GRIDS Grindr Greggy Jewnson Mines Shekels from Tards in the Tech Industry

Here's a fascinating article about the secret world of Grids Grindr Greggy Jewnson's shekel mining operation, called the NWF or Northwest Forum. Sounds like he stole the name from Coonvington. Some ZOG tard was able to bypass "extreme vetting" and let us know what these faggots are up to. It's amazing how easy it is to attend one of these things, just by lying about your qualifications, and showing that you have an income that can provide them with shekels.

The meeting was in a Masonic Lodge. So now we know that Jewnson is probably a Mason, the boy scouts of the occult. No wonder he hates Christ, loves kikes, and is a homo. He might as well be a Creatard. I have to believe that Jewnson must be a Mason. Why else would the media protect him by not publishing his picture?

I will give, probably unwarranted credit, to Grindr Grids Greggy. He's way more clever than the other homo charlatan, Dickie Spenther. He knows how to have a "secret meeting." The meeting was originally scheduled for the library. A fashy fag tard stood in front of the library and told people to go to the Masonic Lodge across the street, where the real meeting was happening. That's how you have a secret meeting. Of course, when you're a Mason, they call off the dogs and no antifa show up.

When the fags entered the satanic Masonic lodge, Grindr Grids Greggy hits you with a surprise $40 entrance fee. I guess it goes without saying that you need to open your wallet at these things. The tard writer who infiltrated said there were 70-80 homos there, so that comes to around $3,000. Not bad for a day's work, of talk. They seem to be all tards from the tech industry.

The speaker for this particular meeting was Jared Fuckin' Taylor, probably the most milquetoast, least militant, gook worshiping speaker you could possibly have. WHAT.A.WASTE. A fool and his money are soon parted. That's not even worth $5. Even if dinner is included.

One interesting thing about this article, is that liberals can't distinguish a real Nazi from someone who is just supposedly "racist." They call everyone with racial ideas a "Nazi." They have no idea what's going on within the Movement. They just dismiss us all as "racists," or "Neo-Nazis."

I have to list some quotes from the article, because they are amazing and very instructive. Even these liberals, who are against us, can see through the BS in the movement. I have to give this liberal writer credit, some of this shit is gold:

They Want White Men To Cuck Out Like Faggots:
Speakers encouraged followers to take the Gandhi approach and continue getting punched in the face a la Richard Spencer. The media will have no choice but to turn to its side, their reasoning went. Taylor, Dr. Johnson, and the other speakers are all pretty married to this strategy. They also disapprove of their followers using ethnic slurs in public because it gives the media soundbites to latch onto.

They Allow Non-Whites Into Their Meetings:
I was never more aware that I was dealing with Seattle racists than when it came time for questions and people were asking the same kind of self-righteous, rambling, statement-questions you encounter at Town Hall. One of the questions came from an East Indian-Canadian. I don’t remember what he asked because I was too busy sharing confused looks with the Neo-Nazis. Right guys? WTF?

Boring as Hell Meetings with Nothing of Consequence Going On:
Without checking my recording, I wouldn't even have been able to remember who the other speakers at the forum were or what they said. It was actually kind of a letdown, and by the time the convention ended, the voyeuristic novelty of sneaking into a Nazi meeting had worn off. I was just bored in a Masonic Hall on Queen Anne. My interest picked up when Dr. Johnson, seated on a Masonic throne, announced that we would all be going to dinner at Buca di Beppo.

Meeting Attendees Go to Restaurant Where Niggers Work:
It also made me super uncomfortable having a black guy refill our water glasses, because it was like we were suddenly in The Man in the High Castle.

This is Just Funny. Some of the People Who Attend Are Militant:
“That movie Hidden Figures was bullshit,” a guy dressed like John Goodman in The Big Lebowski said out of nowhere. “We never went to the moon, Stanley Kubrick faked all of it.” Water almost squirted out of my nose and it was the closest I came all night to breaking character.

Even This Liberal Writer Tard Knows Harold Coonvington Is a Waste of Time:
The only local voice for white separatism was the laughably uncharismatic Harold Covington of Northwest Front, who according to Krafft, asks people for money immediately upon meeting them. Surprisingly, some white nationalist circles now hold Harold Covington in high regard. That's especially true among younger followers (including the church shooter Dylann Roof). His “racially aware” Northwest sci-fi novels are required reading among convention attendees. Some have read all of them. To prep for the forum, I planned on reading Covington's best-known works. I started with a young adult novel about a delinquent and his cheerleader girlfriend in the Seattle race war, but gave up after forty pages because the book is unreadable.