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Thread: In White Nationalism "Who is us? -- and who is 'them'?"

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    Default In White Nationalism "Who is us? -- and who is 'them'?"

    In White Nationalism "Who is us? -- and who is 'them'?"

    Why Whigger faggots working against ZOG get "a pass" and why jewboy and mamzer ZOGbot faggots pretending to be White Nationalists do not.


    The big difference between the AltRight dot cum-cum homosexuals (Dickie Spencer et. al.) and the Counter-Currents homosexuals (Greg Johnson & James OMeara) is that the Counter-Currents homosexuals are white and Aryan. They can, if they have to in places like the Future Ten-Thousand Warlordcies in places like Newton County Missouri stop going against community standards and be chaste while visiting, while in the Future Sans Fagscrisco Warlordcy do as they please. The Alt-Right/kike homos, being first jews and mongrels, cannot live or visit within the ex-ZOGland whatsoever except maybe in the Mamzerlands if those Mamzerlands have a Gay Reservation or a Gay Warlord ruling over them.

    In short, Greg Johnson and James O'Meara and Jack Donovan can have "White Status" travelling about the future Ten Thousand Warlords ex-ZOGland as long as they don't suck dick or pack fudge in places where such is expressly forbidden. Whereass Dickie-Thwpencer being an eighth-jew trust-fund jewboy faggot and its Alt-Right dot cum-cum Regnery-ZOGbot Circus remains a jewboy faggot mischling no matter what, and even if it turns out to be a double-agent its best future lies in being shipped to a jewboy reservation / wildkike refuge somewhere on Long Island wherein select "SS-for-a-day" us can play Amon Goeth-Swindler's List games. And that goes 666 times for itz collection of jewboy, mamzer, faggot, & sundry pervert ZOGbot twats.

    With Ten-Thousand Warlord military dick-dick-tater-sheeps over the surviving ZOGling whigger & mamzer lumpen-ex-ZOGling-tariate there will be all sorts of local community standards and most people will want to stay at home and stay alive because travel and trade will be perilous.

    Counter-Currents is where I go if I want to think -- and usually disagree. AltRight/kike dot cum-cum is where I go in order to look at anonymous mamzers and trust-fund mischlings yap about how to act white while being mamzer or mischling. It is a visit to "The Island of Doktard Moreau" pretending to be Doktor Mengele.

    (Speaking of which, I'm now imagining a remake of "The Boyz from Brazil" with Doctor Greg Johnson playing Dr. Mengele and James O'Meara as James Mason and Dickie Spencer as Eliar Weasel, nutzi-matzo hunter. Or me in a remake of "Swindler's List" in which I play Amon Goeth shooting jewboys in a future Kampf / "good-jew" reservation on Long Island. )

    Anyone coontemplating the future of the ZOGland understands that ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final shall collapse. Now like bankruptcy, at first slowly, then all of a sudden. Like the jew aSS-aSS Tit-antic a slow rising of the flood waters, then a catastrophic breakup. A break-up into what? Why like after the Roman Empire, into petty racial states ruled by kinglets / chieftains petty warlords into small states in which nthing more than a county or so can be maintained and warfare is driven back to local militia infantry levels as nothing more shall be able to be fed. There shall likely be a homosexual friendly warlordcy as long as their warlords are discreet. In short, those Whites who cannot or will not follow community standards should be displaced to their own communities which are more tolerant of vices while remaining Aryan of race. Thus Roger Williams was banished with the connivance of Arch-Puritan John Winthrop who understood that it is better to banish dissenters than to kill them.

    The AltRight / Kike ZOG false-fag opposition, not being real thus must hypocritically whine against the organic inherent intellectual and book & trinket selling "New Right." As someone who is not eating the same slop from the same trough and being part of the "Old Right" of the Klan and Dual-Seedline Christian Identity, I much prefer the genuine article of Counter-Currents while leaving most of their pro-homosexual notions outside the pale of discussion. They want their own warlordcy, then they will have to earn it the old fashioned way by dispossessing non-whites and keeping out jews and mongrels. In short, the homos will be amongst us always, better to overlook their perversions as long as it only occurs firmly closeted within their own kind, as long as they keep out the jews and mongrels pretending to be whigger. If the choice is between Counter-Currents or Dickie Spencer's Alt-Right/kike ZOG false-f[l]ag Regnery-Circus operation, then I choose Counter-Currents to hold at arms length while acknowledging that they are part of "our" wonderful bowel Movement.

    Dickie Spencer is butt-buddies with Attorney Kyle Bristow whose law clerk is Bryan Reo / Ol' Negro-lips The Mamzer from Mentor, who took down a dozen Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri web pages from Nov. 2010 to March 2011, then sued me in federal kort for $10.75 million ZOGbux for publishing its 2004 Mentor High Skrule picture. Upon losing that case, Bryan Reo then filed four more lawsuits against myself, my domestic partner Roxie Fausnaught, and now the Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV000850 in the Lake County Ohio Court of Common Pleas. Bryan Reo has also fraudulently filed 50 other Lake County lawsuits against other organizations, mainly small white-owned family businesses using the Internet, but also against Korean owned Starkist Tuna, the National Rifle Association, and AC Nielson/Arbitron. Reo also sued Hirum Reppert, head of the Nuclear Engineering program at Lakeland Community College for removing Reo from the Nuclear Engineering program there after the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant finally did a google search and found a self-loathing mongrel homosexual talking about shooting it out with the FBI and Lake County sheriff's department thanks to the information on my Chuirch web pages. To this day, Bryan Reo and Attorney Brett Klimkowsky are officers in the "Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas" or as I call it, the ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center. Their filings in the case against my Church have a Detroit address, i.e. from Kyle Bristow's law office. Kyle Bristow is the one filing Dickie Spencer's bogus lawsuit against the University of Michigan whining about First Amendment violations while they are at the same time suing me for speculating about Dickie-Spencer's butt-lawyer and Dickie Spencer's butt-lawyer's homosexual mongrel who has taken down privately held web pages and demanded prior censorship of their contents.




    The only thing I regret about publishing the truth about these mamzer homosexual criminals is that it led to one particular homosexual mongrel getting fired from its job at the nuclear power plant. The bad news is that I inadvertently saved 6 million Northeast ZOGlings from glowing in the dark. The even worse news is that they lived around Cleveland, The Mistake on the Lake.

    Whereas, Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents is insofar as I know of, an organic White Nationalist intellectual (and closet homosexual) oriented organization that has taken down zero of my Church web pages, doesn't pretend to be Christian Identity like most of the ZOG jews, mongrels, criminals, and perverts infesting See-Eye Dentistry. They have pretty much gone about their business and not fought with anyone who hasn't attacked them first. Whereas the Dickie-Spencer ZOG false-f[l]ag organization is full of jews, mamzers, faggots, perverts and ZOGbots who have done their be[a]st to shut down my Church and its Comparetian-Orthodox Dual-Seedline Christian Identity message.

    So if I have to make a choice, I much prefer the closeted intellectual homosexuals of Counter-Currents who are at least Aryan White Israelites over the Crouching mamzers & Hidden jewboys, faggots, perverts, & ZOGbots of the Dickie Spencer Regnery Circus Alt-kike ZOG false-f[l]ag operation which only the jewsmedia and $PLC and Ashkenazi Defecation League claim to be of 'our little thang' of a [Bowel] Movement.

    The bowel Movement has always been a network (more like a nutwerk, actually). Where it has claimed to be a hierarchy is is of them who ZOG/Babylon has foisted off on us. Everyone knows each other in our bowel Movement. Most of us hate each other. Therefore the proper means of dealing with each other is to keep our distance where we cannot agree just as long as our Movement adversaries are White and to openly disdain those of them who are not of us, i.e. non whites, jews, and ZOGbots.

    Hail Victory!!!
    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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