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Thread: BrushFires On-Line -- Proposal & Permission

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    Default BrushFires On-Line -- Proposal & Permission

    Proposal Linking Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Churches


    Quote Originally Posted by At 06:59 PM 1/26/2009 -0500, [b]Gerhardt[/b] wrote:
    >Good luck on the forums. Also let me know how the case comes along, I
    >understand it is still pending.
    My case is still pending. Preliminary hearing Feb. 27, 2009. The crooked judge will let it go through unless I can throw a few obstacles in the way. Probably even then.

    You send out e-mails with your Brushfire On-Line reports. So, let me make the following proposal:

    That I open up an area on my forum for 'legal' work and that you or I post your e-mail newsletters there, both past, present and future. There will be a sub-forum in which you only post, another sub-forum in which your email newsletters are displayed that only you and I can post to add to them, and a sub-forum in which registered users can post and make comments on your newsletters and other legal matters.

    So this will lend a place where you can archive your past newsletters, post new ones, and maintain complete editorial control over your work while you get another place for you to display whatever you think you wish to display. You will also have a place where you can post that which you want to decide is to be done and no-one gainsays you, and another sub-forum in which you bring the matters up to debate. This forum of three sub-forums would be essentially a web page of your own with the features of a forum/blog. Your work would essentially stand alone in and of itself.

    Now if you don't wish to go this far, but do wish for your old newsletters to be displayed as on a web page then that can be done. If you don't mind those reading to comment on their own forum about legal activity on another forum, then that can be done as well. You would have full control over your forum and sub-forum, and I certainly have no intention of doing anything other than benefitting from the increased traffic flow.

    I think I'm far more radical than you in doing what needs to be done. As I look at it, I'm fighting a war against ZOG/Babylon. But we do need someone who is far more moderate in dealing with the ZOG prisoncrats with our POWs. If you have your own independent forum then I won't have to pay attention to any howling about you helping the Wodenists and Asturu bunch who are political allies as well. There are some among the DSCI bunch who might bitch about 'helping a bunch of godless pagans' and I'd just as soon have you ignore them. If you have your own independent forum, then you can do your work and I can do mine and the other pastors can do their own thing. What I propose is building a network in which the heavy lifting is directed to those in each region responsible for their own church and their own ministry.

    If nothing else, I'm offering you web space so that more people can read your e-zine. You could have no responsibility at all if you wish. Just send what you need posted and I'll slap it up as is on a subforum. If you want more responsibility and involvement, then you can run your subforum as you please. Essentially I am offering you another web site to display e-text for the general public to see. I do not want any editorial control.

    If you want, go to


    and log in so you can become a user to whom is given administrator privileges.

    Send an e-mail as to whether you want one display only for newsletter sub-forum, another sub-forum set only for you to write to for announcements, and another sub-forum in which the registered users can post their comments or articles. Tell me what you want to name these sub-forums. Legal Work? POW support? Brushfires On-line? And what text you want to go with what you title the forums. You can go to my forum or check out Pastor Visser's as a template.
    I've borrowed ideas to modify by looking at how Visser did his.


    I am sending a similar e-mail to Pastor Jay Faber and his allied DSCI churches. Each state church should have a display sub-forum, an executive forum, and a discussion forum.

    Some DSCI Churches like Pastor Vissser already have an advanced forum and web page set up. So they don't need me particularly. It would be nice if we maintained links so that people in Georgia looking for a DSCI minister could meet with Pastor Visser and people in New York/New Jersey could meet up with Pastor Faber. I myself live on the edges of what is the densest concentration of CI folk in Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas and am a political pastor in any case. I have no interest in bringing aboveground the two or three underground churches within 30 miles I know of and really see no point to it. They know what they believe and if they want new sermons then they can log onto the Internet and get their own. Pastor Visser produces consistent DSCI sermons.

    What I am interested in is cutting down the heresy level as well. Most of us are First Generation DSCI. As our overall Church grows, we need to present a united unified doctrine over a decentralized church. Ninety percent of what we believe should be standardized as to what Bertrand Comparet taught and fixed by 1967. There are Western and Southern and now a new Eastern regions of the Church and it would be best if we had a centralized doctrine with a decentralized Church. Otherwise we will be divided amongst ourselves even when ZOG falls and Christ returns.

    Web server space is cheap. I have one paid up for the next 23 months. The economic news is getting dire. I think we should make hay while the sun shines.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    I am The Librarian

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    Default Permission to Post Brush-Fires On-Line E-Mails

    Permission to Post Brush-Fires On-Line E-Mails


    Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 09:55:13 -0500
    Subject: Re: Re2: Linking Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Churches
    From: John Gerhardt (johnwgerhardt@gmail.com)
    To: Martin Lindstedt (mlindste@mo-net.com)

    Good luck on the hearing. Remember you should get credit for the time you were confined in the nut house. The time has already been served at least that much.

    As for posting what we send out, if you wish to do that, that will be fine. The Brush Fires Online items some times are passed along by others or posted elsewhere, most don't even tell me, that that it matters. Having it as a web page on your site is OK. Send me a link to this when you set it up. I doubt I'll get inovlved in any of the online chat deals or commentaries, generally don't with most, don't have time for it. Choose as you wish, which ones to post. Generally I ask that only the Brush Fires Online be shared, which is most of what we send out, LibRA Associates Online is more a membership thing. At times when requests for letters or phone calls for one or another have went out, have restricted it to the online membership because of the better screening which goes into admitting into membership, the more public forums go to various & sundry people of different persuasions & purposes, not all always friendly. I think you are on both lists. Just pay attn to the header, it will say either one or the other before the title, etc, is come to.

    Yes, we need different approaches hopefully working in sync, there really never was "just one way" to do this. Many fail to see this. Some get caught up in one in which they're involved, try to get support for that, then fail to see the difference between pointing out the merits of one approach & promoting it as the only one. I'll rarely publicly comment on what others do. Some are just plain stupid & counter prioductive, we both know that. Others aren't, just a different angle.

    As for the ones who get hostile over pagans in something (or conversely hostile over christians in something, it goes both ways), what I've done on occasion is point out that thsoe with prison ministries don't have the expertise or resources to effectively counter repression, nor are likely to any time soon, pooling resources is a better approach, respecting the right of others to the free exercise of religion of ones choice. The merits (or lack thereof) of one over another can be discussed in different forums. Looking at what we are up against, the "pc" bunch only cares about separatism v universalism. Become universalist, promote the "pc" agenda, the opposition vanishes. Ever notice that? What becomes precedent for one, whether favorable or unfavorable, becomes precedent for another. But then we can get away with this, LibRA is intentionally secular. At times I've tried to point out that experience gained in prisoner advocacy in due time can & will be used for civil rights issues for those of our people outside prison.
    I am The Librarian

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