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Thread: Well-cum-cum , cum-cum to the National Alliance Ghetto sub-forum. A laundry list of former tards to the Cult of Pierce.

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    Default Well-cum-cum , cum-cum to the National Alliance Ghetto sub-forum. A laundry list of former tards to the Cult of Pierce.

    Hello, I'm National Alliance Meerkkkat (#666) and I can jewstify anything !!! Cum-cum, cum-cum !!!


    In every cult run by a Fearless political or religious Leader there needs to be mindless and idiotic cult members who will jewstify every single vicious and petty misdeed that the Fearless Leader does. This is especially the case when the cult leader is a real piece of drunken thieving misbegotten anglo-mestizo garbage like Will "WhiggerSwll Welass" Williams.

    Let me draw you a picture of my "mentality" -- such as it is.



    A drunken Lumbee Melungon ZOGbot rat guns down three mongrels in the parking lot of an Old Kike's Home hollering "Heil Hitler" and moral and mental imbeciles like Hadding Scott / Scot David Spiedel justify this senseless murder which accomplished absolutely nothing other than getting TraitorGlenn Miller to stop smoking and drinking and pretend to be a White Supremacist.

    Doctor Pierce -- if He deigned to acknowledge this drunken mongrel's existence it would have been to disown it. Will Williams supposedly begged TraitorGlenn Miller to go out shooting as a last mission for ZOG as opposed to placing the 12-gauge firmly in its inebriated mouth and pulling the trigger with is big toe.

    To paraphrase Wiliam Burke: "For Evil to Prevail it Needs Moral Mattoids like Me to Mouth Platitudes Justifying It."

    But I'm not all bad. I can be better. I'm going to join the cast of characters here on this National Willy's Alliance sub-forum ghetto telling you where we went "not so right". I'm going to try to restrain my meercat fluffing tendencis. So help me . . .

    Chrrrrrr, chrrrrrr, chrrrrrr . . .

    Well, shoot me for being a congenital meercat. Backsliding again and so soon. Prey to the D-g or d-gs of Cosmotology that I becum-cum worthy!!!

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    Hello, I'm National Alliance Meerkkkat (#666) !!!

    I can and will jewstify ANYTHING because having no real moral compass:
    My [misplaced] Loyalty is My [Dis]Honor

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    Default Hello, I'm Auntie (Effie Mae Welass) WhiggerSwill !!!

    Hello, I'm Auntie (Effie Mae Welass) WhiggerSwill !!!

    Spare the lil' misbegotten mongrel bastard the side of the cast iron frying pan & spoil the drunken crazy-check collecting, skank-beating whore-mongering $PLC-Snitchin' ZOGbot Whiggerswill


    Us Whiggerswill Welasses Williams' have always been poor but proud -- and usually drunken and mean -- of anglo-mestizo heritage. A mixture of red-nigger and Welsh/Welass hibernigger.

    Our biggest success cum from our ancestor Evan Williams who cum over from Western Wales by the Sea before the Revolutionary War ended to the flourishing settlement of Louisville Kentucky, found him some Poker-hottt-ass from the No Wipe 'Em tribe and brewed up some potent corn likker. It is like all of us WhiggerSwill Welass Williams, i.e. potent and cheap. Well, except for my worthless nephew WhiggerSwill Welass Williams jewnior who is merely cheap.

    Hello ! I'm Auntie WhiggerSwill (nee- Welass Williams)

    Me, Baby Effe Mae Whiggerswill Jr., Girl who runnt-oft, Young Whiggerswill Jr. (showing off itz 1-inch pecker),
    Paw-Paw WhggerSwill Sr., Maw-Maw Pokerhotttass Two-Possums-Humping Whiggerswill circa 1953

    My nephew Will "WhiggerSwill" Williams is a crazy-check collecting
    ZOGbot snitching piece of drunken anglo-mestizo garbage -- let me count the ways !!!

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    Default Hello ! I'm National Alliance Archivist -- Dr. Willis Gumpff-Turner, Forensic Accountant

    Hello ! I'm National Alliance Archivist -- Dr. Willis Gumpff-Turner, Forensic Accountant

    Two out of Two Inbred Hillbilly Docktards Agree:
    Will 'Whiggerswill Welass' Williams needs a pallet-slat a-thwhack its thieving drunken ZOGbot fuktard head to cure it being a narcissistic amoral asshole.


    Hello ZOGling Whigger & mamzer ass-clowns. Let me introduce myself:

    I'm Doctor Willis Gumpff-Turner and I'm a forensic accountant. William "Whiggerswill Welass" Williams sent me to look at his books six months after he run off Randolph Dilloway. And between Erich Gliebe and Whiggerswill their books are a mess. So I recommended that WhiggerSwill do exactly what I recommend when doing the accounts of local meth cookers and pot growers. Yup, we took all them mouldy files, receipts and $15. 31 in accounts receivable and made them pay up after me and my brother Dr. Swillis Gumpff-Turner -- Head of the Newtonia Knights of the Drunken Fuktards 14/88 Kooks Klucks Klan and self-taught Doctor of Veternary Medicine -- Our Ph.Ds are from the same diploma mill as "Doctor" David Duck & "Doctor" Jimmie "Wick Da Dick" Wickstrom -- do what we usually do in "collecting" accounts receivable -- when the tard refused to pay up on two Prussian Blue CDs we hit him on the left kneecap with pallet slats and asked if he wanted some more "straightening & tuning up" on the right. He paid up almst immediately after he stopped screaming. Anyways after looksing for some more "accounts receivable" and finding none -- between Erich Gliebe and Whiggerswill stealing everything and selling it like a pack of starving Hacksaw injuns -- we took all the financial files out into the clean mountain air and set fire to the mess.

    My twin brother "Doctor" Swillis Gumpf-Turner -- I have the brains and he has the beauty of the fambly -- prescribed a young ewe for Kevin Alferd $perm who was sneaking into the compound. That creepy wienie chomo-tard was bitching about becum-cummin' a sheep humper, but Dr. Swills told him to give it a try because it is all pink on the inside and probably tighter than that young Eskimo pussy that he had got in trouble chasing and with a lot more pleasant personality than his first wife and definitely his evil bitch of a second wife. Kevin the Wienie looked dubious, then Dr. Swillis said that she was under 12 in sheep years so the chomo-tard said that he'd give it a try when he got in the mood. He was rummaging around for them two Prussian Blue CDs he kept, but got all pissy when he couldn't find them.

    "Where in the name of Dr. Revilio P. Oliver are my Prussian Blue CD's", screamed the semi-tumescent perverted fuktard. "I NEEEEEEEEED My Prussian Blue muzak to get into the mood for love, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

    Well, what to dol? WhiggerSwill always cheats his help every single time and me and my brother were going to take out the difference between what Whiggerswill promised and what WhiggerSwill delivered in timber, ginseng, and mushroom sales, pot growing, meth cooking and sheep grazing (& pimpin') plus whatever else we could find at the moment. Besides, 'tuning up' some fuktard who owed $15.31 while sometimes fun, since they paid for the merchandise and don't get it then you are then nothing other than a thug and strong-arm artist when you beat theys' ass and they don't get theyz' stuff bought and paid for. Besides, both myself and Dr. Swillis like to moonlight as forensic clinical psychiatrists and KAS really needs to wean hisself from temptation. Prussian Blue were cute enough hiberniggress skanklings but their singing never rose above a steady B-. Their crazoid whore mother April Gaede shouldn't be pimping them lil' skanklings out to pervs just becaude she can't get as much Piercetard pecker as when she was younger, tighter, and wetter.

    Last edited by NA Archivist; 03-21-2018 at 11:55 PM.

    Hello ! I'm National Alliance Archivist -- Dr. Willis Gumpff-Turner, Forensic Accountant

    The Gumpff-Turner Brothers
    Dr. Willis & Dr. Swillis Gumpff-Turner

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    Default Hello, I'm So-Wett-Lana WhiggerSwill !!!

    Hello, I'm So-Wett-Lana WhiggerSwill !!!

    Cum leave your "deposits" for Willie Alliance Before Big Boss Buffalo WhiggerSwill Beats My Tatar-Cossack Ass, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!


    If you ever call Willy at home, Me, the 6th Mrs BIG BOSS Buffalo-Whiggerswill, So-Wett-Lana answers and I'll scream "Wheeeeel" to get my deranged sugar daddy to quit downloading gay Nazi porn and cum-cum to the phone. I has a great suckee-fukee mouth, big floppy tits, bottle bleach blonde, way past my use by date, with thunder thighs. In Mother Russia I am a Baboonushka. Buy my used underwear I fart and piss in and you get photo of me 25 kilogram ago, cum-cum, cum-cum.

    Here is what the Special Prosecutor described as a "smoking gun" in one of the developing criminal cases against William White Williams and me, his manipulative mail-order bride, Svetlana Williams. I nearly send BIG BOSS with small Johnsonovich and a four-cell sperm count to BIG BOSS-HOUSE with leaked e-mail.

    Big Boss Willy stands convicted of battery for his violent attack and attempted strangulation of an NA staffer in late September, 2015. Sick Willy was sentenced to six months in jail, though he is free on bond while he spends NA donor dollars on lawyers to appeal the conviction.

    Willy denies he ever laid a hand on the victim, yet, less than a week after he attacked the staffer, me, Willy's wife, me, sent the victim an email where she admitted Willy told her he had, in fact, assaulted the woman. The key quote in this email reads:

    "Later Will described me that scene exactly as it was. Your behavior was very similar to crazy Dilloways' on May 3rd. He stood up and went toward Will yelling at him, so did you. You both needed to be and were stopped by strenghth - Dilloway in his chest area, you under your chin."

    Disregard the spelling typos and broken English. While this mail-order bride is not that bright I can lick the chrome off's a logging truck's lug nuts. The point is, Svetlana admits here that Willy's victim was "stopped" under her chin, which, of course, is her throat. When I sent that I knew Prostitutor would see and coonvict Big Boss so I could sell Big Boss's stuff and move away.

    Photographs of the contusions around the staffer's throat and neck, admitted in to evidence at Willy's trial, show injuries consistent with an attempted strangulation. And an eye witness to the attack corroborated the victim's report and testified against Willy at trial.

    Willy was then almost instantly convicted and sentenced to jail.

    As planned the Special Prosecutor intends to present this email to the grand jury. It criminally incriminates Will Williams but not me, his wife in several areas, including a written admission the victim was physically assaulted and an implied threat which amounts to one of several instances of felony witness intimidation in this case.

    jewboy Linder has a written policy from Alex as to what can and cannot be mentioned here on VNN. Otherwise the email is reprinted here verbatim.

    Notice in the next sentence after admitting the assault, I claims Willy "NEVER lies or exaggerates," and of course, I describes Willy as "BOSS," (in all caps,) repeatedly throughout this email. I demands the victim be more "obedient" to BIG BOSS, whom I describe as "honest to the fault."

    After reading this creepy letter, you gotta ask, am I a psychologically abused "Stepford Wife?" or is I more like a stripper or a prostitute that tells the man with the money how "smart" and "honest to the fault" he is while I calls him "BOSS" with all caps?

    Why can't I be both, cum-cum, cum-cum???




    Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 12:58 PM
    Subject: from Svetlana
    To: cccgarden <Cccgarden@frontier.com
    Cc: Michael Oljaca <michael.oljaca@gmail.com

    Hello, Gael,

    I still can't use businessoffice@natall.com for few more days. That's why I am writing from Will's email address.

    I have to write you to explain elementary things you don't seem to understand. I thought only crazy person like Diloway at the age of 50 needs explanations who is the BOSS and how to behave with the BOSS. As I see he is not the only one.

    As I mentioned to you Will and I see a lot of similarities between you and RD.

    He was behaving like he was the boss of the Land, so do you. One worker said to Will : "This woman behaves like she is the owner of the property".

    You and RD seem to be very idealistic, but your personal high ambitions mean much more to you than your ideals. You both are industrious, energetic and helpful on several types of tasks, but equally terribly undisciplined, disobedient and defying.

    You both are sure that you know what and how to do better than the Chairman. You are certainly much smarter than RD, but your task as an employee to be a " yes, sir " person. As RD you often behave like Will is your buddy. Will is very far from being ambitious, arrogant and demanding BOSS who enjoys his power over employees, but he will always require discipline and obedience from his employees.

    In addition to RD's "pros" you absolutely can't control your mouth, love gussoping and badmouthing people behind their back.

    Actually, you were crazy enough to say directly to your BOSS that he was a psyho, stupid, " raped April Gaede", "nobody likes you", etc. It was like you were begging him "Fire me! I dare you!".

    After that you would lie to me that Will was "chocking" you- an innocent victim. Since I know Will so well, I didn't believe a word of your crap.

    Later Will described me that scene exactly as it was. Your behavior was very similar to crazy Dilloways' on May 3rd. He stood up and went toward Will yelling at him, so did you. You both needed to be and were stopped by strenghth - Dilloway in his chest area, you under your chin. As I told you Will NEVER lies or exaggerates. We have caught you on lies several times, Gael. I am not sure if you lie intentianally or maybe confuse your imagination with reality and believe what you are lying about or both.

    I think you understand that it's not going to work this way and last Wednesday you got your first direct, but final notification from Will. Another episode of not controlling yourself like on Wednesday and you will urgently need three U-Haul trucks again.

    I can't believe you would say such nasty lies to a man who rescued you when you were about suicidal. I've been living with Will for over 10 years. He is amazingly easy person and employer to get along with. Of course, unless the people start abusing his kindness or his employees start demonstrating obvious insubordination like you, Dilloway, Parnitzke.

    He appreciates employees' initiative, but you are way to pushy and argumentative on a regular basis. You can give your advice just once. One time is plenty for Will to understand the point.

    The solution is going to be entirely his and he is great at making right decisions.

    At the beginning I think he is wrong pretty often. Later I see that his decision was perfectly right in practically 100% cases.

    Many years ago a Professor of Architecture School told Will: You have very rare and valuable gift, spacial aptitude". This talent of Will works well not only in architecture. But you would argue about anything he says, directly showing that your employer is not as smart as you are.

    I didn't witness most of your constant discussions about practically anything, but I trust Will's descriptions unconditionally. He is honest to the fault, very adequate and has excellent memory.

    I can tell myself though how stubborn and persistant you were telling me that NA supporters don't care and don't need to see employee introductions in the BULLETINs. It would be much better to print a long list of items needed for donations, etc.

    Will is very smart, talented and creative himself. But the authority of Dr. Pierce is so high for him that Will has been and always will be following Piercian directions precisely with just little time related changes.

    Since Will became the Chairman, a lot of the smartest people told him sincere compliments how well he has been rulling the Alliance, especially, considering tremendous challenge of the task, how interesting the BULLETINs are and so on.

    Since Will doesn't see you often he had to ask everybody who met you and was helping you about their objective opinion about you.

    Practically everyone said the same thing with different words. The first impression was great, but the longer you were "running your mouth'' the more their first impression was changing.

    You are obviously very smart, charming, interesting and funny person, Gael. But the final conclusion of practically everybody Will asked was like this " mouth diarrhea, a "conspiracy nut", " serious personality problems", etc.

    Believe me, Gael, I am not telling this to hurt you. Just want you to look more critically and objectively at yourself. Of course, now you feel that Will is unfair monster and I am positive you describe him this way with serious exaggerations in your complains to Michael O, Dr. Bob and the others.

    I sincerely advise you, Gael, please just do what the Chairman tells to do without any arguments if you want to keep working for the Alliance. I wouldn't even recommend you to mention your ideas - as a rule opposite to Chairman's even once - at least now when Will is so angry with you. When you hear some critiicism from him, you also better silently take it into consideration without immediate arguments, interruption and talking over him as you usually do.

    You are so sure that you know so much and better than the others.

    Sometimes you were right and helpful, but not so often. For example, about the long email you Ccd to


    Nevertheless, Gael, we are greatful to you for many things that you've done very well. We hope to find an easy to deal with manager soon, who will be capable of managing the Land properly and never being insubordinant.

    We hope that constant presence of manager will discipline you, Michael and other employees in the future.

    But at this point be prepared to Will's visits without notifications.

    It's very easy to please Will- just be disciplined and do what he told you to do.


    Gael, please don't bother to respond this email giving me your side of a story like you usually try to do gently (to me) badmouthing Will.

    You know who I am going to believe- who was never caught on a lie or just exaggeration.

    Just correct your /employee/ behavior as much as you can please.

    Good luck!


    Hi ! I'm Sveta Da Wetta Whiggerswill

    I'm on phone getting "deposits" for the Willie Alliance B4 Big Boss Beats My Cossack Ass

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