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Thread: Charlottesville is the Fort Sumner of Civil War II . . . So what next?

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    Default Charlottesville is the Fort Sumner of Civil War II . . . So what next?

    Charlottesville is the Fort Sumner of Civil War II . . . So what next?


    Charlottesville is the Fort Sumner of Civil War II. What happened there and what happens next.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Ten Thousand Warlords Project

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    Default Charlottesville & The Great American Tidal Wave

    Charlottesville & The Great American Tidal Wave

    By Dasho



    On Saturday, August the 13th, a lineup of “big tent” internet celebrities attempted to hold a “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. I am not here to talk about them, because they do not matter, in spite of how much they want to. They are not our allies, they are not our leaders, and they are not on our side. They have supported, and continue to support, sodomites, pedophilia, child sex grooming, and pornography, with several being former porn stars themselves. They also support allying with or otherwise accepting influence from Zionist and Communist quarters, push Civic Nationalist rhetoric in spite of their claims to the contrary; several of them are either married to Jews or are Jews themselves. The best that could be said about them is that they are racist liberals.

    What happened in Charlottesville this past Saturday has nothing to do with them, in spite of how much they have all tried to hijack, control, and profit off of the rising sentiment of White Nationalism in this country.

    But first, a brief summary of what has transpired in these past 72 hours. Some details are a bit sketchy at the time of this writing, but the general outline is fairly clear. The original purpose of this event was to respond to the systematic demolition and destruction of monuments to Civil War heroes who fought on the side of the Southern Confederacy in the economic war of Northern aggression. The location chosen was the site of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville that had seen frequent vandalism by Black Lives Matter in the past. The night before the original event was scheduled, several false reports were filed by local Antifa and BLM activists in an attempt to incite law enforcement into intervening when the demonstrators held a pre-event torchlight march. The police arrived and determined that they were operating within the law.

    The next day, at 6 a.m., a state of emergency was quietly declared by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, an Obama devotee and known Federal traitor: more on him in a little bit. Two hours before the event was supposed to officially start, crowds began moving to the location where they had a permit for the demonstration. However, in spite of the permit, and in accordance with the prior declared state of emergency, the police broke up the demonstration, announcing that everyone had to disband or face arrest.

    Law enforcement then forced the attendees into a bottleneck that funneled them directly into the Antifa-Black Lives Matter protestors who had been allowed to surround the park, and the most predictable encounter in the world then proceeded to take place. Unsurprisingly, Antifa-BLM struck first, with bricks being thrown, mace being sprayed, and even confirmed acid attacks taking place. There were concussions, gashes, and several reports of broken bones. As the retreating attendees retreated through McIntyre Park, they were followed by a police helicopter that crashed, killing everyone on board. More police and SWAT were deployed to break up the fights taking place and herd everyone out of the city.

    After this point, details begin to get sketchy. What we know is that at least three civilians died, several dozen people were wounded. We know that at least one plain-clothes CIA agent was present at the beginning of the debacle. We know an Antifa protestor who was part of a crowd baseball batting cars ended up getting run over and died of her injuries. This is not terribly surprising, since the streets were jam-packed with rioting people chasing each other and she was part of a group going after cars with weapons. Quite frankly, we are lucky more people were not killed by panicking drivers attempting to escape the destruction.

    Had the e-celebrities been allowed to speak their peace, they would have done so, everyone would have left, and no one would have remembered this in six months. Instead, the Unite The Right attendees were blatantly set up by the BLM and Antifa-supporting Charlottesville mayor and Virginia state governor, and three people are dead because of it. They are, as of this writing, still trying to pin the helicopter crash on the attendees as well, even though there is no possible way for that to be anything but an unrelated mechanical failure.

    And so the Civic Nationalists rejoiced at the opportunity to virtue signal to their Marxist overlords. Social media has been an enthusiastic boot-licking contest ever since, with familiar names such as Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, O’Reilly, and many others all crawling out of the woodwork to prove their loyalty and devotion to everything anti-White by loudly denouncing every White person in America who feels anything but intense sexual arousal at the thought of being replaced by hordes of brown transsexual Communists.

    I would also like to take a moment to remind you that during the Black Lives Matter riots, it took over fifteen hours of burning buildings, unchecked looting, and open gunfights in the streets before a state of emergency was declared and SWAT was sent in to try and restore order. But a few hundred angry White men get together to protest some graffiti on a statue, and suddenly it’s the end of the world and we start using states of emergency preemptively like condoms, “just in case.”

    Truthfully, parts of this story are all too predictable. The Charlottesville mayor who gave the state police their marching orders was Michael Signer, a Communist Jew with a long history of supporting Black Supremacists and Communist student groups, who also boasts personal ties to the infamous John Podesta of Pizzagate and Pedowood fame. To ask if Signer would stoop to engaging in underhanded tricks in the face of an openly pro-White gathering to honor Confederate history is to ask uncomfortable questions of bears, woods, and possibly the pope.

    Nor, for that matter, should anyone be surprised that Virginia state governor Terry McAuliffe engages in shady dealings to thwart anything standing to the right of Eisenhower. Just in recent memory alone, McAuliffe is guilty of pardoning several thousand criminals in key Virginia districts in the weeks before to the Presidential election, along with sending them all voter registration forms using government envelopes paid for by the state taxpayers. His shenanigans are arguably to blame for several key districts going blue and by extension handing the state over to Hillary in the general election. The man is no stranger to committing fraud or bending the rule of law into pretzels to get what he wants.

    To the precise details of the event, I will not speculate. Information is still coming in from eyewitnesses who were present, and what we know as fact today may end up being fiction tomorrow. But what can be said, assuredly, is that what happened in Charlottesville was not a “freak accident” or some “random Nazi outburst” as the liberal media posits. In reality, it was the first emerging fragment of a political, social, and cultural phenomena that has been building strength in the shadows of American fringes for over fifty years.

    When a tidal wave, or to use the more correct scientific term, a tsunami, first starts, it does so far out at sea. It beings as a vast displacement of water, almost always the result of deep sea tectonic activity, such as plate slips or a volcanic emergence. In the beginning, a tsunami is barely noticeable. It may appear on the surface as a small line of water, a foot or so in height and several miles wide, moving in a single consistent direction. It may not even be visible at all. But as it gets closer to land, the displacement of water is forced up by the rising elevation of the seabed, growing taller and taller as the water on top, naturally faster than the water on the bottom, begins to pile up and form a stack. By the time it reaches the shore, it has transformed from a nigh-invisible ripple to a vast, towering wall of water, a terrifying specter of natural power that appears seemingly from nowhere and devastates everything in front of it before it’s momentum and mass is finally spent.

    But to astute observers, there are indeed warning signs. Seismographs can often predict the formation of a tsunami far in advance, and a vast recession of tidal waters is the sure herald of a coming tsunami; before such a natural disaster arrives, the ocean will appear to drain away from the beach for miles, exposing the near seabed to open air and giving rise to the informal term “tidal wave,” as the tide appears to fall away before returning all at once as a crushing wave.

    What we are beginning to bear witness to is the emergence of a vast tidal wave of social, cultural, and political forces in the American zeitgeist that began over fifty years ago. Like all true tidal waves, the beginnings were profound but subtle: many Communists infiltrated the American political, educational, and judicial systems, as well as the entertainment industry, and began using their influence to slowly change the course of America as a nation in accordance with the “Cultural Marxism” plan outlined by the Italian neo-Marxist Antonio Gramsci in his Prison Notebooks collection of essays. And like most tidal waves, we did receive a blip on the seismograph to warn us: Joseph Raymond McCarthy, a U.S. senator from the great state of Wisconsin, became the face of a movement that the Communist-subverted media and academia would derisively refer to as “McCarthyism ,” which alleged (correctly) that America was experiencing a deep infiltration by Communist actors who sought to subvert and destroy America from within, and that something must be done to oust these people from where they had ensconced themselves.

    For a time, McCarthy was able to motivate the politicians in Washington to action, and a series of investigations were undertaken to research the problem. However, eventually the winds of political fortune shifted, and under a constant barrage of ridicule from the Communist and Jewish-influenced media, McCarthy’s efforts came to an end. He was ultimately censured in the U.S. Senate, and is in fact one of the only Senators to have ever been punished in such a manner. He continued to campaign against Communism after the censure, arguing that “you cannot offer friendship to tyrants and murderers without advancing the cause of tyranny and murder,” and that “coexistence with Communists is neither possible nor honorable nor desirable. Our long-term objective must be the eradication of Communism from the face of the earth.” His warnings and admonishments fell upon the deaf ears of the willfully ignorant.

    His final political act before his retirement from the Senate was to oppose William Joseph Brennan Jr.’s appointment to the Supreme Court by President Eisenhower, on the grounds of Brennan Jr. holding sympathy with Communists and espousing Marxist rhetoric. He was the only Senator to vote against Brennan’s confirmation. Brennan Jr. would go on to single-handedly undermine the death penalty, secure the existence of abortion in the legal mainstream, and author several landmark cases for institutional liberalism, such as the Baker v. Carr “one person, one vote” precedent. Clearly, even in his final real political act before retirement, good old Joe McCarthy did nothing wrong.

    And so the beeping warning of the seismograph was ignored by our well-appointed masters in their fine suits and robes; McCarthy was discredited and demonized posthumously by Jewish academics such as David Oshinsky, and some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became rumor, rumor became conspiracy theory, and for forty years the threat of Cultural Marxism passed out of all knowledge.

    There were occasional bumps on the road to the New World Order, such as the political career of one Patrick Joseph Buchanan, who called for a return to Traditionalism and accused the Democrat and Republican establishment of colluding with one another to push a conjoined Marxist agenda, but by and large, they seemed to have everything in the bag. No one got elected who did not toe the acceptable lines, both sides of the media only argued within the boundaries of the presented social and economic frames, and White births were dropping while the promise of a purely digital economy was looming on the horizon. The Marxist Democrats on the left and the Trotskyist Republicans on the right had won the culture war against the WASP establishment and the Catholic Church, and the only remotely valid third position available, Libertarianism, was castrated, de-fanged, and transmuted via academic alchemy into a limited hangout of drug abusers, sexual degenerates, and the mentally deranged. They put the final phases of their utopian strategies into motion, and began the process of physical replacement while kicking back to sip martinis and play with their little colored fruit umbrellas.

    And then the water on beach began to drain away.

    “He’ll never be elected,” they said. “It’s just a fluke,” they said. “He’s going to hit a ceiling!”

    And the water kept draining away. And away. And away. And all the pundits, advisors, and talking heads just couldn’t understand it. They had this process down to a science! They knew where to put the money, they knew who to bribe, and they knew who had to endorse whom and which voting machines had to fall off the backs of what trucks. They knew all the important advertising blocks, had every celebrity under their thumb, and all the media outlets in the country were already bought and paid for long ago.

    So how on earth was the water still draining away?

    And so Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America in the year 2016, the Republican party wrung its hands in dismay that the fight they had meant to throw didn’t end up as planned, and the Cultural Marxist vanguard began a tantrum that is ongoing to this day because no one had ever had the audacity to say “no” to them in their lifetimes. The older and “wiser” liberals sighed in relief that it was not as bad as it could have been, believing that this was just a temporary hiccup in the plan for a Global America, and settled in for four long years of calling the President a clown on late night talk shows, social media, and standup comedy routines until it all blew over and they could get a ‘real’ person in power.

    Had any of them been more astute, however, they might have questioned where all of that water went.

    Because two hundred billion gallons of water moving at five hundred miles an hour has to go somewhere. And so do 2,626 counties worth of angry White men.



    The Cultural Marxist establishment believed that Trump was the end of it: a temporary rebellion, a pressure release valve, the last gasp before the final curtain call of White identity, or indeed White anything, in the United States of America. In reality, Donald Trump was not even the beginning. The Trump election was the water on the beach draining away, the silence before the storm, the deep breath before the plunge. Charlottesville was the real beginning. Charlottesville, where a bunch of wannabe internet celebrities thought they could give a speech in front of a Civil War statue to stroke their own egos, but ended up with a thousand angry young White men marching with torches in their hands chanting “blood and soil” and “you will not replace us.”

    No man or group of men, no matter how powerful, can hold back the tide with their bare hands. And what is rising now is no mere tide, but a great and terrible wave, over half a century in the making. The golden calves and bread and circuses have lost their glittering allure. The great secular god “Democracy” has failed. The Fourth Estate and their career politician puppets have been shown for the frauds, charlatans, and traitors that they are and indeed always have been. Patriots have begun to look at their guns with distant contemplation in their eyes, and one by one, Christians are turning their backs on their hammer-and-sickle shepherds and reading the Good Book for themselves. At long, long last, the Saxon tastes hate in his heart.

    The line has been drawn in the sand. Muslims can blow up a music concert and kill dozens of children, and no one cares. #NotAllMuslims. Negro Supremacists can openly hunt law enforcement officers, burn down housing complexes, and call for White babies to be set on fire in the streets, and that is just them “expressing themselves in a space to destroy.” But don’t you dare say White people deserve to live, White man. Don’t you dare say White people should look out for White interests, that you deserve something besides horrible torture and death at the hands of your chosen replacements. Because if you do dare, then your rights are forfeit, and we will hound you from the streets with the full and mighty force of Soros-funded Federal Authority.

    Patrick Buchanan was right about everything. Joseph McCarthy did nothing wrong.

    The Great American Tidal Wave is coming.

    BLUT und BODEN

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    Posted on: August 19, 2017☀

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Unite Against Hate Rally held in Big Spring Park

    Unite Against Hate Rally held in Big Spring Park

    By Lee Ann Murphy
    Posted Aug 21, 2017 at 8:15 P


    The number who attended was small, but morale was high at the Unite Against Hate Rally held Sunday evening in Neosho’s Big Spring Park.

    More than a dozen individuals ranging in age from children, whose parents wanted them to learn firsthand that hate is wrong, to adults gathered together in unity.

    “It’s time for us to speak out,” event organizer John Wallis told the group.

    Although originally planned as both a candlelight vigil for those who lost their lives in Charlottesville and as an Unite Against Hate Rally, the event became more of a open conversation than a rally.

    The event began with a moment of silence to remember Virginia State Troopers Lt. H. Jay Cullen and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates and Heather Heyer. Both troopers were in a helicopter, part of law enforcement efforts to maintain public safety during the riots. Heyer was killed when a car plowed into a crowd of protestors, injuring many and killing Heyer.

    “We will have a moment of silence for the officers that lost their lives in Charlottesville,” Wallis said. “And for Heather Heyer and the officers who lost their lives on Friday.“

    Wallis referenced Officer Matthew Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard, both of the Kissimmee, Florida police department. The two officers died after a total of six law enforcement officers in three different U.S. cities were shot on Friday.

    Wallis thanked those in attendance for coming and said, “Even though we did not have a large turnout, we are here and we need to do this for our community. Recent events have awakened an awareness in our nation. The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) is on the rise and when we speak out against them, it shows citizens are sick and tired of racism. It’s important in Neosho because we have several groups of minorities.“

    Several of those in attendance also spoke up and shared their views, presenting a strong stance against racism and hatred.

    “It’s not a right or left event,” Wallis said. “It’s a right and wrong group. We want to plant a seed in the city that plants a seed in the community. It would be nice to create a community action committee because we have to speak out for those who have no voice.“

    Wallis, a 2018 graduate of Neosho High School and former student body president, leaves for college this week. He will attend Webster University in St. Louis, MO. “I’m leaving for college this week,” Wallis said. “I’d like to go out on a positive note.“

    Last year, Wallis was one of the organizers who attempted to bring a Black Lives Matter rally to Neosho but the event met local opposition and was cancelled after Wallis received threats. “I’m a little nervous,” he said before Sunday’s rally began. “I’m having a few flashbacks because of what happened last year.“

    Wallis plans to major in political science and history at Webster. His long range goals are to run for office, including Congress, Senate, and eventually for President in 2036.


    The Neosho Daily Douche

    All the ZOGling-Approved Shit That Sorta Fits We Print

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    Default Charlottesville Council-Criminal Fenwick to file lawsuit to indict those involved in white nationalist rallies

    Charlottesville Council-Criminal Fenwick to file lawsuit to indict those involved in white nationalist rallies


    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Charlottesville City Councilor Bob Fenwick and four others have planned to bring forth legal action. The lawsuit will be filed against the people responsible for white nationalist demonstrations.

    Fenwick referred to them as "invaders" and thinks a special grand jury can force some action.

    “I think that the city generally is kind of anxious because they don't think too much is being done to bring these people to justice,” explained Fenwick.

    Fenwick said he is doing it as a private citizen, not as an elected official. He is doing all this with the backing of a handful of people that are remaining anonymous right now.

    “We hereby file a complaint about a public nuisance resulting in damage to the people of Charlottesville from the operations and tactics organized and conducted Jason Kessler; Richard Spencer, David Duke and their organization and connects,” said Fenwick.

    The suit refers to Virginia Code § 48-1 that said five or more citizens can request a special grand jury to investigate a complaint made to the circuit court about a public or common nuisance.

    Legal analyst Scott Goodman said this is an avenue that has never been used before in the City of Charlottesville, and a special grand jury could bring charges against those who previously have not been arrested.

    “This grand jury process will allow perhaps additional indictments,” explained Goodman. “That will be criminal charges against people and have to answer in court.”

    Along with arrests, Fenwick and supporters hope the special grand jury will lead to millions of dollars of restitution to be paid for things like police overtime and physical damage to the city. Goodman said this is possible.

    “Part of any sentence can be requiring people involved and found guilty of being a nuisance or involved in military activity in the city as part of their sentence to have to pay back restitution or any damages,” said Goodman.

    Fenwick said this lawsuit should be taken seriously.

    “We're not just leaving our actions against the alt-right and the people who visited and damaged our city to public officials,” expressed Fenwick. “Ordinary citizens have rights and they have powers as well.”

    Fenwick said he will file the suit Tuesday and announce the four people that are filing with him as well.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Death to America II: Thoughts on American Nationalism

    Death to America II: Thoughts on American Nationalism



    The American Nationalist vision for our movement is a non-starter. There hasn’t been a single rally where everybody shows up dressed like frat boys with American flags, despite plenty of effort invested in encouraging that. Moving backward to 2007-era Tea Party aesthetics and themes, looking and acting like Young Republicans, feels incredibly cringe. It feels especially cringe for the cohort of young men and women who actually understand fascism and realize that the American federal government can’t be and won’t be a vehicle for White Nationalism.

    I would be content to just let Bioshock Americana die quietly, but it won’t. In its final death throes, its proponents will convince themselves that the reason it won’t gain traction is because Nationalist Socialists are ruining everything by existing. Just as Gavin McInnes must necessarily stuff a dildo up his butt to define rhetorical distance between himself and the homophobic hard right, American Nationalism will have a great deal of pressure to give us the rhetorical dildo as a last ditch brand management strategy.

    Even if one distances oneself entirely from Heimbach’s full-throated National Socialist messaging and themes, one can’t achieve the breathing room necessary to manifest the proposition that the American Dream is and always has been White Supremacy from sea to shining sea. The Birchers, the Tea Party, and AltLite, the Proud Boys, and now the American Nationalists have all attempted and failed to translate Toby Keith patriotism into a vehicle for nationalism, but it can’t and won’t work. Its prospects are even worse than they were when the 20th Century klan tried and failed to wrap themselves in the stars and stripes to popular effect.

    It’s even less likely to work now than it was a generation ago because of profound demographic and technological changes which are radicalizing, atomizing, and “echo chambering” political discourse. There is no more “the masses” anymore. American society’s rapidly coming apart at the seams into self-radicalizing subcultures and insular social communities. The phenomenon of the “rock star” is dying with the Boomers and Xers, along with the NFL and network television because there is no more “the masses.” Just about everybody who grew up on the Internet is woke in one direction or the other, and the rest are politically inert.

    The American Dream v. The Amerikaner Dream

    America was a masonic plot. Sorry. It was a brother’s war instigated by landed merchants with openly financial motives. But we don’t really harp on that, and it’s not like England’s any better off. We did get the first and second amendments out of it, so I consider it a wash. Anglin and others are correct that the Founders were indeed all confirmed White Supremacists by today’s standards, but the problem is that moving backwards to their position is no longer an option. It’s not metapolitically, morally, economically, or geopolitically coherent.

    American Nationalism isn’t metapolitically coherent because it’s congenitally a colonial state, and the only central unifying theme from inception to current year is its colonial mechanics. It’s now necessarily neo-colonial, and it’s inextricably tied to the fate of the globalist financiers. The founding generation was certainly less cucked than the current one, but the vision of a state which exists to defend and promote the financial interests of a mercantile elite has remained unaltered. It used to be profitable to enslave the Negro, and now it’s profitable to humiliate the White, but the profit motive remains the central organizing factor.

    A foolish sentimentalism for a time when our people weren’t on the ass end of the colonial exploitation machine is not a durable foundation for our ethnic nationalist struggle. It’s not even wrong, since the socioeconomic conditions for walking it backward are long gone. Just as it fucked the Rhodesians to death after they were no longer useful to it, and as it’s now mere months away from genociding the Afrikaaner, the writing is on the wall. We’re all Rhodesians now, and only an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, post-colonial secessionist framework offers any hope for our survival.

    Let’s skip right over the morality of ejecting hundreds of millions of non-Whites, many of whom have been “American” as long as or longer than we have. TradWorker consistently opposes genocide for all nations who aren’t organizing genocide against ourselves. And while just about everybody, including about half of White people, are smiling and clapping along with White Genocide right now, I’m optimistic that some kind of equitable arrangement can be worked out with the Black Americans, blended families, and multiracial communities who are also stuck on this sinking ship, and who don’t necessarily object to a subset of White folks striking out to pursue our own destiny.

    Morality does actually matter, since a geopolitical stance which entails the forceful deportation (or worse) of hundreds of millions plays very horribly in open debates and media showcases. Let’s be clear. “American Nationalism” either entails civic nationalism, White Supremacist segregationism, mass deportation, or worse. All of these are a really bad look. But more importantly, in a world where America’s no longer hegemonic, we couldn’t get away with such a stark affront to post-colonial moral code of the geopolitical community.

    The colonial Westphalian world order is coming unraveled, and even Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Californian secessionism are being taken seriously right now in a way that would be unthinkable a few short years ago. The socioeconomic forces which glued this country together from the end of the Civil War up through the late twentieth century are coming unglued all around us. Identifying ourselves with this prolapsing empire is a bad idea that we will not sign off on.

    We’re Amerikaners now, a stateless nation like Kurds or Tibetans subject to a hostile regime which only plans to exploit and extinguish us. To wrap ourselves in the federal flag as this system’s accelerating its assault on White Identity is the worst strategy possible. We don’t have the footing, resources, and framing necessary to hijack the flag which is quite firmly planted at football games and neocon campaign websites.

    Persuasion v. Conversion

    A unifying thread of the American Nationalist theoreticians is the clumsy attempt to apply mainstream political marketing tactics to our struggle, tactics which parallel general corporate marketing tactics. Corporate marketing theory works great with toilet paper. Subtle optical and aesthetic strategies make all the difference when differentiating between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, …after all, they’re both asswipes. But when you’re trying to promote a radical political shift entirely outside the Overton Window, the Newtonian Mechanics of aesthetic persuasion gives way to the Quantum Mechanics of radical conversion.

    You can’t just slip antisemitism and white identity into the dogfood of conventional political discourse. We’re asking people to care more about their unborn grandchildren than their next paycheck. We’re asking people to give a shit about their race beyond the pragmatic considerations of “good schools” and their precious property values. We’re asking people to go up against the most vicious, powerful, wealthy, and weaponized tribe the world has ever known, Global Jewry. The masses aren’t stupid, and they’re not going to be subliminally or subtly persuaded to make such a leap.

    They can and will make this leap, as they’ve made it in all of the post-colonial nations in the world which are thriving and growing thanks to the consistent and contextual application of national socialist principles. But it’s necessarily something one leaps into, …not something one leans into. If you approach a man in 2017 and attempt to convince him that the American flag pretty much stands for an all-White nation that puts White families first, you’re just going to confuse and irritate him.

    Imageboard Nationalism v. Street Nationalism

    Imageboard millennials played a pivotal role of putting White Nationalism back in the political game. I get and respect that, and their voices must be respected. They’re cardinal stakeholders in this big broad movement. The growth has been stratospheric, but the wax wings are melting under the burning glow of actual daylight. Not all of the political skills that work in imageboards and derivative social media channels translate onto the street. And while much of our recent progress is owed to the Imageboard Nationalists, what’s necessary is a thoughtful fusion which integrates lessons learned from both communities.

    Imageboard Nationalists must learn through trial and error, through constructive dialogue, and through careful reflection that they’re not prepared to seize control of the real world movement yet. There’s a hell of a learning curve. The Street Nationalists absolutely need to integrate lessons, themes, and talent from the virtual movement. But the virtual movement also absolutely needs the street nationalists. The cat herding chore of getting people organized and mobilized requires patience, tolerance, compromises, and humility, all of which are alien to the frog army.

    There’s a lack of patience and perspective with the Imageboard Nationalists, and they’re acting like junkies who need one more fix of the clicks, virality, and excitement that we all enjoyed during the height of Trump’s campaign. They feel like some sort of radical redirection of our movement is in order to sustain the astronomical growth we enjoyed in 2016, with the mentality of a shark which must keep swimming in order to keep breathing. In their panic, all the different groups are turning on one another and tearing into one another like their political lives depend on it, and causing incalculable damage in the process.


    TradWorker doesn’t change its name, its uniform, its strategy, and its allegiances routinely, and we’re going to carry on doing what we do best. We’re going to carry on delivering local solutions to the globalist problem with practical local advocacy and activism for struggling White families and communities. American Nationalists are welcome to occupy all the space they need to attempt their idea. The darwinian ratchet which guarantees our victory depends on the nodes in the mesh network of nationalists being permitted to pursue different strategies in an agile, iterative, and open source manner.

    While I believe the American Nationalists are wasting a tremendous amount of time on a doomed direction which has been tried to death, we at TradWorker also have room for improvement. The fact that our leadership is working class and our messaging often appeals more to working folks is no excuse for sloppy optics. We’ve allowed ourselves to become so contemptuous of “muh optics” buffoonery that we’ve not invested as much effort as we should in presentation. With TradWorker, the packaging will never become the package, but we’re dedicated to continuous improvement, and that includes improving our presentation.


    Trad Yoot ZOGbots, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!



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    Lightbulb Pro-American=Anti-White And Vice Versa.

    Pro-American=Anti-White And Vice Versa.


    More like "let Rabbi Chaimbach cum-cum on THEM". If the race war starts over the next couple of years, he'll be dealt with, but, if not, I'd say Rabbi Chaimbach will end up being exposed as the biggest chomo faggot since Benny Buttfuck Klassen.

    That having been said, to the crux of the matter: The author of the post is dead right about American Nationalism being anathema to all that REAL White Nationalism stands for, although, since he and his kosher master stand for nothing but ZOGbottery, he is, in fact, dependent upon it, since, he will personally cease to receive a paycheck when the mighty Amurrikwan Empire falls.

    Yes, Amurrikwa was founded by a bunch of crypto-Satanist Freemason douchebags, even though the average soldier in the revolutionary war was a rural religious fanatic who would've burned every last Freemason at the stake, if given the opportunity. And, yes, by today's standards, the Founding Felons WOULD be considered "White Supremacists", nonetheless. What the poster FAILS to acknowedge, however, is what the Great Betrayal of 1792 really amounted to: The creation of a perpetual Federal (the word literally means "feudal") state, whose interest would be in protecting the property and general welfare of the landed Feudal Lords against "the rabble", who had fought the war on their OWN behalf, and not for the benefit of these wig-wearing, stocking-clad, two-legged parasites.

    That's the REAL reason that the CONstitution made its peace with the enslavement of both blacks AND Whites by the members of this self-appointed Ruling Class, and *NOT* some phony, bullshit fear of the South as a region. The plain fact of the matter is that the vast majority of Southerners, White and black, had no say in the matter whatsoever. Slavery was IMPOSED upon the entire country by this self-appointed Ruling Class. It was only after it proved to be financially unprofitable in the North that it began to gradually fade away in that region, although it is a fact that there were STILL more slaves in the northern states of Indiana, Maryland, and Delaware alone than there were in the ENTIRE SOUTH at the time the War Between The States began. Far from approving of slavery, the average poor White Southerner,---who, in fact, made up the overwhelming numerical majority of Southerners, and continue to do so to this day,---would've voted to send every last nigger in America back to Africa, HAD THEY BEEN ALLOWED TO DO SO.

    But the fact of the matter is that, not only were they rarely allowed the vote, a good many poor Whites were themselves enslaved. They had a cutesy-fruitsy little word for it,---"Indentured Servitude",---but, make no mistake about it, IT WAS WHITE SLAVERY!!!

    The so-called "Civil War" was *NOT* fought over slavery, but over TAXATION, plain and simple. Gaybraham Rothschild Lincoon's own words at the time were: "Let the South go?" "Let the South go?" "Where will we get our REVENUE?"

    White Slavery, like Black Slavery, only ended in the South when Northern troops "liberated" a particular section of this region, and it never OFFICIALLY ended on a national level until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, although the State of Indiana had chosen to get rid of it, back in the 1820's or 1830's. Not too many White people are aware of this fact, and, needless to say, IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!!

    For anyone interested in reading more on this subject, I would recommend Michael A. Hoffmann II 's excellent book, THEY WERE WHITE AND THEY WERE SLAVES, and also to Google the name Hinton Rowan Helper. He wrote a very famous book, back in the 1850's about how the Southern economy screwed over (free) poor Whites by locking them out of the work force altogether in favor of slave labor. Like all poor White Southerners, he HATED niggers, and advocated their extermination after the War.

    But, at any rate, after chattel slavery had been abolished, they simply replaced it with WAGE SLAVERY, and imported all kinds of foreigners to drive wages down for Native-Born Americans, which they continue to do to this day. Illegal immigration is the modern-day slavery, and they are the modern-day slavemasters. This is exactly why ZOG will *NEVER* deport all or even most of the Mexiscum. Anyone who thinks they will is a drooling, mouth-breathing shit-for-brains, or, in other words, a Trump Chump. ;-(

    These people literally worship Trump as their Messiah, believing he's gonna "save America". They're too fucking goddamned DENSE to realize that what they think of as "America" that they would like to see "saved" only came into existence after we quite literally pulled Hymie's kosher ass out of the fire in World War Jew and came to a screeching halt right after Operation Desert Dust when we eliminated the butt-bandit pseudo-state of Isn'treal's only serious threat to hegemony in the Middle East by effectiviely quarantining Saddaam Hussein.

    Ever since, it's been nothing but Cultural Bolshevism A-Go-Go, sold to us like shit on a shingle by a kosher carnival barker: "Sorry 'bout your jobs, folks, but step right up and get yourself some gay rights!" "Get yourself some race-mixing and some AIDS and some diarrhea-colored mudbabies!" "Get yourself some extra-strength femroidizm and some sexual harrassment laws and all kinds of mass-media-enforced aversion therapy, guaranteed to turn all you heteros gayer than Liberace's pet goose!" "It's the ZOGland going-out-of-business-sale, folks, and everything must go!" "As a matter of fact, everything WILL go!" "Right down your silly litle goy throats, and all your other orafices!" "And, should you dare to object, we'll Waco your whigger ass quicker than you can say 'right-wing extremist'!" "How d'ya like THEM apples?"


    Like it or not, guys, we are Jew World Odor bound, and, if Trump doesn't go along with it, Hymie will simply have him impeached or assassinated and go right along with their plans, as if he had never even existed.

    But the truth is, most of them aren't half as stupid as they make themselves out to be. They are just simply CHICKENSHIT, both in the MORAL and PHYSICAL sense of the word. (Yes, I'll grant you there were a FEW tough guys who defended themselves against the antifa and BLM vermin during the campaign, but crowds, by their very nature, are mindless and cowardly, and, for every tough guy doing the punching, I'll guarantee you there were ten typical whigger pussazoids hiding behind him, trying not to get hit. ;-( ) They know, deep down, that America's doomed, and who really runs it now, whether they realize how long they've been running it or not. They know nothing can be done to save it, but they utterly lack the character to try to save themselves, so they just cloak themselves in the Striped Sheenie Shitrag, playing the role of the "good captain, going down with the ship", being too lazy and cowardly to simply extricate themselves from it. So let them cloak themselves in their little kosher shitrag, crawl off into a corner, and die. No one will miss the worthless whigger vermin.

    So, the question is, WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT? The poster is absolutely right when he says that ZOG will turn on us, blaming us for its demise, before it fades away altogether, and, like the Cracker-Killing Machine it has been since day one, will try to take us all down with it. This will happen in the wake of Trump's impeachment, if not before. Since this process cannot, in any way, be stopped, I say that, rather than try to put it off as long as possible, we should HASTEN it. BRING ON THE PERSECUTION, I SAY!!! THE SOONER THE FUCKING BETTER!!!

    So, here's what I propose: Next spring, all of us REAL Southern Nationalists should give the bastards a REAL Fort Sumter 2, (as opposed to the Charlottesville chicanery of this past August, which was an Altamont, at best, though Trump, being the PATHETIC LITTLE COWARD that he is, and needing phony "White Nationalists" to hide behind, refused to take the media's bait and throw Dickie Spenther & co. under the bus, as Jagger did to Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels) by celebrating the 157th anniversary of the first one by simply descending upon Charlottesville like a plague of locusts, removing those damn burkhas from the statues, and daring the sons of bitches to do anything about it, while using the opportunity to regale all who are willing to listen, ---including all local and national jewsmedia, who will, inevitably show up to cover the standoff, if it lasts long enough,---with the TRUTH about the War For Southern Independence and the realities of race and class in the South, both then and now, all the while denouncing the Jewnited Snakes Of Whoremerica as the Satanic Babylonian conspiracy it always was, intended to eradicate the White race from the planet by promoting miscegenation, and conquer the world for Jewry via kosher krapitalism, contrasting this vile, anti-White, anti-human Empire Of The Mind to the Confederacy, which only killed worthless niggers, Yankees, carpetbaggers and scalawags. We'll make damn good and sure to burn their striped sheenie shitrag, too. Maybe we'll make Poor Widdow Duh-nulled cwy when we kill his widdow cloth god. Then the sorry sack of shit will HAVE to stop treating us like a bunch of gullible, if slightly misguided shitkickers, who are just pissed off about wetbacks taking their jobs and tranny faggots using the same bathrooms as their wives and daughters, and START treating us like the big, bad, Amurrika-hatin' terrorists that we had damn well better become if we hope to survive. If we die, we die, and if we get arrested, we get arrested, but, damnit, that's what it takes!!! If phony "Southern Nationalists" like Hill The Shill are willing to put it on the line for a WORTHLESS ZOGBOT FAGGOT like Dickie Spenther, then why, in God's name, shouldn't REAL Southern Nationalists be willing to do the same to honor their ancestors, and the Cause they gave their lives for?

    As far as you Yankees and westerners and such, however well-meaning you may be, WE *DO NOT* WANT YOU WITH US. Your very presence there muddies the water, and turns it into a mere publicity stunt, rather than the act of absolute defiance it is intended to be. I would suggest that, rather than show up at OUR Fort Sumter 2, you should simply stage your own in your own areas of the country, and, once engaged, could talk about the difference between mere fascism and National Socialism, making it clear that Trump, while he may indeed be a textbook fascist, is, most definitely, *NOT* one of us. Make damn good and sure you burn their ZOG shitrag, too, just to get the point across. Then Trump will turn on us, denounce us all, and even the lamestream jewsmedia won't be able to lump us together anymore.

    Last edited by Jack; 12-04-2017 at 03:17 PM.

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default All The President's Men

    All The President's Men


    Sir Edward Carson reviewing the Ulster Volunteer Force, 1914


    (Originally published February 4th. Re-posted in view of the President's recent betrayal to the enemy by one of his own generals.)

    One of the points I have begun making of late is that our new President, love him or hate him, will soon find his back to the wall. Whatever his motives, it would seem that he is indeed attempting to bring about bona fide change which involves disempowering and removing the existing empowered élite, and that is always a deadly dangerous thing to do.

    He will need some muscle to use against his enemies. Those enemies are legion, and many of them are standing behind him wearing nice conservative Republican suits, no doubt with daggers concealed beneath the folds like the Senators who murdered Julius Caesar. At some point someone is going to try to take him out, and that may come soon. That attempt may come in the form of a funny little man who steps out of the crowd with a pistol in his hand a la Arthur Bremer and John Hinckley, or it may come from some attempt on the part of the Democrats and RINOs to impeach him or invoke the 25th Amendment and declare him “incapable of performing his duties,” which is the way the left-loon blogosphere is tending now.

    Donald Trump needs to form a legitimate, bona fide citizens’ militia to defend the Constitution and his own presidency against pretty much the whole damned world. I don’t mean clearly unstable, unfit, bizarre weirdos in camouflage pretending to be soldiers. I mean an actual paramilitary force, properly trained and organized and supplied, that will point the weapons and pull the triggers and put some manners on all these scum. An outfit that will do things Baghdad-style rather than go back to the business as usual of being ruled by the coastal élites.

    This new militia needs to be legal and openly affiliated with the President of the United States and the executive branch. Without Trump’s personal and visible seal of approval and a certain amount of hands-on, it will lack the moral authority to do what will eventually have to be done, i.e. drain the swamp for real and protect the true citizens and rightful inhabitants of North America from criminals in Washington and invaders all over the land. The new militia will need open access to government funding, supplies, armories and weapons. Something like Edward Carson’s original Ulster Volunteer Force of 1912 springs to mind.

    The new militia will require a degree of professionalism that will rule “us” out, at least in any official capacity. The majority of these troops need to be veterans, of which we have all too many wandering our streets unemployed these days, and they need to be commanded by retired, reserve or detached-duty officers. I’m talking about an honest-to-God paramilitary force, not a Bundy brothers clown show. (No cowboy hats, please.)

    “We” do not fall into this category, at least not the majority of us. Our males with military experience such as myself are mostly too old, and however skillful some of our younger males may be at creating Twitter memes or YouTube videos, the time is coming when these are not the skill sets that will be required. The time for Amateur Hour is over; the anti-Trump “protests” financed by George Soros are rapidly approaching the point of low-level insurgency. They have to be countered, and the new President can’t be sure of the loyalty of those around him. He will need to call out the Trump Train once again.

    Americans have no idea at all how to organize for revolution, how to motivate for revolution, or how to behave as revolutionaries in a genuine underground pre-revolutionary environment. It’s not in our history. Revolution has been attempted only twice in this country’s history, only once successfully, and on both of those prior occasions the attempts were led from the top down, by politicians and lawyers and professionals and businessmen, by educated men of property and status.

    America has never experienced any attempt at revolution by any race or class of people who are genuinely on the bottom, as White Americans are, and we don’t have the slightest idea of how to go about it. This isn’t to say that a genuine bottom-up revolution can’t be accomplished. Of course it can. It’s been accomplished repeatedly over the past century. But we haven’t got a clue how to do it. I’ve been telling you for some time, but no one is listening. We think we’re organizing a Rotary club. Revolutions are not made by Rotary clubs, nor are they made by guys who blaze away for 90 minutes and then ride off into the sunset on a Harley with a hot chick behind them. Revolutions are not made by middle-aged adolescents.

    When the time comes when such a militia is formed—as I believe will occur, possibly soon when Trump understands what he is up against—as much as I still advocate the Northwest migration, do not hesitate to help the process along in your area however you can. The experience for when you Come Home will be invaluable, and I wouldn’t ask any of you to miss a chance to be a part of history.

    Come Home to the Northwest


    Down With Jugears

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    Default White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump

    White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump


    I think everyone with an IQ over 70 realizes that the Duh-nulled will *NEVER* have the good sense, let alone the GUTS to start any such paramilitary force, but will simply go the way of Nixon or JFK, as the case may be.

    Covington, being a writer of political fiction by trade, can't help but speculate about such things, perhaps just engaging in wishful thinking out loud. Or, in light of his most recent podcast, perhaps he is simply trying to preemptively cover his ass, in case of another John Hinckley.

    The conclusion I have personally come to, however, is that the Powers That Be actually put Trump into power as revolution insurance, and to buy themselves a little more time, but that the plan, from the beginning, was for Trump to be impeached, and for that to trigger the race war, so that THEY didn't take the blame, should Swillary have won the election, and the race war started prematurely. Trump is simply playing his role, and when his time has come to leave, he'll leave, and that'll be it.

    Besides, it looks like he's about to DACA-fuck us all, anyway, whether over the next couple of days, or in January, so FUCK HIM. He is *NOT* worth spilling our blood for.

    White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default We fight to destroy the Mighty Evil ZOG Empire, not for the figments of a CONstipational RePub[l]ic

    We fight to destroy the Mighty Evil ZOG Empire, not for the figments of a CONstipational RePub[l]ic


    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump


    I think everyone with an IQ over 70 realizes that the Duh-nulled will *NEVER* have the good sense, let alone the GUTS to start any such paramilitary force, but will simply go the way of Nixon or JFK, as the case may be.

    Covington, being a writer of political fiction by trade, can't help but speculate about such things, perhaps just engaging in wishful thinking out loud. Or, in light of his most recent podcast, perhaps he is simply trying to preemptively cover his ass, in case of another John Hinckley.

    The conclusion I have personally come to, however, is that the Powers That Be actually put Trump into power as revolution insurance, and to buy themselves a little more time, but that the plan, from the beginning, was for Trump to be impeached, and for that to trigger the race war, so that THEY didn't take the blame, should Swillary have won the election, and the race war started prematurely. Trump is simply playing his role, and when his time has come to leave, he'll leave, and that'll be it.

    Besides, it looks like he's about to DACA-fuck us all, anyway, whether over the next couple of days, or in January, so FUCK HIM. He is *NOT* worth spilling our blood for.

    White people should fight for themselves, their families, and their own neighborhoods/communities, NOT for Trump The Chump.

    Glad to see that you have responded to some of the material I put up from outside sources, be it Hair-old Covington or Matt-oid Parrott of the Traditional jewth ZOG false-f[l]ag Party.

    I sorta supported the God/ZOG-Emperor// Dog-ZOG Humperor Trump Da Chump because mainly He wasn't the Evil Cunt Hildebeest. After all it never was other than two choices: Trump or Swillery. And I was so happy when the stupid Hi-Yaller Faggot Yid-Muzzie Kenyan Nigger beat the whiggress cunt Swillary back in 2008. So if I am glad that a stupid goofy nigger beat Swillery then I'm sure glad as hell that the First Whigger Ass-Clown won in 2016.

    Let's also understand something. I've never thought for more than a few seconds that Trump would build his Wall much less run off 11 or 20 or 40 million beaners and muds. Sure Trump doesn't like them at all, given that he said that "All Haitians have GAIDS" and "How are you gonna make them Niggerians go back to living in a grass hut in Apefreaka?" Trump is the spawn of his daddy, Fred Trump, wh dabbled in Klan activities and built houses for working class whiggers on Long Island and jew Jerseey.

    Rather, the Dog-Humperor's primary purpose was acting like a wrecking ball, not so much against the Demonocrats but against the Khannedservantive Republicucks. Anyone who has been an open White Supremacist candidate for either federal or state office learns quick that his greatest enemies are not the local or state Democrat Party who thinks that all whiggers are raycisst and wants to smear all Republicucks with "White Supremacist" you but the Republicucks, who need the White racist rural and small-town whigger vote but want nothing to do with openly racist you much less paying off their needed voters. Rather they will try to denounce you for White Racism while not daring denounce the 3-5 % of racist white voters they need. This was especially the case in Missouri from 2000 to 2010 when statewide [s]elections were decided by less than two percentage points. So the Republicucks view racist whigger votes as belonging to them but that they don't need to actually feed their racist whiggr cattle.

    Now Trump was rather cunning. When David 'the Duck of Deaf' Duke openly supported Trump in Feb 2016, Trump pretended that he didn't know who the Duck was until after Super Tuesday gave him the primary votes of South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma from small-town and rural White males who knew damn well who David Duck was and knew that Trump knew who the Duck was as well. Trump didn't denounce "us" as White Men but rather made the pretense that we would all be working together to build that Wall if we [s]elected Trump. I specially liked to hear the nigger, jewboy and lesboskank presstitutes screetch like they were getting a hot running-iron shoved up theys' poop-chutes because Trump was getting away with that two-faced lying shit at the time. Someone like myself played along as the newbies in the bowel Movement like Bradifer Griffin, the Matt-oids, Andre the nigger Anglin who actually believed that Trump would "Make Amurri'kwa/ZOG Grate Again." "Well, we shall see about that shit as it is like promising to get a ten-inch dick of death if we voat for Trump as I'll go along with that shit in principle but not really believe it until I see it and then get try it on the old lady for a bit."

    Now none of us expected Trump to win. We were going to use Trump getting the [s]election stole from "us" as pretend die-hard Trump supporters. We were going to justify engaging in civil war because "we wuz robbed." Anything and everything is to be used as a pretext for destroying ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final.

    Having been cooped-up in the NutHouse with jews and niggers and beaners I know how they 'think'.

    These mud animals have only two emotions to the White Man: Fear and/or Hatred.

    They fear White Men because they know that you get one of us backed into a corner we will revert to rampaging controlled berserkers who will destroy the foundations of their very lives. After all, they can't even feed theysselfs, which is why they are here in the ZOGland in order to feed and breed and rob and rape and kill whigger sheep. They are so scared shitless of us White Men that they mistake whiggers for White Men. I myself have noted that when I speak as a political candidate that neither jews nor niggers nor beaners nor gooks nor even whiggers are in the least surprised by what I have to say. Rather they are disappointed because they thought that my kind had all died out thirty years ago. They think that reflexive racism is bred in our very bones, which it is. Which is why they seek to kill every last one of us except for a few socially gelded whiggers left as slaves in a museaum.

    I remember this nigger in Columbia Missouri after the LibberToon Executive Party meeting was over. I had written for 1996 about "Always using the Tool Which Works: Violence" for my 'zine "The Southwestern Missouri Libertarian." This nigger got all pissed at me calling Martin Loofer Kong a nigger and was trying to coonvince me and these whiggers at the bar that this nigger had "a right" to beat my ass. I told the nigger that it better not be stupid enough to try and so it whined about it a while and how whiggers owed niggers an ass-beating. Nne of the whiggers at the bar sided with the nigger even though they didn't side with me either.

    In any case, White Survival means that ZOG /Babylon the Third and Final needs to be destroyed. So how do we create our own Fart Sumner? I suggest is that we let the "Deep ZOG State" impeach or coup against the ZOG-Emperor / Dog-Humperor Trump all they want, and then when they have finished destroying ZOG's very reason for existence, theyz' precious toilet-paper CONstipation & Bill of Goods then there is nothing keping their Mighty Evil Empire together. It was the stolen Garments of Power of Adam and Eve which Ham stole aboard the Ark which gave power over all the two-legged Beasts of the Field which Nimrod had that allowed him to rule over Babylon. After the confoundment of tongues, then Father Shem cutting Nimrod / Osirus into 13 pieces which scattered all the Nations, the Garments of Power disappeared. It seems that the CONstitpation is a false relic which enslaves us Whites. Once the jews and race-traitor whiggers tear such asunder will we not all go our own way?

    Will we not be ruled by Ten Thousand Warlords?

    So how do we get there from here?

    I suggest that we have nothing keeping us together. And thus let the Dog-Humperor be the very last President of the jewnited Snakes. Let the Clinton Archipelago which hasn't the food or the energy to survive much less keep the niggers, jews, beaners, gooks or scalawag whiggers up in the style such have grwn accustomed to. Let the red-state whiggers grow restive, then rebellious as their paper shackles are torn off by despised blue-state regime criminals.

    What I see and hear is the whining about the lack of 'jewnity.'

    We are not 'our' Dog-Humperor's keeper. Let there be a Deep-State ZOG coup by retards.

    White Survival shall result from ZOG being torn apart in chaos and lawlessness. What we should do is to ride the Wave of Chaos soon to becum Incarnate.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri'

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    Default The Rise and Fall of the Racist Right

    The Rise and Fall of the Racist Right

    White nationalists entered 2017 on a high. They ended it in disarray.

    BY VEGAS TENOLD, The New Republic
    December 27, 2017


    Dickie Spencer & Sum ZOGtards @ Charlottesville


    I began reporting on the various malcontents of the American far right back in 2011, when nationalism and white supremacy were still on the fringes of the political landscape and the Tea Party, almost quaint in retrospect, was the face of white anger. During those early years, I spent countless weekends at Klan BBQs, neo-Nazi rallies, and lackluster conventions where attendance rarely exceeded a couple dozen people. The white supremacist scene was as tiny as it was delusional. In the spring of 2011, I spent a rain-soaked evening under a tented gazebo in a suburban backyard in New Jersey, discussing electoral prospects with Jeff Schoep, the commander of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States. He believed that whites in America were coming around to his way of thinking, to identifying first and foremost as white. He explained that white voters could even get over the NSM’s fondness for swastikas and its affiliation with the KKK as long as the message and messenger were compelling enough. At the time I thought the rainwater had seeped into his brain.

    Five years later, as candidate Donald Trump declined to denounce former Klansman David Duke and the Roman salutes of Richard Spencer’s crew, I realized that Schoep had been right all along. White voters in America were prepared to forgive even the most egregious appeals to white supremacy so long as a compelling candidate played on their racial grievances. Trump proved that, and so did Roy Moore, the race-baiting, gun-toting alleged child molester who, despite losing Alabama’s special election for the Senate, still captured a healthy majority of the white vote.

    It was with an overwhelming sense of schadenfreude that the far right in America stepped into 2017. They had been vindicated. Matthew Heimbach and his Traditionalist Workers Party trolled heartbroken libtards on the streets of Washington, D.C., on inauguration day. They lunched with Republican operators who said that Heimbach—an avowed National Socialist—would help the GOP solidify the disaffected white vote. Spencer, jubilant and yet to be punched by an antifa protester, was considering a run for Congress—because why not? Stranger things had just happened and these were heady times. The forces of the racist right felt they could throw whatever they wanted on the wall, and it would stick.

    During a January lunch with Spencer in the D.C. suburbs, he explained to me how the far right was the laboratory of Trump’s GOP. He (in his humble opinion) was the intellectual lodestar for the whole thing—the wellspring from which the gospel of modern nationalism would flow, washing over the newly red-pilled masses and percolating through the orange follicles of the impressionable demagogue about to move into the White House.

    It didn’t quite pan out as Spencer had hoped, but that hardly mattered. Even as the nativist far right publicly broke with Trump over his missile barrage of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, his gutting of the federal budget’s assistance to Appalachia, and a host of other smaller slights, they used their newfound notoriety to stage high-profile rallies — relatively speaking, of course, since not many people showed up on average—designed for maximum public impact. Spencer came out the other side of a viral punching a changed person, embraced by the boots in the movement for taking a fist to the face. He rebranded himself as a man of action who during speeches would throw away his oppressive tweed jacket and demonstratively roll up his sleeves.

    As we stood in an abandoned coal field in western Kentucky in April, amidst a group of Nazis, Klansmen, and college kids, Brad Griffin, a popular blogger in the movement, told me that the defining moment of the past year hadn’t been the election of Trump, but rather the punching of Spencer. It confirmed my suspicion that the sometimes violent reactions to hate speech were having the undesirable effect of growing the movement.

    The spiel was pure snake oil, but that didn’t change anything. “Facts are lame,” Spencer crooned at Auburn University in Alabama in April. “They’re boring.” He was right. What mattered were the spectacle, the lawsuits, the fights, and the commotion. The movement settled into a comfortable routine of announcing campus speeches, having them cancelled by a skittish university administration, suing on First Amendment grounds, and winning, thus garnering tenfold the attention such speeches actually deserved.

    A new generation of angry, young men, represented by the pasty, pubescent boys in Identity Evropa and American Vanguard or the angry chauvinists of the Proud Boys, believed, despite all evidence to the contrary, that white men were the true persecuted class of today. This was a new kind of white anger. The nationalists I’d covered in the past were more often than not poor and disaffected. The provocateurs at Auburn weren’t the destitute or the uneducated. They were bored, young men who had the time and the money to walk around feeling aggrieved.

    And they were also buoyant. They felt their movement was coming together, which was the driving sentiment behind the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in August. They wanted to celebrate that unity and cement it further. Except that’s when it all fell apart.

    Behind the scenes, the Charlottesville rally was a mess of competing egos and petty squabbles. Originally intended to be a smaller affair, the list of participants ballooned as soon as the various chieftains got wind of the event and wanted their turn in the spotlight. Thus, inevitably, Charlottesville was doomed. I embedded with a faction consisting of the most radical groups that called itself The Hard Right, as opposed to the Alt-Right and the Alt-Light. Even in the days leading up to Charlottesville they were mocking the anemic, diet-fascists like Spencer and Mike Cernovich. Their sense of solidarity came from their common animosity toward antifa. Beyond that the groups shared little in common.

    Then, in the aftermath of the tragic death of Heather Heyer, even this shred of unity was stripped away as groups openly split over how to deal with Heyer’s death. There were condemnations and counter-condemnations, as a movement adept at merely playing war suddenly had to deal with the very real repercussions of a person dying. The various factions withdrew to their corners. Spencer continued his traveling sideshow, gleefully imposing his unwanted presence on college campuses, while other groups decided to focus on more local action. The first half of 2017 had been the movement’s moment in the sun, and, although its members didn’t care to admit it, the chaos in Charlottesville and the death of Heather Heyer marked its passing.

    The people I had spent the better part of a decade covering surprised even me with their callous ability to rationalize a person’s death. In their mindset of open warfare, Heyer was collateral damage; or even more heartlessly, an enemy combatant who had died on the battlefield. I suspected that it was their way of avoiding any feeling of responsibility or guilt, but the cowardice of the thing disgusted me. And I was glad to be done with them.

    I embedded with the movement at a time when it was nothing. I bore witness to its unlikely rise to prominence, and to those ugly days in August. It was a bad year, but it also exposed the limitations of the far right as a political force. Unity turned out to be an elusive goal, even for a group of racists, Nazis, and ethno-nationalists. The past year showed us how far the far right could go — too far for most, even if they didn’t really get anywhere at all.

    Vegas Tenold is a journalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Al Jazeera America, and elsewhere. His book about the American far right, Everything You Love Will Burn, will be out from Nation Books next year.

    I am The Librarian

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