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Thread: Padgett v. Michigan State University - Dickie Spencer & Kyle Bristow go ass-to-mouth to loot the Michiganders

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    Default White supremacist Richard Spencer will speak at Michigan State after all

    White supremacist Richard Spencer will speak at Michigan State after all

    David Jesse, Detroit Free Press
    Published 12:24 p.m. ET Jan. 18, 2018
    | Updated 6:45 p.m. ET Jan. 18, 2018


    White supremacist Richard Spencer will speak for two hours on Michigan State University's campus on March 5, the university and Spencer's lawyers have agreed. That is the first day of MSU's spring break.

    The agreement came in a settlement of a lawsuit filed by attorney Kyle Bristow against MSU after it denied Spencer's representatives space to speak on campus.

    "This is a resounding First Amendment victory for the alt-right," Bristow told the Free Press on Thursday. "Left-wing censorship of right-wing ideas in academia is unacceptable.

    “Richard Spencer gets to speak and MSU gets to pay” the cost associated with security.

    “The fundamental right of Americans to think and speak freely is nonnegotiable.”

    According to the terms of the agreement:

    Spencer will speak from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. March 5 in the auditorium in the Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock Education.

    Spencer will pay the university $1,650 for the rental.

    MSU will provide police and security for the event. Spencer's group won't pay anything toward it.

    MSU will set up a ticketing process for the event and control entry to the event.

    Spencer's group will provide insurance for the event.

    Spencer's group will not hold any other gathering or event at MSU.

    MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon issued a statement on the settlement.

    "Michigan State is wholly dedicated to freedom of speech, not just as a public institution, but as an institution of higher education. Here, ideas — not people — are meant to clash and to be evaluated based on their merits.

    "This agreement was based on the university’s requirement that the event occur on a date and at a venue that minimizes the risk of violence or disruption to campus. The security of our campus community remains our top priority and all appropriate security measures will be taken in connection with the event," Simon said. "Michigan State rejects this group’s divisive and racist messages and remains committed to maintaining a diverse campus and supporting an inclusive, just and democratic society.”

    Spencer's group has a similar request pending at the University of Michigan, where President Mark Schlissel has said the university would negotiate with the group for a safe way to allow them on campus.

    "After consulting widely with many members of our community, I made the difficult decision to begin discussions with Richard Spencer’s group to determine whether he will be allowed to rent space to speak on the University of Michigan campus. If we cannot assure a reasonably safe setting for the event, we will not allow it to go forward," Schlissel said then. "Let me be clear. U-M has not invited this individual to our campus, nor is anyone in our community sponsoring him."

    A U-M spokeswoman told the Free Press earlier this week there was no update to those talks.

    Read more:

    White supremacist's lawyer to U-M: 'We’ve been patient, but our patience has its limits'

    When MSU received the request it initially set aside a room at the Union and was going to charge the group $2,000.

    Sixteen days later, Spencer’s request was made public and the response from MSU’s community was swift and overwhelming: Don’t let Spencer on campus.

    MSU ultimately denied Spencer's National Policy Institute space to speak on campus, citing safety concerns. Spencer's group then sued MSU in federal court.

    A federal judge ordered the two sides into mediation.

    Court filings made Thursday show the two sides agreed to the settlement and agreed to dismiss the lawsuit.

    Contact David Jesse: 313-222-8851 or djesse@freepress.com. Follow him on Twitter: @reporterdavidj

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    Default Letter to the Editor: Spartans should attend Spencer's 'marketplace of ideas'

    Letter to the Editor: Spartans should attend Spencer's 'marketplace of ideas'

    By Kyle J. Bristow, Esq.
    Attorney, Bristow Law, PLLC

    Bristow is an MSU alumnus, he was president of Young Americans for Freedom, or YAF, during his time at MSU. Under Bristow’s leadership, MSU YAF was the first college organization placed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups, according to a State News article from 2008.


    On March 5, Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute will speak at MSU about his Alt-Right philosophy despite disgraced former president Lou Anna K. Simon first tyrannically announcing that she would not let the event occur.

    A federal lawsuit I filed on behalf of my client, Cameron Padgett, quickly rectified this glaring and elementary transgression against the First Amendment.

    MSU students are being afforded an incredible opportunity: to be able to directly hear the unfiltered ideas of Spencer, to consider them, and to directly challenge them by asking questions if they should so choose. Just as the event organizers have a First Amendment right to speak, so too, do the listeners of the speech enjoy a right to hear the speaker’s ideas and to participate with the question-and-answer session.

    There is sadly a modern trend in which Antifa communists try to shut down right-of-center political events by using violence.

    Left-wing terrorism will not whatsoever be tolerated by me, and the MSU event will occur as planned — I am fully prepared and committed to using any and all resources at my disposal to see the controversy through to a just and equitable conclusion. Leftists who act in a tortious manner at the event will be sued in their personal capacities, and I will thoroughly enjoy garnishing their minimum wage paychecks, tax refunds, and bank accounts for years to come.

    The right to think and speak freely — as guaranteed by the First Amendment — are fundamental to the Western legal tradition. From the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Romans, from the Ancient Germanic tribes to the early American Republic, the right to think and speak freely have been revered.

    I challenge Spartans to not act cowardly, but to instead meaningfully participate in the marketplace of ideas. Those who are interested in attending the event in good-faith are encouraged to reach out to my client for tickets: spencerscreening@gmail.com

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    Where we infiltraite jew mischlings & homosexual mamzers as non-white White Supremacists, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!


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    Default Fights erupt, 12 arrested ahead of white nationalist's speech in Michigan

    Die judenpresse

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    Default Dickie Spencer University Tour Achieves Near Perfect Balance of Shitstormery and Optics

    We Survived the Post-Charlottesville Internuts Fuktardocaust


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    Default Judge Dismisses Bogus Lawsuit by Dickie Spencer's Campus Butt-Boy Cameron Faggot to Screetch At Kent state

    Judge Dismisses Bogus Lawsuit by Dickie Spencer's Campus Butt-Boy Cameron Faggot to Screetch At Kent state

    Once Dickie lost the legal services of Kyle Bristow & Ol' Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor these bogus cases fell apart right quick.

    By Brett Barrouquere, 23 April 2018


    Dickie Spencer's butt-boi Cameron Faggot puts on an ungodly smirk of defeat

    A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit over a proposed speech by Richard B. Spencer at Penn State University, saying the racist alt-right figurehead’s booker never pursued the litigation.

    The end of the lawsuit comes a month after Spencer announced an end to his controversial and ill-received campus speaking tour.

    U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann concluded that Cameron Padgett, who set up many of Spencer’s on-campus speeches, did nothing to pursue the litigation after filing it in October 2017. There were no filings in the lawsuit beyond the initial complaint and summons and neither Padgett nor his lawyer responded to a warning from Brann that the case would be spiked without some effort to pursue it.

    The dismissal is the latest mark in Spencer’s fall from ballyhooed public speaker outraging Antifa activists and scaring university administrators to being able to draw only a dozen or so to hear him talk about white nationalism at a university.

    Padgett, as he had done at Auburn University, Michigan State University and Ohio State University, sued to force the schools to allow Spencer to speak and provide security for the event.

    Spencer eventually spoke at Michigan State and Auburn, as well as Texas A&M and the University of Florida, but Padgett dropped the Ohio State University case. A lawsuit is still pending against the University of Cincinnati.

    While Spencer drew news coverage and crowds to a few of his speeches at public universities, he also drew violent confrontations between his backers and protestors.

    At the University of Florida in Gainesville, three people were arrested and charged with attempted murder after shots were fired during a confrontation.

    And, Spencer’s last college speech at Michigan State drew hundreds of protestors and backers fighting outside while Spencer spoke to a sparse crowd inside an agricultural arena, where two dozen journalists were joined by about a dozen supporters.

    Making that appearance even worse for Spencer, Michigan-based attorney Kyle Bristow, who handled legal issues for some of the appearances, publicly announced that weekend he was walking away from alt-right legal work and the racist movement.

    It was shortly after that speech on March 5 that Spencer announced an end – at least for now – of his college campus speaking tour.

    “In our lives, we always need to be course correcting. We always need to take a step back and think, and ask ourselves honestly, is this the right direction?” Spencer said in a 25-minute video uploaded to YouTube. “We need to do that with regard to my public appearances going forward or really any public appearance involving a controversial, alt-right identitarian figure.”

    Since then, Spencer hasn’t spoken publicly about returning to campus.

    But, with the Cincinnati lawsuit still pending, it’s unclear if Spencer — or someone of like mind — will make an attempt to return to campuses, starting with the southern Ohio school.


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    Default Richard Spencer's campus tour ends with a whimper as last lawsuit is quietly settled

    Richard Spencer's campus tour ends with a whimper as last lawsuit is quietly settled


    Dickie Spencer's Campussy Litigation Ends Once He Lost ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center Barratry


    Richard Spencer’s ill-received and much ballyhooed campus speaking tour is ending with a whimper.

    The University of Cincinnati and Spencer’s booking agent and legal advocate, Cameron Padgett, filed a one-page stipulation of dismissal in federal court Wednesday.

    The dismissal comes five weeks after Spencer, the front man for the racist "alt-right" movement, announced a “course correction” and a suspension of his college speaking tour after a sparsely attended outing at Michigan State University on March 5.

    But, after many legal efforts, a few speeches and many, many protesters, Spencer’s efforts to reach the youth of the country on campus is coming to an end, at least for now.

    A national tour

    Spencer commenced an effort in 2016 to address audiences on college campuses across the country and he succeeded in holding events at Texas A&M, Auburn University, the University of Florida and Michigan State.

    Padgett also sued Ohio State, Penn State and the University of Cincinnati seeking to force those schools to host Spencer and cover the cost of security.

    The speeches all followed a similar pattern: Someone who wasn’t a student, in most cases Padgett, would rent or try to reserve a room on campus for Spencer to speak. If the university objected, Spencer’s booking agent would sue to force the speech and make the school pay for security.

    Once the speeches were scheduled, they drew protests and condemnation from university administrators. But, Spencer pressed on, pitching a white nationalist theme to audiences.

    "Race is the foundation of identity," Spencer said at Texas A&M. "The word racist is a fake word. No one identifies with the word racist."

    Outside Foy Hall at Auburn University in Alabama, protesters chanted and carried signs opposing Spencer. University administrators put up a legal fight to try to keep Spencer off campus, but a lawsuit backed by well-heeled racist attorney Sam G. Dickson forced Auburn to allow Spencer to speak.

    The gatherings turned violent when Spencer spoke at the University of Florida in Gainesville in October.

    Two people – 29-year-old Colton Fears and 29-year-old Tyler Tenbrink – are awaiting trial on a charge of attempted murder. Police say Tenbrink fired a shot at protestors after Spencer’s speech.

    As Spencer pushed his tour into 2018, universities started setting up counter-programming and scheduling the speeches during spring break, when few students would be on campus.

    The nadir for Spencer came at Michigan State on March 5.

    First, his backers had trouble giving away tickets to the event, then protesters and Spencer’s backers from the Traditionalist Worker Party and other neo-Nazi groups clashed outside the agricultural arena where Spencer was speaking.

    It’s a sure bet there were no such fights when the arena hosted a rabbit show in the weeks before Spencer’s arrival.

    And, ultimately, the speech drew more police outside than supporters inside to hear Spencer speak.

    A relief and an end, for now

    The dismissal of the University of Cincinnati lawsuit comes just days after a federal judge ordered the lawsuit against Penn State tossed out. Padgett did not pursue the litigation after filing it on October 2017. And, after Michigan State, Padgett dropped his efforts to land Spencer a speaking engagement at Ohio State.

    Padgett and Spencer threatened to sue other schools, including the University of Michigan and Kent State University, but never followed through on the threats.

    The terms of the settlement between Padgett and the University of Cincinnati were not immediately available, but the notice filed in court states that each side of the suit will pay their own costs.

    Now with the efforts at Cincinnati called off, university administrators on the southern Ohio campus are breathing easier.

    University President Neville Pinto reminded the public in a statement that "no one at UC invited Spencer to come to our campus."

    "While this has been a trying time for our community and one that tested our commitment to free speech, it has also prompted difficult conversations about how freedom of expression intertwines with our commitment to equity and inclusion," Pinto said.


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