Setting Up A "Voice of Retards" De-Centralized White Nationalist Alt-Media

Since the Charlottesville Incident in which ZOG shoved the 'jewnite the Alt-Kike" ZOGtards into the maw of an Antifa mob in which some fat mudshark died of a heart attack and there were injuries caused by the fact that this was a setup all along, then followed by the Post-Charlottesville jewsmedia anti-Alt-Retard Fukktardocaust in which first The Daily $permer then $tormdrain was taken down along with other tards being de-platformed, de-ZOGbukked, and otherwise de-fukked all across the fruited & nutted ZOGplain of [bowel] Movement fuktard & ZOGtard, the question has been who gets rat-fucked by ZOG and the big jew Internuts corpsoreations. Even with the freebies like Talksjew there has been a Talksjew Fuktardocaust as pretty much all the mamzer and jew Talksjew programs have been deleted. So what to do, what to do?

Now in order to becum a Great Bowel Movement Ober-shiessenkopfen-feeben-fatten-fuktard-fuerher you need at least two of the following four media or organizational apparatus:

1. A blog or a forum. Then you can be a self-loathing jewboy with Crohns/jew ass-GAIDS haeting both Hitler and Christ and a "leader" like Alex Linder with its virtual colostomy bag and datamining operation like VNN Forum.

Or a fattie with a silver spoon in his mouth working for the Chamber of Commerce like Brad Griffin / Hunter Wallace who writes about how itz own personal fuktardation that particular mpment is "Southern Nationalism."

Once you have a blog or a forum you can write all manner of stupid shit -- most of it unrealistic or coontra-dik-dik-tory and the bowel Movement whigger and mamzer fuktards will eat that shit up, as long as it is at least once-a-week fresh shit.

2. A podcast or videocast. An audio podcast is absolutely necessary for any bowel Movement fuktardlord, like if you have a forum for tard infantry then the podcast is like artillery and air support.

Fopr example, Hair-old Covington had written stirring fiction and sometimes pretty good actual written articles since the daze of Usenet and jewhoogruppen. Hair-old positively lusted for a v-bulletin forum and was so jealous of Don Black of $permFart and Rabbi Linder of TraitorGlenn Miller News Nutwerk Forum, Called them the "Lards of v-bulletin" and wanted to get kamikaze sock-puppets to post links to his web page.

But Covington cum-cum into his own with his Radio Free Northwest podcast which consisted of Hair-old speaking into a cheap microphone the very same stuff he had been writing since 1972. Coupled with his blogspot blog, his web page, his podcast since Jan. 2010 energised Hair-old's support and attracted herds of tard to move to the Great Northwest. Since then Radio Free Northwest -- nearly 400 episodes is the jew-el in Hair-old's crown.

Likewise I myself started "The Movement Turd" on Talksjew the next month on Feb. 7, 2010. Since then there has been over 800 shoahs, nearly 700 of them recorded somewhere. Unlike Hair-old these shows are done on the fly, with a monologue of from 15 minutes to an hour and a half and then losing focus unless there is a guest-tard calling in.

Now I've always preferred Talkshoe because it is free. Blogtalk a.k.a. ZOGtalk costs ZOGbux and ZOGtalk interactively censors. $preaker also costs ZOGbux and censors. So why is Talksjew the most used podcasting platform even though the audio quality when calling in using a microphone or cell phone is mediocre?

Because it allows anonymous chat. This is something which Hair-old Covington or jewboy Linder or David Duck and Don Black don't want because it allows tards to run wild. But here on The Movement Turd the tards make the Turd roar, cum-cum, cum-cum. Wavepad can boost the audio dynamic range, parody songs can be added to a web-page archive, but Talksjew allows audience participation and thus take advantage of what is the advantage of ad-lib radio covering current events in the ZOGland, in the whirrrrld and in the bowel Movement. Thus Talksjew is tops for both entertainment and edjewmacation.

Video-casts require much, much more work. They must be short and programmed in advance it takes much more work than a stuctured audio podcast and there isn't any audience participation possible except in a studio setting. And most of our bowel Movement fuktard-fuerhers have a face made for radio. Having a blond with big tits as an infobabe can be a plus, but who except well-funded ZOGbots have that?

Every few years there has been Internuts-Radio Nutwerks. The most famous was "Voice of Reason/Retards" from 2008 to when it died in July 2012 and nobody noticed that it was dead for for over two weeks. And only then when Greg Johnson wanted to take it over for his Counter-Currents program. Then there was from 2010 - 2011 the "Troof Militia". Then Rodney Martin's American Nationalist Nutwerk which lasted a year or so.

The jews and mamzers playing See-Eye Dentist are with Rabbi Eliar james / jewseph Stalin Kutz-Putz November-Goldstein's Eurofaggot Nutwerk or Baal Finck's Chrisco-gonnerrhea.

Anyways, a new de-centralized Internut Radio/Forum can be founded based upon live Talkskjew shoahs re-engineered with their chat, placed on a Xeenforo forum, and it can be the New Voice of Retards.

3. An actual printed newsletter.
Increasingly rare because it requires both literacy to write and read.

4. A membersheep orgasminazation.
Extremely dangerous because at least a third of them will be ZOGbots and eighty percent of them fuktards. This is NOT bowel Movement de-centralization. This is usually nothing more than sucking some ZOGbot Fearless Leader's dick and unless you are into that sort of shit, less than useful.

In the past month since Charlottesville when the ZOG jewsmedia and Internuts giants have gone mad with rage and pain and fear to censor the Alt-Right/Kike/Retard trying to bring things back to 2015 BT (Before Trump) I have had a number of people ask me how to set up their own networked Alt-Media. I tell them that it can be done for around $400 or less. $140 for Xenforo or free with Simple Machines Forum. I do not recommend v-bulletin aqny more as they are expensive and second-rate. $120 for shared web hosting or $200+ for a Virtual Private Network on Dreamhost. A $20 microphone from Amazon. Wavepad audio editing software for $40. A cheap laptop computer. A cell phone. $10 in styrofoam particleboard glued to make a head & shoulders recording studio.

And plenty of time and dedication which can turn something cheap into something valuable.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri