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Thread: TRS founder Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich was exposed as being a Russian Jew.

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    Default TRS founder Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich was exposed as being a Russian Jew.

    TRS founder Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich was exposed as being a Russian Jew.


    Viewing the source behind the web archive from 2014 reveals something amazing.

    This article is Part 1 of an ongoing series about the TRS scandal.
    See also: Part 2.

    Order of Battle

    As you all are aware, Mike Enoch, now revealed to be actually Michael ‘Enoch’ Peinovich, is the founder of the website The Right Stuff, which opened in 2012 and hosts the popular and dubiously overwrought podcasts Fash the Nation and The Daily Shoah.

    The Right Stuff has spent the entirety of the past four years serving up piping-hot reactionary narratives all of which just so happen to serve the geostrategic agenda of the architects of Russian foreign policy by carrying out Active Measures, American domestic honeypot agenda of the FBI, and the Israeli security agenda.

    But if anyone had pointed that out before today, such a person would have been called ‘paranoid’ and even ‘insane’. After today however, such a person would simply be called ‘well informed’.

    Note: The name ‘Pejnovic’ has a diaspora in 20 countries worldwide and has its highest concentration in Zagreb, Gospic and Klenovac, Croatia. It is found in small numbers in Peru, in the United States, and in the Russian Federation. ‘Peinovich’ is a Russian-Jewish variant that found its way into the diaspora of the United States and in Argentina.

    The whole saga leading up to the revelation of Enoch’s real identity, started after Red Ice Radio hosted a show on 26 December 2016 in which Reactionary Jew was invited on as a guest and Lana Lokteff asked the audience to give them feedback on whether right-wing Jews have a place in the supposedly ethno-nationalist political scene that has recently been emerging in the west.

    This question was of course met with outrage from various quarters as would be expected. But what was truly interesting was that many of the users and even some global moderators at The Right Stuff began to respond to that provocative question in the affirmative. That was met with deep suspicion by everyone, because it is suspicious.

    The controversy and trolling then moved to 4chan /pol/, which is basically the wild west. People from The Right Stuff orchestrated a two week long posting and sliding campaign in which non-stop wall-to-wall pro-Israel propaganda posts and threads were created by them. 4chan /pol/ moderators then began banning all of the TRS people who were doing that, and the details of the bans were then taken back to the TRS forums and presented there.

    This is just an example of some of the things that the TRS people were putting up:

    I am The Librarian

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    Default The “Make America Jew” White Nationalist Hall of Shame

    The “Make America Jew” White Nationalist Hall of Shame


    DESPITE all of the EVIDENCE that Donald Trump was an AGENT and ASSET of BOTH American & INTERNATIONAL Jewry, prominent White Nationalists used the Movement to mobilize hard working White working class people to put Trump into office. DESPITE the fact that ALL of Trumps children are sleeping with and procreating with Jews and ALL of Trump’s grandchildren are JEWS AND DESPITE the fact that ALL of Trump’s non family executives in the Trump Organization are Jews and DESPITE the fact that Trump supports the Jewish “LGBTQ” Agenda including having NON-GENDER specific restrooms at Trump Tower, meaning a hairy man may share the potty with your little girl and Trump is fine with it because, as he says ” its settled by the Supreme Court”.

    DESPITE all of the evidence of Trump’s Jewishness, which would have excluded anyone else from membership in any legitimate White Nationalist Entity , nearly ALL of the “White Nationalist” “Leaders”, “Spokesmen” and assorted self-appointed internet Pubahs directed people to vote and “Make America Jewish” on the sole basis of Trump verbally beating up Mexicans. What a cast of fools they and you all are.

    As a result, NOT only has Trump named his hyper Zionist Jew son-in-law Jared Kushner, Trump appointed Kushner as his main White House Counselor, to make sure Jewish Interests are safe guarded

    See yours truly’s commenst Re: Kushner :


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    Default Andrew Anglin tries to rehab Mike Enoch

    Andrew Anglin tries to rehab Mike Enoch



    Birds of a feather flock together, and scum swirls in the same eddy of current. Serial race mixer and racial treason defender Andrew Anglin, most often known for his misogynist hatred of White women, is now attempting to rehabilitate part Jew Mike ‘Enoch’ Peinovich, who was exposed as being Jewish and having a Jewish wife. I believe there’s more than just the profit motive at work here.

    Dr. Pierce used to tell me that it was good that there were amoral, unethical, and standardless collections of people with whom we’d prefer not to associate, since such persons tend to attract one another and create collectives of rubbish. That meant that we didn’t have to worry about having to weed them out of our things. We just had to be careful and make sure not to tie ourselves to them.

    Andrew Anglin wants Peinovich to be forgiven, and for DS and TRS to have firmer ties together. I think that’s a great idea, I like it when our enemies are tightly grouped, too.

    There’s an excellent exposition of this latest kikery on the Purity Spiral forum, under the discussion thread ‘Andrew Anglin facilitates the Enoch question’, here.

    My belief is that this move by Anglin is tied to him being sued by the SPLC. Peinovich has offered to support Anglin in exchange for some mutual back-rubbing, as foreplay.

    It’s another clear coalescing of the Alt Lite as becoming a separate bird entirely not just from White Nationalism, but the otherwise hardening and radicalizing Alt Right, as well. Clear lines are being drawn, as they should be, and people are ultimately going to have to choose a side. Do you support race mixers and homosexuals and Jews, or are you White? It seems easy enough, doesn’t it?

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    Worked with Federal Informant Rick Spring to sell Aryan Nations Applications to the $PLC & OPP


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    Default Mike “The Kike” Enoch Finally Comes Clean, Releasing His 23andMe Results – No Surprises Here!

    The Daily $permer



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