Reveille For Tweedledum and Tweedledee --
The Pagan and Christian Schism In The White Folk Cause

Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 10:41:26 -0500
From: "John Gerhardt" <>
To: "Martin Lindstedt" <>
Subject: The Essay For Which The Feds Admit They Put Gary Yarbrough In Supermax

BRUSH FIRES ONLINE -- The Essay For Which The Feds Admit They Put Gary Yarbrough In Supermax

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
– Samuel Adams, Father of the American Revolution .

"It is not in numbers but in unity that our great strength lies."
- Thomas Paine

"Political correctness is a form of bigotry behind which cowards hide."
- James Von Brunn

"It behooves every man who values liberty of conscience for himself, to resist invasions of it in the case of others; or their case may, by a change of circumstances, become his own."
- Thomas Jefferson

"In all ages, hypocrites, called priests, have put crowns upon the heads of thieves, called kings."
- Robert G Ingersoll

"One cannot free oneself by bowing to the yoke, but by breaking it."
- Carl Gustav Jung

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."
-- David Lane


As an attachment you will find a copy of an internal memo of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which was scanned and uploaded to enable us to share it with you. It is among several documents pertaining to Gary Yarbrough's transfer to the fed supermax in Florence, CO, which were released. The memo is dated Sept 14, 2007, or last year, at about the time the BOP was getting ready to transfer Order POW, political prisoner and LibRA member Gary Yarbrough from USP Terre Haute to the federal supermax in Florence, Colorado. All while Gary was being told that he was going to receive a lower security classification and be moved to a lower security level prison, for which he definitely qualifies. You can write Gary at:

Gary Yarbrough, 09883-016
Admax USP
PO Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226

The incredible part is the reason the feds stated for transferring Gary to the supermax prison. Because of the following article or essay he wrote last summer. Note their main concern on the last line of the attached: "His most recent writings set aside Christian Identity/Pagan differences and unite for their cause." Gary's hope is that his essay may ease some of the division within the pro-Eurofolk cause over differences over religious beliefs. I know, this is lengthy, you may want to park it for reading later, but for now at least read my commentary after the essay and be sure to look at the attached BOP document. I may not agree with some of what Gary wrote, and I'm sure neither will some of you. But, if you are among the few who may not only disagree with but become upset over some of what Gary wrote, then, again, at least read the commentary after the essay and look at the memo--and note how intensely fed zoglodytes and the appointed "pc" thought cops hate and fear the specter of unity in a common cause amlong our people, and remember the harsh punishment to which Gary is being subjected for having written this essay.

John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate
Liberty Rights Advocates
PO Box 713
Johnstown, OH 43031


Reveille For Tweedledum and Tweedledee
The Pagan and Christian Schism In The White Folk Cause

By Gary Lee Yarbrough

I have actively served our racial cause since 1976. I have experienced and studied this cause in depth so that I may better serve and advise those that follow me, so that they in turn may improve upon our cause and its mission. I started out as a Klansman/National Socialist, but soon became attracted to the Identity segment of our folk cause. Identity seemed to me the best platform and most plausible venue for our racial victory. However, I noticed that there were schisms among the various sects professing the Identity faith. So I studied the issues behind the schisms to attempt reconciliation, because I believe in the old adage that a house divided cannot prevail. I take Matthew 5:9 to heart and consider myself a peace keeper. One major schism in Identity was the dual seedline doctrine of Genesis 3:15, and those who oppose this doctrine. I soon discovered both sides of this division to be in error and that the truth lay somewhere between.

I was a member of Pastor Butler's Aryan Nations, an umbrella organization designed to bring the various segments of our folk cause together for social fellowship and so that we might be more effective in opposition to the enemy of or common cause. Butler knew that for our race to be victorious our folk, as one race, must work together in unity regardless of petty doctrinal or philosophical differences. I credit Pastor Butler with instilling in me the spirit of peace maker. Butler's Aryan Nations was very successful, and for a few years it was the most popular and effective racial organization in the world. Aryan Nations was our enemy's worst nightmare coming to reality. Therefore the enemies of our folk concentrated all their resources and efforts upon destroying this little organization in the woods of Northern Idaho. Our enemies most effective protocol is "divide and conquer." They have utilized this tactic quite effectively for over 8,000 years. Since Butler united Klansmen, National Socialists, Pagans, Christians, Creators, and Skinheads, our enemy simply exploited the philosophical diversity of these segments, creating wedges and driving them between them. Other tactics were utilized, but this one was most effective. Aryan Nations was destroyed, and the Identity faith was infiltrated, subverted, and undermined by "Jewdeo" Christians who brought much of their bastardized churchianity with them. So much so that the term "Identity" no longer applied. Still, the three most prolific segments of our cause today remain the Pagans, Skins and Identity sects. In the interest of our folk cause, being the peace maker that I am, I intend to show once and for all that there should be no strife, no division, no schism between Pagans and Identity Christians. And the schism between these philosophies is nothing more than our racial enemies' tactic of divide and conquer. And that those of the racial cause who perpetuate this schism are in fact ignorant, delusional, or agent provocateurs attempting to sabotage our folk cause.

Often, well meaning but irrational people on both sides of this schism say or make accusations that are wholly derived from dogmatic narrow mindedness. Largely they spout off having no idea of what they are really talking about. For instance, recently my brother and friend David Lane passed away. It was brought to my attention that some "holier-than-thou" so-called Identity pastor claimed that David was burning in hell for being a Pagan. Mind you, this "pastor" had never met David, yet he judged and condemned him to burn in hell for all eternity. Remember, as I said, Jewdeo bastards have highjacked the Identity cause. I mean to evict every one of them. Firstly, the belief in a place called Hell being defined as a place where non-Christians and the wicked go after death to be tortured and burned through all eternity is a Jewdeo concept, not a Biblical tenet. All true Identity Christians know this. Secondly, David was more upright than many professing Christians I have met. This "pastor" believes in a god so vain everyone must bow to him or suffer burning forever? That is no god, that is a psychopath! Certainly not the god of the Bible. To be fair, there are narrow-minded dogmatists on both sides of this schism, and as stated above I find the truth usually lies somewhere between. David did manage to bring a lot of condemnation upon himself by not distinguishing Identity Christians from the bastardized jewdeo kick-offs. Early on, David thought the Bible was a product of the Jewish mind. Towards the end he realized this was not the case, and he hoped to heal the rift between Pagans and Identists. He died before he addressed this issue, so I'm doing it for him. The holier-than-thou "pastor" mentioned above, like a lot of others, may not have been aware that David was adopted by Jewdeo Christian foster parents and forcefully separated from his siblings as well as force fed their bastardized brand of churchianity. Understandably, David hated and rebelled against anything remotely resembling Christianity or the Bible. I was close to and knew David petty well. I respected David as a brother even though we did not always see eye to eye. Another thing about David that many are unaware of is that our capture was very hard on David. I personally prefer to remember David from prior to our capture. David Lane dedicated his life to, and sacrificed his freedom for his folk. The Bible says there is no greater love and sacrifice than this. So who was more "Christ like," this dope of a "pastor" or David Lane? You decide.

Returning to the Pagan/Christian schism, and the intent of this writing, many Pagans and Christians do not realize just how closely involved and related they are. Some Christians slander Pagans for being Pagans; and Pagans slander Christians as practicing a religion of the Jews. So, lets examine the facts, for as previously stated, the truth lies somewhere between.

The meshing of Paganism and the faith of the Bible is so intertwined that it often cannot be distinguished apart. To remove one from the other is impossible. Firstly, lets determine what a Pagan is, because most folk today equate the term to Odinists. The Webster's Dictionary defines a Pagan "as a country dweller, a Heathen; esp. a follower of a polytheistic religion." A Heathen is defined as "an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the god of the Bible." Webster's is a bit ambiguous, but, a country dweller could be anyone of any faith. A polytheistic believer could easily describe early Israel, as evidenced by Genesis Chapter One Verse Twenty-Six: "And God said, let us make man in our likeness…" (Emphasis mine.) The use of the Semitic "el" as the title for "god" in this verse represents the common term for deity. The "el" is a member of the divine specie, just as "Adam" is a member of the specie of man. The capital "El" was the supreme deity of a pantheon of gods; i.e., the creator/father of the sons and daughters of God. El appears as the head of the pantheon of Ugarit in Canaan, that is Baalism. The "Elyon" ("most high") in Gen 14:18 is identified with the god worshipped by Malchizedek. (Also see Psalms 110:4; Heb 7:1 and 7:17-19.) So we see that early Israel was polytheistic Pagan itself. In fact, Yahweh and Baal were often given the very same attributes and worshipped with the same rituals, as clearly shown in Hosea chapter two verses two through thirteen which specifically refer to the nature/fertility sect described in Genesis chapter three. The serpent is a symbol of the nature and fertility oriented religion of Baalism, as evidenced by the archeological discovery of numerous ancient Near East texts. Many Israelites worshipped Baal-Peor of Moab, as shown in Numbers Chapter twenty-five. And the Massebah or Upright Stone mentioned in II Kings 3:2 was most likely a phallic symbol of Baalism. Baalism was attractive to Israelites because the faith if Israel evolved out of nature and fertility based phenomena. This fact is evidenced throughout the Bible for those who are not blinded by the dogmatic narrow-mindedness of priests who did not/do not always have the best interests of our folk or the truth on their agenda.

In the area of Biblical law one will note that all the blessings for obedience to, and the curses for disobedience to, the law in Deuteronomy chapter twenty-eight are all natural phenomena. This is no coincidence. One would also note that the punishments meted out by god to the allegorical serpent, Adam, and Eve in Genesis chapter three is all nature and fertility oriented phenomena. It is not the nature/fertility faith itself that Israel opposes, but that some of these sects had racially mixed adherents that participated in the annual ritual re-enactment of the fertility myth, which contained sexual elements. Israel was adamantly opposed to miscegenation. This is the proper interpretation of Genesis chapter three.

There are a number of extra-Biblical law codes that parallel the Bible. The first ancient Near East text discovered and associated with the Biblical law was that of Hammurabi, sixth king of the first (Amorite) dynasty of Babylon. Hammurabi was a vassal king of the Elamite dynasty of Larsa. The Elamites were Aryans, and Pagan. This law code was discovered in 1902 at Susa, in southwest Iran.

Babylon, during Hammurabi's reign was a fusion of Akkadian and Sumerian elements. "Sumerian" is a linguistic designation, as is "Semitic." Cuneiform writing was introduced to Sumer/Akkad not later than 5000 BC when the people who brought the original civilization into Mesopotamia descended from the Elamite mountains into what is called "The Cradle of Civilization" and "The Fertile Crescent." This is the birth place of the Pagan and Biblical faiths. The Hammurabi code is not the oldest law code. The laws of Urnammu, Lipit-Ishtar, and the Bilalama of Eshnunna are 100-200 years earlier, but all are older that the Biblical text. The clay tablets of cuneiform script found at Susa, and the Seven Tablets of Creation found in the Library of Ashur-Bani-Pal as well as the Biblical text and other law codes demonstrate that there existed a widespread customary law and myths shared by the Babylonians. There are actually five legal collections in the Bible: "The Decalogue," or Ten Commandments are located in Exodus 20:2-7 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21, both sets slightly vary; "The Covenant Code" in Exodus 34:17-27 is one of the oldest and contains some of the earliest cultic practice of Israel; "The Deuteronomic code" in Deuteronomy chapters 12-26; and "The Holiness Code" in Leviticus chapters 17-26. The Yahwist "ritual decalog" in Exodus 34:17-27 is one of the oldest and contains some of the earliest cultic practice of Israel. The "Deutoronomic Code" in Leviticus chapters 17-26, the laws concerning this topic are found in Exodus 21:1-22:17, the format "if" is exactly the format of Hammurabi. This also is no coincidence, because verses 21:28-32 are practically word for word from the Hammurabi code. The famous "eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth" law is also quoted and one of the customary laws. That is Pagan law in the Bible. Narrow-minded Christians nor Pagans can deny it. Nothing "Jewish" about it! How is it that these laws found their way into the Bible? Israelite priests and scribes, during the exile, had free access to the royal library at Ninevah, founded by Asher-Bani-Pal, during the last days of the Assyrian Empire. It is very probable that from this library the priestly scribes of Israel adapted from the cuneiform clay tablets its own accounts of creation, deluge, and in part, law. The laws of Lipit-Ishtar date back to 1900-1850 BCE. The laws of Eshnuwwa to the same period. The laws of Hammurabi to 1728-1686, almost one thousand years older than scholars date the Old Testament Pentateuch. All these laws vary in detail but not in principle or format. Israelite civil and criminal law is a product of this customary code and larger culture of which Israel shared, and Moses may have been a contemporary.

There are three basic traditions or schools (authors) that wrote and compiled the first five books of the Bible (called the Pentateuch). The oldest of these is the "Yahwist," dated to the 9th Century BC and compiled in the Southern Kingdom of Judah. It is called "Yahwist" because this is the title utilized by the author to designate "God." This is the author of Genesis 2:4-4:26. Next is the "Elohist" tradition, designated thusly for the use of "El" for "God." Remember, "El" is the Semitic and common term for the supreme deity of a pantheon of gods. The Elohist author is dated to the 8th Century BC and the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Genesis 1:3-2:3 and chapter 5 was written by the "Priestly" source (using the "El" designation), dating to the 5th Century BC. All three traditions were then spliced together at approximately 400 BC to produce one text. The Captivity or "Exile" of both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms date from when the temple in Jerusalem is destroyed in 587 BC to the rebuilding under the Persians in 537 BC. Most of the historical books of the Old Testament were collected and edited during the exile. Ezekiel and Isaiah chapters 40-55 were written during the Exile, as was the priestly law code in Exodus 21-23.

During the exile Israel was resettled along the Gozan River and in the cities of the Medo-Persians, who were Aryans and influenced Israel with its religion and visa-versa as we shall see. In the Biblical table of nations the Medes are the sons of Japheth (Gen 10:2), a son of Noah. And the Canaanites that dwelled in the "Promised Land" were just as much Semites as Israel. The Medes, Persians, and Canaanites were all Pagans! The ancient Persians inhabited the Iranian plateau. "Iran" means "Land of the Aryans." The old Iranian religion, like Canaanite Baalism, was naturalistic polytheism. Ahura Mazda "the Lord of Wisdom" was the head of the pantheon, Mithra was the god of light (connected to Mitra of Aryan India). In Mazdaism the cosmos is dominated by a conflict between good and evil, truth and untruth, light and darkness. This conflict ends with the victory of Ahura Mazda and a "Day of Judgment" by fire, complete with a resurrection of the dead. Every man is rewarded or punished in the afterlife according to his deeds. Sound familiar? In Mazdaism there is the virgin birth of a savior in "the last days" on the 25th of December or Winter Solstice. There is nothing "Jewish" here. Many Pagans celebrate December 25th as the birthday of the solar man. Mithra, the god of light was equated with the sun. The Roman sun god Sol Invictus is celebrated on the eighth day before the Kalends of January, that is December 25th. Sol Invictus is the Roman name of the Persian (Aryan) Mithra who was born in a grotto on December 25th. Grottos were used as stables and feed cribs throughout the ancient Near East. Mithra was crucified, as were other solar deities: Prometheus, Buddha, Chrishna, and Odin, born on December 25th or Winter Solstice when the sun is reborn and resurrected, restoring all things to new life.

The coming of the sun has always been greeted with joy and happiness, and its departure was a time of gloom and unhappiness. The ancient gods are merely representations of the solar deity. Many people wrongly assume that the ancients worshipped the sun, when actually they worshipped the deity that dwelled within or behind the sun. Which is why the sun was often represented as a shield on the arm of the solar deity, like Frey, the Scandinavian sun god. The Shield of David represents the sun as well as the male and female principle. Baldur is the solar deity of the Norwegians, and Odin is also associated to the sun because of his one eye. The Biblical Sol-Om-On," king of Israel, is the designation of the sun in three languages. One of the patriarchs of Israel, Joseph, was married to the daughter of a priest of the Egyptian sun cult of On. She bore Joseph two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim (Gen 41:45) who became two of the tribes of Israel. The Hebrew hero Samson and the Odinic Baldur both represent solar deities, as their name implies "sunshine" or light. "Samson" is derived from the sun god of the Babylonian and Semitic "Shamash." The ancients believed that all life came from the glorious orb of the sun over head, in the heavens, the abode of the gods. The sun is the "true light" "which lighteth every man who cometh into the world," John 1:9, the supreme benefactor, who raised all things from the dead, who fed the hungry multitudes, who stilled the tempest, who after dying rose again and restored all things to life.

As previously stated, the faith of the Bible evolved out of natural phenomena. Jesus is metamorphosed into a solar deity, especially by the early church who established Jesus' birth on December 25 (transmogrification), when in all probability the historical Jesus was born in October. It is from the observation and study of the sun, seasons, and nature that the ancients originated the concept of the battle between light and darkness, good and evil, in a cosmic struggle between the forces of light represented by the day and solar deity and the forces of darkness represented by the night, dragons, serpents, etc. The belief in a dying deity (the sun set, fall, winter) being resurrected (the dawn, winter solstice, spring equinox) and redeeming and renewing life, i.e., life after death is all associated with natural phenomena associated with natural phenomena. Webster's defines myth as: "A traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomena." Mythology is the arcanum of the priestly class (what I call "priestcraft") which is the inner-circle of the hierarchy and the secret societies attached thereto. The mythology varies with the culture and folk but the interpretation is basically the same. Priests and secret societies often exploit the petty differences in these cultures in order to meet their own mundane agenda. Most of the drama and highlights of history are the results of these inner-circles and secret societies warring with one another and exploiting the populations, which they utilize as an expendable resource. As pointed out earlier—divide and conquer is the protocol and weapon of our enemy.

Symbolism plays a major role in priestcraft and secret societies. It is a hidden sign to those familiar with it. For instance, the Christian cross adopted by the early church which was infiltrated by secret societies is a symbol of solar phenomena. The cross represents the position of the sun in relation to the earth during the solstices and equinoxes. The top wing of the cross, the shortest position, represents the winter solstice on December 21, the shortest day of sunlight in the year. The bottom and longest wing represents the longest day of sunlight in the year, which is the summer solstice of June 21. The equal length of the cross wings represent the days in which sunlight and darkness are of equal length, hence the term "equinox" for the vernal and autumnal equinox on March 21 and September 23. A fitting representation for Jesus as a solar deity. This cannot be coincidence.

The swastika is a symbol of solar deity as well, and of Jesus. The oldest symbol for the sun is a simple hieroglyphic circle. And the symbol for god was an ex. Since the ancients believed god dwelled inside the sun, a circle with an ex within represented god inside his home. This symbol, or sunwheel, eventually evolved into the swastika. The right turning wings on the swastika represented the right direction as the sun travels from east to west. The left turning wings on some swastikas represent the retrograde movement of the sun through the realm of death (darkness) to symbolize the resurrection (light). The swastika also represents the multi-bladed flaming sword (lightning) of god mentioned in Genesis 3:24. The same symbol the Scandinavians used to represent the flaming sword of god slicing through the coils of the world serpent that is constricting and strangling the earth. At the harvest festivals the Scandinavian folk would tie straw upon a wagon wheel in the shape of a swastika, douse it with oil, ignite it and then roll it down a hill past the festival goers. You can imagine how this looked as it sped past in the darkness and sliced through the coils of the world serpent. (This is where the idea for the circular saw is derived.) The thunder bolt (swastika) is the weapon of the Cananaanite storm god Baal (Babylonian Hadad) and the Norse god Thor. Thor is the Gothic form of "Dar" in "In-Dar-A," and Indara is the Indo-Aryan name for Jehovah or the Hebrew Yahweh.

An early symbol for Jesus and Christianity was a pictograph of a fish. A fish because if you join the Greek word "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior," the first letters of the Greek words spell "fish." And a fish is the early Sumerian representation for the deity "Ea," which in the Hebrew is "Yah" pronounced the same. And Jesus is Yah Emmanuel, "God with us." The name "Yah" according to professor Pinches, is one of the words for "god" in the Assyro-Babylonian language. (The Old Testament in Light of historical Records and Legends of Assyria and Babylonia, T.G. Pinches, pp 59-61.) Ea was the creative and fertility god, and king of the watery deep. It is possible to relate Genesis 1:2 ("and the spirit of god [El] moved upon the face of the waters") with this god Ea. The city state of Eridu was the seat of the cult of the sea-god Ea, which is now 125 miles inland on the Persian Gulf. Hence Ea is depicted as a fish. The Indian creative deities Brahma and Vishnu had fish form also. In Sanscrkit literature Manu, or "First Man," is told by a fish to build a ship in order to save himself when the world is purged by water. Similarly, Ea instructed Pir-Na-Pishtim, the Babylonian Noah, to build a boat so as to be ready for the coming deluge. It is necessary to examine the contemporary ancient Near East texts of creation and deluge in order to have a better understanding of the Biblical account of creation and deluge. Which, as clearly shown above, relates to Paganism and in no way Jewdaism. The Bible is a product of the Aryan mind, and true Israel is Adamic Aryan man.

It is probable that the similarity between Mithra and Mitra of the Sanskrit and Aryan speaking peoples of India and the Iranian Plateau, and the Babylonian sun god Shamash (the Sumerian "Utu") was due to earlier contact through the Elamite Aryans. In the ancient Near East the "cradle of civilization" was ruled by city-states, each with its own variation of mythology and pantheon. One city's chief deity may be regarded as secondary at another city, such as Sumer and Akkad. Ea was the chief deity at Eridu, but the moon god Nannar was supreme at Ur, while the sun god Shamash held first place at Larsa and Sippar. Consideration of these rival mythologies must be taken into account when one seeks to understand the history and religion of the ancient Near East.

This cultic rivalry is depicted in the Biblical account of the "serpent's" seduction of Eve in Genesis chapter three. The serpent is prominent as both good and evil in ancient Near East cultures. The serpent in Genesis three is representative of the deity or priest of a fertility sect, in all probability Baalism, a contemporary of Israel. The modern church, via priestcraft (which ensures its position) equates the serpent to a supernatural entity called Satan, but this concept is untenable. (See my Tale of the Serpent.) The modern church spiritualizes much of the Bible away. Their supernatural and miraculous mumbo jumbo has become a liability in this modern age of science and technology and driven many intelligent folk to leave. God governs the world, not miraculously, but via natural law phenomena. "Cause and effect." God need not directly intervene. The "action and reaction" is built in, the blessing or curse comes automatically in the form of natural phenomena. This is why it is absolutely impossible for darkness to prevail over light, or evil over good, Adamic Aryan man cannot fail in its mission on this earth. God, nature, will force us to return to his will. Natural law has a built-in "fail-safe" device, we know it as tribulation or hardship. It is the chastening rod of correction. We will be redeemed, our destiny fulfilled!

Certain beliefs and myths of recorded or written history are older than even the civilizations of Mesopotamia ("land between the rivers"). Before these myths were recorded on clay tablets or leather scrolls they were taught and passed down via the "oral tradition" by priests and bards. These oral traditions belong to a stock of people of common inheritance from far back in the murky darkness of our primordial antiquity. But modern technology and research establishes a remote racial tie between the Sumerians and Akkadians of early Babylonia, the ancient Egyptians and the stone age tribes of Europe as well as the Medes, Persians and Indo-Aryans of India. It is difficult to establish just who originated the mythology and beliefs these cultures shared, but one thing is certain, it is the creation of our White Adamic Aryan ancestors. For our folk today to create division and strife along philosophical lines is absolutely ridiculous, and in my opinion tantamount to racial treason. The two faiths that pretty much dominate our folk cause today, Wotanism and the Biblical, evolved from these very same myths, deities and racial ancestors.

To understand the Pagan and Biblical concept of creation one must have a knowledge of the cosmology of the ancient Near East, from which some motifs were incorporated, and which the Biblical authors took a stand in direct opposition to. However, vestiges of these mythologies still remain in the Bible. In the ancient Near East texts, including the Bible, creation is conceived as a cosmic conflict. In the Mesopotamian epic of Enuma Elish, Marduk is the creative deity of Babylon, the son of Ea, who is the creative deity in other older forms, creation begins with chaos. All elements of creation are personified as deities. Chaos is personified as the male deity Apsu, and the female deity Tiamat. Apsu is slain by Ea, and Tiamat is now revealed as the dragon of chaos, or the abyss, or the deep, which is conceptualized as the ocean, sea, or river. The constellation Draco, resembling a serpent of stars is named for this deity. The chaotic "deep" mentioned in Genesis 1:2 represents Tiamat, of which the Hebrew word "tehowm" is a corruption, and means "a surging mass of water, an abyss." In the classic Mesopotamian myths the creative deity battles the elemental deities and victoriously subdues them. The priestly authors of Genesis chapter one simply re-adapted this myth to conform to their theology and excluded the names of the other deities. Genesis 1:1-10 represents this very same cosmic conflict, and Isaiah 27:1 as well as Psalms 74:12-16 make this point perfectly clear. In the mythology, Ea tells Marduk that he "shalt bruise the head of Tiamat," exactly as the Biblical god says Adam kind will do to the serpent, before he is reduced from his lofty abode in the stars to crawl upon his belly (Genesis 3:15), once again showing the victorious creator subduing the elements of chaos.

This same cosmic struggle is depicted in the Odinic cosmology. There are many connections and allusions between the Odinic and Biblical cosmologies to that of the ancient Near East texts that pre-date these faith's recorded texts. Man is made from clay: Gen 2:7, Job 10:9, 33:6, Isa 45:9. 64:8, Rom 9:1, just as in Enuma Elish, and the creation sequence is exactly the same: plans, beasts, man. The various creation myths have a creation, sabbath, tree of life, first man and woman, a Noah, ark, and deluge. In the epic of Gilgamesh (the Babylonian Genesis) Utnapishtim (Noah) survives the deluge via a boat that comes to rest upon a mountain, after he releases a dove and a raven to determine the extent of the flood. (Gen 8:4-8.) Utnapishtum relates to Gilgamesh the location of the "plant of life," Gilgamesh finds the plant but a serpent steals it. From the tablets of creation discovered in the royal library of Ashur-Bani-Pal of Assyria (668-626) and the First Dynasty of Babylon (1830-1580 BC) these are Akkadian sources. A Hittite translation is known, and much of it has been found in Sumerian as well, predating the Bible by one thousand years.

The Biblical faith has myriads of connections to the Canaanites and Baalism. I already mentioned that many of Israel worshipped Baal throughout the history of Israel. In Hosea chapter two we have evidence that the name "Baal" and "Yahweh" were synonomous, "Baali" being a symbolic name of Yahweh. This name was prominent throughout the land of Israel, evidenced by the numerous place names. In the Phoenician Canaanite pantheon Baal is the son of El, and Baal is associated as a solar/fertility deity. Saul, king of Israel, named a son Ish-Baal. The golden calf that Aaron made was a symbol of Baalism. Another deity of Baalism was "Resheph," the god of fire and plague. Resheph was the Egyptian "Angel of Death." This god is preserved in the Biblical book of Habakkuk 3:5, the word "burning" is Resheph, meaning lightning, thunderbolt. Natural phenomena personified as deities. The main natural phenom of course is the sun. The myth of the death and resurrection of the Baal represents the annual cycle of the seasonal cessation and return of life and fertility. In all nature sects the essential ritual is the re-enactment of the myth. The ritual is intended to involve the folk as participants in the cycle and renewal of life. This ritual was observed at the spring equinox (a two part New Year's rite) and contained a feast and elements of the cosmic struggle between the creator and monster of chaos (dragon, serpent, leviathan, etc). Life comes from the sexual union of the male and female principles, performed by the king or priest and a priestess representing the gods and return of fertility. There were sacred temple prostitutes, both male and female, in order that individual worshippers received communion with the divine principle of life. It is through this process that "ye shall be as gods" (Genesis 3:5). The allegorical account of Genesis three and Hosea two is associated with this mythic rite.

Observations of the Near East to be the "cradle land of civilization" are overwhelming. Virtually all of the old world faiths are derived from or strongly influenced by this cultural mecca. Odinism and the faith of the Bible are a direct result and product of this cultural center of our racial heritage. For folk today to bicker or create petty philosophical divisions among our cause's various sects is counter productive to our common ends. It is tantamount to aiding and abetting the enemy of our folk. Constructive criticism in the interest of cultivating racial harmony and unity is completely acceptable, but if your intent is to merely belittle, slander, accuse, exclude, or cultivate dissension do not pretend to be a white racialist! We do not want nor need the likes of you in our "folk" cause. We want people who understand true folk and brotherly love. Choose you today who and what you serve, strife and division or unity and folk. Let us all remember who our real enemy is, that we are children of light, that we will vanquish the darkness of evil. It is our birth right, our destiny. Let it be fulfilled speedily!

For further study of the topics discussed in this essay my resources include:

The Ancient Gods, by E.O. James
Mythology of the Babylonian Peoples, by D.A. Mackenzie
Dictionary of the Bible, by J.L. Mackenzie, S.J.
Secret Teachings of All Ages, by M.R. Hall
The Old Testament in Light of History, by T.G. Pinches
Tracing Our Ancestors, by F. Haberman


As stated above, Gary's intent and purpose in writing this essay was/is to hopefully diminish some of the strife over religion within what may be called the pro-Eurofolk cause. Gary has long had a personal policy of not tolerating anyone, whether Christian Identity or Odinist or other Pagan or of some other religion, attacking someone of another religion because of that religion. Intelligent, rational discussion, he welcomes. Hate filled or irrational rants or bigoted condemnation, he does not. And I believe he would welcome hearing from anyone reading his essay, willing to engage in a rational, intelligent discussion with him, even if one may disagree on one point or another. The survival and advancement of our race, advancing the cause and principles of the 14 Words, is what is most important to Gary.

What is incredible about this internal memo is the stated reason for putting Gary in supermax. For writing an article or essay which as you can see, does not advocate anything illegal nor anything violent. Nor, for that matter, does it "advocate hatred" for any other racial, ethnic or religious group. Gary believes, and I'm inclined to agree with him, that a main reason the feds put Gary in supermax was their knowledge of the then pending civil rights action over the brutal, vicious beating to which he was subjected by guards in USP Atlanta. I can almost see some fed whiz kid, knowing at least enough that the federal courts have long held retaliation for filing litigation is a violation of the constitutional right to access to the courts--the right to petition for redress of grievances--or what constitutional case law calls retaliation for the exercise of a First Amendment right. Then this zoglodyte whiz kid "thinks" of writing down some another reason to divert attention away from that possible motive, that it is because the prisoner wrote an article. This sort of thing has also been long held to be a violation of the right to freedom of speech, and also called retaliation for the exercise of a First Amendment right. The Supreme Court long ago, in a precedent cited countless times since, held that when an act otherwise permissible or which may otherwise not violate any recognized constitutional right, but which is done in retaliation for the exercise of a First Amendment right, it then becomes unconstitutional and a violation of ones constitutional rights. It should be noted that this landmark decision arose out of a civil rights action filed by a prisoner who had been subjected to a retaliatory transfer. In short, this document provides grounds for another civil rights action all by itself--and for which we are giving serious consideration.

The current civil rights action over the assault upon Gary by prison guards is just beginning to be fought, you can help by donating online: Gary Yarbrough Civil Rights Fund or by mail to Liberty Rights Advocates, PO Box 713, Johnstown, OH 43031.

As his research notes at the end of his essay clearly show, like it or not, Gary's premise that both Abrahamic and Pagan religions may very well trace back ultimately to some common origins in the far distant, primordial past, is a distinct possibility which many others who have done serious, objective research, have also concluded, while yet many others at least consider this to be likely or probable. I can understand the lines of reasoning and the feelings, even the occasional passions, Odinists and Identity Christians each may have for their own religions or towards the other religion or its followers, for I have been both. What needs to be realized by more, is the vital importance of our common cause. There has to be the recognition that no one single group of faction or sect within either Identity or Odinism, has the means, the ability, or the expertise, to effectively deal with any serious opposition or resistance to the free exercise of the religion of ones choice, nor are any by themselves and on their own likely to any time soon. This is why LibRA's approach of pooling resources and experience is only the way any will succeed. Precedents for or against the rights of one can and will be used for or against the rights of others. The self appointed thought police who arrogantly style themselves with the Orwellian sounding term "politically correct," if allowed the usurped authority to repress one, will repress all any and all others. Their creed is universalism, their de facto inquisition is against separatist "heresy," against anyone with the audacity to want the right of self determination for ones own and, as do all genuine separatists, for other peoples as well.

Reflect. Liberty becomes more costly to regain once it is allowed to be eroded and to be eliminated. Not just one group of "heretics" to the modern day creed of totalitarian thought controlled universalism and compelled uniformity will alone be targeted for repression, all will and are. Reflect. Freedom or liberty may be regained -- witness the countries behind the former Iron Curtain. Civilization may be revived. Witness Europe emerging from the Dark Ages. Religions may be changed over time -- witness the multitude of sects and sub sects and new sects and vanished sects which have operated under the name of Christianity over the last 2000 years. Even religions once long suppressed (some times brutally) may be resurrected -- witness the revival of Odinism, Druidism and other Eurofaith Pagan religions. But, once a race is gone, it is gone forever, along with any hopes of freedom, civilization, or a religion of or for ones own, which always have and can only ever be unique to our own. Odinists, Druids or Celtic Pagans all generally believe that the Gods and Goddesses of pre-Christian Europe are more or less ancestral in nature or spirit. Gods of our blood. They call only to and answer only those of our blood. Odinists, and other Pagans, reflect upon what your beliefs about the nature of your Deities tell you. If our race dies, so also do our Deities, whether defined as "archetypes" or not. Christians, reflect. Some form or variation of Christianity, because of universalist variants existing under its name, may conceivably survive the demise of our race, but it will be transmogrified into a form or version you will neither like nor even recognize--nor, for that matter, would any of the "mainstream" Christians today of any sect or denomination like or recognize it. Both religions die with our race as the world falls back into the chaos and void from whence it arose.

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