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Thread: Do [S]Elections Matter?

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    Default Do [S]Elections Matter?

    Do [S]Elections Matter?



    Weev jewboy / Andrew Aurenheimer

    Weev writes at TRS Forums:


    Quote Originally Posted by Weev

    Hunter Wallace says that elections don't matter and they should goon around as much as they can.

    Here Heimbach literally states that the goal is to throw the 2018 midterms to the democrats.


    These people literally want to cut the Trump movement short, the greatest awakening of white consciousness within any of our lifetimes, out of the hope their squads of costumed freaks might grow 10% as a result.

    They will replace it with nothing.

    They will take no legislative bodies. They will not take the presidency.

    The vast majority of authoritarian and nationalist movements that have ever succeeded in any measure have done so by 1) either being elected and taking control of the state and intelligence apparatuses 2) by taking control of the military and performing an unexpected military coup.

    Heimbach proposes to do neither. He proposes to sabotage everything we have worked for so that he can hold even more goon marches and fuck things up even worse.

    This is the open, stated plan of him and his people. They can't do it alone, though, they need your help to sabotage America and doom the white race. Their numbers aren't nearly big enough, so they're going to need hundreds of times more people to ruin their careers and their longterm political viability to associate with them, just to fulfill their plan of making us lose and getting our political adversaries in power.

    Is there any question why the leftist media loves TWP and Heimbach so much?

    My response:

    1.) First, I would say that elections matter a great deal to, say, Sheldon Adelson or the Koch Brothers because the GOP sells its policies to its donors. It is largely a contest between the billionaires who are represented by their puppets in Congress. If Hillary had won the 2016 election, it is unlikely that Jerusalem would have been recognized as the capital of Israel or the Koch Brothers would have got their big tax cut. Let’s grant that elections matter a great deal to those people.

    Do elections matter to us? That’s a different story. The mainstream is an agreement between the elites of both parties to exclude us from representation. The whole point of elections is to secure representation, but it is a foregone conclusion that we are toxic and our interests won’t be represented by either side in the government. Neither side is willing to represent our community so we have no stake in elections because we lose no matter who wins.

    In Europe, there are populist nationalist parties that take votes away from the mainstream parties, which is why elections matter there but not here. Elections would only matter to us in the United States if we had a similar third party to take votes away from the Republicans.

    2.) Second, the Trump movement wasn’t “the greatest awakening of White consciousness within any of our lifetimes.” In fact, as soon as the election was over Donald Trump and the MAGA movement threw us under the bus because we were no longer needed to swing the election. They have been arguing against White identity ever since in order to pullback the Overton Window. Congress passed the Charlottesville resolution and it was signed by Donald Trump which condemned us exclusively for the violence in Charlottesville while exempting Antifa from blame. White Nationalists are now even more stigmatized under Donald Trump than we were under the Obama era when social media was relatively free.

    3.) Third, mainstream politics will fail anyway in the 2020s due to changing racial demographics, the radicalization of the Democrats and the cucking of Republicans due to the browning of Red States. We will find ourselves back in the Reconstruction South. It will be California on a national scale. It is better to confront the reality of our situation now than to kick the can down the road with the Republicans who has Trump has shown are incapable of doing anything to reverse our decline.

    4.) Fourth, we believe in balkanization. We don’t believe we are going to MAGA. We want the GOP to collapse as a national party like the Whigs in the 1850s. It will destabilize national politics and open up new possibilities that have been closed to us by the “mainstream” for decades.

    5.) Fifth, the United States isn’t an ordinary Western nation, and we are not going to seize power by winning elections here. Non-Hispanic Whites are now only 61% of the American population and falling rapidly. This number also includes Jews and Arabs and other populations which aren’t White so the White majority is even slimmer than it is reported. If we counted the illegal aliens who are not included in the Census and who Donald Trump wants to give amnesty, we are already a minority.

    6.) Sixth, Donald Trump was the royal flush of civic nationalism. He was the best hand that a civic nationalist could ever possibly be dealt. The Trump presidency is proof that even if civic nationalists won the presidency itself that they would succeed in changing nothing and that we would remain as marginalized as ever. Therefore, the notion that we should stop talking about Jewish power, White identity, the reality of race – in pursuit of notional victories – is absurd because because even when Republicans win elections we gain no representation because of it. Trump’s victory was purely vicarious for us. It was the equivalent of watching Alabama win the national championship.

    7.) Seventh, the taboos that we want to change which keep us marginalized are a product of the Jewish power structure and media networks that we call “the mainstream.” Jewish power is the ability to set the norms that define the mainstream. The idea that our Jewish elites are ever going to accept us as mainstream is laughable. In the last year, Jews have taken over social media and have driven us from crowdfunding sites even though Donald Trump is president and Republicans control Congress. These taboos are not on the ballot and voting for Republicans isn’t going to change those taboos and bring us into the mainstream because Jewish donors finance the GOP.

    8.) Eighth, taboos only fall when they are challenged in the public square by brute force and cease to be observed. Violence won’t change those taboos. Voting certainly won’t change those taboos. Activism on a large enough scale could in theory disrupt those taboos. The taboos we live under will only crumble when Whites cease to observe them and defy them en masse in public. Period. I’m sorry but there is no easy or cowardly way to change our circumstances. Besides, mainstream politics is going to fail anyway, and within a decade all we are going to have to express ourselves is the streets.

    9.) Ninth, Steve Bannon is proof that sneaking up on the Jews and trying to be “politically viable” will never work. Bannon’s career was destroyed in the span of a week. Countless mainstream conservatives including Sam Francis who showed the slightest hint of racial consciousness were purged. Also, it is important to keep in mind that no one will be politically viable or have a career or a future (even now your career can be destroyed in an instant by a microaggression or a #MeToo accusation) once Whites descend into minority status. There isn’t going to be a future for our people unless we summon the courage to create one.

    10.) Finally, Weev has led us down a dead end road into mainstream conservatism which becomes increasingly evident by the day. Under the Trump presidency, Republicans have reverted to their familiar conservative program of neoliberal tax cuts, deregulation, amnesties and neocon foreign policy. Nothing changed on the policy front. Nothing changed on the cultural front either except for the fact that under Trump more Confederate monuments have been torn down, homosexuals are less stigmatized, the Alt-Right is more stigmatized than ever before and there is less free speech than under Obama. Also, Trump is the most Zionist president who has ever sat in the White House and Jews are the big winners of his presidency, so much so that he is even featured on the half-shekel in Israel.

    The fact is, we have tried Weev’s strategy. We have tried the Ricky Vaughn strategy. Both of them got what they wanted when Donald Trump won the presidency. Matt Heimbach supported Donald Trump and was willing to give him a chance. I supported Donald Trump and was willing to give him a chance. Neither of us stood in the way of the ZOG Emperor. In fact, I even personally went to Washington, DC to attend his inauguration, and many others who supported Trump devoted far more of their time, energy and money into electing him president. The return on our investment is in now.

    After the trial of a year and two months, where does our community stand under the Trump presidency? The truth is that our lives have become more difficult and it is harder to get our message out under Trump than it was under Obama. The truth is that electing Mark Burns and Mitt Romney to House and Senate isn’t going to change a fucking thing for White people. The truth is that Donald Trump is a con artist who lied to get elected and who abandoned his populist and nationalist program and reverted to mainstream conservatism. The truth is that Trump has used the presidency only to advance the conservative policy agenda. Above all else, the truth is that we are the cucks when we throw ourselves into electing Republicans, get taken for a ride and have nothing to show for it.

    Perhaps Weev wants to romanticize and relive the glories of the 1980s. Maybe he is just content to feast on librul tears in pyrrhic electoral victories. We know how Reaganism ends. The Trump legacy will be another tier of browning states – Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina – that have become an even bigger California. Maybe Trump will succeed in boasting the stock market, cutting taxes for the wealthy, making life easier for hardworking multinational corporations and slashing the social safety net for the poor schmucks who thought he was going to bring back coal mining and manufacturing in Appalachia. It was victory for Jared Kushner and his fellow Jews, not for us.

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Thumbs down Trump is "Comb-over Clinton"

    Couldn't have said it better myself, Cunthair.

    Prior to last week, I would've said that Trump was just Jeb Bush with bad hair and a Jew Yawk accent, but, now that he's started talking up the Big Gun Grab, my new name for him is Combover Clinton.


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