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Thread: $tormDrain -- the foul cage of Haetfool ZOGbot Twats -- hath fallen hath fallen

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    Default $tormDrain -- the foul cage of Haetfool ZOGbot Twats -- hath fallen hath fallen

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    Default Major Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Website Stormfront Has Been Kicked Offline

    Major Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Website Stormfront Has Been Kicked Offline

    Slate, April Glaser,


    At the request of NAACP nigger lawyers, Network Solutions shuts down $permFart

    One of the most prominent white supremacist and Nazi destinations online, Stormfront.org, went dark Friday, likely at the behest of its domain host, Network Solutions. This is just the latest in a wave of online hate-group account deletions and website closures in the wake of the Charlottesville rally that turned violent earlier this month.

    Stormfront had been in operation since 1995, and according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, it was the first major hate website on the internet. Founded by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and Nazi party member Don Black, the website was a forum for more than 300,000 registered members before it shuttered on Friday. “Our mission is to provide information not available in the controlled news media and to build a community of White activists working for the survival of our people,” Stormfront’s posting guidelines read.

    According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law is taking credit for the closure. The committee sent a series of letters to Network Solutions arguing that Stormfront’s forum was in violation of the domain provider’s usage policies, which explicitly prohibits using their web services to “display bigotry, discrimination, or hatred in any manner whatsoever.”

    In a 2014 report, SPLC traced nearly 100 murders back to Stormfront users, who flocked to the website to take part in hate-filled discussion boards. Most of those were committed by Anders Breivik, who murdered 69 people in Norway in 2011. In another incident, Stormfront user Richard Poplawski killed three police officers in Pittsburgh in 2009.

    Beyond discussion boards, Stormfront was a place where members of the KKK and Nazi party organized demonstrations and social gatherings, including Stormfront’s seventh annual “Great Smoky Mountain Summit,” which is slated to take place on Sept. 30 at an undisclosed location in East Tennessee. Sept. 30 is also Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in Judaism. KKK attorney Sam Dickinson and famous Klan leader David Duke were scheduled to speak at the event, which included a nature walk and Friday reception, according to the Sentinel. As of Aug. 20, the private message board discussing the summit had about 700 posts, and people were already making ride-share arrangements.

    But now, with Stormfront offline, all the logistics and planning have been forced offline too. Same goes for the email addresses associated with Stormfront.org. I tried emailing Don Black at the Stormfront address listed under his name on various other white supremacist forums, and it bounced back. The archives for email addresses under that domain may be inaccessible, too.

    The internet is now central to all forms of political mobilization, for white supremacists and anti-fascists alike. When web service companies decide to stop hosting forums for online hate groups, it becomes a lot harder for those hate groups to organize. Nazis largely organized the violent Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville earlier this month on the Daily Stormer, a website that has since been booted off the internet by various domain hosts and was dropped as a customer by Cloudfare, which was providing critical security services for the racist, anti-Semitic website. Now people who wish to continue to engage in the Daily Stormer’s activities have to do so on the dark web, where the website has relocated and which is much more cumbersome to access; it generally loads much slower than websites with a more public domain.

    Long before this latest wave of Nazis and racist ideologues felt emboldened to march down the streets with torches and firearms in tow, they created communities online, where they validated and encouraged each other’s hate speech and actions. Now the tech companies that have long provided the white supremacists a home are starting to take action to shut them out, thus crippling their ability to build a cohesive movement. While that’s probably a good thing, it’s also quite possible that the sudden deluge of hate-group account deletions could serve to strengthen a budding white power movement in the U.S., which is already premised on the idea that they, the white people in America, are under attack.


    Gliberal whigger faggots, niggers & jewboys think that driving the Klan back underghround is going to end well.

    I am The Librarian

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    Default The Online Slaughter Continues: Stormfront Falls To Domain-Stealing Bolsheviks

    The Online Slaughter Continues: Stormfront Falls To Domain-Stealing Bolsheviks


    $permfart claimed to be the voice of the embattled majority of ZOGling whigger ass-clowns,
    now Censorfront is gone and not missed by most.


    You can say whatever you like about Stormfront, but the fact remains that for over twenty years it has stood firm as one of the pinnacle sites of White Nationalism – carrying the torch through the lean years of the 90’s and the retard-tier years of the 2000’s.

    But if what we’re seeing and hearing turns out to be correct, we may be looking at a future that will be minus the decades of work put forward by Don Black and Company.


    All of which goes to shoah that even ZOGbot sites get shoahed when they get too senile to catch new whiggaz.

    The information above seems to indicate that Stormfront has entered the same weird domain limbo as The Daily Stormer did when the nefarious vermin of Google essentially seized the original DS address.

    Now, this would mean that not only are the targets of certain (((special interests))) far more widespread than some have been led to believe, but it would also mean that these same groups are not at all afraid of the legal and ethical consequences of their actions.

    They are at this point attempting to straight-up stifle us just as a deranged and psychotic parent would suffocate their own babies with pillows.

    They’re terrified – Charlottesville (small compared to what we’ll be able to put forward in the near-future) shook them to the core.

    Now, I’ll almost-certainly have more commentary at some point tomorrow, but I just want to have everyone think for a moment about how for so many years we’ve all heard weakling Beta Boomer cucks lecture us on “muh Second Amendment being there to protect the First.”

    On paper such an argument sound clear and logical, but at the present we’re seeing freedom of speech and freedom of assembly ripped away from us without a shot being fired.

    We still have our right to bear arms, but we no longer even have the right to bear material in the digital realm.


    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default The Terrorist Responsible For Shutting Down StormFront -- Trough of ZOGbots

    The Terrorist Responsible For Shutting Down StormFront -- Trough of ZOGbots


    This she-boon weasel took down the Duck's & Don Black's ZOG false flag emporium

    Ms. Kristen Clarke, obsolete farm machinery which, according to her Linked In profile, supports Black Lives Matter domestic terrorists, has claimed responsibility for intimidating Network Solutions into seizing StormFront’s domain name. She is the President and Executive Director of the left-wing Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, an anti-White ‘civil rights’ guild which wants to be the SPLC when it grows up, and consists primarily of those whose ancestors never developed a written alphabet on their own.

    In describing her support for Affirmative Action, without four centuries of which she would be squatting over a cattle dung fire roasting grub worms, the unmarried and perhaps lesbian lower primate’s organization is labeled even by the left-wing New York Times as “liberal”. That’s like Elton John saying you’re a little light in the loafers.

    Terrorism is terrorism, whether it comes from the barrel of a gun, or through the insinuated threat of legal proceedings. Prior to her current efforts to overcome penis gourd envy, Kristen, whose Zulu name is reported to be “Shaniqueeshla”, meaning “Saggy, Brown, and Smelly” was Chief of the Civil Rights Bureau for New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Yes, just like the NAACP, she’s another sheboon trained by a kike. Speaking of the NAACP, that’s where she chased KFC previously, as well as at the DOJ. In fact, she has spent her entire life as an anti-White lawyer while hypocritically benefiting from living in a White created civilization.

    According to her Twitter feed, Shaniquueshla also works hard to open borders and allow nonWhite illegal immigrants to vote by filing court assaults against reasonable voter ID laws. As the picture provided illustrates, she looks to me like any common $5 ghetto crack whore. But then, that might just be my White Privilege’s perspective. I’d rather spend a five spot on a Big Mac. Of course, as a Darwinian-Seedline Confidential Informant I actually believe that I've de-evolved from niggers like her. When I looked up my fambly tree Kriston shit in muh scraggly beard, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

    Now that she’s on your radar, be sure and keep an eye on Shaniqueeshla’s legal career. We may find ourselves sitting across a negotiating table from her some day bargaining an exchange of Alabaman Whites from New Afrika for black refugees from the besieged cities of New America, when balkanization happens in my series of ghost-written fantasy books. Remember, we can use the Extra Crispy as leverage.

    And, until the StormFront Forum returns, you can listen to the StormFront Radio show at its normal times ( 9am – 11am EST) Monday – Friday HERE.

    Make plans now to attend the StormFront Conference in Eastern Tennessee September 29th-Oct. 1st, where you can meet Dr. David Duke the Duck of Deaf and give him sum pussy and gambling ZOGbux, Don Black who will have its paw stretched out to send his spawn to college, Billy Roper who is working with British faggots and Paki-Pedos like Sven Longshanks / Sven Pakishanks / Tony Young to groom small white children for sex and take down Talksjew radio shows of cumpeting See-Eye Dentists, Sam Dickson, and my gay lover and fellow federal informant Rick Spring who I tried to set up as Pastor Butler's successor and other White Nationalist leaders and spokespersons and ZOGbots, as well as network and socialize with dozens of other patriots who do not bow to terrorism.

    #ZOGbotSilly Roper -- Bowel-Movement Factotum

    Worked with Federal Informant Rick Spring to sell Aryan Nations Applications to the $PLC & OPP


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