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Thread: "Yanny" Vs. "Laurel": The Political Implications

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    Default "Yanny" Vs. "Laurel": The Political Implications

    "Yanny" Vs. "Laurel": The Political Implications

    by CGO


    By now, everyone has heard about the big internet meme of last week: A recording of a robot voice, supposedly saying the word "Laurel", which like the infamous dress of a few years back, has become something of an ink blot test, albeit, in this case, an audible one.

    Many, if not most people claim to have heard the word "Yanny", and little wonder, since that is clearly what the voice actually said. As usual, the source of this meme is uncertain. Not being a wonky-fonky tech nerd myself, or having two trillion Facebook friends to send me useless crap, I heard about this meme on Fux Jooz Channel. But, having heard the recording three times, I can tell you this: There are three things on this earth I am absolutely certain of: The sky is blue, Jews are evil, and that robot voice was saying "Yanny". That is simply a fact.

    So, first and foremost, if you know anyone who claims to have heard "Laurel" instead, GET THEM OUT OF YOUR LIFE, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, BEFORE THEY HAVE A CHANCE TO RUIN IT, BECAUSE THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY TWO-FACED, LYING MOTHERFUCKERS. No pair of human ears on this earth could've possibly heard "Laurel" instead of "Yanny". The two words don't even sound alike. I mean, if somebody had, for example, heard "Tranny" instead of "Yanny", well, maybe they just need a hearing aid, but, if you heard "Laurel", then you are either, A. A shape-shifting reptilian, trying to pass itself off as human, in which case, "BUSTED, ASSHOLE!" , or, much more likely, B. A morally bankrupt liar, or mentally disturbed attention whore, at the very least, who just wants to think of themselves as being smarter and, therefore, better than everybody else, and wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass, and would probably enjoy it if it did.

    I'd be willing to bet any amount of money that, the way the question was framed, from the first, as a choice between "Yanny" and "Laurel", rather than simply as a choice between "Yanny" or "something else" made all the difference. You see, with all the people in the world who seem to have a natural predilection for lying, the LAST thing you want to do is actually ENCOURAGE them. But that's EXACTLY what the Illuminati mindfuck bastards that came up with this meme chose to do. They basically created a controversy out of nothing by offering "Laurel" up as the other option. If the point of the meme was simply to see how many brazen, compulsive, unregenerate liars there are in the world, ---people who are naturally inclined to lie, even when the truth would serve them better,---they should've made it a choice between "Yanny" and "something else". That way, only about maybe 25% of the respondents,---basically the Jews and a few other criminal psychopaths,---would've chosen "something else". But, no. A psychological experiment like THAT would've actually been HELPFUL. Can't expect anything like that from the Illuminati Deep State bastards who come up with these things. You see, the human mind is a very complicated thing. Even people who may naturally be a little morally ambivalent, and more inclined to lie than tell the truth, in some circumstances, do, at least, have a conscience, and, therefore, when you word things in terms of "Yanny" vs. "something else", what their conscience hears is this: "Look, asshole, I know you heard 'Yanny' and you know you heard 'Yanny', so, either you can be a decent human being, and just admit to it, and go along your merry way, or else you can try to brazen it out and pretend like you're fooling me, yourself, and God, even though you know in your heart that you're not fooling any of us." "Your choice." I mean, really, how much of a reprobate do you have to be to disobey the voice of conscience when the situation is THAT clear, THAT cut and dried?

    But, no, the snarky-ass intellegentsia wouldn't do that. They would never do that. They're not interested in morality vs. immorality. THEY'RE ONLY INTERESTED IN OBEDIENCE VS. DISOBEDIENCE. (More on this later.) Therefore, instead of wording it as a question of "Yanny" vs. "something else", just to ferret out the compulsive liars amongst us, they made it much easier for the would-be-liars to lie by actually offering them a lie to tell, implanting it in their brains, like a post-hypnotic suggestion. "Did you, perhaps, hear 'Laurel' instead?" Only a sick motherfucker would actually encourage people to lie, but that's EXACTLY what these bastards did. No wonder so many people took them up on their offer and lied like rugs to make themselves seem smarter than most people. Hell, they even tried to make it look like the people who heard "Yanny" were somehow in the minority, encouraging people to say they heard "Laurel" so that they would be in the majority. Little wonder so many people took the bait.

    So, do you see now what this was really all about? It was a Deep State Illuminati mind control experiment to try to convince us that we're all helpless and insane and can't trust the evidence of our own senses, and, therefore, should give up our personal autonomy and simply obey their every whim. It's basically intended to disprove the results of the last presidential election. Look at the parallels of "Yanny" Vs. "Laurel" and compare them to Trump Vs. Swillary: If you say you heard "Yanny", they try to make you feel like a weirdo, just like they do if you voted for Trump. They also make you feel like you're in the minority, just like they keep pointing out the fact that Swillary won the popular vote, making Trump voters a numerical minority, as if that actually mattered a damn in our political system. Then, in the end, they tell you, in no uncertain terms, that the robot voice WAS saying "Laurel", but we just THOUGHT we heard "Yanny" due to external sounds in the room, that the recording picked up as well, just like they, apparently expect us to believe that we all really intended to vote for Swillary, but voted for Trump by mistake, due to the interference of those big, bad, evil Russkies. COME ON, PEOPLE!!! IT'S SO FREAKING OBVIOUS!!! Pull your heads out of your asses.

    Gag Buttsmelt of THE FIVE, (which I call THE ELEPHANT TURD) who, not surprisingly, claims to have heard "Laurel", says that the "Yanny" Vs. "Laurel" thing has become a sort of political ink blot test. He's right, actually, but not in the way that he thinks. It is, first and foremost, a test of honesty, and, as such, it has political implications. Will we call a spade a spade and risk the consequences, or will we hem and haw and hide behind a lot of silly little weasel words and phrases or "dog whistles" as the politically correct term for it seems to be? That is the most existential question concerning White people in the Jewnited Snakes Of Whoremerica right now, and one we would do well to answer.

    We got so damned used to being the ONLY voters in this country, or such a vastly overwhelming majority as to render the votes of all racial minorities insignificant, that we've fallen into the unhealthy, and, ultimately, self-destructive habit of thinking of ourselves in social and moral and ideological terms, rather than racial terms. This must stop, and the sooner the better. It's one thing if some of us, legitimately, fell for Trump's line of bullshit, thinking him, initially, to be a true populist, rather than the mere political opportunist he has proven himself to be, but, should we continue to suck his worthless ass, we would prove ourselves to be not White Nationalists at all, but, rather, mere Repulsivecunts, actually preferring to die as "Americans" rather than live as White men. But we MUST, ultimately, do either one or the other,---that is to say, die as Americans, or live as White men, because, for the Jewnited Snakes Of Whoremerica to survive, even for just a few more years, all proud, racially-aware White men must die, either instantly, by a bullet, or by rotting away in a prison cell. It will never survive any other way. Any and every other path leads to Civil War 2, and I just don't see the Powers That Be allowing that to happen. The right side just might WIN this time. ;-D ;-( Therefore, for the White race to survive, the Jewnited Snakes Of Whoremerica must die.

    It all seemed so simple and so easy, back in 1968. We would simply vote all our problems away. Nixon called us The Silent Majority and appealed to our patriotism and traditional values. And we elected him President, twice. Then, in 1980, Ronald Reagan won our hearts and minds by employing a similar strategy. Then, we called ourselves the Moral Majority. But now, thanks to all the cowardly can-kicking and whistling past our racial graveyard, we are the Dying Majority, and, if we don't pull our fucking heads out of our asses and face reality, we will soon be the Non-Existent Majority. SO NO MORE EUPHEMISMS, DAMN IT!!! Don't say "American" when you mean "White". Don't say "patriotic" when you mean "White". Don't say "conservative" when you mean "White". Don't say "Christian" when you mean "White". Don't say "traditional values" when you mean "White". LET'S CALL A SPADE A SPADE!!! Otherwise, some sorry prostitician's liable to call our bluff, and give us what we SAY we want, rather than what we lack the GUTS to actually DEMAND.

    Before you reflexively, habitually vote your jewsual Repulsivecunt Congresscritter back into office, ask him two questions: #1. Does the White race have a right to exist?, and, #2. Do White people have a right to defend themselves with deadly force?, and, if they refuse to answer or answer "No." to either one, VOTE FOR THE FUCKING DEMONRAT INSTEAD, AND ENCOURAGE ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS TO DO THE SAME!!! At least the Demonrats, should they get the majority, will try to disarm us all in one fell swoop, which will start the race war, rather than in dribs and drabs, with the Jewsmedia demonizing us all the way, like Combover Clinton plans to do.

    My advice to White people is this: SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. TAKE YOUR STAND AND TAKE YOUR LUMPS. Don't try to fool yourselves and don't try to fool each other, because you're sure as hell not fooling God or your racial enemies. Both are laughing at you.

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