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Thread: When Ol' Niggerlips Bryan Reo Interfered with the Federal Civil Case of Johnny Tonto Britton

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    Default When Ol' Niggerlips Bryan Reo Interfered with the Federal Civil Case of Johnny Tonto Britton

    When Ol' Niggerlips Bryan Reo Interfered with the Federal Civil Case of Johnny Tonto Britton


    On 1 March 2011 Dallas Airmotive Inc., a subsidiary of Rolls Royce filed (Doc. #385) a Motion for Protective Order against John Britton asking that the case going on for the past eight years be dismissed because of what was said on The Movement Turd, this Christian Nationalist forum, on thephora.net, Obie-gender-bender's Two & A Half Mamzers Forum, and the destroyed-by-Bryan Reo homosexual-porn NIM-tarded Upstandingcitizens.com Forum. Bryan Reo thought that Johnny Tonto Britton was an Aryan blonde beast who would hump itz mamzer-faggot mangina if only Johnny Tonto would get out from under my Svengali influence. Much the same thing happened at about the same time in Feb. 2011 to "Victor Switzer" of Pine Bluff Ar-kansas, who also was blackmailed to put out the mangina. Both Johnny Tonto Britton and "Victor Switzer" turned out to be red-nigger mongrels who didn't want to be plugged by Ol' Niggerlips. Besides, Bryan Reo has threatened to rape and murder John Britton's known wife and daughters during a Talksjew Shoah and so Johnny Tonto got all mad when Ol' Niggerlips called in to The Movement Turd (Original & Extra-Crispy) on Nov. 28, 2010 and Johnny Tonto threatened to shoot the jewnibrowed shit-colored mamzer faggot if it cum to Emmett Idaho. Ol' Niggerlips also admitted that it had no intention of actually filing in federal kort a DMCA action at the time because it already got oneandone.com to kick me off for Terms of Service violations.

    So on 25 Feb. 2011, after Cousin-Ray-the-Lawyer Sicilian-Guido Ambulance-Chaser Mariani had gotten Talksjew to kick me off for the first time and Bryan Reo had Talksjew cut off Hour of Great Tribulation in mid-yelp, Bryan Reo had sent an e-mail to Cousin Ray (Father Ray???) and so Cousin Ray filed the Motion to get Johnny Tonto sanctioned by dismissal of the civil litigation which had been going since 2003 or so.

    After a great deal of whining and pissing and moaning on June 10, 2011 the judges (Senior U.S. Judge Sweaty Eddie Lodge and Magistrate Larry Boyle) figured out that while Pastor Lindstedt had indeed said a bunch of things about Ol' Niggerlips and cousin-Ray-the-Lawyer Mariani of Nixon-Peabody working on behalf of Rolls Royce, the owner of Dallas Airmotive Inc. that there was no proof that Johnny Tonto Britton had said anything much other than in response to Ol' Niggerlip's provocation. Therefore Document #438 of June 10, 2011 ORDER denied Cousin Ray the Lawyer Mariani's coonspiracy with Bryan Reo to have Johnny Tonto Britton's case dismissed. Cousin Ray the Lawyer Mariani should have been disbarred for attempting this trick.

    While Johnny Tonto Britton gave me copies of the proceedings, some of them are not unsealed as of yet. Since I don't know the procedures for unsealing them at the present time the only things which will be displayed are those items not sealed or for which were publicly displayed on The [Original] Movement Turd, Obie-gender-bender's forum, my Christian_Nationalist Forum, and upstandingcitizens.com, and which were publicly available then with some of them still available. These public Internet postings show what vicious scum not only Bryan Reo is, but Obadiah 1:18, LiarBill 'MumpsNut' DeClue(less) and other so-called See-Eye Dentists. Everyone knew Bryan Reo was an is a homosexual mongrel without remorse or any other operating system other than Satannic homosexual mongrel programming and anyone having something to do with Bryan Reo like Baal Finck, Eliar James, Attorney Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowsky, etc. of the ZOGbot Poverty Flaw Center are ZOGbots, mamzers and/or jews.

    Full Docket Report from 2007-2012 Britton v. Dalles Airmotive Inc., 1:07-cv-00547, Federal District Court of Idaho [pdf]:

    Unsealed July 10 2011 ORDER Denying Cousin Ray-the-Lawyer Mariani's Bryan Reo derived claim of threats by Lindstedt & Britton, Document [Doc. 438] in pdf:

    Then the case was settled before the scheduled 21 June 2011 because both Rolls Royce and Johnny Tonto Britton chickened out on bringing it to a jury. Johnny Tonto Britton got over twice the $50,000 he pussied out on but the his scum-sucking lawyers took 66 percent and give Tonto only one-third, of which Tonto spent it all within five months like a Pine Ridge red nigger. But Stuart Carty, Tonto's lawyer, sent Tonto a Lexus-Nexus report on Ol' Niggerlips Bryan Reo which Russifer Walker disseminated to Russifer's 50-mamzer retard e-mail listing.

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    Default Court hears Alex Jones appeal in Sandy Hook case

    Court hears Alex Jones’ appeal in Sandy Hook case

    September 26, 2019


    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones should not have been penalized for an angry outburst on his Infowars web show against an attorney for relatives of some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, Jones’ lawyer told the Connecticut Supreme Court on Thursday.

    Lawyer Norman Pattis told the justices Jones was exercising his free speech rights during the tirade in June against attorney Christopher Mattei, one of the lawyers representing the families in a defamation lawsuit against Jones, Infowars and others for calling the school shooting a hoax.

    A lower court judge cited the outburst when she sanctioned Jones by barring him from filing a motion to dismiss the families’ lawsuit, which has also included contentious proceedings over Jones’ delays in turning over documents to the relatives. Jones appealed the penalty to the Supreme Court, which did not issue a ruling Thursday.

    The sanction came after Jones, on Infowars, accused Mattei of planting child pornography that was found in email metadata files that Jones turned over to the Sandy Hook families’ lawyers. Pattis said the pornography was in emails sent to Jones that were never opened.

    “You’re trying to set me up with child porn,” Jones said on the show. “One million dollars, you little gang members. One million dollars to put your head on a pike.”

    Jones mentioned Mattei by name and pounded on a picture of Mattei while saying, “I’m gonna kill ... Anyway I’m done. Total war. You want it, you got it.”

    Joshua Koskoff, a lawyer for the Sandy Hook families suing Jones, said there were safety concerns after Jones’ comments.

    “What happens if that call for action, that call for a head on pike, goes out to 10 million-plus people that the person on the other side of that threat does not know anything about?” Koskoff asked the seven justices. “There’s clearly defamation. There’s elements of incitement. And there’s definitely true threat.”

    Pattis said Jones, who was not at Thursday’s arguments, had good reason to be upset about the child porn, but his comments were not true threats and were protected by First Amendment free speech rights.

    “From our perspective, Mr. Jones had every right to offer a million dollar reward to find out who did this,” Pattis said. “He had every right to express rage.”

    Outside the Supreme Court with parents of some of the school shooting victims standing behind him, Mattei said Jones’ comments prompted him and the law firm to take precautions.

    “I was a federal prosecutor for eight years so I’ve dealt with threats before,” Mattei said. “Whatever we’ve had to deal with ... pales in comparison to the abuse that he unleashed to the people standing behind me over a period of years.”

    Relatives who attended the hearing declined to comment.

    The families of eight victims of the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and an FBI agent who responded to the massacre are suing Jones, Infowars and others for promoting a theory that the shooting was a hoax. A 20-year-old gunman killed 20 first-graders, six educators and himself at the school, after having killed his mother at their Newtown home.

    The families said they have been subjected to harassment and death threats from Jones’ followers because of the hoax conspiracy.

    Jones has since said he believes the shooting occurred.



    It goes to show how little anyone has "CONstipational 'rights' when some ZOGtards who want to be known for somethang or some policy, like disarming rural whiggers while letting niggers run wild get to sue for "defamation" some fat retard like Alex Jones whose stock in trade is in being a pub[l]ic buffoon.

    Some of these mass-shootings, the ones not caused by niggers, especially workplace violence are caused by mamzer psychos whom the piglice know plenty of and who go postal like at Parkland or Sandy Hook while the cowardly piglice allow the shooting by nuts to continue.

    Also, it is a feature for crooks to "plant" or threaten to plant child porn in order to threaten of jail their opponents, like in this case in which child porn files were allegedly sent in litigation documents.

    I put this up in this thread for a reason. Ol' Niggerlips impersonated Johnny Tonto Britton on the NimBusters faggot forum site upstandingcitizens.com . When caught Bryan Reo took down upstandingcitizens.com. The NimBuster faggots caved upon Ol' Niggerlips' threats and they took down their entire forum and website. Myself and John Britton, not being faggots were alerted to Ol' Niggerlips tricks by another NimBuster. Corporate lawyers for the firm John Britton was suing had most of Ol' Niggerlip's stalking which failed had the records sealed except for the Magistrates Order mentioning that Ol' Niggerlips as "Bryan Nicewonger" had interfered in Johnny Tonto's case.

    I seen it for myself. Some thangs never change, like the villany of lawyers and mamzers and especially mamzer lawyers.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    I am The Librarian

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