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Thread: The Post-Charlottesville Great Internut Purge

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    Default The Post-Charlottesville Great Internut Purge

    Why We Terminated Daily Stormer

    16 Aug 2017 by Matthew Prince, CEO Cloudflair


    Earlier today, Cloudflare terminated the account of the Daily Stormer. We've stopped proxying their traffic and stopped answering DNS requests for their sites. We've taken measures to ensure that they cannot sign up for Cloudflare's services ever again.

    Our terms of service reserve the right for us to terminate users of our network at our sole discretion. The tipping point for us making this decision was that the team behind Daily Stormer made the claim that we were secretly supporters of their ideology.

    Our team has been thorough and have had thoughtful discussions for years about what the right policy was on censoring. Like a lot of people, we’ve felt angry at these hateful people for a long time but we have followed the law and remained content neutral as a network. We could not remain neutral after these claims of secret support by Cloudflare.

    Now, having made that decision, let me explain why it's so dangerous.

    Where Do You Regulate Content on the Internet?

    There are a number of different organizations that work in concert to bring you the Internet. They include:

    Content creators, who author the actual content online.

    Platforms (e.g., Facebook, Wordpress, etc.), where the content is published.

    Hosts (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Dreamhost, etc.), that provide infrastructure on which the platforms live.

    Transit Providers (e.g., Level(3), NTT, etc.), that connect the hosts to the rest of the Internet.

    Reverse Proxies/CDNs (e.g., Akamai, Cloudflare, etc.), that provide networks to ensure content loads fast and is protected from attack.

    Authoritative DNS Providers (e.g., Dyn, Cloudflare, etc.), that resolve the domains of sites.

    Registrars (e.g., GoDaddy, Tucows, etc.), that register the domains of sites.

    Registries (e.g., Verisign, Afilias, etc.), that run the top level domains like .com, .org, etc.

    Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (e.g., Comcast, AT&T, etc.), that connect content consumers to the Internet.

    Recursive DNS Providers (e.g., OpenDNS, Google, etc.), that resolve content consumers' DNS queries.

    Browsers (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, etc.), that parse and organize Internet content into a consumable form.
    There are other players in the ecosystem, including:
    Search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, etc.), that help you discover content.

    ICANN, the organization that sets the rules for the Registrars and Registries.

    RIRs (e.g., ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, etc.), which provide the IP addresses used by Internet infrastructure.
    Any of the above could regulate content online. The question is: which of them should?


    Vigilante Justice

    The rules and responsibilities for each of the organizations above in regulating content are and should be different. We've argued that it doesn't make sense to regulate content at the proxy, where Cloudflare provides service, since if we terminate a user the content won't go away it will just be slower and more vulnerable to attack.

    That's true, and made sense for a long time, but increasingly may not be relevant. The size and scale of the attacks that can now easily be launched online make it such that if you don't have a network like Cloudflare in front of your content, and you upset anyone, you will be knocked offline. In fact, in the case of the Daily Stormer, the initial requests we received to terminate their service came from hackers who literally said: "Get out of the way so we can DDoS this site off the Internet."

    You, like me, may believe that the Daily Stormer's site is vile. You may believe it should be restricted. You may think the authors of the site should be prosecuted. Reasonable people can and do believe all those things. But having the mechanism of content control be vigilante hackers launching DDoS attacks subverts any rational concept of justice.

    [B][Increasing Dependence On A Few Giant Networks/B]

    In a not-so-distant future, if we're not there already, it may be that if you're going to put content on the Internet you'll need to use a company with a giant network like Cloudflare, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, or Alibaba.

    For context, Cloudflare currently handles around 10% of Internet requests.

    Without a clear framework as a guide for content regulation, a small number of companies will largely determine what can and cannot be online.


    Freedom of Speech < Due Process

    [SIZE=3]The issue of who can and cannot be online has often been associated with Freedom of Speech. We think the more important principle is Due Process. I, personally, believe in strong Freedom of Speech protections, but I also acknowledge that it is a very American idea that is not shared globally. On the other hand, the concept of Due Process is close to universal. At its most basic, Due Process means that you should be able to know the rules a system will follow if you participate in that system.

    Due Process requires that decisions be public and not arbitrary. It's why we've always said that our policy is to follow the guidance of the law in the jurisdictions in which we operate. Law enforcement, legislators, and courts have the political legitimacy and predictability to make decisions on what content should be restricted. Companies should not.]/SIZE]

    What We Would Not Do

    Beginning in 2013, Cloudflare began publishing our semi-annual Transparency Report. At the time we choose to include four statements of things that we had never done. They included:
    Cloudflare has never turned over our SSL keys or our customers' SSL keys to anyone.

    Cloudflare has never installed any law enforcement software or equipment anywhere on our network.

    Cloudflare has never terminated a customer or taken down content due to political pressure.

    Cloudflare has never provided any law enforcement organization a feed of our customers' content transiting our network.

    We included them as "warrant canaries" because we thought they could help us push back against the request that governments may try to force us to make. That’s worked and all four of the warrant canaries have survived in every transparency report since 2013.

    We're going to have a long debate internally about whether we need to remove the bullet about not terminating a customer due to political pressure. It's powerful to be able to say you've never done something. And, after today, make no mistake, it will be a little bit harder for us to argue against a government somewhere pressuring us into taking down a site they don't like.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default The Post-Charlottesville Great Internut Purge

    The Post-Charlottesville Great Internut Purge

    Building the Electronic Ethnostate


    880 words

    Please mirror this post.

    Update: We have a stay of execution until the beginning of next week. Let’s hope the promise is honored.

    Enjoy this site while you can, because when you wake up tomorrow, Counter-Currents will probably be gone. Don’t worry, though, we will be back in a few days. Our webhosting service, under pressure from the anti-white establishment and its Jewish-Leftist vanguard is canceling our account, citing their politically correct “terms of service.”

    Obviously, I need a lawyer in the state of New Jersey to help sue them. If you know someone, please contact me at booksagainsttime@gmail.com.

    If you were planning to make a donation, now would be a good time. Because chances are, we will be offline for a while.

    Send ZOGbux to Counter-Currents Info:

    You can also send donations to:

    PO Box 22638
    San Francisco, CA 94122



    This is part of a coordinated attack on white advocates, exploiting the moral panic ginned up by the Unite the Right rally. In the past few days alone:
    Counter-Currents has been booted by PayPal and our Facebook page has been deleted.

    Both Red Ice servers were hacked, as were the site owners’ Twitter accounts, and still have not recovered.

    VDare, AltRight.com, and AmRen were bounced from PayPal.

    VDare’s conference next April has been shut down by the venue.

    TRS was taken down by their webhosting company, but got a new host and were back online in 3 hours.

    Mike Enoch was banned for the fourth time from Twitter.

    KickStarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo have all vowed to shut down campaigns related to White Nationalist concerns.

    Pax Dickinson’s Twitter has been shut down.

    Hatreon is offline.

    PolNewsForever’s Twitter has been shut down.

    The Daily Stormer has been targeted with massive DDOS attacks.

    The Daily Stormer domain registration was dropped by GoDaddy, transferred to Google, and then seized by Google.

    The Daily Stormer discord server has been shut down.

    The Altright.com discord server has been shut down.

    Vanguard America’s WordPress and Facebook accounts have been shut down.

    Spotify has removed 27 “hate” bands as defined by the SPLC.

    GoFundMe has taken down campaigns to help James Fields.

    RootBocks has been taken down by its hosting company, but is back online.

    Xurious has been removed from Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

    Daniel Friberg and Christopher Dulny, both Swedes, have been barred from entering the United States because of their presence at Unite the Right.

    Lauren Southern’s Patreon account has been taken down.

    Lauren Southern’s Instagram has been taken down, but is now back up.

    NPI’s Paypal account has been shut down.

    Two upcoming speeches by Richard Spencer have been canceled.

    Identity Europa’s PayPal has been shut down.

    Christopher Cantwell’s Facebook, PayPal, and website are gone.

    Weev’s LinkedIn account has been shut down.

    The Paranormies and other podcasts have been kicked off of Soundcloud.

    YouTube had demonitized controversial videos, making it impossible for dissident video bloggers to make a living from their work.

    Airbnb combed through the social media of people with Charlottesville-area registrations on Unite the Right weekend, and canceled the reservations and accounts of Unite the Right attendees

    Uber has cancelled Baked Alaska’s and James Allsup’s accounts.

    Squarespace is dropping multiple Right-wing sites.

    A Toronto free speech event with Faith Goldy, Jordan Peterson, and Gad Saad has been cancelled.

    Christopher Cantwell’s OKCupid account has been closed.

    Expedia cancelled flights of people they suspected were attending Unite the Right.

    Google removes Gab app from Android store.

    When Hitler purged the SA, it was called the “Night of the Long Knives.” When Jews and SJWs have a purge, what do we call it? The Night of the Rainbow Dildoes?


    This is a wake-up call to our movement.

    Although we all have first to put out the fires that are currently raging, we also really need to think much further ahead.

    First, we need to build our own electronic ethnostate. Counter-Currents has an IT professional with decades of experience on our team. His goal is to build our own system, from top to bottom, from domain registry to servers, web hosting, and email service. He is looking for people with expertise, equipment, existing institutions, and money to work with him. If you want to take part in this project, please contact me at booksagainsttime@gmail.com.

    Second, the electronic ethnostate is only a temporary solution. After it is established, we need to rollback the Left’s control of the Internet. We must press for federal legislation to:


    Regulate Google, AirBnB, Uber, Amazon.com, Twitter, YouTube, and other such platforms as public utilities, requiring them to scrap all politically correct terms of service and respect the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

    Ban all politically correct terms of service and employment and force corporations to respect freedom of speech and thought.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some sort of non-profit, 501(c)(3) Policy Institute with the expertise and credibility to make a case for such legislation and perhaps even help craft it? That too must come to pass.

    Again, enjoy us while we are here. Donate while we are here. And I promise, we will be back, better and stronger than ever.

    Greg Johnson

    Counter-Currents Publishing
    Books Against Time

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    Default The Alt-kike Whigger Nutsionalism 2.0 is a jew business model at this point.

    The Alt-kike Whigger Nutsionalism 2.0 is a jew business model at this point.


    We (meaning Talksjew users) also need a place where we can post our own recordings of Talksjew shows that various sundry jews and Whiggers can't whine about like little babies until the big evil Talksjew corporation pogroms our innocent, harmless recording of respectable White men just talking politics.

    It's strange that Grids Greggy would have problems keeping his pro-faggot Gays for Nazis site up and maintaining his internet ZOGbux Salvation Army donation/begging buckets. Since his site is rather pedestrian White Nationalism and does not even make fun of anyone or is mean in anyway, or says anything useful. You would think his pro-faggot credentials alone would insulate him from fellow faggot ZOG attacks. Maybe Grids Greggy is using this general internets Nazi purge as an opportunity to cull the herd of some more ZOGbux. Sheep are made for shearing. In any crisis, the Bowel Movement war cry is, "SEND ZOGBUX!." They learned well from world traveler/playboy/gambler/scatophiliac The Duck. No wonder all these Bowel Movement 2.0 assclowns are happy to go ass-to-mouth with The Duckster.

    Dickie Spenther is also crying about being shut down, but the purge has not happened to him yet. He was temporarily Twitter purged earlier this year, but somehow made it back on. These Alt Kike ZOGbots demand to be part of the lamestream, rather than create a subculture that can grow into something huge. That would involve real work and ZOGbots don't work. Like jews, they expect that you do all the work and they get all the benefit. Now they are demanding legislation to regulate the jew social media corporations. Just another way to pass the buck and not do any real work of their own. All that money and organization and Bowel Movement 2.0 can't come up with anything original. Even Kike Delaney was able to create an alternative to JewTube for awhile. And he did that years ago while these Alt Kike tards sat on their ass. It seems all the Alt Kike leaders are just fighting to keep their pay donation channels open, since WN is a jew business model at this point.

    On a similar note, Andre the Nigger can't get away from Ethiopian Cone Tittay long enough to get his Anti-White troll site up and running. Did the Alt Kike never think this day would come? Considering how ill prepared these tards were for the inevitable internets jewboy jew kike purge, it makes me shudder to think these LARPers actually want to be some kind of leadership. Leading us to our doom maybe. ZOG Alt Kike fake Nazis seem too stupid, lazy and retarded to stop chasing twink ass and drinking bourbon all day to actually do some real work and a little bit of thinking. Lack of vision is the hallmark of a tard, and we have plenty in our glorious Bowel Movement, whether it be 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc. or whatever incarnation the hook nose jewboys decide to finance Twink/Faggot/Jew Controlled Opposition Right Wing organizations with fake stolen ZOGbux from hapless, forlorn working class Whiggers. Sing the Blues Whiggers! Boo Hoo

    Last edited by Librarian; 08-21-2017 at 09:03 PM.

    Nude Directions in Whigger Management

    Old shows from my shoahed Talksjew can be accessed at the RSS feed below


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    Default The Shuttening of the Alt Right

    The Shuttening of the Alt Right

    by Adam Gray


    The mask is not only coming off, it’s being enshrined in a Holohoax museum as we speak. The powers that be who dominate the white peoples of the world are openly singling out pro-white activists and organizations as the sole and special objects of their hate. A number of pro-white groups across the political spectrum attempted to hold a public assembly on public grounds in Charlottesville on Aug. 12. These law-abiding citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to assembly, speech, and petitioning the government were physically assaulted by the Virginia State Police and communist scum. They have since been blamed for events which no pro-white group orchestrated, coordinated, or ordered.

    The myth of Internet freedom died soon thereafter when, for the first time, CloudFlare arbitrarily banned The Daily Stormer on the basis of its content. Tor, which hosts child porn and Islamic terrorist groups, thought that opposing white genocide was just beyond the pale, and similarly banned the Stormer. (Its proprietor keeps working diligently to keep it alive online — at the time of this writing, it was up here and here.) Keep in mind, much of what goes on at the Stormer is over-the-top trolling. But this is no time to virtue signal and nitpick. There are countless websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, and millions of ordinary people who engage in over-the-top, politically incorrect and/or banal insults on a daily basis. Should they all be banned from public discourse and society? No. To do that would be to destroy freedom of speech in practice, if not in law. Will they be banned by the private companies that maintain the Internet? No — because they are willing to tolerate anything except for the one group that threatens their power.

    That brings us to the much-beloved and much-misunderstood First Amendment. While we Americans ought to vigorously defend the protections that the First Amendment provides us, we aren’t dependent on a man-made document for our moral right to speak the truth, organize for justice, and resist tyranny. Those rights come from Almighty God. The Founding Fathers of the United States, who were white Christian men, simply enshrined in constitutional law what already exists in natural and moral law. Even if the United States Supreme Court reversed itself and opened the floodgates to legal discrimination against incorrect political speech – which the Left has long desired to do and will increasingly attempt to do – we God-fearing, white Christians would have no reason to comply with their demands.

    “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Acts 5:29

    Speaking out against white genocide, against sexual perversion, against foreign occupation is a duty, not a government-granted privilege that it can revoke.

    But the spectre of governmental censorship is not what haunts us today. No government was behind the Shuttening of late. Under the guise of freedom of association and private property rights, corporate leaders have barred pro-white organizations and activists from using goods and services that are supposedly open to all people. After all, a white-owned restaurant can’t bar black patrons from sitting at its tables. A white property owner can’t bar Hispanic or gay applicants from renting out his properties once they’re listed. But the government has thus far turned a blind eye to corporations barring white patrons on the basis of their race and political or religious associations.

    There are two ways that liberty-loving constitutionalists can deal with this problem: the naive way, or the nuclear way. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all just practice freedom of association and enjoy our private property rights unmolested? That way, if gay and #BlackLivesMatter-loving companies didn’t want to give Baked Alaska a taxi ride, they could deny him services, and he’d be equally capable of hitching a ride on a whites-only, hetero-only taxi service. Imagine the boom in small businesses if this would take place! All those unemployed and underemployed white men could find a comfortable, profitable niche in catering to a whites-only crowd. Truthfully, most whites would prefer a whites-only crowd when enjoying their lattes or taxi rides, because our hygienic standards and customer service expectations tend to be higher than those of mixed societies. Most non-whites prefer white businesses and neighborhoods, too — just look at the diversification of white inner cities, suburbs, and the floods of Third Worlders risking life and limb flocking to our “racist” nation.

    Equality and fairness, however, do not exist when it comes to straight, white, Christian men standing up for their interests. Therefore, to push for such a legal system is pointless and vain. Survival can afford no pretty lies and hopeful cuckoldry. The only way to deal with the situation is to take power and use it on behalf of our own people. We treat others much more fairly than they treat us now, or how they will treat us in the future when emboldened and enjoying hegemony.

    Power, which is another word for victory, is the only moral and legitimate goal. There are no moral defeats (aka “moral victories”) when it comes to survival. If it takes laws to force Leftist corporations into offering pro-white groups the same services it provides to #BlackLivesMatter, then so be it. Do you think that our forefathers would protest if we had to change the laws they made to protect us from King George III, in order to protect us from hordes of the insane and foreigners? No. Any good parent wants his or her child’s well-being at almost any cost (save denying Christ). We should not be so fixated on our ancestors’ legacy that we forsake our children’s futures.

    Having said that, we will face heavy, intense persecution in the years to come. The enemy’s freakout in light of Charlottesville shows how frightened they are of us. They know that they are going to lose power. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What they fear the most, and overreact to, will in fact be brought into power by their fearmongering and psychopathic hatred of normal, white, straight, Christian people. May God grant grace, peace, safety, and courage to our peoples around the world as we undergo a test that will eliminate the dross from our souls and refine the inner gold of our faith. Then with that gold may God build a society on a firm foundation for our posterity and His glory.

    I am The Librarian

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    Angry Blood On The Overton Window 2.0

    Blood On The Overton Window 2.0


    Well, once again, there is blood on the wunnerfool, wunnerfool Overton Window, and, once again, the Powers That Be are trying to blame it on us, even though the supposed perpetrator is a VERY sketchy individual, to say the least. (For instance, how is it that this alleged fuck-up, who isn't even able to hold down a job is able to afford a shiny new sportscar to mow down protesters with in a parking lot? ) Speaking as someone who remembers Oklahoma City quite well, this seems like Deja Vu All Over Again. And, just as the OKC bombing was used to jewstify the passage of all kinds of gun control legislation, Charlottesville is now being used to jewstify this Internut Purge, unofficial and non-governmental as it may be. Smells like a set-up to me.

    There are a couple of things about the Charlottesville debacle that stick in my craw: #1. The fact that (and we ALL know this to be true) these Whigger Nutsionalist vermin could really care less about protecting that statue of Robert E. Lee. They're just a bunch of camera-seeking attention whores who saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. They could've picked a fight with their trashy antifa counterparts in any city of this country. Charlottesville merely provided a convenient excuse. Speaking as an Unreconstructed Southerner myself, and the great-great-great-grandson of one Alfred J. Dye of the 22nd Virginia Cavalry, I can't figure out for the life of me why some pissed-off Virginians haven't simply surrounded the statue, rifles in hand, in defiance of the traitorous mayor and shitty council and their surrogate penises in the local piglice force and DARED them to take it down. If Ammon Bundy and his band of Merry Midwestern Muddleheads can do it for the fucktarded Freemasonic CONstitution, why in God's name can't some pissed-off rednecks do it for the Confederacy? Hope still springs eternal, I suppose, but I am NOT holding my breath. God, it's depressing!!! :-( #2. Aside from the probable MK-ULTRA ZOGbot who did the actual killing, no one is responsible for the death of the ironically-named Heather Heyer, aka Little Miss 88, (Don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor. ) except the mayor, the piglice chief, and that Yidiotic Federal Jewdge that allowed the rally to take place in Lee Park in the first place, rather than moving it to the larger Mackenzie Park, where the piglice could've gotten a better handle on the situation. Commies and wanna-be Nazis are naturally gonna want to fight each other, but it's the job of the authorities to be the adults in the room and keep them from actually doing so. They fell down on the job. But few in the media or political world have the guts to blame them for it. Most of them would rather "virtue-signal" by blaming it all on the "big, bad Nazis and White Supremacists" instead. Not one ACTUAL Whigger Nutsionalist murdered anybody, all nigger-like street antics aside.

    But, obviously, the worse thing about it is the fact that the Leftly Libs and the jewsmedia are trying to use it as an opportunity to eliminate the First Amendment, apparently without even passing any legislation on the federal level to do so. If they succeed, they will soon find out why the Founding Felons gave us a Second Amendment as well.

    As for Gaywad Gag Jewnson's silly little plan to somehow use the courts to "force" internet platforms to change their TOS rules in order not to "discriminate" against us, all I can say is that he seems to be living in an alternative universe, but, leave it to fairies to believe in fairytales, I guess. Not gonna happen, guys. No fucking way. ;-(

    And, as to the JewTube Purge, which, frankly, had already started, even BEFORE Charlottesville, I don't know why in hell one of us with some computer skills hasn't simply created a legitimate pro-White, pro-First Amendment alternative to JewTube. They could call it "Snitch-Free TV", and "No Snitchin', No Bitchin'!" could be their slogan. It would be a place where ANYBODY could say basically ANYTHING they wanted, White Nationalists, included, and the only hard and fast rules would be no posting videos of actual crimes being committed, no giving out private information, such as street addresses and phone numbers, and no posting videos in a foreign language, with or without supposed English trnaslations onscreen. (So as to prevent would-be Islamic terrorists from putting anything over on us. ) Aside from that, anything and everything would be fair game. And, of course, the site would be open to the general public, not just White Nationalists. I'm convinced that such a site would put JewTube out of business within a few short years.

    Last edited by Jack; 08-28-2017 at 06:16 PM.

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Default The Google Monopoly needs to be broken up

    Gab is suing Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws


    The social media site Gab.ai is accusing Google of violating federal antitrust laws when the tech giant booted Gab from the Google Play Store, according to lawsuit filed Thursday. The legal action is the latest salvo in an escalating battle between right-leaning technologists and leaders against Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook and Google.

    Gab alleges in the lawsuit that “Google deprives competitors, on a discriminatory basis, of access to the App Store, which an essential facility or resource.”

    “Google is the biggest threat to the free flow of information,” Gab chief executive Andrew Torba said in a statement. “Gab started to fight against the big tech companies in the marketplace, and their monopolistic conduct has forced us to bring the fight to the courtroom.”

    Google banned the social media platform from the Google Play Store last month, citing violations of Google's hate speech policies. Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, had become an active user on Gab after a succession of companies refused to service his site. Gab also counts other controversial right-wing figures among its users, including Milo Yiannopoulos and Andrew “weev” Auernheimer.

    In a statement, Google described the lawsuit as "baseless," and said it would defend its decision in court, if necessary. "In order to be on the Play Store, social networking apps need to demonstrate a sufficient level of moderation, including for content that encourages violence and advocates hate against groups of people," Google said. "This developer is welcome to appeal the suspension if they've addressed the policy violations and are compliant with our Developer Program Policies."

    Gab has raised more than $1 million in contributions since July, according to the complaint.

    Gab filed its complaint in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The company said it moved to Pennsylvania this month.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default The Shuttening Chronicles: GAB Censors Weev; About To Lose Domain

    Crude, Rude, Blued & Tatooed, butt not screwed:

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