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Thread: Ramzpauil cucks out over nothing -- The Alt-Right -- What went Wrong?

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    Default Ramzpauil cucks out over nothing -- The Alt-Right -- What went Wrong?

    Ramzpauil cucks out over nothing -- The Alt-Right -- What went Wrong?




    Initially the Alt Right was a broad coalition of people who rejected mainstream conservatism. However, the movement was not involved with the old school 14/88 White Nationalism. It was fundamentally identity politics for our people without the neo-nazi baggage.

    I published an article on January 5, 2016 that explained my vision of the Alt Right.


    Sadly, the movement was co-opted by the Hollywood Nazis once Richard Spencer aligned with the Daily Stormer after the infamous "Heilgate". I warned Richard about the dangers of associating with these Hollywood Nazis privately and in a video response to him. But he insisted on doing a podcast with Anglin the week after Heilgate.



    At that time, The Right Stuff (TRS) also aligned with the Daily Stormer. Weev was involved with their web site administration and Anglin was a frequent guest. Based on that I knew it was impossible to rehabilitate the brand, so I ceased to call myself Alt Right.

    The establishment has now used Charlottesville as an excuse to shut down anything remotely associated to the Alt Right. We are now witnessing Soviet tier censorship and clamp down on dissent.



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    Default Whigga Nutsionalism v 6.66 jewniting the Alt-kike & ZOGbot "Alliances"

    Whigga Nutsionalism v 6.66 jewniting the Alt-kike & ZOGbot "Alliances"


    I seen the video by Ramzpaul. Ramzpaul is full of shit. Yes, yes Andre 'the nigger' Anglin with his twelve-year-old Ethiopian cone-tittays & underage gookess skanking sex-tourist hosting and Weev the jewboy and Dickie Spencer and Greg Johnson jewed and faggoted the bowel Movement v 6.66 up to where it becum a ZOGbot racket like ever since George Lincoln Rockwell got killed by one of his jew followers.

    There never has been anything with our bowel Movement that hasn't been quickly jewed, faggotted and/or ZOGbotted within the year it first cums out. The jewnite the Alt-kike was nothing but jews, perverts, faggots, mongrels, and whiggers all wanting to fight for the mike. To paraphrase Ambrose Bierce, Whigger Nutsionalism latest version is the unholey jewnion of assorted fuktards & ass-clowns & ZOGbots who have theyz' paws so firmly in each other's pockets & on each other's peckers that they cannot fuck over anyone else looking on wanting nothing to do with them.

    Andre 'the nigger' and jewboy Weev didn't corrupt Dickie Spencer. Dickie Spencer got enough Regnery and US Dept of Agriculture and CIA ZOGbux that he really doesn't need bowel Movement geezer-gelt or whiggaz-mites. The Hal-Turner financing model is what makes our bowel Movement. ZOG gets ZOGbux to bowel Movement Fearless Leaders, be it Order ZOGbux or TraitorGlenn Miller and thus having all expenses paid in advance Fearless Leader coonvinces the whiggers to contribute ZOGbux so that they can be identified.

    The Solution shall cum about by default. ZOG collapses, hundreds of millions of ZOG herd animals die of disease and famine and civil war and with only 10 or 20 million ex-whiggers left ruled under a theocratic military dictatorship of #TenThousandWarlords.

    Ramzpaul condemns what is produced by a Bowel Movement, i.e. a Turd. A Dickie Spencer turd is no better than an Andre the nigger Anglin turd even though it might smell sweeter to Ramzpaul.

    Hail victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Whiggers Remember How Good ZOG Used To Be....

    Whiggers Remember How Good ZOG Used To Be

    RamzFaul is who Martin is referring to when he sings, “Whiggers remember, how good ZOG used to be...”

    This video of RamzFaul illustrates the typical, non-sensical, appeal-to-emotion ramblings of a liberal whigger. I'd rather just forget about this guy and am glad he's marginalized.

    What happened is pretty simple: The Amerikan whigger male had no place to go politically on the left, so they created a “right-wing alternative” to Republicanism that quickly went “Full Nazi.” This was already a thing on the internet, so no one actually created this movement. That's why it's called a movement. Hardcore nationalism has always existed and it just became more popular. When RamzFaul realized that the only alternative to ZOG is Full Nazism, he cried and blamed everyone else for ruining his precious pretend right-wing movement.

    What really bothers me about this whigger is how he speaks out of both side of his mouth in typical schizophrenic fashion. This forked tongue devil actually says things like, “I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but the Alt Right got popular because of me.” How is that not tooting your own horn? I think he actually believes his own dribble, like a typical delusional whigger, who never had a hard day in his life or any real struggles, except maybe with the bottle.

    He also claims that he doesn't want to be a leader, but will gladly lecture you, go to meetings, write articles, talk to the media, and network with other politically minded people. But don't worry, he doesn't want any influence in politics whatsoever. This is all for shits and giggles. HE'S NOT A LEADER! GET IT! Only in America could such transparent schizophrenia be tolerated. And just for good measure, he doesn't want to be a leader, BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO! Get a hobby, you amateur, you're out of your element. There's plenty of things you can do in retirement, other than fuck with the future of the Whigger race. BTW, drinking is not a hobby, it's a vice that seems to afflict the boring as fuck whiggers of America with putrid souls.

    The problem with cucks like RamzFaul is that he doesn't understand real politics, but only the phony variety that ZOG peddles. He wants to go on living like a child in this arrested development reality that ZOG thrives on. Where you can believe in mutually exclusive ideas and explain it away with childish logic and never face the harsh consequences of being wrong. He revolted against the Alt Kike during "Heilgate" (just like Grids Greggy did), and was quickly marginalized. That's realpolitik. He thinks it was his choice, but it wasn't. The movement created RamzFaul, not the other way around. And then it disposed of him, when he was no longer useful. That's realpolitik. To whiggers like RamzFaul, life is just a game where you pretend to be something that you don't actually believe in. Because to whiggers, everyone is a liar, and no one has any real beliefs anyway.

    Most whiggers realize that the Whigger Race has its back against the wall and a strong response is the only solution. White Nationalism/Full Nazi is the only viable option at this point. RamzFaul just wants to play footsie with ZOG and hope everything turns out all right. I still have no idea what he actually believes, as he never states his beliefs, his program or whatever, in any videos. "Nationalism for everyone" is not an idea, it's LARPing. He is the type of whigger who would refer you to his articles, rather than verbalize his program or solution. That's because it's much easier to fool someone with the written language. Judging by his writings, RamzFaul has no real ideas of his own anyway. He's just a commentator who states the obvious. And then simple minded people go Ooooooh and Aaaaaah, wow, that's really interesting Ramz. He's ultimately just a LARPer with no vision.

    Nude Directions in Whigger Management

    Old shows from my shoahed Talksjew can be accessed at the RSS feed below


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