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    Default Doug Farmer: For Gramby to Grow We Need a New Water System

    Doug Farmer: For Gramby to Grow We Need a New Water System


    Doug Farmer:

    If Granby is going to grow and have new business, more homes, better parks, It must first have a new water system, it is necessary for the town, and the only question is when, the cost will only go up the longer we wait.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Channel / Granby Pub(l)ic Works

    Jim Channel There's steps to be taken and we have started taking them it's not a easy as to just start putting pipe in the ground

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Farmer

    Doug Farmer Yes surveys must be done, engineering plans must be drawn, funding must be obtained, water rates will go up,I am sure as Jim stated the City has already begun I was just curious as to what others were thinking .

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