The Tide Is Turning - Demonrats Can't Understand Why Their Influence is Waning

Remember when the Alt Kike was predicting there would never be another Republican president? And that the future belongs to Demonrats? I do. Those clowns are morons, with no vision.

GRIDS Grindr Greggy had an article about it back in 2013. I thought he was nuts. He was basing it on "demographics," as if elections are honest and shitskins vote.

I never trusted the Alt Kike, because of their seething hatred for Republicunts. This smacked of secretly hating the White Man. I mean, all politicians suck, but I rather be screwed over by a whigger, than a jew, shitskin or womyn. I know I have a chance with a whigger. You can only shoot the other kinds.

Turns out, the left is collapsing, which is just what I thought. Liberalism is bankrupt for everyone. It's run its course and is losing steam. The ruling jew establishment can't have out of coontrol liberals running the cuntry anymore, otherwise they will destroy ZOG. It has nothing to do with demographics. The Republicunts are plenty left-wing enough for the kikes, and they support big jew capitalism and Pissreal.

And now Europe is turning on the left. The liberal left in Europe is dead, for at least the next 10 years, if not forever. Europe was never that invested in liberalism, like Jewmurica. One positive thing about Trump is that he's giving the Europeans motivation to fight against imported Americunt liberalism.

The only demographic that supports ZOG is old baby boomer whiggers. Anybody after that will only destroy ZOG.