September 2017 FAEM

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North Korea Says It Has Developed Advanced Hydrogen Bomb

Nation threatens an electromagnetic pulse attack

By Jonathan Cheng
Updated Sept. 2, 2017 9:53 p.m. ET

SEOUL—North Korea said it has “succeeded in making a more developed” hydrogen bomb and mounting it on the tip of a long-range missile, and threatened a high-altitude nuclear blast that experts fear could wipe out electrical networks in the U.S.

Leader Kim Jong Un witnessed a hydrogen bomb being mounted onto a new . . .


I served in a firing battery of a Lance nuclear missile unit in Germany from 1981-83. I learned about firing procedures & the development history of nuclear missiles.

The NoRKs have the equivalent mobile ICBM akin to a Minuteman II 1990s-era missile able to carry the equivalent of a 100-200 megaton thermonuclear device (1956-63) with a 2000s guidance system able to hit within 1000 meters (likely much less). They would be able to mount it on two trucks with a crane to join the missile sections and warhead and fire it off from a steel frame launch pad within an hour or less. They would fire it during a cloudy day so that there would be no warning until it left the cloud cover. 15 minutes or less.

They would fire an air-burst as it would "dig in" and create an Electro-Magnetic Pulse over DC &, New York. The secondary targets would be Chicago and LA, etc.

They would also fire fission nukes in some of their many 155mm cannons at Seoul.

The Chinese won't let us attack first -- not with nukes.