videos of violence, as well as first-hand accounts from the event, have led to accusations that police failed to intervene in numerous brawls that took place on the street throughout Saturday morning and early afternoon.

    “Once the crowds were dispersed, they went to many locations throughout the city. At that time, we had to send our forces to multiple locations to deal with a number of disturbances in and around the downtown area,” Thomas said.

    “We were following a number of groups, ensuring they were being peaceful. But it was a challenge. We were spread thin after the groups dispersed.”

    Thomas said there were approximately 250 calls for service, and that some reports have yet to be investigated. A tipline, (434) 566-1455, and email account, cvillerally@charlottesville.org, have been created to let anyone provide information about any relevant incidents that took place during the rally.

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    Default Incident In Charlottesville Will Make Us Stronger, Gov. McAuliffe Says

    Incident In Charlottesville Will Make Us Stronger, Gov. McAuliffe Says

    August 14, 20177:45 AM ET
    Heard on Morning Edition


    David Greene talks to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe about the protests in Charlottesville. Some say the police didn't do enough to prevent the attack by a white nationalist that left one person dead.

    Sound (8.5 minutes)"



    Now, of course, President Trump faced a lot of criticism for not directly condemning the white supremacist groups in Charlottesville. He blamed hatred, quote, "on many sides." Vice President Mike Pence had a message yesterday for the president's critics.


    VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: I will say, I take issue with the fact that many in the national media spend more time criticizing the president's words than they did criticizing those who perpetrated the violence to begin with.

    GREEN: OK, let's bring another voice in here. It is the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, who's on the line.

    Governor, good morning.

    TERRY MCAULIFFE: David, good morning.

    GREEN: I know you talked to the president over the weekend. And he is facing, as we just said, all of this criticism about how he responded to this - not directly blaming these white supremacist groups. Did you bring that up to him?

    MCAULIFFE: Oh, I did. I spoke to him before I had gone down, and I spoke to him Saturday afternoon. And I made it clear twice on the call. I said, Mr. President, there's entirely too much hate-filled speech, too - horrible rhetoric. It's causing problems in our country. There's too much bigotry. And I said it to the president twice. And at the end of the call, I reiterated and said, Mr. President, let's you and I work together.

    And I spent all day yesterday - I visited the Mount Zion and First Baptist churches and spoke all day. Elected officials need to come out, No. 1, and condemn. Call it for what it is. These were white supremacists. They were neo-Nazi. They came into our beautiful state, our beautiful city, with their hate and their bigotry. And I told them to get out. They're not, you know, they're not wanted here. But let's be honest, Dave, they're not wanted anywhere in America. These are not...

    GREEN: Well, where...

    MCAULIFFE: Yes, sir.

    GREEN: I wonder where this resurgence is coming from, in your mind. You've been involved in politics for a long time, and watched different moments and different movements.

    MCAULIFFE: And it's a great question. And I do believe that the rhetoric that we have seen - these people felt emboldened, that they could come - and David, you should've heard the language in what these people said on the streets - yelling at the African-American community, yelling at members of the Jewish faith. I've just did my - you know, I've been - you're right, I've been doing this a long time - 40 years. I, never in my life, have seen such vicious, mean-spirited hatred.

    And that's why I said, get the heck out of here. I don't know who these people are. I mean, I don't even know what they mean by white supremacy. I don't know why you would be a neo-Nazi today. You know, what we know about the Nazis - for one, we know that they, you know, eliminated 6 million members of the Jewish faith. And why are you marching up and down streets?

    So, you know, it's - I think the rhetoric that's gone on - and it starts at the top. And I said yesterday, from the White House, to the statehouse to the mayor's office, all of us, today, need to come out and condemn it. Call it for what it is. Let's get a real realization of how we got to this point in American history. And then let's work together to fix it. This is an opportunity. These folks who came in are disgusting human beings.

    And I'll tell you this, they made us stronger here in Virginia. I'm convening my whole cabinet today. We're going to take the lead in reconciliation efforts. They made us stronger. But unfortunate...

    GREEN: Well, in terms of, if I may, if - in terms of what you're going to do next...

    MCAULIFFE: Sure.

    GREEN: I mean, there is talk of more of these kinds of rallies in Charlottesville. There's talk of a protest planned around a monument to Robert E. Lee in Richmond next month. I want to bring up something that I read from Jamelle Bouie. He's the chief political correspondent for Slate. He said compared with protests in places like Ferguson, Mo., where largely peaceful protesters were met with snipers, armored vehicles and riot police, the response in Charlottesville was tame - armed white supremacists facing restrained and measured law enforcement. Did state and local police do enough?

    MCAULIFFE: Oh, they did. And first of all, the rally was supposed to start at 12. They moved in at little after 11 o'clock. And the park was cleared by 11 o'clock - by 11:30. They were there. Now, they had to be very careful. We had been planning for this for a while. We had to show tremendous restraint because we knew. We had a lot of intelligence.

    These people all camed (ph) armed. David, I've never seen so many weapons. These people were wearing better gear than my own state police were wearing. They had body armor, helmets. They were all - I mean, people were walking around with semiautomatic rifles through the streets. So the key point...

    GREEN: Well, does that mean that your police officers should've shown less restraint, if you were dealing with armed and dangerous people?

    MCAULIFFE: Well, let's be very clear. Let's think about where we are today - not one ounce of property damage, not one person went to the hospital outside of the car incident - which, David, you can't protect against that. I mean, but not one person went to the hospital from the rally, not one ounce of property damage - and not one single gunshot was fired.

    So I will tell you this. The Charlottesville police were in charge. They did a magnificent job. Our state police and guard backed them up. But listen - not a shot fired. And we were worried. And with a thousand people with very, you know - it was a powder keg in there - high tensions. One person fired one shot - it would've been melee. And I would be talking to you today, David, with a lot of body bags that I'm trying to figure out what do we do next. That - none of that happened.

    And think of this, not one window was shattered, not one ounce of property damage, not one shot fired, and not one person went to the hospital, except for the 20 - the 19 who were hit by a car terrorist, which, you know, you can't - you know, there's no preparation's going to prepare for some nut, some murderer, who's going to turn his car into a weapon and run through a crowd.

    GREEN: All right.

    MCAULIFFE: I will tell you this, though, David. We asked - the city of Charlottesville asked for that to be moved out of downtown Charlottesville to a park about a mile and a half away - a lot of open fields. That was the place that it should've been. We were, unfortunately, sued by the ACLU. And the judge ruled against us.

    That rally should not have been in the middle of downtown - to disperse all those people from the park where they dispersed all over the city streets. And it became a powder keg. And we got to look at these permits, and we got to look at where we put these rallies and protesters. I got to protect public safety. And our police did a magnificent job.

    GREEN: Well, I - it makes me wonder if you're going to do anything differently. Have you learned anything from what happened in Charlottesville if this is going to be planned again, coming up in the next month, in the city of Richmond?

    MCAULIFFE: Well, I'll - and I'll tell you this. I mean, the city of Charlottesville, one, wanted to move it, which was the smart decision. No. 2, they tried to ban any sticks and poles, which were used as weapons on Saturday. These were all denied. So I did talk to my attorney general yesterday. We've got to get a better understanding and - with these judges - to understand our job is to keep our community safe.

    I'm all for free speech - peaceful free speech. But to put all these people with all these weapons who came in from out of state - and they came in here, David, to hurt people. We know the intelligence. We know what was being said in social media. They came here to hurt people, and they came with guns. We need to...

    GREEN: You learned some lessons from Charlottesville, it sounds like.

    MCAULIFFE: The lessons I learned is we've got to do a better job of working with the judiciary. They need to listen to the local city officials about where these permits are allowed to allow people to come into your city with guns. Our job is to protect it. And we - the judiciary needs to do a better job of working with us.

    GREEN: Governor, I have just a few seconds left. I...

    MCAULIFFE: I'm angry that - I am angry that this was not moved to McIntire Park, where the city of Charlottesville had requested. I am very angry today because these people, they were dispersed, and that allowed this guy with the car to run through downtown Charlottesville with people everywhere.

    GREEN: So you're ready to be directly involved in where these kinds of protests will happen in the future.

    MCAULIFFE: You bet.

    GREEN: All right, we're speaking there with the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, who joined us on the line from Skype, again reacting to the violence that we saw yesterday in Charlottesville. And we're going to be spending a lot of time this morning talking about reaction to those events. Governor, thanks for the time. We're know you're very busy right now. We appreciate it.

    MCAULIFFE: Thank you, David. You bet, all right.


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    Default ACLU of Virginia Response to Governor’s Allegations that ACLU is Responsible for Violence in Charlottesville

    ACLU of Virginia Response to Governor’s Allegations that ACLU is Responsible for Violence in Charlottesville


    On National Public Radio’s Morning Edition today, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe blamed the ACLU for the violence that took place on Saturday in Charlottesville.

    “The City of Charlottesville asked for that to be moved out of downtown Charlottesville to a park about a mile and a half away to a park with a lot of open fields. That was the place where it should have been,” McAuliffe said. “We were unfortunately sued by the ACLU. The judge ruled against us. That rally should not have been in the middle of downtown.”

    The ACLU of Virginia’s Executive Director Claire G. Gastanaga had the following response:

    “We are horrified by the violence that took place in Charlottesville on Saturday and the tragic loss of life that resulted from it. The ACLU of Virginia does not support violence. We do not support Nazis. We support the Constitution and laws of the United States. We would be eager to work with the governor and the attorney general on efforts to ensure that public officials understand their rights and obligations under the law.

    “But let’s be clear: our lawsuit challenging the city to act constitutionally did not cause violence nor did it in any way address the question whether demonstrators could carry sticks or other weapons at the events.

    “We asked the city to adhere to the U.S. Constitution and ensure people’s safety at the protest. It failed to do so. In our system, the city makes the rules and the courts enforce them. Our role is to ensure that the system works the same for everyone.

    “In the weeks after the July 8 protests, the city (working with the governor and others) had ample opportunity to put together a case and present it in court on its own motion justifying the revocation of the permit and the imposition of a prior restraint on speech. If the judge in our case had been presented with any credible evidence or testimony by the city of an imminent threat of harm (other than a list of internet entries) or evidence that the change in permit would, in fact, result in no demonstration in downtown Charlottesville, I have confidence that he would have denied the injunction, and the city would have been faced with enforcing the change of venue and protecting demonstrators and counter-demonstrators in two locations.

    “Instead, the city’s pleadings said that its decision to revoke the permit was based primarily on the unmanageable numbers of people who would show up. An affidavit from the police chief said that they expected twice as many counter-protesters (2,000) as protesters (1,000). Yet, the city did not revoke the permits for the counter-protesters, too. In light of those facts, the judge couldn’t get beyond the fact that the city hadn’t revoked all permits for demonstrations downtown on Saturday.

    “It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure safety of both protesters and counter-protesters. The policing on Saturday was not effective in preventing violence. I was there and brought concerns directly to the secretary of public safety and the head of the Virginia State Police about the way that the barricades in the park limiting access by the arriving demonstrators and the lack of any physical separation of the protesters and counter-protesters on the street were contributing to the potential of violence. They did not respond. In fact, law enforcement was standing passively by, seeming to be waiting for violence to take place, so that they would have grounds to declare an emergency, declare an ‘unlawful assembly’ and clear the area.

    “Rather than seeking to scapegoat the ACLU of Virginia and the Rutherford Institute for the devastating events on Saturday, it is my firm hope and desire that the governor and other state and local officials will learn from this past weekend how constitutionally to prevent events like the horror we saw in Charlottesville from ever happening again.”

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    Default Attorney assigned to represent Fields is plaintiff in statue removal suit

    Attorney assigned to represent Fields is plaintiff in statue removal suit


    Idiot jewsmedia crowd around fat mongrel Mattoid Chaimbach as it yaps truthfully about how the piglice were ordered to
    disperse the Rally attendees so that they could be assaulted by the Alt-Left commie scum.

    A Charlottesville defense attorney assigned to represent the man accused of murder in the death of an Albemarle County woman by ramming his car into a crowd protesting Saturday’s white nationalist rally is a former Republican candidate for the City Council and a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the city regarding the removal of Confederate statues.

    James Alex Fields Jr., 20, of Maumee, Ohio, is being held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail without bond until he can meet with an attorney.

    Fields is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Heather Heyer, 32, three counts of malicious wounding and one count of hit-and-run resulting in death.

    Charlottesville General District Judge Robert H. Downer Jr. appointed Charles L. “Buddy” Weber to represent Fields, who said he made about $1,300 a month as a security guard and could not afford an attorney.

    “You have no ties to the community, so at this time you will not have bond until you have an attorney and they can come to this court regarding a bond,” Downer told Fields, who appeared via video feed from jail.

    Downer indicated that Weber was unaware of the appointment.

    “I do not know if Mr. Weber has a conflict or if he is willing to represent you.”

    Will Lyster, a friend of Weber, said the attorney is on a hiking trip and does not have cellphone service. He is expected to return next week.

    Downer said a member of the Charlottesville Public Defender’s Office has a conflict of interest with Fields regarding the incident and that the office could not represent Fields. He then appointed Weber, a local defense attorney who is on a list of local public defenders, to represent Fields.

    Downer set the next bond hearing for Fields for Aug. 25.

    Weber, a former chairman of the city Republican Party, is one of 13 plaintiffs who have sued the Charlottesville City Council for its decision to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee from the park that once bore the Confederate general’s name. The park has since been renamed Emancipation Park.

    The park was the site of Saturday’s Unite the Right rally, which brought several white supremacist and white nationalist groups to the park, as well large crowds of counter-protesters. The rally erupted in violence between the groups before it could start, however. Police declared an unlawful assembly and cleared the park after hundreds of people beat each other with sticks and fists, sprayed each other with pepper spray and hurled makeshift missiles.

    lying jewspapers

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    Default Here's what we know about the 'pro-white' organizer of 'Unite the Right,' who was chased out of his own press conference

    Here's what we know about the 'pro-white' organizer of 'Unite the Right,' who was chased out of his own press conference


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    Default The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight

    The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight


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