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Thread: Dickie Spencer speaks at University of Florida

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    Default How White Supremacists Exploit Public Higher Education

    I am The Librarian

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    Default Shutting Up Richard Spencer -- Ohio State Should give up itz Mangina & ZOGbux

    Shutting Up Richard Spencer

    Ohio State and all the other jewnivershitties Should give up itz Mangina & ZOGbux to Dickie Spthwencer, Cameron Faggedgett, Barratard Kylke Bristow & Ol' Niggerlips the Mamzer from Mentor


    Dickie is fixin' to point the Fickie-Fickie Finger of Fuktardation at jewr mangina, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!


    Certain things used to be more, well, self-evident. A great many of us didn’t necessarily like that the First Amendment protected speech we disagreed with, or that even made us afraid, but we accepted it. An agreed-upon duty to protect the right to expression irrespective of its content existed, and we knew ensuring that liberty was not the same as endorsing what might be said with it. We understood that if we allowed government and other institutions to block one person’s speech they would block others’—right up until they came for us.

    Then in November 2016 came a collective mental breakdown. An almost organic sense that overnight America had set itself on the path to fascism set in, and became justification for the weakening of the First Amendment. Free speech is now seen by many as a liability, an enabling tool for anyone labeled a “Nazi.” Some 69 percent of American college students believe hate speech (“using language on campus intentionally offensive to certain groups”) should be banned by the government.

    Over now to The Ohio State University, which has refused to allow white supremacist Richard Spencer to speak on campus (Penn State has also turned him down). Ohio State, now being sued for violating the First Amendment, said Spencer would pose a “substantial risk to public safety, as well as material and substantial disruption to the work and discipline of the University.” They were no doubt also thinking of the $600,000 the University of Florida spent on security for Spencer’s recent appearance there, which included hundreds of police officers from five jurisdictions, as well as SWAT teams and snipers.

    It’s easy to understand where Ohio State is coming from. Institutions have an obligation to public safety—but that must be balanced against the greater right to free speech, and the answer is rarely to ban expression outright simply to maintain order. A landmark Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling from 2015 provides clear guidance:


    Quote Originally Posted by 6th Circus Kort of Apples
    When a peaceful speaker, whose message is constitutionally protected, is confronted by a hostile crowd, the state may not silence the speaker as an expedient alternative to containing or snuffing out the lawless behavior of the rioting individuals. Nor can an officer sit idly on the sidelines — watching as the crowd imposes, through violence, a tyrannical majoritarian rule — only later to claim that the speaker’s removal was necessary for his or her own protection. Uncontrolled official suppression of the privilege [of free speech] cannot be made a substitute for the duty to maintain order in connection with the exercise of that right.

    That case involved a group called the Bible Believers, whose members used racially and religiously offensive language at a Dearborn, Michigan gathering of Muslims, even going as far as displaying a pig’s head on a stick. And the belief that law enforcement—or any institution—can opt first to shut down speech that requires physical protection has failed other courts’ tests, too, involving groups that ranged from Occupy to protesters outside of abortion clinics. In each case, the courts found alternatives that balanced the First Amendment and public safety far short of simply shutting down the event or chasing off the speaker.

    In most contested cases security problems are not created by the speaker per se; they are created by the people opposing the speaker. A historian lecturing across campus from Richard Spencer on Babylonian art, for example, needs no police presence in the same sense that the full force of the First Amendment is not called on to protect the content of that historian’s speech. It’s controversial speech that requires protection, and for an institution to pretend otherwise essentially affords a protesting mob veto power over a speaker. The costs involved in security for someone like Richard Spencer are the price of protecting the First Amendment in broad practice, not simply for one person. Freedom, it seems, really isn’t cost-free.

    I spent four years as an undergrad at Ohio State in the 1980s, and saw first-hand how the university can protect the free speech rights of a diverse group of speakers. During that time, a former member of the Black Panther party spoke in favor of racial violence. There were fights for LGBTQ and other rights. I saw massive police turnouts to protect gays marching across campus and for a women’s “Take Back the Night” march through rough neighborhoods. Iranian students massed for anti-American demonstrations while U.S. diplomats were being held hostage in Tehran. In each instance, Ohio State provided adequate security to allow both the speaker and any protesters to exercise their First Amendment rights while ensuring the safety of onlookers.

    Even today, Ohio State on every other Saturday in the fall deploys a massive security presence for home football games where attendance can number above 100,000, multiples past the size of any protest that might confront Spencer. Crowds likely to cause hardship to passersby are well-advertised, and students know to avoid them if they wish. Many such events have already created the same “material and substantial disruption to the work and discipline of the University” that Ohio State fears Spencer will bring, but were allowed anyway.

    The university already has a template to follow: last fall’s speech by alt-right controversialist Milo Yiannopoulos, which went smoothly. Ohio State can do it: they just want to be able to pick and choose when they do it. And that is wrong. An institution cannot cite avoiding public disruption as the initial or sole reason to restrict speech. The problems of having Richard Spencer—or anyone—speak on campus are outweighed by the obligation to protect the First Amendment right to free expression.

    It’s pretty much self-evident.

    Peter Van Buren, a 24-year State Department veteran, is the author of We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People and Hooper’s War: A Novel of WWII Japan. Follow him on Twitter @WeMeantWell

    I'm a Faileocuck, cum-cum, cum-cum

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    Default The Amurri'kwan Cuckservantive: Virtue-Signalling ZOGbot twats like Dickie Spencer & Shysters like Kyel Bristow

    The Amurri'kwan Cuckservantive: Virtue-Signalling ZOGbot twats like Dickie Spencer & Shysters like Kyel Bristow

    http://www.theamericanconservative.c...omment-8355606 <------ Comment NOT Approved

    A Message from The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Obviously the author of this piece knows nothing about White Nationalism or the figures associated with White Nationalism. I'm an "expert" as Pat Buchanan denounced me for racism back in 2000 when I ran for U.S. Senate in Missouri on the Reform Party primary ballot. Pat Buchanan is as big a phony as Dickie Spencer.

    Dickie Spencer is 1/8 jew mischling and is suspected of being a homosexual. He is affiliated with the "Regnery Circus" and is despised as a ZOGbot. These lawsuits are bogus and fraudulent in that they are pursued by Attorney Kyle Bristow whose law clerk is one Bryan Reo along with other lawyers of the Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas / ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center.

    The one filing these lawsuits is one Cameron Padgett of Georgia. He got paid $29,000 by Auburn University to force Spencer to speak. The Michigan State lawyers note that Cameron Padgett has no standing to file for Dickie Spencer's "right" to speak, but Dickie and Dickie's mother (1/4 jewess) & sister owns a cotton plantation in Louisiana for whiich they got $2.1 million in USDA farm payments and Dickiie doesn't want to risk his and William Regnery's billions on this bogus liitigation.

    So they forced the University of Florida to spend $600,000 protecting Dickie and less than 20 of Dickie's meercats from harm this month. But what they really want is a quick settlement like they got from Auburn. They file bogus and frivolous Motions to Strike and for Summary Judgment.

    I know of this because Bryan Reo "law clerk" of Kyle Bristow sued me for $10.75 million in federal court for me displaying its 2004 Mentor Ohio high school picture showing that it wasn't remotely white or heterosexual. Reo took down a dozen Church web pages and those of some 4Channers. Eventually I got the federal case dismissed by counter-suing 40 of Reo's friends. So then Reo sued me in the Lake County Ohio court, the Mentor Municipal Court, and got a "stalking order" against me living 900 miles away in SW Missouri. I have counter-sued Reo and some of his friends and am trying to get Attorneys Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowsky of the ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center disbarred. The case is due for jury trial in late January 2018.

    Reo v. Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri 16CV00825

    Reo has also sued in Lake County Ohio and the Northern District of Ohio the NRA, AC Nielsen/Arbitron, Starkist Tuna (for not filling their cans) and about 45 others including Hiram Reppert, Head of Nuclear Engineering Technician Training for kicking him out of training after Reo got kicked out of the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant as a "security risk." If I had known Reo worked at a nuclear power plant I'd have taken down my calling Reo a self-loathing mongrel homosexual and not posted his fantasies of gunning it out with the FBI and Lake County Sheriff's Department. I've known two gunmen, namely James Vonn Brunn and TraitorGlenn Miller and I'm still annoyed that because of me Cleveland Ohio isn't another Chernobyl.

    I would have said something sooner, but then again why shouldn't the University of Florida waste $600,000 in taxpayer money when they should have rather let Dickie Spencer simply skype it in or simply take Dickie's $10,000 and rent Dickie a library study room for him and his 20 or so gay meercats? Cameron Padgett was trying to cadge beers for tickets from a gay-bar owner in Gainesville. Maybe the University of Florida should have rented out them an outdoor venue and provided a keg of Milwaukee's Worst or some Shaefer negro-beer?

    Charlottesville was altogether the fault of the Virginia governor and Vagina State Piglice who unlawfully shut down the permitted Rally at Lee Park and made 400 pro-whites run the BLM and antifa gauntlet. This fat cow Hether Heyer actually died of a heart attack. A recent report puts the blame where it belongs -- not on Dickie Spencer who ran off the field and along with David "The Duck of Deaf" Duke hopped into a waiting car to the hotel leaving behind their Herd of Tard to make it home as best they could.

    Ninety percent of "White Supremacists" are jews, mongrels, homosexuals, perverts and ZOGbots. Dickie Spencer fits at least "fourer" if not a "fiver."

    It is hard to win against a public university and almst impossible to win "punative damages". I know. My first federal lawsuit was against a local state university for insulting a FBI profiler invited as a speaker back in 1993 over Waco. I cost them around $100,000 in legal fees but after five years the lawsuit was dismissed.

    Search "Kyle Bristow + Bryan Reo + Martin Lindstedt" and find out something useful.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    Default Editorial: Let the 1/8 jewboy mischling faggot racist speak, but no one smart has to listen

    Editorial: Let the 1/8 jewboy mischling faggot racist speak, but no one smart has to listen

    The Detroit News Published 10:40 p.m. ET Nov. 25, 2017


    In this 2015 file photo "Dickie Spencer" -- 1/8 jew mischling -- looks particularly faggy


    The University of Michigan could deny Richard Spencer a victory by agreeing to let the white nationalist speak on the Ann Arbor campus. Spencer was not looking for an audience when he asked to address the liberal campus; he was seeking a confrontation the school likely could not win.

    UM President Mark Schlissel and the regents who supported him disappointed Spencer in agreeing to enter talks aimed at finding a time and venue for the speech that would be the least disruptive and dangerous for students.

    Michigan State University chose a different path last spring in denying Spencer the right to speak on security grounds, and is now engaged in a lawsuit that is forcing the college to defend its commitment to free speech.

    While some regents, led by Democrat Denise Ilitch, argued for rejecting the request, Schlissel framed the controversy in just the right way.

    “Because of our position as a public university,” he said, “we really don’t have the option of censoring speech, nor would we want that option.”

    Talks will now get underway to protect the campus from the violent disruptions that have occurred at Spencer speeches.

    He was at the helm of the march of neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., this spring that turned into a riot and left one protester dead.

    Having cheated Spencer of the legal fight he relished, the UM community could further frustrate him by completely ignoring his event.

    He has a right to speak, but he doesn’t have a right to be listened to.

    As Republican Regent Andrea Fischer Newman noted: “Our principles will not be weakened by those who do not share them but rather strengthened and tempered by our resiliency in defending them.”

    Spencer and his small band of followers are intent on chaos. They know their speech will provoke passionate protests, and, quite possibly, violent clashes between his supporters and the protesters.

    But if nobody showed up, if life went on as normal at UM and Spencer appeared only before his rag-tag devotees, he likely would pack up and leave. What’s the point of being incendiary if nobody takes the bait?

    Schlissel and the regents should engage in an “Ignore Spencer” campaign aimed at encouraging students and others who might be inclined to protest to stay far away from the venue where he is speaking. Perhaps they could sponsor a unity rally at another site.

    Of course, the wild card is the anti-fascist activists who will show up, as they always do, to try to disrupt the speech. They are out for the same thing as Spencer: chaos.

    Ann Arbor and university officials should handle the antifa group the same way they do the white nationalists by putting rules in place to limit their ability to bring violence to the campus.

    What Spencer craves is to drag good people down to his despicable level. By letting the speech happen, but denying it an audience, the University of Michigan comes out the winner.


    Tell Me What To Do, O, Fearless/Dickless/Mindless Leader!!!!
    I Need A Zero!!!!!!

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