(((Fink))) vs. (((Clifton))) vs. Downey vs. (((Fink))) vs. Downey vs. (((Clifton))) vs. (((Fink)))


So who does fink side with ?

His mentor is Clifton Emahiser who is very critical of Mark Downey and even calls him a heretic. fink speaks from downey's "pulpit" regularly. So is fink speaking out of both sides of his mouth?

I would say so. He can't believe one and not believe the other.

This is the essence of HYPOCRISY ! They all sleep together in their heretical beliefs. So you cannot believe one who disagrees with the other and believe him too !

Come on Lil' Will. Choose...oh wait, that may hurt your sales. fink slso subscribes to the "No Satan Dogma" that Clifton so vehemently dispusts https://emahiser.christogenea.org/ma...-satan-dogma-1

So why doesn't Clifton speak out against Lil' Will ? Can't bite the hand that feeds you !