What Does Hugh Hefner's Death Mean?


Mr Hefner was also known for his "racist" taste in Nordic women.

Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine and an actual playboy himself, has died. The first thing to comment on is the fact that everybody in the World already knows this.

The "news" here is that this is such big news.

Probably Bill Clinton. Donald Trump, or even Kim Jong Un could kick the bucket right about now and it would be less noticed and definitely less reported on.

Funny, eh?

After all, this is just a guy who came up with a classy format for a mid-20th century wank mag that was superseded by the 1970s. So, really, WTF? What's all the fuss about?

I guess most of it boils down to Hefner's iconic status as a guy that got to bang as many good looking chicks as he wanted for most of his life.

But here we run into the problem that he was far from being the only one to do this. Loads of celebs -- rock stars, movie stars, and even the occasional politician -- enjoyed "free pussy rights" on the same kind of industrial scale.

I guess the difference here is that they also did other stuff -- cool albums, interesting films, or getting their brains splattered all over Dealy Plaza, for instance. Stuff that kind of gets in the way of being remembered solely as a stud.

Not so Hefner. He was just a guy who shagged loads of top tottie, and didn't have to justify it in any way by being particularly creative, talented, or powerful, like Mick Jagger or JFK.


JFK got -- and possibly had killed -- plenty of Marilyn Monroe pussy, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!

In short, "Hef" represents the male fantasy of striking it lucky -- being in the right place at the right time and coming up with a simple idea that catches on. Nothing difficult about that. Perhaps the only drop of creativity he had was to come up with the idea of dressing young women as Bunny Rabbits. But it seems even that had been done before.

Oh yeh, a lot of people are going on about what a degenerate he was. That's kind of true in a cultural and social sense, as he helped promote shagging as recreation rather than procreation. But on the individual level he wasn't a degenerate, as he actually had more than 2.1 kids. In fact, he had four. But then everybody of that generation could and did.

Anyway, mister pipe-smoking, pajama-clad playboy, see which club you get into in the afterlife.


Let's just airbrush the old fuktard out of the picture and look at the Whiggress Skank pussy.