Missouri Board of Probation & Parole Favors Black Offenders With
Horrible Records Over White Prisoners for Parole



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The following report was sent not that long ago by political prisoner and LibRA member Michael D Murphy, who may be contacted at:

Michael D Murphy, 36193
Jefferson City Correctional Center
8200 No More Victims Rd
Jefferson City, MO 65101

Mike was the main plaintiff in the landmark decision in Murphy v Missouri Dept of Corrections, 814 F2d 1252 (8th Cir 1987), a case citation which has been used by prisoners fighting for religious rights, or for rights to receive publications, whether CI, Odinists, Creators or others, ever since. More recently his civil rights trial for religious rights was the first of anyone in the country after the US Supreme Court upheld the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), in Cutter v Wilkinson, 544 US 709 (2005). He is fighting another issue, that of anti-Eurofolk discrimination in parole release decisions. His report is below, my own commenrary is after this.



Missouri Boad of Probation and Parole Favors Black Offenders With Horrible Records Over White Prisoners for Parole and Re-Parole.

While the actual number of people sentenced to prison has grown annually, the number of prisoners being released has dropped sharply. Here, in Missouri, blacks are incarcerated at a rate of five times more than Eurofolk. To keep a relative racial balance behind bars, the Dept of Corrections and the Board of Probation and Parole releases black offenders at a rate higher than Eurofolk prisoners.

Looking precisely at offenses for murder, the Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission's report for June, 2005, shows that the commitment rate among blacks is 11.01 per 100,000 population, compared to only 1.02 by Whites or Eurofolk. Although blacks have a much higher commitment rate for murder, from the analysis undertaken in the report, the evidence suggests that blacks are less likely to be sentenced to the death penalty or to First Degree Murder.

Sample data provided to Michael D Murphy by the Missouri Dept of Corrections' Research and Evaluation Unit showed that black offenders sentenced for murder are released and re-released at a higher rate than Eurofolk defendants. Of the 490 offenders sampled by the Unit, blacks committed multiple offenses/murders four times more than Eurofolk, and also committed twice as many escapes and walkaways. Out of 404 offenders granted first parole, blacks were the majority at 212 paroled, while only 191 Eurofolk were paroled. Yet, 52 percent of the Eurofolk did not revoke their parole, while that same percentage of blacks were revoked.

The first parole data of convicted murders sampled by the unit snows that blacks were more likely to violate parole than whites. Despite their egregious number of multiple offenses and escapes, blacks were granted more first paroles than Eurofolk. In addition, Eurofolk made up the majority of those never released. Amazingly, blacks, with no regard to their poor data, were awarded re-parole at a rate of 3:2 to Eurofolk.

Out of the 490 offenders sampled, 157 were granted re-parole. Blacks made up the majority with 90 offenders and only 67 Whites. Blacks served an average of 11.33 months less than Eurofolk before being re-paroled a second time. While the number of offenders who were not revoked a second time was evenly balanced at 33 for each race, blacks still served an average of 11.57 months less than Eurofolk among this group.

The racial disparity for parole releases is currently being litigated by political prisoner and LibRA member Michael D Murphy. Anyone who is interested in viewing the reports cited in this article need only go to PACER website for the United States District Court, Western District of Missouri, Murphy v Dormire, case number 08-192, Documents 9, 30 and 31. PACER charges eight cents per page that you access.


Mike is challenging anti-Eurofolk discrimination by Missouri's parole board, and he merits your support. Anti-Eurfolk discrimination in parole release decisions exists in other states, and some times even more blatant, such as a period of time when one hearing panel of the Ohio Parole Board held hearings in several prisons and granted parole to every non-White who appeared before them but refused parole to every White prisoner--regardless of merit. One purpose is to maintain an artificial racial balance of non-Whites to Eurofolk prisoners in various prisons and state prison systems.

In some states with dual disparate sentencing laws, or two sets of criminal sentencing laws operating simultaneously in which "older law" prisoners are subjected to much longer time in prison by administrative parole boards seeking to justify their continued existence, while "newer law" prisoners invariably have much shorter sentences, with no one being able to extend their time in prison beyond what was expected and intended at the time of sentencing. What I've told people in Ohio a number of times can also be told to those in other states. Whenever you see some hyped up media reports about someone coming up for a parole hearing, obviously with the purpose of inciting opposition to prevent it (and rarely mentioning how many years if not decades the prisoner has already served), when they show their photos, start to pay attention to how many are Eurofolk and how many are not. Likewise, whenever you see generated media frenzy over some released prisoner committing some high profile crime (who may or may not have actually been released on parole rather than newer law released when their time is up), when their photos are shown, start noticing how many are non-White, & how many are not.

John W Gerhardt, Chief Advocate
Liberty Rights Advocates


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