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Thread: Mattoid Chaimbach / Mattoid Parrott finish off The Trad Worker's Party ZOG false-front Thread

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    Default Mattoid Chaimbach / Mattoid Parrott finish off The Trad Worker's Party ZOG false-front Thread

    Mattoid Chaimbach / Mattoid Parrott finish off The Trad Worker's Party ZOG false-front Thread


    Two ZOGbot Mattoids running a ZOG false front fight over mamzer dick, maybe do a porno-tape, get into the domestic assault, then pull the plug at the Paoli Indiana trailer park.

    Can't say I'm much surprised by the didoes of ZOGbot twats any more.

    This is where to leave the posts for news of this crap.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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    judenpresse 2 is offline Lying like jews do Junior Member judenpresse 2 has a little shameless behaviour in the past
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    Default White nationalist leader Matthew Heimbach arrested for domestic battery

    lying jewsmedia

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    Default Winning - twp implodes - rabbi chaimbach arrested for practicing white sharia



    Fat Parrot has pulled the plug on TWP, because Rabbi Chaimbach fucked Parrots's ex-wife, which is also Chaimbach's mother-in-law. Then Chaimbach beat his wife and Parrot. More on this later. BIG MOVEMENT NEWS. The Movement Turd was made for shit like this.





    Emergency Podcasts

    Regular Podcast until 74:00 when Chaimbach News Breaks
    ​w/Pastor Lindstedt at the 105:00 mark


    More Coverage w/Pastor Lindstedt


    Nude Directions in Whigger Management

    Old shows from my shoahed Talksjew can be accessed at the RSS feed below


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    In a Phillipino Massage Parlor near jew!!!

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    Colin Twinker-Bell Liddell's japess' pussy

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    #ZOGbotSilly Roper -- Bowel-Movement Factotum

    Worked with Federal Informant Rick Spring to sell Aryan Nations Applications to the $PLC & OPP


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    Kikester Rapist is offline mischling jew spanking-porno faggot Probationary Member Kikester Rapist Looking like a ZOGling whigger/mamzer assclown
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    Default Hipster/Kikester "I TOLD YOU SO BUT YOU WOULDN'T LISTEN" Racist/Rapist



    It’s adorable, all the people saying, “ok let’s move past this” – as if you can.. Heimbach & Parrott spent the last five years mugging for the camera playing “neo-Nazi” while keeping in constant contact with the SPLC. Heimbach took every opportunity to get on TV with his collection of goons getting into fights at Trump rallies, and Richard Spencer – inexplicably – started welcoming Heimbach to his events.

    The first thing Parrott did is make a statement to the SPLC, then announce he is destroying evidence, and is immediately sued. Both Heimbach and Parrott are facing the very real possibility of hard prison time. Which one flips first?

    Anyone and everyone associated with the clown show that was TWP is looking at two years, minimum, of trials and lawsuits. It’s almost certain that Heimbach and the Spencer “rallies” will be featured heavily in Democratic party commercials attacking Trump and his “alt right” fans – expect Heimbach to be on TV even MORE than he has been in the last few years. Heimbach and Parrott’s trials will be a major feature of the Congressional campaign and quite possibly the next Presidential campaign after that.

    “Move past it?” LOL. It’s just getting started.

    “Alexa, order one year’s worth of popcorn.”

    MARCH 16, 2018 AT 12:50 PM

    I'm a Dot-Headed jewboy into Whiggress Spanking Porn

    Hipster Racist / Kikester Rapist

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    Default When ZOGbot Twats Pull Theyz' Own Butt-Plugs & Kick Over Theyz Own Slop-Troughs

    When ZOGbot Twats Pull Theyz' Own Butt-Plugs & Kick Over Theyz Own Slop-Troughs


    Actually Kikester Rapist — for someone who looks like a Dothead jewboy into whiggress spanking porn — and searching my old hard drives looking up saved jewtube videos of you yapping as a swarthoid jewboy about something or another you are absolutely right. Mongrel critters like you or Chaimbach shouldn’t show theys’ swarthy skins, hebe-snouts, Euranusian jewnibrows, were-mamzer hairlines or fat asses. I used to stay up nights wondering which of you were the darkest mamzers — you or Bryan Reo / SwordBrethren.

    I’ll give you credit for not taking down any of my web pages or suing me, Roxie and my Aryan Nations Church like Bryan Reo / Attorney Kyle Bristow of the failed ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center did. In fact ZOGbot Silly Roper and April Gaede took down my “Look at Me. I’m April Gaede” video on jewtube and got me a “haet-strike” on jewtube. So I’ll grant that you are a smarter one of the ZOGbot mamzers, Kikester Rapist.

    The problem with those who don’t like to show theyz’ faces, snouts, or what lies underneath theys’ tails is that they make a virtue of thinking that as jews, mamzers, and try-sechsuals that they get to tell the rest of us what to do. You don’t. None of you.

    Fatt Chaimbach didn’t pass my 30-second test any more than you or Bryan Reo passed my five-milli-second test. My mamzer-dar was going off the Tardometer at the sight of the Fatt Mongrel. And as for Mattoid Parrott, I think that he is pure whigger ZOGtard for deferring to this interloping fat mongrel. Matt-oid Parrott used to have his own blog like Brad Griffin but he pulled his own plug like a tard.

    Back after Waco when I wanted to join a pub[l]ic militia I couldn’t because I wasn’t related to what were essentially survivalist cells who wanted to get politically involved. So I had to form two public militias with the help of others so inclined. Within two years of OKC bombing I myself pulled to plug on what was left. Anything calling itself a militia is a ZOG false f[l]ag operation.

    So what is the purpose of blogs like Brad Griffin or Greg Johnson or Dickie Spencer runs? In the case of them it is to disseminate anti-ZOG haet and propaganda — as a gateway drug to real offensive action.

    I have always been against public protest wherein the ZOG piglice and $PLC / ADL get to see warlords in budding. Rather I have always justified the Dylann Roofs and those preparing for Civil War II and any public showing is dedicated to my overtly Nationalist political campaigns in Missouri.

    These costumed clowns showing their asses in public have always been an embarrassment at best. What I want ZOG to [not] see in White men gathering are Warlords in training to seize power with 10,000 military dictatorships upon ZOG/Babylon collapse, settling the blacks on their own reservations, the beaners runnt-oft and “good jews” in an open-air concentration camp on Long Island where none shall escape. How do we get there from here?

    Simply let the inevitable happen.

    Until then the bowel Movement is already set up by competing barons each jealous of his own virtual dunghill and in the case of jewboy Linder Its own virtual colostomy bag. The collapse of the latest ZOG false-flag operations this past ten daze — ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center & Traditional ZOGbot Twats — is a GOOD thing as it always is when these ZOGtards pull theys’ own plugs & kick theyz’ own slop and waste troughs. Count yourself lucky that this time it didn’t end in a drunken Lumbee Melungon closet homosexual ZOGbot gunning down three other mongrels in the parking lot of an Old Kike’s Home like what happened four years ago.

    You wouldn’t be facing civil and criminal penalties for obstructing justice if you had taken your medicine and not deleted your idiotic web pages that ZOG already got 666 copies of, Matt-oid Parrott. I don’t feel sorry for fools who got what they deserve for their own stupidity.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin L.D. Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Ten Thousand Warlords Project

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