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Thread: 32d Missouri Senatard Seat / Race 2018

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    Default 32d Missouri Senatard Seat / Race 2018

    Front-Runner Charlie Davis withdraws from 32d State Senatardial Race to Run 4 Jasper County Clerk

    by Lee Ann Murphy
    Posted January 22, 2018 @ 5:57pm


    A well-fed Charlie Davis speaks at the Newton County Republican
    Watermelon Feed in August 2017 when he was running for State Senatard


    JOPLIN — Until last week, Charlie Davis (R), current Missouri State Representative from the 162nd district, was one of three candidates for the Missouri 32nd District Senate seat currently held by Ron Richard (R) of Joplin.

    Davis announced his withdrawal from the race and decided he would run for the office of Jasper County Clerk, an office currently held by Marilyn Baugh. Baugh has decided not to seek reelection.

    The news surprised many who follow area political campaigns, including Baugh.

    David issued a press release and posted a statement on his Facebook page.

    “As I am sure everyone is aware by now I have decided to run for Jasper County Clerk and not the Missouri Senate,” Davis stated. “It was a difficult decision but the right one. I have preached for decades about the responsibility of family to take care of family. My parents, in-laws and grandparents are a time in their lives where they need some extra TLC. I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t put family first.“

    Davis has served Jasper County residents as their state representative since first being elected in 2010. This term will be his last as a state representative due to term limits.

    “The integrity of our election system has been an issue I have fought for during my 8 years in the Missouri House of Representatives and that will carry over into my role as County Clerk, as that position is the chief election officer in our county,” Davis said. “I am so blessed to have been able to serve Jasper County in the Missouri legislature and I look forward to fighting for what is right in the Jasper County Court House. I thank you all for supporting me for the past 8 years and I pray for your support during this race for County Clerk.“

    He also stated that his wife, Laura, supports him 100% in whatever he pursues. “My wife, Laura, has been my rock for 26 years. She loves politics but loves it even more so because of what public service means to me.“

    Davis’ withdrawal from the 32nd district Missouri Senate election currently leaves two other candidates in the race. Missouri State Representative Bill White, (R), currently holds the representative seat for the 161st district. Like Davis, he will reach term limits so has chosen to seek the Senate seat. The other candidate is political newcomer, Conon Gillis, Neosho, a Green Party candidate.

    White’s campaign manager announced last week that White has raised $227,000 as of the last fundraising quarter.

    Gillis, a government and history teacher at Neosho High School, is making his first run for office. At 29, he is the youngest candidate in the race and will turn 30, the minimum age necessary to serve as a Missouri State Senator, prior to the general election.

    At this time, no Democratic or third party candidates have filed for the Missouri 32nd District Senate election. Deadline to file is March 27, 2018. The primary election this year takes places on Tuesday, August 7 and the general election will be held on November 6, 2018.

    Richard, the current Missouri Senator from the 32nd District, cannot seek reelection due to term limits.


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    Default Hawley to McCaskill: I've got the trailer, so let's debate

    Hawley to McCaskill: I've got the trailer, so let's debate



    (From the Josh Hawley campaign)

    After decades in politics, Missourians realize that Senator McCaskill cares more about her next election than those who are voting for her. McCaskill seems to have decided that she is owed her seat, just like Democrats think they are owed the majority in the Senate.

    Senator, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Public service is decided by the people. You have to earn it.

    If McCaskill actually thinks she still understands the needs of Missourians, I’m giving her a chance to prove it by debating me one on one. That’s why I am traveling the state calling on Senator McCaskill to debate me on the real issues affecting Missouri.

    I have set up a truck and trailer, and I'm ready to meet her - anytime, anywhere.

    My message is this: Senator, you simply need to agree to a time and place, (whether it’s a courthouse or airport tarmac to meet your plane), and I’ll be ready.

    She can either accept my offer to debate, or she can admit that she’s just as out of touch as we’ve assumed.

    It’s time for Missouri to see firsthand who is the best voice in Washington for our Heartland values.


    Posted by Randy at 4:32 PM SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2018



    Cousin Swillis Gumpf said:

    It is so very nice when a young corporate lawyer letting so much corruption flourish in Missouri while letting the Missouri courts run wild in jailing much of the population is going to fight Claire McCaskill for "being out of touch." I suppose we must listen again about how the boy lawyer made coffee while the bigger corporate lawyers defended Hobby Lobby before the Supremes.

    And he wants a debate. Wonder why he didn't practice up on the eight-candidate field in the Republican primaries while he had a chance to do so? Maybe he was awaiting his coronation as the Party nominee?

    7:04 PM



    Anonymous said...

    Didn't Missouri just go through the painful process of removing one of these "Wonder Children" from office?

    5:47 AM



    A much better venue for the debate / Pastor Martin Lindstedt said...

    Maybe Josh "Howdy-Doody" Hawley could ask Claire McCaskill to debate him in a Republican-friendly venue so that Claire doesn't mop up the floor with the Boy Corporate Lawyer who fetched coffee for the bigger corporate lawyers who wrote the briefs in the Hobby Lobby case before the Supremes. (Me, I've already heard it whenever Howdy-Doody Hawley opens his yap during a campaign stump speech.)

    How about holding the debate in Rear-Echilon Mike-Foxtrot ex-Navy Seal & ex-Governor of Missouri Eric Greitens' "Oafishul Navy Seal Family Values BDSM Rape Dungeon Basement"? I'm sure the Greitens wife and kiddies can be sent out to get some ice-cream while the news media televises the debate.

    But first we need to set up some Debate Rules:

    1.) No coerced oral sex.

    2.) All debate participnts must keep theys' clothes on. Nobody sane or non-perverted wants to see what either of them great master debaters gots.

    Other than that why not just go along with anything goes, no holds (or holes) barred (or bared), and the Devvil take the hindermost.

    Such a modest proposal.

    11:59 AM


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