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Thread: Judge Roy Moore & Trump vs gliberal whigger Democrat, the globalist jews and RINO-cucks

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    Default Judge Roy Moore & Trump vs gliberal whigger Democrat, the globalist jews and RINO-cucks

    Judge Roy Moore & Trump vs gliberal whigger Democrat, the globalist jews and RINO-cucks



    In what looks like being a major Pyrrhic victory, the Democrat Party has narrowly won the Alabama Senate race, according to exit polls, with their candidate Doug Jones managing to squeak past Roy Moore, a pariah candidate who has successfully been painted as a "racist pedo" by the media and disowned by many in his own Republican party.

    Despite this extremely negative image being successfully spread for months through the media, the Democrats were still unable to win the White vote, with Moore getting 74% of White male votes and 65% of White females.

    It was only thanks to a massive Obama-style turnout by the state's Black population that "racist pedo" Roy Moore could be defeated, with 92% of Black men and 97% of Black women voting against him, according to exit polls.



    Even with all this arrayed against him, Moore is still refusing to concede defeat, as the vote count is still so close that Moore could be entitled to call for a recount. In Alabama, if the margin of victory is under 0.5 points, a candidate can ask for a recount.

    As there have been rumours of huge voter fraud and ballot stuffing in "urban" areas, a recount could well uncover irregularities in the voting process, while also reversing what is still a paper thin margin of victory for the Dems.

    But whether the Dems hang on or Moore still manages to find a way to victory, the take home message here is that the Dems are so unpopular that they even have trouble competing against someone widely perceived of as a KKK-supporting kiddie diddler. This does not augur too well for the mid-terms.

    The other take home message is that the Dems are even more dependent on the Black vote than they were under Obama, something that can only help to push US politics increasingly into the realm of ethnopolitics, as long predicted by the Alt-Right.


    We Survived the Post-Charlottesville Internuts Fuktardocaust


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    Angry The Doug Jonesifuckation Of Dixie

    The Doug Jonesifuckation Of Dixie


    America UnMoored: Roy Moore and the Battle for the Soul of America
    by Ehud Would December 15, 2017

    The initial tally is concluded and according to the figures at hand, Blacks voted in near unanimity (96%) against the Christian candidate Roy Moore and for Doug Jones, who can only be called a secular satanist.

    Rather than acknowledge this as conclusive evidence of the apostasy of the Black church, and a profound occasion for sackcloth and ashes, both the GOP leadership and supposed Christian outlets have erupted in perverse glee. I mean, really, the title alone “How #BlackWomen Saved Evangelicalism” is not just an inversion of reality and a spectacle of obscene schadenfreude; it’s overt blasphemy.

    Despite two thirds of the White votes going to Moore (a landslide by any measure), half of his White base apparently stayed home. He literally got half the votes as Trump and Sessions in the elections preceding. This means, outside the instances of Soros operatives destroying and discarding validly cast ballots, the totally transparent smear campaign of the culture vultures worked on the White Christian electorate.

    Worse than this, though, and no doubt responsible for that abdication in large measure, the enemy-occupied pulpits uniformly broke against Moore too, in favor of Jones. The Christian clerisy somehow concluded that the sudden barrage of allegations against Moore, which coincidentally all came from Democrat women (some actually employed by the DNC), were more credible than Moore’s sterling reputation and testimony.

    We needn’t go into detail of how the first claimant — the one with the “Can I talk to a manager?” haircut — now admits to having forged her only bit of evidence, or how the second claimant’s allegation that Moore locked her in a car using childproof locks which would not exist till a decade hence. Neither need we delve into the fact that the friends who confirm each other’s stories, Corfman and Rutenberg-Davis, are liberal Jews (what are the odds, right?) courting the stereotypical hatred of all things Christian.

    Neither do we need additional confirmation of the Leftist penchant for voter fraud, but Project Veritas has confessions of Democrat officials on film: the DNC and assorted community organizer groups like ACORN bus people around the country to vote fraudulently in local elections all the time. And what do we find in the run-up to this Alabama special election? Online postings by the DNC calling out Black voters from other states to subvert elections. And the evidence shows, of course, that it is (((the usual suspects))) behind it.

    Did I mention that even those not yet proven to be hoaxers have zero proof of their stories? Stories which they sat on for decades throughout all Moore’s battles against the Feds, all his high-profile stands for the law of God, and his public floggings by the Bar? Really?

    Folks, this is ridiculous. Roy Moore is the most Christian — and dare I say theonomic — candidate for high office we’ve seen in our lifetimes. And knowing our enemies’ M.O., there is no way not to side with him.

    Then there are those who’ve taken up the incomprehensible stance of David Bahnsen that the real moral case against Moore is that he is a theonomist! Yes, the heir of Greg Bahnsen, champion of God’s law for society, says Moore’s fealty to God’s law is the precise grounds for shunning him! Think of what sort of G forces are being generated as his father spins in his grave!

    Alas, though he spurn the higher law and declare himself to have no god but Caesar, Bahnsen the Lesser is not lacking for company. Eight out of ten American ministers profess a similar sentiment.

    This is the penultimate tragedy here — that the church has been commandeered by hard-left humanists. The American pulpit preaches alien gods and alien ethics, and the result is a scattered flock. Whether it’s the #MeToo feminist feinting couch theatrics, the atavistic predilection of Blacks against anything reminiscent of traditional Christian America (not to mention White people), or the revanchism of the Mestizo horde, our people could weather them all. But if the Church is subjugated to the worldview of her enemies, we are undone before every one of these threats.

    Nothing threatens the life of the nation more than this. And this election proved it: if those claiming Christ are aligned with all the forces of hell against His dominion, overwhelm by aliens is assured. So warns the Scripture, as well as the amnesty question upon which this election largely hung. It is taking shape before our very eyes now — if the Church can be shamed out of the polling booth, or (God forbid) shamed into voting against their own folk and faith, it has become salt without savor and shall be trampled under the feet of strangers. If herded by wolves, the sheep go only to the slaughter.

    Yes, demographics is destiny. Whereby this election affirms anew the verity of the vengeance of the covenant (Lev. 26:25). Our people will see no renewal and no return to normalcy apart from reclaiming the soul of the Church in America. Moore’s entire legacy represents fealty to God over the arbitrary tyranny of men. And this is the question upon which the fate of our race shall be decided. The central battle rages not at the polls but prior, in the hearts of our people. That is where the battle must be foremost met. It is not foremost a political battle, but a theological one.


    — Ehud Would

    Ehud Would is a Conservative Presbyterian of Scandian-Germano-Celtic background and a refugee from the reconquista state of Southern California, who having recently followed the Northwest Imperative, resettled his family in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where he pursues writing, illustration, medical administration, and presides as an elected official.


    Cuckfederate to English translation: "Oh, well, folks." "Guess we're just fucked." "May as well crawl off into a corner with our Confederate flags and jack off on our pictures of Goody Goody Jeebus until the Enemy comes to round us all up and chop our heads off."

    And, btw, guys, lest you judge this guy by his first name and assume he's some kind of crypto-kike infiltraitor in the Southern Nationalist movement, and, therefore, NOT representative of the majority of so-called Southern Nationalists, check out the following Roy Moore-related article, written by Jacob Tyler, the son of prominent Southern Nationalist, Rick Tyler:



    I’d like to preface this with the reminder to all the psychotically hypocritical lemmings who loathe Moore and feign outrage about the allegations against him but give a free pass to Dennis Hastert, Jeffrey Eppstein, the Clintons, etc., etc., etc. need only disregard this post–which is directed at people that are still sane and not given over to a reprobate mind and strong delusion.

    With that out of the way, those of you to whom this does apply might take this as a black pill. But it’s not. It’s actually a white pill, depending on whether or not you can recognize the truth in what I’m saying.

    Roy Moore, sadly, was not successful and Commie clown, in Doug Jones, was – don’t be too disappointed. We as a nation and as a people are in unfathomably desperate need of a TRUE revival of positively biblical proportions.

    Nothing short of that is going to stay this execution. God has, time and time again used wicked rulers as means of bringing his wayward servants and children back into the fold and humbling them at the foot of his throne. “The stranger shall rise up above you” has clear ethnic connotations, but it can just as readily apply in an ideological sense as well.

    The Lord chasteneth whom he loveth, and that we are obviously being chastened as a people should be a white pill to us, however bitter it may be to swallow.

    By all means, stay awake. Stay aware. Be alert. (The world needs all the lerts it can get, after all. ) But realize that the solution to our nation’s woes is not so much political as it is spiritual.

    We mustn’t be so heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good, and keeping our feet on the ground is of the utmost importance. But they must be planted firmly upon the rock of truth, in all its forms if we are to see meaningful change in our favor in our lifetime.

    This is not to say that we should pay no attention to politics. Grassroots activism is the epitome of “praying with our hands on the plow” and “acting as if it’s all up to us while praying as it is all up to God.” But we must not hang our hats on the campaigns, political or otherwise, of fallen men and remember that “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keeps the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”

    Time and time again, we are denied elected officials who would be statesmen, rather than politicians, and however flawed they are in their own right, are far and away far more legitimate representatives of our volk than the Yankee, carpetbagger, scalawag, swamp-dwelling, kosher whores in DC. But if you would know, Southern man, why this is so, then we need look no further than within ourselves.

    The truth of the matter is that America, and yes, even our beloved Dixie does not DESERVE a Ron Paul. Or a Roy Moore. It certainly doesn’t deserve men that would go the whole distance politically, like my father, Rick Tyler, (of Make America White Again billboard fame) or our venerated Southron statesmen of yore like Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens and many others.

    Nor will we, until we as a group and as individuals not merely acknowledge and heed the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14, but take them to heart and act upon them. +++

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    Author’s post-script:

    If you need historical context more recent than Biblical precedent, than I would submit to the enquiring mind the plentiful documentation available to us today of the pivotal and quintessential role of traditional Christianity in the lives of not just the soldiers who fought and the southern people in general, but an overwhelming majority of our most esteemed and venerated Southern leaders like Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and many others.

    A few of the fascinating and illuminating titles on the topic of which I’m aware are both shown below and linked for your convenience.

    The titles shown, should you wish to check them out can be purchased from some fine purveyors of unreconstructed literature here:

    Stonewall’s Chaplain:
    Chaplains In Gray:
    Christ In the Camp:
    Christian Character of Lee (Audio Lecture):


    So there you have it, folks: Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson were wunnerfool, wunnerfool Christians, therefore, if we want to be worthy of their memory, we have to be good little pussyfists, ala Romans 13, and allow mobs of savage jungle apes to tear down their statues, and, for that matter, to dig up the graves of all our Confederate ancestors and shit, piss, and jack off on their bones. Goody Goody Jeebus done told 'em so.

    Now, do you see why I was so reluctant to officially "come out" as a Southern Nationalist, with WASTES OF FUCKING SKIN like these out there using the same term to describe themselves, not to mention mere attention whores like Hill The Shill and Cunthair Walrus?

    Make no mistake about it, folks: Whenever you hear somebody saying something along the lines of "The REAL problem is spiritual and theological, rather than political.", what they REALLY mean is that they just realized that they can't VOTE themselves out of their problems, and they're too goddamned CHICKENSHIT to FIGHT their way out, so they're just gonna give up and pretend that God wouldn't allow it to happen, because we were all just wicked, evil sinners.

    But this kind of thinking is WAY too common among the old codgers of the Right. I've just about come to the conclusion that every White man over the age of 50, besides Lindstedt and Louis Beam (assuming he's still alive) is just plain chickenshit. And that's the main reason for the mess that we're in in the first place. PEOPLE KNOW DAMN GOOD AND WELL WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. THEY'RE JUST TOO FUCKING CHICKENSHIT TO DO IT!!!

    So, it's like this: I had originally intended to write my own little article about Roy Moore losing the election down in Alabama, and its implications for the future, but, when I clicked on the https://identitydixie.com link that was posted at the bottom of another thread in this section and came across not one, but TWO articles already written on the subject, I decided to just post them, with added commentary and my conclusion.

    All I will add on the subject of Roy Moore's defeat is the fact that those White people who SHOULD'VE turned out to support him stayed home because of fear of ECONOMIC DISCIPLINE at the hands of the jewsual suspects, should he have won. They damn near bled North Carolina dry, just for trying to keep tranny perverts from using the same bathrooms as little girls, so, needless to say, they would GLADLY have done the same thing to Alabama, should whiggers dare get so uppity as to defy their wunnerfool jewsmedia and actually pick a candidate who would vote in their own interests. That's the same way they managed to shove Snivel Writes down all our throats: THREATEN TO TAKE OUR JOBS AWAY IF WE DIDN'T ALL BEHAVE AND "LOVE THY NIGGER" LIKE GOOD LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS.

    So now we find ourselves where we are: UP SHIT CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE, AND ABOUT TO GO OVER THE FALLS. My cowardly comrades in the boat with me think me insane because I keep paddling with my hands, for all I'm worth, TOWARDS that roaring sound, rather than away from it. I can't wait to see the boat go over the falls, if for no other reason than to see THEM jump ship and start swimming for the shore for all they're worth, like the TWO-LEGGED RATS that they are.

    I'm not doing what I intend to do next spring because I actually think it will cause the South to somehow rise again. I know better. The South will NEVER be allowed to rise again, any more than Trump the Chump would ever be allowed to "Make America Great Again", assuming that he sincerely wanted to, which he doesn't. I've read THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION and I've read The Book Of Revelation and 2 Esdras, ---not to mention all of the minor prophets of the Old Testament,---so I know what's coming down the pike, and New Dixie ain't it. And, if New Dixie actually meant a new GOVERNMENT, then, hell, I wouldn't want that anyway. Be drooled over by the very sanctimonious suckpoops I've been bitching about for all these paragraphs? No thanks. Even ZOG isn't that bad---yet.

    All we've got to look forward to is WWIII breaking out in the Middle East, a nuclear war with China or North Korea or both, an EMP attack which takes down the power grid for weeks, or possibly months, and creates the conditions that will finally bring ZOG down, once and for all, ---although it will cost the majority of us our lives, as well,--- plagues, pestillences. natural disasters of every sort, and, finally, One-World Government under the Antichrist and the Mark Of The Beast, and then more persecution and death.

    Nobody can prove by any Bible verse I've read that there'll be even one Christian left alive at the time of Christ's return. As a matter of fact, The Book Of Revelation makes it VERY clear to me that every Christian on earth has to be martyred before Christ returns, with His Army of Avenging Angels, because that Army will be made up of formerly-living saints, put to death by the Antichrist. The Two Witnesses will be the last to go, and, after they're resurrected, that's when Christ returns.

    The "revival" that Rat Tyler squeaks of will not happen until after the EMP attack, when most of ZOGland's population will perish, but the Remnant that survives thank God for their salvation, and will refuse the Mark Of The Beast when offered to them. And, if he's half as Biblically-literate as he pretends to be, he KNOWS this, too. He's just using the Bible as an excuse for his own cowardice.

    The purpose of Fort Sumter 2 will be to simply separate the Southern Nationalist sheep from the goats. Because, once everybody sees how "radical" and "dangerous" we are and shits themselves over it, there will be a great hue and cry to outlaw the Confederate flag, and Coongress will heed that hue and cry, probably with a good number of Repulsivecunts voting to ban it. Then we'll see what kind of men these little Cuckfederate vermin REALLY are. I guarantee you every last one will hide behind their families and obey the law, like good little Cultural Bolshevists, for all their sanctimonious talk, rather than fly/wear the Confederate flag in any way, shape, or form. They're not only too chickenshit to die, they're too chickenshit to go to prison, too. After all, their Goody Goody Jeebus might not protect them from getting their cuckish little bungholes stretched out.

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