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Thread: The Life You Save: A Tale Of Being Conned By A Clurichaun

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    Angry The Life You Save: A Tale Of Being Conned By A Clurichaun

    As it stands, I won't be able to post too much of the heavy, spiritual/philosophical stuff that I had wanted to post, as it is storming on and off, and my Dad wants to come down and try to put a water filter on my spigot, but thought I still ought to post SOMETHING today, just to let you all know that I'm still in the land of the living.

    Reading how I had praised Andi to the heavens in my original 17TH ANNIVERSARY RANT thread, the bile actually started to rise in my throat, considering the way things worked out with her in the end.

    Here is the whole story of our little ordeal of December 2014-April 2015 and its aftermath. The first part of the material is taken from an email I sent to another friend of mine, back in September 2015, and, having perused it since, I realize there are a few minor points that I got wrong, and will, eventually, have to be corrected, but, for the meantime, enjoy! ---CGO


    On December 18th, Andi sent me an e-mail, explaining to me that she was having serious money problems, ---so much so that she wouldn't be able to pay her rent that month---,and she had no choice but to take off to Florida, even though she didn't really have a place to go down there. She had written her half-brother, down there, asking if she could stay with him, but he never got back to her. So, for all she knew, she was gonna end up out in the street. :-( I could tell by the tone of her e-mail that she was just scared shitless and overwhelmed by the whole situation. So I told her not to do anything rash, and that she was welcome to stay with me until she got back on her feet again. She called me, later that night, and I agreed to come see her the next day.

    So, the afternoon of the 19th, I went to her apartment in Knoxville, which she couldn't wait to leave, and we came back here. On the way back, she tells me all the things that have transpired since she came back to Knoxville. I never told you this before, ---partially because I didn't think it was any of your business, and, partially, because I thought it was all ancient history,---but, for a number of years, before she first moved to Tennessee, in the early 2000s, Andi was a lesbian. I had thought it was just something she had gotten out of her system, so I never really gave it much thought. During the time when we were really close, ---from December 2005-December 2008,---she wasn't dating anybody of either gender. (Well, actually, for a few short months, towards the end of 2006, she was dating this asshole from a nearby apartment complex, but she found out he was a drug addict, and was robbing her blind, so she broke up with him. I think I told you about that, way back then, but maybe I didn't.) Then, for a short time, in early 2009, she was dating this mechanic dude, but she broke up with him, too. And, when she was living up in New Jersey, from March 2012 - late spring or early summer of 2013, she was dating a guy named Mike, who is a friend of hers. So, needless to say, it kinda surprised me, when she told me that she'd been living with another woman for over a year, and they had just split up a few weeks before. :-/ This chick had gone through all her money, and left her in the financial shape she was in. They had, finally, gotten into a real knock-down, drag-out fight, in which this chick had pulled out a big hunk of Andi's hair, and, supposedly, Andi had gotten a couple of licks in herself, so the other chick went to an abused women's shelter. :-( Now, the way Andi was talking about this chick, I didn't know whether she was a witch, or a succubus, or what, but I certainly didn't blame her for wanting to get out of the apartment, with the kind of bad vibes that were, undoubtedly, lingering around the place. :-/ She said that, when they were fighting, the other chick's eyes turned from greenish-brown to purple. :-0 Some creepy shit. ;-(

    But, anyway, we got back here, and we watched the footage I had shot of my trip to Franklin, and then a movie, the 1973 musical version of TOM SAWYER. She seemed to be much more at ease, and quite happy to be away from the apartment. So, as it was getting kinda late by this point, I went on to bed, and left her to sleep in my lounge chair. The next morning, though, she just couldn't stop crying. I asked her what was wrong, thinking it was just her financial worries. I told her not to worry, that we'd figure something out, and I'd help her out with the money, if she needed it. But it wasn't that. She was still all torn up about the other chick, even as nasty as their split had been. :-/ I didn't quite know what to think. I hated seeing her crying like that, so I tried to get her to watch another movie, to take her mind off it, but she just couldn't seem to pay attention. Eventually, she told me that she had to get back to her apartment, to feed her sugar-gliders,(a weird sort of long-tailed rat, distantly related to the kangaroo. Wish I'd taken a picture of one of them.) and asked if I would come and stay with her for a few days. I told her I would, and we went on back.

    When we first went inside, and I sat down on the couch, I felt the vibe myself. It was malevolent and oppressive. It felt like there was a demon there, and, while I knew it couldn't harm me, it seemed REALLY pissed about me being there. ;-( :-/ But I didn't want her to freak out, so I acted like I wasn't worried. As the day and evening wore on, and we watched DVD after DVD, she became more and more concerned about one of her sugar-gliders, Pica. She hardly seemed to be alive. She wouldn't eat, and wasn't moving at all. Andi took her out of her cage and brought her over to the couch. She asked me if if it looked like she was breathing or not. I told her it was hard to tell, as small as the little critter was and all, but it seemed like she was still alive, just in a catatonic state. She never got any better, though, and Andi finally just kissed her good night, wrapped her up in a plastic grocery bag, and put her in the freezer. She was convinced that the demon had killed her. She told me that, when she and the other chick were fighting, she had heard a voice, telling her to pick up a knife and cut her open, and that it had taken all the restraint she could muster to avoid doing so. She figured the demon was probably talking to her ex, as well, trying to get them both to kill each other. Then, once her ex had left, she felt like the demon was telling her to kill herself. Now that I was there, the demon knew I wasn't gonna let her do it, and so it killed Pica, just for spite. I have to say, Tim, looking back on it now, that I agree with her analysis. Grant it, if somebody had told me, six months before this, that I would spend the next Christmas holiday fighting off demons to save Andi, I'd have probably thought they were out of their mind, but I'd fight every demon in Hell to save her, though. I really would.

    Originally, the plan had been for me to go on home the next Wednesday afternoon, (Christmas Eve) and spend Christmas Day with my parents and sister, as usual, but, with her talking about killing herself all the time, there was no way I was gonna just leave her by herself, and she refused to come with me. So I stayed and spent my Christmas with her. :-) It was a beautiful day, and we spent it watching several different music and concert DVDs I had brought, mostly The Who and Black Sabbath. We cooked a frozen pizza and split it. It was a good day. That night, though, things came to a head. She freaked out over a scene in PUNK ROCK MOVIE, where everybody in this one group were punching a dead pig's head. (Four-legged kind, of course. ;-D) So I took the movie out and went on to bed. (The whole time I stayed with her, she slept on the couch, and I slept in her bedroom.) Within an hour she was bitching at me about how she wasn't used to living the way we'd been living for the past few days, that she only watched maybe a couple of DVDs a month, not four, five, or six a day, and that she needed to get the place cleaned up, and, basically, that, if I couldn't help out, and kinda work around her schedule, I would have to leave. Now, of course, I still wasn't ready to leave her by herself, at this point, so I agreed to help her clean up the next day.

    So, the day after Christmas, I vacuumed the floors, she picked up a lot of her ex's old clothes that were laying around, and moved them to the closet, or the spare room, and we got the place looking a lot better. :-) She made it clear that one movie a day would be the most she would want to watch, and, the rest of the time, she would want to spend on her computer, catching up with her life. So we rigged another DVD player up to her extra TV and put them in the bedroom, and, from then on, I spent most of my time in there. I cooked dinner for us (frozen pizzas) every night, and then we'd watch a movie, but, most of the time, she spent on the computer on this thing called Second Life that she's really involved in.

    On the 27th, we were all out of money and groceries, so there was nothing to do but call Mom and get her to come out, bringing the rest of the stuff from my refrigerator, and the rest of the money I was due for the month. Andi was embarrased as hell, but there was just no getting around it. When she came out, I asked her to drop us by Wal-Mart, to pick up some more groceries, and she did. On the 23rd, Andi had asked me to take her out to see her ex, who had moved in with some friends of hers in Pigeon Forge, right within spitting distance of Dollywood. I thought it was a bad idea, and tried to talk her out of it, but she kept insisting, so, eventually, I gave in and took her. It was one of those miserable, drizzly days, where it never does quite start raining, but it's all humid and shit, and the windshield keeps fogging up. Keep in mind, too, that this was the first time I'd been to Pigeon Forge since 2006, ---hell, the first time I'd even been to Sevierville since 2008,---and I was rusty as hell. It was dark by the time Andi had finished talking to her ex, and, with the drizzling rain and all, I could barely see one car-length ahead of me. So, here I am, trying to drive back, in those conditions, just turning whenever the people in front of me turn and hoping and praying I'm not lost, all the while, halfway trying to comfort Andi, who's crying again, since her first visit with her ex didn't go very well. Damn lucky I didn't wreck and kill us both. ;-( :-/ The only good thing about it was, what with having to sort of stay on her toes to keep me straight, she didn't have much time to dwell on how depressed she was. ;-) After that one time, though, I swore I would never take her again. If she wanted to go a second time, she would have to drive. She wholeheartedly agreed. We both came damn near to kissing the asphalt in front of her apartment building when we managed to get back in one piece. But, her next door neighbor was a crack dealer, so, probably just as well that we didn't. ;-D Might've been dangerous.

    So, on January 2nd, I let her drive us to Pigeon Forge, so she could see her ex again. This time, it went better, and she was in a good mood when we left. When we got back to her apartment, she asked me to perform an exorcism on her, and, though it seemed a little silly, I agreed. She said she felt better afterwards, but we both knew that the REALLY dangerous forces weren't in her, but, rather hovering in the air around her apartment. I told her I wish I knew how to cast them out, but I didn't have a clue. :-/ :-( Then, she took me up to my parent's house, so that Mom and Dad could shave me and cut my hair, after missing almost three weeks. They did so, and I opened a couple of presents that they saved for me from Christmas. Mom took pictures of me opening them. I'll send them to you. Then we came back down here for me to get my Christmas candy and some of the DVDs and CDs I had gotten for Christmas. Then we went on back, since it had already started to get kinda foggy, and Andi didn't want to wait for the weather to get worse.

    The agreement we eventually came to was that I would give her half my monthly check, ---$220 a month,---until she had managed to get her vehicle fixed, got her title back from this asshole mechanic, Sal, who she was paying to fix it, and paid off all her most pressing bills. But, the next week, things started to unravel. :-( We kept getting in each other's way, I guess, and this would lead to arguments, and, more than once, I offered to just give her her share of the money, and go on home. But it was complicated. She had made a big thing, when my Mom came out, about saying how bad my eyesight was, and how she thought I needed new glasses. Mom didn't really believe it, ---thought it was just her being manipulative,---and I only half believed it myself. Just because I wasn't up to driving in rush hour Knoxville traffic didn't mean there was anything wrong with my glasses. I always did just fine driving in Oak Ridge, and on the west side of Kingston Pike. But she was in such a bad mood that day, when Mom came out, that I didn't dare correct her. I was the one that would have to live with her, after Mom had gone. ;-( I guess, during those weeks, I got a little taste of what you married guys have to go through. You might think that would make me more sympathetic to your plight, but, just the opposite, in fact. I think you all belong in a rubber room for putting up with the shit you put up with!!! ;-( ;-D Shit, if it was me, I'd just kill myself after about a month of it. No way Hell could be THAT much worse. :-/ ;-) So, anyway, when I threatened to leave, it always came back to "What about my glasses?" and when I told her I'd just take my chances with them, then she'd come back with "Why didn't I just take myself back last weekend, instead of making her do it?" You see, I had forgotten a couple of things on the second, so I got her to take me back on Sunday, the 4th, to get them. She didn't say anything about it on the way over, but all the way back, she pissed and moaned about me "ruining" her Sunday, by "making" her do that, even though, A. She had sworn she would never get in a car with me again, unless she was the one driving, and, B. She had convinced me that I was unable to drive myself, due to my needing new glasses. But, you know how it is. There was no point in arguing. No way I was gonna win, anyway. ;-(

    So, by this point, it was starting to feel like we were married to each other. minus the sex part, of course. ;-) ;-( (You've never seen a picture of Andi, so you have no idea what she looks like, but, believe me, she is NOT the type of chick I would go for, even if we weren't "cousins", [not blood relations at all, but she was adopted by my paternal grandfather's second wife's brother] and didn't have a basic brother/sister-type relationship. She's five foot three and, quite literally, has a face like a hobbit. In her younger days, she was a dead ringer for LOTR-era Elijah Wood, but, honestly, she hasn't aged well at all. From a side profile, she kinda resembles Bill O'Reilly these days. :-/ :-0 Plus, she's got a wandering eye, which makes her look kinda witchy.) On the 10th, it all came to a head. Earlier that week, we had tried to jump off her Kia Sportage on my vehicle, thinking it might be just be that her battery had died, and that was all that was wrong with it. But it still wouldn't start, so she got one of the mechanics from Sal's shop to come and tow it in. The starter was broken, and Sal fixed it. That morning, we went down to pick it up, and she gave Sal a little of the money she owed him. It was understood, though, that it would still take a couple more months before she got her title back. So, she was able to drive it back to the apartment, but she said it was running kinda rough, and she was worried about it. Nonetheless, she intended to drive it up to see her ex again, later that afternoon. By this time, Mom had made me an eye appointment for the 14th, at the Sears Optometrist place at West Town Mall. Andi was gonna take me down there for the appointment, and then bring me back. I was gonna stay with her the rest of that week, and, I guess, get her to take me home the next Monday, since I had found out that Sundays were sacred to her. That was her "do nothing" day. :-/ ;-( I tried to explain to her that, on the next day, ---the 11th,---she would have to make an exception, because I would need her to take me back to my parents' house for a shave and a haircut. No way I was gonna go to the eye appointment without them. She had the gall to ask me whether Mom couldn't do it in her PT Cruiser in the mall parking lot. :-/ At first, I thought she was just making a bad joke, but, when I realized she was in earnest, I told her she was full of shit, and that, if she wasn't willing to take me the next day, then I would have to go ahead and take myself, later that afternoon, when she was up in Pigeon Forge, visiting with her ex. Then she started in on "If I could drive myself, why did I make her take me last Sunday?", and, at this point, I was just fed up. I told her that I probably WASN'T up to driving, and was probably taking my life in my hands by doing so, but, if she was gonna be such a SELFISH CUNT as not to take me herself, the next day, that I would simply have no choice. This led to a temper tantrum on her part. She spewed forth a stream of invective, basically calling me everything but a White man, and, when the timer for the dryer went off, she threw my shirt and pants at me, cussing me the whole time. At one point, while she was washing the dishes, she called me a "nasty motherfucker", and, the way she said it, she sounded just like a nigger. I busted out laughing. I just couldn't help myself. With all the tension in the room, and then that, I guess it just seemed a lot funnier than it normally would've been. ;-D But that seemed to make her even madder than ever. :-/ She just kept glaring at me and cussing me, and, finally, she said: "I'm done!" "Leave!" "Call your Mom!", so I did exactly that. But, when I did it, she acted all shocked that I had done it, and asked me to hand her the phone. At first, I told her to fuck off, but, after she kept insisting, I finally handed it to her, and, damned if she didn't say that everything was fine, and she didn't know what my problem was. At this point, I demanded that she hand it back, and she did. I told Mom that Andi was out of her damn mind, acting one way one minute, and another the next, that I had had my fill of it, and to come on out and get me. Once I had hung up, I told Andi she was coming out to get me, but then she got on this thing that she was just about to leave to go see her ex, and that, if I left after she was gone, I wouldn't be able to lock the deadbolt on her door, and her nigger neighbors would rob her blind. I told her "Tough shit!" that, at this point, I could care less what happened to her, because, as far as I was concerned, she was the Queen of the Ingrates. Then we went a couple more rounds. But, when she made it clear she was about to leave, right that minute, and she just had this pathetic, pleading look on her face, I went ahead and promised her I wouldn't leave until after she got back. I didn't necessarily intend to keep my promise, but I thought about it for awhile, and, since I had brought my new all-regions DVD player with me, and had it hooked up to the extra TV in Andi's bedroom, (The DVD player of Andi's was a piece of shit, and only worked about half the time.) I figured I may as well go ahead and watch the two British DVDs I had gotten for Christmas, MORE and THE VALLEY, while she was gone, and just get Mom to come get me the next day. So I called her and told her to wait til tomorrow.

    When Andi came back that evening, she apologized for her earlier behavior, and I could tell she was really sorry, so we made up. Things hadn't gone well with her ex, and she was kinda depressed, but, this time, it seemed to make her reflective, instead of resentful. I kinda figured that the main reason she had acted the way she did earlier was because she was so stressed out about seeing her ex again. When things hadn't gone well with her on the 23rd, she had thrown a hell of a tantrum, ---the first I had ever seen her throw,--and it really shocked me, at the time. Then, for this third visit, she had psyched herself up, because the second had gone so well, but, I guess, in her mind, it just sorta raised the stakes, and made her worry about it even more. :-/ So we decided to go back to our original plan of me staying until the next Monday, (the 19th) and I decided to just let the hair and beard go one more week.

    So, for the next three days, everything was really cool. We'd have long conversations in the mornings, and we'd watch at least a couple of movies every evening. It was almost like old times, and, in some ways, even better. :-) Then, on the 14th, we got in her vehicle, and she was gonna take me to meet Mom at West Town. We both had a weird sense of foreboding, the moment we got into the vehicle, but it wasn't strong enough to make us change our minds. She kept complaining about how bad her head was hurting, and how rough the engine sounded. We turned from Washburn onto Sutherland, and had gone just a little way. She was gonna turn onto Pond Gap Road and, from there, get onto the Interstate, to save time, instead of going via Kingston Pike. We were already running late. She was so focused on the sinus headache she had, she didn't seem to hear me telling her that she'd basically missed her chance to get into the right-turn lane, and the only thing to do would be to slow down and wait for her chance to get over. I was amazed when she went ahead and gave her turn signal anyway, and, within a few seconds, had already begun to veer over into the right-turn lane, even though there wasn't even half a car-length's space between her and the back of this other SUV. By the time she was able to focus on what I was saying, she had already plowed into it. :-/ :-( It was basically like this: "What are you doing?" "Slow down!" "You're gonna hit that..."SMASH!!! It all happened within a matter of seconds.

    Once I realized that I hadn't died or been hurt very bad, I screamed at her: "What the fuck?!!?" "How in hell could you not see that other SUV???", but it was obvious she didn't have a clue. She had simply "spaced out", as she later put it. :-/ Initially, we pulled over into the parking lot of Red Onion Pizza, ironically enough, the same place I had gone to call Andi when I had wrecked my 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix at the same red light, back in December 2008, and the other SUV did the same. The driver was a very pretty young girl, and she was, obviously, as freaked out by the whole experience as we had been. Turns out, she didn't have insurance, either, so, thankfully, she didn't want to wait around for the cops. We sure would've been up shit creek if that hadn't been the case. ;-( At the very least, Andi would've lost her license, and she might've even gone to jail. :-(

    By this time, Mom was already on her way to meet us, so I called her on my cell phone, telling her what had happened and where we were, but, by the time she got there, we had already gone to that automotive place to have Sal check out her vehicle. I called her again from there, but, since I couldn't give very good directions to the place, and she was about halfway convinced we'd be back at the apartment by the time she got there anyway, she just went on to the apartment, and met us there. Sal told her it was totaled and wanted $800 to fix it. She knew she didn't have that kind of money, and, even with what I was giving her, it would be four months, at the outset, before she would. So we drove on back to the apartment, and Mom was waiting for us there.

    By this time, it was already too late to make the eye doctor's appointment, so she re-scheduled for the next day. Under the circumstances, Mom wanted me to go ahead and drive myself home, rather than her taking me, as we had originally planned, but Andi had been planning on visiting her ex that night, and needed transportation. After all I'd been through, though, I felt like I needed a little time to get my head together, and I wasn't about to stay another night, with her freaking out about everything, and asking, over and over again, "What do we do?" Hell, it had only been a few days since I felt like I'd finally succeeded in getting her to stop all the suicide talk, and, now. with this happening, it may very well have been enough to push both of us over the edge. :-/ :-( You know how it is. However much you may love somebody, there's only so much you can do for them, and, after that point, the "caregiver" has to take care of themselves, or, otherwise, they're of no use to the person they're trying to save.

    But I wasn't about to leave her high and dry, with no transportation, like Mom wanted me to do. She had to talk to somebody about what had happened, and, if it wasn't gonna be me, it may as well have been her ex. Besides, I was still about half-convinced I'd be taking my life in my hands if I tried to drive myself home, anyway. So, under the circumstances, I decided to just split the difference. I let her take the ignition and door keys to my car off my keychain, and just left the vehicle with her, and let Mom take me back, which was the original plan, anyhow. I guess Mom was just paranoid that, with her luck going the way it seemed to be going, she would end up wrecking my car, too, which I must admit, had gone through my mind, as well. That was the main reason I decided to go back home that evening. I figured that, if she felt like her ex was worth her dying over, that was her business, but no way in hell she was worth me dying over. If worse came to worse, I could live without a car, even if letting her drive it without insurance meant me losing my license, and never being able to drive again. It would suck, but I could live with it. But no way in hell I was getting myself killed over her ex. So I gave her a hug and told her not to worry, that I'd be back the next day, and I'd call her when I got home, (which I did), and everything was gonna be alright.

    So me and Mom loaded up most of my groceries, and she went ahead and took me home. On the way home, she told me that Obongo had paid a visit to Pellissippi State College the past Friday, (out in Solway, between Oak Ridge and Knoxville) and she had been kinda worried about me, when she heard that. I asked her if she was afraid that, if I'd been in the area, and they decided to scrag him and blame it on a "White Supremacist", that I would've been a convenient scapegoat, and she said that, actually, she was kinda concerned that I might've tried to do something along those lines myself. I just laughed. ;-D Only an idiot would try to do something like that with all the Secret Service people around. She seemed really surprised that this was the first I was hearing of Obongo's visit. I told her that Andi never watched TV, and didn't really care that much about the news. So, basically, unless one of her friends on Facebook mentioned it, she wouldn't know. And, since I had been pretty much living in her world for the past two weeks and five days, if she didn't know, I wasn't gonna know either. It wasn't like I was gonna ask her to hook up her cable so I could watch Fox News Channel. Honestly, I didn't miss it that much. ;-) I was kinda glad for the break.

    So, anyway, I called Andi as soon as I got back, and she told me she would be real careful when she went to see her ex in a couple of hours, and that she would give me a call when she got back. She ended up giving me a call, several hours later, when she was about a block from home. To say I was relieved that she had made it back in one piece was an understatement. ;-( ;-) She said the visit hadn't gone very well, but she hadn't had any trouble with the car.

    The next day, Mom took me to my eye appointment, and dropped me off at Andi's afterwards. I'm pretty sure we watched a movie that night, but, it's been so long, I can't remember what it was. The next day, we went around to all of the "Buy Here, Pay Here" places out on Clinton Highway, trying to find somebody who would make her a deal she could afford, and give her a little bit of trade credit on her vehicle. One company was willing to do a trade, but they wanted her to sign a ten-year lease, and the vehicle they wanted to stick her with was even older than the one she had, so she decided against it. At one place we went to, though,.there was a mechanic named Bill, who offered to help her fix her old vehicle for real cheap, maybe even for free, if she let him have some of the parts from it. He came out to her apartment to see her, later that evening, and he claimed to have another Kia Sportage, and they talked about maybe fixing her vehicle, and then using some of her spare parts to fix the other, and selling the second vehicle and splitting the money. It all sounded a little fishy to me, but, at the time, I didn't want to rain on her parade. Before long, though, she came to realize he was just a lonely old man, looking for some companionship. He was just blowing smoke up her ass so she would pay him some attention. :-(

    The next day, an acquaintance of hers that she called "Boatchick" came up from Chattanooga to visit her. We watched a movie she brought, and then her and Andi went to see some drag queens put on a show at a bar. Wasn't exactly Andi's kind of scene, but she was glad for the change of atmosphere, so she went along. Needless to say, I didn't. ;-) They came back a couple of hours later, and she stayed the night.

    The next day was Sunday, and, since Andi didn't want to drive, I rounded up the rest of my groceries, and "Boatchick" drove me home, in my car. I gave her $10 gas for the trip back to Andi's when she dropped me off. I can't remember whether her and Andi went back to Chattanooga for a couple of days, or she stayed with Andi in Knoxville, but, one way or the other, I think they hung out together for a couple more days.

    At any rate, I was quite relieved and happy to be back home again. Honestly, it was the longest I had ever been away from home in my life. Never been on a vacation that lasted more than a week and a half. That was the 18th. My new glasses came in on the 26th, so I didn't go back to see her again until then, a week and half a day later. Of course, my Mom took me, and dropped me off again.

    The first thing I did was make me some ketchup and mayonaisse sandwiches on whole wheat hamburger buns. God, I was hungry!!! I guess that was the first I had eaten since eight or nine the previous evening. Then I sat down and watched the "porn" movie that I had gotten for Christmas, and made a point of NOT taking back to Andi's with me, when I came down on the 4th to get some of my stuff. It was really a sort of silly, softcore comedy called PERCY, about the world's first penis transplant, from way back in 1970, which The Kinks did the soundtrack for.

    I had taken all the other CDs and DVDs I had gotten for Christmas with me: GONE TO TEXAS, THE STORY OF THE CLANCY BROTHERS & TOMMY MAKEM, another documentary about the Battle of Franklin that my Mom had snapped up for me, when I was taking that museum tour on December 1st, MORE and THE VALLEY, ---both British DVDs with soundtracks by Pink Floyd,---for which I had made a point of getting an all-regions DVD player to play. Believe it or not, they only cost about $45 these days. They used to cost about $300, seven-odd years ago. :-/ I had also brought the two deluxe edition-two CD sets by The Monkees, HEADQUARTERS and PISCES, AQUARIUS, CAPRICORN, & JONES LTD, and what was supposed to have been a 3-CD + 1 DVD Box Set called CSNY LIVE 1974, but, it turns out, the dumbass had lied, and sent me a DVD + Blue Ray version instead. I pointed it out to the guy, later that week, and he credited the money back to my account, and I ordered the right one instead. It was this week, too, that I finally got the chance to listen to those Waylon CDs you did for me, as well as the last two I had ordered, which had come in the mail when I was at Andi's: DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? by The Lovin' Spoonful and the soundtrack to THE STAND.

    But, anyway, like I said, on the 26th, Mom took me back to Andi's. On the way over, I called her on my cell phone, and asked her if there was any way she could hook up the cable to her TV set, because I wanted to see the rest of the miniseries SONS OF LIBERTY, which had started that past week. I asked Mom to wait for me out in the parking lot until we figured out whether we'd be able to hook it up or not, because, if we failed, I was gonna need her to take me back home, and bring me back, later in the week, after the miniseries was over. We succeeded, and Mom left, but then, damned if we didn't find out that she didn't even get the History Channel on her cable package, in the first place. :-/ :-( Thankfully, though, she found a way for me to watch it through their website, by hooking up her computer to the TV, which she had done a couple of times before this.

    The next day, a chick named Angie, who she had been talking to her on Facebook came over, and the married couple she was living with came with them. I didn't much care for them. I got a real white trashy vibe off of them. :-/ The guy actually admitted he had been to prison before. So, when Angie told Andi that these trashy friends of hers could hook her up with a mechanic who could fix her vehicle for her, I was a little concerned about what sort of "favors" they might be expecting in return. ;-( Sure enough, a few weeks later, the first guy they found for her wanted some pills in return, which Angie was gonna give him, but, when Andi found out about it, she was pissed as hell, and refused to go along with them. Good thing she did, too, because, for all she knew, the guy could've been an ex-con who made a deal to snitch, and, when Angie and her dumbass friends got busted, they would've taken Andi to jail, right along with them. :-/ :-(

    But, anyway, her and her goofy friends stayed for a few hours, and then left. They came out later that night and got Andi, and they went to a local place to shoot a little pool. Andi asked me if I wanted to come with, but I didn't. I had been trying to watch the previous night's episode of SONS OF LIBERTY the whole time they were there, but with all the talking, I couldn't really follow it that well. So I decided to reload the page and watch it again, giving it my undivided attention this time. By the next night, though, the series was over, and Angie came out by herself, so I went with her and Andi. The place was pretty cool. Mostly college kids besides us. They had some really good krinkle-cut French fries, and we ordered two helpings. Andi taught me how to shoot pool, and, I must admit, I kinda halfway enjoyed it. It was a nice change of pace. :-)

    The next day was Thursday, and Andi took me back that afternoon. Angie decided to come along for the ride, and sat in the back seat. I've gotta tell you, Tim, she was one ugly gal. :-/ ;-( She looked like David Allan Coe without the beard. :-O ;-D

    The next Tuesday, February 2nd, Andi came out to get me. She took me by Trader Joe's, and I got my groceries for the week. Andi got me to shopping there once in awhile. The GMOs in the foods I had been eating were starting to mess with my mind, ---especially Dorito's and Pringle's chips, and they weren't doing my body much good, either. ;-( ;-) She took me to Trader Joe's for the first time, sometime in January, ---can't really remember when,---and I had decided I liked their potato chips, popcorn, and their organic knock-off of Cracker Jack's, Grand Slam, better than what I had been eating before. They also have the best-tasting frozen pizza I've ever had: their deep dish pepperoni. With four pieces of their pepperjack cheese melted on top, it tastes almost as good as Little Caesar's. :-D We went back to her apartment, and I'm sure we must've watched some movies, but, once again, I'm a little iffy on what they were. I kinda think it was that first night when we watched THE GIVER, but I'm not entirely sure. I do know that, since, she hooked up the cable to her TV, we eventually started watching METV during the day, and, sometimes, even into the evening, if, for some reason or other, she didn't want to watch a movie. All else I remember for sure is that she took me back that Thursday afternoon.

    The next weekend, when I checked my voicemail, Andi had left me a couple. Basically, she was despairing of all hope of getting her vehicle fixed. By this time, she had concluded that Bill was full of shit, and was starting to think that Angie and her friends were, too. By the sound of her voice, I knew she was worried, so I gave her a call. She begged me to ask Dad if there was anybody he knew that would be willing to do the job for her for cheap, or just as a favor to him. I told her that, as far as I knew, there wasn't anybody but the guy across the street, who always works on my car, and he wouldn't even be able to look at it unless she could drive it in. But she sounded so desperate, I promised her I would do the best I could for her.

    When I went up there, later that night, to eat my chili, it was just me and Dad. Mom was gone to some Indian thing or other. From the minute I first sat down, he tore right into Andi, basically telling me her whole life story, according to him. Dad never did like Andi much, and since Christy stopped hanging around with her, back in late 2006, he hasn't exactly been shy about expressing his feelings on the subject. The fact that I liked her didn't matter a damn. If he wasn't accusing her of being a drug addict, (which I don't think even he really believed, and nobody else ever did) he was always claiming she was a mooch and a user. This mostly went back to a disagreement about who was supposed to pay for something or other, back when she was living with my paternal grandfather, in 1999. My grandpa thought that her adopted dad, his brother-in-law, was supposed to pay for her expenses, and he thought my grandpa was supposed to pay for them. They never did get along, and they fought and fought about it. Andi was just caught in the middle, because there was no way in hell she could've ever afforded to pay for it, and, from what she tells me, nobody even expected her to. But, at any rate, Papa Bill, as we called him, chose to make her the scapegoat for the whole thing, and starting to bitching to my Dad about all the whole things he supposedly had done for her, and yet she never payed him back. So he's basically been holding a grudge against her for that, for all these years. :-/ :-(

    Now, the fact of the matter is, Christy, (my sister) had some serious problems with drugs, back in the early 2000s. She was hanging around with a bunch of sorry niggers and white trash and smoking crack and doing some prescription drugs. She even got into selling, at one point, and was lucky she never got arrested. She finally wised up after this nigger drug gang kidnapped her, back in October 2005, and were using her car to sell drugs from. This she-ape, who she claims not to have known before meeting her in a Kmart parking lot one morning, slipped her a mickey, and, once she was out cold, a couple of the bucks raped her, because they found semen in her, when Mom and Dad took her to the emergency room. :-( They never would've found her, if not for one anonymous call that I actually got when they were out looking for her the first time. The guy said that he had seen her car out on Tulsa Avenue, and that some black woman was driving it. I wrote down the message, and told them when they came back. So they went down there looking for her, and, as luck would have it, they found her standing outside one of the ghetto apartments in a daze. The story she told was that this nigger she had worked with at Hardee's, years ago, who lived in the neighborhood, had found out what was going on, and kicked in the door of the place, and, when he did, she ran out. I'll grant you, it all sounds like a pretty likely story, and I wouldn't have believed it, once I found out the full extent of her involvement with drugs, (Didn't find out until years later. They've got a bad habit of keeping things from me. ;-( ) except for the fact that they actually arrested that she-ape for doing the same thing to some other White girl, a year or so later, but, surprise, surprise, the little chimpess got off Scot-free. :-/ :-( I think I told you about all this, years ago, but I might not have.

    But, at any rate, Andi came and stayed with Christy for a few months, in early 2006, after she had filed domestic violence charges against her former room-mate, while she was waiting to get a voucher for Section 8 housing. So far as I know, they were on good terms when Andi moved into her first Knoxville apartment, in May, because Christy helped her move, and even managed to get Dad to help out. But, apparently, sometime that September, everything soured between them, --ironically, just at the time when me and Andi were starting to get close. :-/

    Now, I'll admit it is true that the area Andi moved into was a drug-infested area, ---ghetto apartments always are,---so, with Christy being a recovering drug addict and all, that gave her a perfect excuse for her not to come by and visit, but Andi told me, last December, that she had been to the commitment ceremony Christy and Rhetta had that month, so, apparently, they were still cool at that point. It's also true that, toward the end of that month, she (Andi) had taken up with this douchebag, Stephen, who turned out to be a user in more ways than one, and had gotten her back on cocaine, for the first time since her teenage years. But she was only with him for a couple of months, and, once she figured out what he was about, she told him to hit the bricks, and got treatment. But she (Christy) never once mentioned the guy to Mom, I never met him, myself, until early October, and, believe me, the way Mom and Christy gossip, word would've gotten out to me, before then, that Andi had a "druggie boyfriend", and, had I known about him, I certainly wouldn't have come to visit while he was around. So, whatever the beef between Andi and Christy was, it wasn't Stephen. Maybe it had something to do with Rhetta, ---possibly even a weird, misplaced jealousy or something. Lesbians tend to be kind of moody and insecure, so maybe she just gave Christy an ultimatum: either Andi or her. Or maybe it was a grudge Christy was nursing from back when Andi had stayed with her. Who knows?

    At any rate, sometime in late September or early October of 2006, Christy decided to throw Andi under the bus. She basically told Mom that Andi was doing drugs, (which may or may not have been true at that point, but, at any rate, WOULDN'T have been true, prior to late September or after late November) and I guess she had already told Dad some bullshit story about Andi taking her money and not paying her back, knowing that Dad already had a grudge against her, and would be predisposed to believe it. Now the fact of the matter is that Christy and Andi never once did drugs TOGETHER, and, when Christy was using, Andi wasn't. But Christy basically made it sound like it was Andi that had gotten her back to using again, after having been clean since 1992. TOTAL FUCKING HORSESHIT. :-( So, ever since then, Dad has just hated Andi's guts, and made no bones about the fact.

    So, anyway, he kept on with this horseshit, talking about how Andi was a "leech" who had worked her way through every member of the family, and I was just her latest victim. At that point, I told him, flat out, that, prior to December 2014, Andi had never taken a dime from me, that she had never wanted anything from me but my friendship, and, in fact, had loaned me money, on several occasions, when I was a little short. He couldn't say anything to that, but insisted that, had I not given her the money she needed, she would've been in Florida by then, which is true, but, what he either didn't realize or, frankly, didn't even give a fuck about, was the fact that she also would've been DEAD. ;-( This wasn't just a matter of needing some extra cash for this or that, her whole damn LIFE was in the toilet. If I hadn't been there to help her out, she would've have headed down to Florida, and quickly found out that the reason her brother didn't have a place for her was that he didn't even have a place of his own. HE WAS LIVING WITH HER BIOLOGICAL MOTHER, WHO WON'T EVEN SPEAK TO ANDI!!! No way she would've let her stay with them. Then it would've been a homeless shelter, at best, and just trying to survive until springtime, when the rates go down, to get another apartment. And I suspect the chances of that would've been very slim. More likely, she would've been stabbed to death by some crackhead, her first night, for what little money she had in her pocket. :-/ :-(

    So, needless to say, with the kind of mood he was in, I was loathe to even ask him about knowing anybody who could fix her vehicle, but I did. He just told me what I already knew, though: That the guy down the road would want at least $20 just to look at it, and she would have to drive it in, and, even, with all that, he might or might not be able to actually fix it. :-(

    It was sure a load off of my mind, then, when I called Andi the next day, to find out that dumbass Angie had come through for her, after all, and found her a mechanic. She had gone to the junkyard with the guy, and picked out the parts for it, and he was gonna fix it the next day. He only wanted $200. I think she only gave him like $80, though. Maybe it was a little more than that. Maybe $100. Can't remember. Don't think it was anymore than that, though. But, at any rate, he fixed it, and she actually drove it down to pick me up, the next day. :-D This was Wednesday, February 11th. Angie had "accidentally" sat on her laptop, the night before, so she had taken it in to get it fixed, and we went by the place to pick it up. It cost $80, and I gave her $20 of it.

    At the time, she seemed happy as a pig in shit about getting the vehicle fixed, and I was happy for her. But, the next day, she was all depressed again. :-( The last visit to her ex hadn't gone well, and, from what little they had communicated since, via telephone and Facebook messages, she didn't see much point in making another trip up there, just to kicked in the teeth, so to speak. Since I had done the thing with casting the demons out of her before, she asked me to pray for her ex to have a change of heart, so that they could get back together. I told her that, in good conscience, I couldn't really do that, because they were so wrong for each other. I told her that her ex was a user, that she herself had even said so, in the past, and that, instead of praying that God change her heart, she would do better to pray that God give her the strength to get over her, and that I would be glad to do the same.

    I showed her a picture I had left for her, the week before, in the spare room. It was, what I believe to be a depiction of Themis, who Tolkien called Lady Galadriel, and whom the whole Catholic idea of the Holy Mother is based on. Now, don't get me wrong, Tim: I HAVEN'T TURNED STICK-LICKER ON YOU. ;-D I am not now, nor will I ever be a Cat-lick, but I do believe that God, ---in the sense of the LOGOS, the Heartbeat of the Universe, ---is essentially feminine in nature. I told her that the fact that her luck finally turned, after me leaving that there, was no coincidence. That it was a sign that God was looking after her, and she ought to take it as such.

    I think a lot of it was just that she had gotten used to my spending three nights and four days a week with her, while, this time, I had only spent one night, and one day, ---a mere 24 hours,---so she was kinda depressed about being alone again. As it turned out, that would be the last we would see of each other for almost a month. :-/ I drove my car home, that afternoon, and, as planned, I stopped to see a movie in Oak Ridge on the way. I guess Mom breathed a sigh of relief when she finally saw my car back in my driveway again, for the first time in almost two months. Probably felt a little guilty, deep down, for thinking Andi would be so stupid as to wreck it. Hell, she's a better driver than I am. She just spaced out that one day, and suffered the consequences. Personally, I think it was Divine Intervention, and I told her so. If it hadn't happened, she would've kept chasing after her ex, until the manipulative little bitch pushed her too far, and she probably would've ended up in jail, at least overnight. No good would've come of it.

    But, that weekend, it snowed. We got eight inches, the most we had gotten since the Winter of '93. I was happy as a pig in shit, at first, but, damn, IT JUST DIDN'T SEEM TO KNOW WHEN TO MELT!!! ;-D It got so cold and stayed so cold that it hung on for a week, and damned if it didn't snow again then. I was lucky that Dad had a four-wheel-drive truck with enough power to get us to town to pick up groceries both weeks. If not for that, we would've been in a world of hurt. :-/ Dad couldn't even get his truck up their driveway one of the times. He and Mom had to lock it up and leave it down at the bottom and walk up. They've got a gravel driveway that's about 1/4 of a mile long, so I'm sure that wasn't any fun. ;-( A snow like that is such a rare occurance around here that people just don't know how to act. If it was something that happened all the time, people would be prepared for it. They'd keep snow tires on their vehicles, and be sure they had enough gas to get them into town, and so forth, but, as it is, we were damn lucky it didn't last any longer than it did. Caught us all off our guard. :-/

    I stayed in touch with Andi the whole time, and she made it through alright. They plow all the main roads in Knoxville, and, although she didn't choose to go out in it herself, Angie and one of her neighbors kept her supplied with enough food to get by on. The main thing was, she was just BORED OUT OF HER SKULL. ;-D Angie kept coming over, and, while, at first, she was glad for the company, it got to the point where she was actually hiding out in her bedroom, just to avoid her. :-/

    But, during this time, she had a breakthrough. She realized that the reason she was so depressed all the time wasn't really because she was missing her ex, but, rather that she was just miserable being here in East Tennessee. Her ex was just the last thing she had had to hold on to, to make living here bearable for her. As I believe I mentioned before, the reason things didn't work out for her, up in New Jersey, was because this dago she had known as a kid blew a bunch of smoke up her ass about there being a job there for her, taking care of some special needs kids. And, by the time, she found out it was all bullshit, she had already moved up there, had a lease she had to honor, and the whole nine yards, so she just tried to make a go of it for a year. But I think she really blamed herself for things not working out, and, so, when she had to move back here for a few months, and live with her step-Mom, who hates her, while she was getting her Section 8 bullshit worked out, in order to move right back into the same shitty apartment complex she had moved out of the year before, that was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. :-(

    So, in September 2013, when she went down to Florida, to attend a friend's funeral, she kinda fell back into her lesbian lifestyle again. Basically, it kinda began down to dawn on me, from what she told me, that she really prefers women, but, when she's living in East Tennessee, she dates men, instead, because the lesbians here are all butt-ugly and butchy, and don't do anything for her. So, when she met a chick down there that she really hit it off with, she invited her to come up here and move in with her. Kind of a flighty thing to do, I'll grant you, but I guess, in her mind, the only way she could stand to live here anymore was if she had what she considered to be a halfway decent-looking chick living with her.

    Surprisingly enough, the chick agreed. That should've raised a red flag, right there, somebody who she barely knew, agreeing to move in with her, right out of the blue, but Andi was so desperate she just wasn't thinking straight. It turned out that this chick's father was an alcoholic, who beat her and her mother, and her mother was a manipulative, passive-aggressive sociopath, who basically lived off of men. She had been married, herself, and had a grown daughter, and was basically a workaholic, with no social life whatsoever, so, when she saw the opportunity to just take it easy and live off another woman for a year, she simply took it. :-/

    So, this chick had moved in with Andi in October 2013, and, by December 2013, they had had their first major fight, and the chick ran off to her friend's house in Pigeon Forge, the same place she ran to after they had their big knock-down drag-out in December 2014. Andi chased after her, and, after about a week, persuaded her to come back. Then, in the summer of 2014, this chick's grown daughter came to live with them for awhile, and this caused a lot of friction between them. But, in the end, she sided with Andi against her daughter, and the daughter had to leave.

    So, basically, Andi and this chick were together for about a year and two months. And, once she left, Andi just couldn't stand living in East Tennessee anymore. That was the main reason she had been talking about Florida, earlier. It wasn't just that she felt like she had to go there, because of not being able to pay her bills. Deep down, she wanted to go there. And she had finally come to realize it.

    So she had been making plans, talking to different friends she had down there, trying to work something out, so that she would have a place to stay for a few months, while she looked for an apartment, and got things straightened out with Section 8. She had to change her plans around a couple of times, but she did end up going back down there.

    But, not to get ahead of myself, I guess I should return to where I left off. Like I said, I was pretty well snowed in for most of the rest of February. But, by early March, everything had melted away, and we decided I would come up for a visit again on March 2nd. It was like 5:30 that evening when I left, and she didn't want to take me to Trader Joe's until the next day, and I wasn't quite confident yet that I could find the place by myself. You see, when she would take me there, we would always go via the Interstate, instead of Kingston Pike, so I didn't really know of any landmarks to go by, in terms of where to make the turn. But she had a pizza left she was willing to share with me that night, so she said not to worry about it. She gave me a call on the way, though, and I pulled over into the parking lot of the dentist office where my Mom used to work, to call her back. She asked me to go ahead and pick up a 24-pack of water from Dollar General on my way over. Now the closest Dollar General to her apartment is over on Sutherland, just past the road you turn off onto to go there.. I had been there several times with her, before, but I never paid that much attention to where the turn-off was. I stopped at the red light where I thought the turn-off was, but, when I tried to turn, I realized the road was going right on past the Dollar General, and I ended up in the parking lot of a whole other apartment complex. :-/ Took me forever to get turned around, but I found the right turn, going back, picked up the water, and went on up to her apartment. The pizza wasn't very good, but I didn't complain. The crust was alright, but the cheese was kinda bland and rubbery, and there was no meat on it at all. Not the kind of pizza I would've bought, by any means. I think we just watched METV until bedtime, and then, as always, I slept in her bedroom, and she slept on the couch.

    The next day, she took me to Trader Joe's, and I paid close attention to where it was, relative to Kingston Pike. I realized the turn was right across from David's Bridal, which has a HUGE sign, so I never had a problem finding it after that. Kinda think we watched a comedy online called A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST that afternoon, and we probably talked quite awhile, too. The movie was either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon. Can't remember which. It's been too long. But I know it was one day or the other. Pretty sure we watched METV again that night. It's a local Classic TV station. They show westerns in the early afternoon, which neither one of us like, so we never watch it then. But, starting at 3, they show two episodes of the old SUPERMAN show, then EMERGENCY, then CHiPs, then two episodes of M*A*S*H, then MAYBERRY RFD. Can't remember what they showed at 8:30, but, at 9, they always showed HOGAN'S HEROES. The 9:30-11:00 lineup varied from night to night, but, at 11, they always showed THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW. Usually, I would start my pizza as soon as M*A*S*H came on, since I didn't like it very much, and, by the time MAYBERRY RFD came on, it would be ready, and I'd eat it while we watched. Then, after THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, I would usually go to bed.

    There was a nice, easy kind of rhythm to it all. One could easily get used to living like that. :-) Kinda reminded me of the two days I had spent with her in September 2007, back in the good old days, before things turned sour, due to Mom's idiotic meddling.

    But, as it turned out, it was too good to last. :-( By Friday afternoon, it had all turned sour.

    Before I had left, Mom had warned me that it was supposed to turn real cold again, Thursday afternoon, and there would be freezing rain by evening. She warned me that I ought to try to leave fairly early that day, so that I would get home before the ugly stuff hit. She gave me a call, Wednesday afternoon, and Andi overheard me talking to her. She asked me to go ahead and stay with her the rest of the week, since I had missed a couple of weeks, the month before. The way things had gone, my first extended visit with her, I was a little leery. I remember asking "Are you sure?", but she said, "Yes.", and, from, the look in her eyes, it didn't seem like she had any doubts, so I went ahead and agreed. If I'd had it to do over again, I would've said: "Just so long as I don't have to do any vacuuming.". and, had she agreed to those terms, there likely wouldn't have been any trouble, since she's never been one to go back on her word. But, anyway, that was Wednesday. The rest of the day went fine, and Thursday, too.

    She had been a little worried about her vehicle, thinking that, since it had been wrecked and all, it probably wouldn't survive the trip to Florida. So she was thinking about trading for a van. So, Friday morning, we went back again, to all the "Buy here, pay here" places on Clinton Highway, looking for vans. Couldn't find a single, solitary one. :-/ :-( At one place, when we got out to stretch our legs a bit, we looked up and saw the ice hanging on the bare branches of a couple of trees, shining like glass in the early morning sun. It was pretty cool. :-) Then we went over to Broadway, to look there. We found a few at a used car place, and Andi pulled off of the road to get a better look, and got stuck in the mud. I got out, thinking she might need me to give her a push. She gave it the gas, and went forward, slinging a big chunk of mud in my general direction. I barely managed to jump out of the way in time to avoid getting splattered. She had a good laugh about it. :-) Getting out of the apartment for awhile always did seem t cheer her up. The vans turned out to be piles of shit, though, so we went on back.

    When we got back, she wanted to clean, so I immediately thought, "Oh, shit!" "I'm about to get ambushed, and I'll either have to vacuum or go on home." At this point, if it came to that, I was determined to do the latter. I didn't want anymore bullshit. It wasn't my job to clean her apartment, and I had never agreed to do so, so, when she asked me to, I said: "Hope you don't think I'm a dick, but I'd really rather not." At the time, she just mumbled something like, "Oh, OK." But I knew, from past experience, that a storm was about to blow up. I just kept watching the music channel, hoping her mood would improve, and she would just forget the whole thing, but she just kept staring at me, and I knew it was getting worse all the time. Before long, she was muttering "Dick!" under her breath, and it started getting louder and louder. I knew it was about to hit the fan, and it did. :-( :-/ She bawled me out, saying that everything I had told her seemed like a lie, when I wouldn't even vacuum. I told her that I never promised to vacuum for her in the first place, and I didn't know what the hell she was talking about. At one point, she asked me whether I was "white trash", since I didn't want to do any work, and I told her that, no, I wasn't white trash, but I wasn't her nigger, either. So we went back and forth for awhile, but, finally, after she realized I was gonna leave, if she kept insisting, she said: "Well, if you don't want to vacuum, can't you think of something else to do around here?" and I said: "Well, I don't know." "You already washed the dishes." "What else needs doing?" Then she said if I just rinsed the crumbs off my plates, every time I dirtied one, and changed the bottom sheet on the bed, before I left, that would be enough for her, so I agreed.

    At one point, during the argument, she had gone to put some laundry into the washer, and kicked either the wall, or the laundry basket, or something, and it knocked the sliding door off its hinge and it landed on her right foot and broke her toe. :-/ It swelled up as big as a cartoon character's thumb in one of those old Tex Avery cartoons. :-O ;-D We went down to the Emergency Room, to see if they could do anything for her, but, although we waited for two hours, all they did was give her a boot to put on, so it would be easier for her to drive.

    You see, she had already decided to give her ex an ultimatum that night: either they could be friends, going forward, or not, but Andi was through chasing after her. So I guess she was just all stressed about that, just like the day we had the other argument, she was stressed out about seeing her again. So, that night, she called her and told her that, and her ex didn't want to be friends, so, that was that. That was the last time Andi ever called her, but, after a few weeks, her ex called her, and, while Andi was polite to her, she stood her ground. I was proud of her. :-) The next day, she posted a funny cartoon video called "Fuck You" to her Facebook page. Then we drove downtown to pick up this A.J. chick Andi had met about a month before. After Angie had started to get the clue, and not come around as much, she had started hanging around with A.J. Andi had warned me that this chick was pretty butch-looking, and she wasn't kidding. :-/ But she was "butch" in a different way than Angie and "Boatchick" were. They just basically looked like men, and not even very attractive men, at that. A.J. looked more like the typical militant lesbian, with short, spiky, bleached-blonde hair and cat's eye glasses. She was short and fat. If a man was drunk enough, he might find her mildly attractive, if not for the extra padding. I've heard of "drinking somebody pretty", but I've never heard of drinking anybody thin. ;-( ;-D

    We went back to the apartment and watched Harry Potter DVDs all that day and the next. That afternoon, we ordered pizzas from Domino's. I paid for mine, of course. They turned out to be quite good. When I first tried their pizza, 15 years ago, it was GODAWFUL, but, I can positively confirm that the buzz is true: THEY HAVE GOTTEN THEIR SHIT TOGETHER. :-D

    I was wearing my Fraser tartan cap and a tie-dyed shamrock t-shirt, and she said they both were cool. If I had known what a mooch this chick was to turn out to be, I might've taken it as a threat to steal them. :-(

    The next day, I had run plumb out of water, and I was so thirsty it was about driving me out of my mind. I mentioned it to Andi, and I guess I did so rather clumsily, because she seemed to think I was asking her to go get me some, right then and there, but I wasn't. Later that evening, when her and A.J. finally were gonna go out and get some, I mentioned that it might be cheaper to pick up some Aquafina some Walmart, since they were going there anyway, and I knew I'd stepped in it again. :-( She gave me a look like she could've killed me. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that she was *NOT* gonna spend any money at Walmart, because they were evil corporate bastards, etc., etc., and that she couldn't believe I couldn't go out and get my own water. It seemed like she was still mad at me over the argument from Friday, and that worried me. Andi doesn't usually hold a grudge like that. She'll blow up, and then, a few minutes later, she'll be fine.

    So, the next day, Monday, as soon as I got up, I got my stuff together, and told them I was about to leave. Like I promised, I went ahead and changed the bottom sheet on her bed before I left. I guess she thought I was mad at her, and she asked me if everything was alright. I told her it was, but the truth was, as moody as she had been acting lately, I kinda felt it was best to go while the getting was good. ;-( ;-) A. J. was still there when I left, but Andi took her home shortly thereafter. That was the last I ever saw of her apartment.

    Andi called me a few times, over the next few weeks, and I sent her an email, explaining why I left when I did. On April 1, she came down to get the trailer she had left up at my sister's, and hooked it up to her SUV. She never did find a van, so she went down to Florida, the next day, in her SUV. Believe it or not, she made the trip just fine. :-) She thanked me for all I had done for her that day, and, when I saw the look in her eyes, I knew she really meant it. She was like the old Andi again. No trace of the fear or doubt or anger that had plagued her before. She was out of the woods, now, and she knew it. It was like she couldn't really make herself believe it until it had actually happened. She looked like somebody who had just been freed from the gallows. To see her looking that happy, I almost choked up. That was the look I'd been waiting to see on her face for almost four months. :-) I saw a little bit of it, that first day, but, since we had gone back to her apartment on the 20th of December, I had seen very little of it. She seemed to have fallen under the spell of the gloom of that place, kinda like Roderick Usher, in Edgar Allan Poe's famous story. Really, the only time she ever smiled was when we were out driving around. :-/

    But, like I say, she did all her packing the next day, and took off that evening. A.J. was supposed to have helped her pack, in exchange for her sugar-glider and her bed, but she just stood there and watched while Andi did all the packing, and her and her friend took them, anyway. :-( :-/ Thankfully, Andi's friends from New Jersey, Doug and Michelle, ---who now live in a place called Bibey or Bibee, Tennessee, a couple of hours away,----showed up in time to help her with the heavy stuff. Andi said Doug gave A.J. an earful, and, if she and her friend hadn't left when they did, he would've beat the hell out of both of them. ;-D Andi called her and chewed her out for it later. She got on the road about 5:45 or 6 that evening, and gave me a call. She told me she'd call me again when she got there, but, when I got up the next afternoon, around 1, and checked my voicemail, she hadn't left a message, so I called her, and she told me that she made the trip just fine, she had just forgotten to call. I was really shocked that that trailer had made it, even more so than the vehicle. You should've seen the thing, Tim. It didn't look like it would've survived a trip to the Smokies, let alone all the way down to Florida. I guess it was stronger than it looked, though. ;-)

    So, anyway, we've stayed in touch ever since. I give her a call once a week. Her phone # changed early last month, and she emailed me the new #. She ended up bouncing back and forth between a couple of different friends for three months, but, in early July, she finally did get an apartment. It's smaller than the place she had here, and not nearly as much storage space, but she's happy with it. It's close to the beach, and that's the thing she likes best about it. :-)

    Early last month, though, her apartment got flooded, from all the rain they've been having down there, and her and a friend of hers had to spend several days mopping and bailing to keep it from doing serious damage. Thankfully, she was able to save most of her stuff. Now she's got all her furniture up on blocks.

    I'm hoping to come down and visit her in October, if the race war doesn't start before then. Certain technical details will have to be worked out, of course. I want to make damn good and sure that she's got something for me to sleep on that won't break under the weight of my 400+ lbs. ;-D If she's got the bed up on blocks, then we'll have to be sure the floor underneath it will be strong enough to take the strain when I flop down on the thing. I sure don't want to do any damage to her apartment, or, possibly, get her in trouble with her landlord. She's hanging on by her fingernails, and the last thing I want to do is drag her down. :-(

    She just sent me a couple of pics of a spook she saw in her window. Pretty creepy. :-/ I'll forward them on to you, and you can see it for yourself.

    (Tried to copy and paste the pic, but, apparently, it's all complicated. :-/ ---CGO)


    Andi ended up blowing a bunch of smoke up my ass about coming up here, after us both agreeing that, since her apartment was so small, there was just no way we could both be comfortable staying there, if I went and visited her instead. She made it sound like all it was was a matter of finding a dogsitter, and she'd be coming up, but we never could get straight on which week. Finally, on Christmas Day, I called her again, and she tried to back out altogether, saying she would rather wait until warm weather to come up, even though I made it clear to her that, as far as I was concerned, that would *NOT* be possible, as I was planning on leaving this world that next April. It started to become clear to me, that for all her talk, she didn't really give a fuck about me at all, and had just used me to bail here out of a bad situation. On her birthday, December 28th, I sent her the following email:


    Happy Birthday, Andi!!! :-) Glad to see you made it to the magic number of 47, which you told me about. ;-) As you well know, I had a lot to do with that, and I was glad to be part of the process. Here's hoping God will give you the answers you need to turn your life around. I know She will, if you only ask. But YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR THEM, ANDI!!! That's the thing. She's not just gonna hand them to you like a pack of cigarettes. Good luck waiting for that. ;-( ;-) You have to EARN them, Andi, by proving you're worthy of them. And you do that by obeying the CALL when you hear it.

    You once told me you believed that God sent me to you, and you were right about that. There was a hook in my jaw. I didn't have any choice. I knew that, if I didn't come to your aid when the opportunity presented itself, there would be no chance whatsoever of saving my soul and clearing away all the bad karma from my past lives. I saw it all in a dream, at least a week or two before you sent me that first email, on December 5th. It really blew my mind. It was like you were a shrink of some sort, or possibly a marriage counselor, and all these old farts were coming to see you. You were on the top floor of this two-story building on the beach, and you were in a room leading what seemed to be a group therapy session, with nothing but old farts of both genders. And, out in the lobby, there were at least a dozen more, waiting to get in to see you, and talking about how smart you were and how much you helped people. But, at this particular time, your heart just didn't seem to be in it. :-/ :-( There was this giant, triangular-shaped, solid glass window behind your desk, and you kept staring out of it, It was almost like you were looking up at the sky, hoping God would send you an answer, or maybe thinking of someone who had died a long time ago, who you wished you could talk to. Then, it was like a camera, slowly zooming in on your face, and I could see that you had tears in your eyes. And, as the camera zoomed in, I started to hear music, at first, very faintly, but the closer the camera zoomed in , the louder the music got, until I finally realized that it was Jimmy Buffett's "The Captain And The Kid". Then, when the dream "camera" zoomed in so close that all I could see were the tears in your beautiful blue eyes, I saw the captain's wheel clock hanging on my wall, that had belonged to your Dad. Then I woke up. :-/ Hell of a thing, huh? ;-D I can't help but wonder whether that dream was your Dad's way of contacting me, from the other side. Like he knew you were in trouble, and sent me to help you out. You've got to admit, it's something to think about. ;-)

    Now the fact of the matter is, Andi, ----and, deep down in your heart, I KNOW you realize this,----we have unfinished business to attend to. ;-) ;-( What began on January 2nd was only the beginning. It started the process, that's all. That's the way the Holy Spirit works. You are a humble, honest, decent Soul, Andi, and you always acknowledge the Truth in the end. God knows you can be a stubborn, hard-headed, pain in the ass when you want to be. It's the Capricorn in you. My Mom's the same way. Born on January 2nd, just like Roger Miller. But the difference is, she had every advantage that you never had. She grew up on the most spiritually significant piece of ground on the whole damn planet, and it didn't do her one damn bit of good. :-( Now she's about to sell that piece of land for thirty pieces of Yankee silver, just so she can prove her "manhood" and gratify her little nigger-black hell-spawned ego. She is the Lucifer to your Christ, the Scarlett to your Melanie. Do a Google search for "The Pebble And The Clod" by William Blake, and you'll see what I mean. She's a pebble. You're a clod. ;-( ;-) But, the bottom line is, on January 2nd, 2015, after much silent prayer and seeking by the both of us, a miracle happened: You were able to realize in your heart and acknowledge with your mouth two facts that only the Holy Spirit could've revealed to you: #1. That God had sent me to you, and, #2. That your demons were afraid of me. Once you were able to realize and acknowledge these things, the rest was academic. There was never any question of whether the Holy Spirit could've cast out those two most troublesome demons, using me as Its Vessel. I had a loving, contrite heart, in total submission to Its Will, and I longed for nothing more than your deliverance. You just had to FACE UP TO REALITY and acknowledge it in the presence of a witness, namely me.

    And now is no different than then. You're scared Andi. Don't deny it. I can hear it in your voice. But WHY ARE YOU SCARED? That's the question. You have to ask God why you are scared. What is the root of your fear? She will tell you. But you already KNOW what She will tell you, Andi. And you don't want to hear it. Well, TOUGH SHIT!!! YOU *NEED* TO HEAR IT!!! ;-( And you *WILL* hear it!!! It's because you're back to hunting the White Whale again, like some looney Captain Ahab!!! Even Ahab knows what he's doing is foolish, that, in his own words, "The Devil is a whale!", and that the Devil will win in the end. But he's so far gone he doesn't even give a shit. We all know what happened to Captain Ahab, Andi. ;-( DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!!! IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!

    Quit blaming God for what your Mother did to you!!! IT IS *NOT* HER FAULT!!!! Your Mother had free will, and she made her own choices. She will have to live with the consequences of those choices, just like you will have to live the consequences of whatever choice you make. But, for fuck's sake, Andi, at least REALIZE THAT YOU *HAVE* A CHOICE!!! DON'T LET YOUR STUPID, WORTHLESS MOTHER DRAG YOU DOWN TO HELL WITH HER!!! ;-( AND DON'T LET THE SECRET FEAR THAT YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN SHE IS SABOTAGE ALL YOUR RELATIONSHIPS AND TURN YOU INTO A BITTER, HATEFUL, OLD WOMAN LIKE SHE IS!!! (Either one of them. ;-( ;-D) YOU ARE *NOTHING* LIKE THEM!!! I, of all people, should know. I've seen you at your best, and I've seen you at your worst. At your best, you are the most kind. loving, selfless person I've ever met. Even at your worst, though, you're nothing like Joan. You aren't passive aggressive or manipulative. Nor are you like what little you've told me about your birth mother, either. You aren't rash or flighty. You may THREATEN to do stupid things, but you rarely actually DO them. You're much more practical than that. No, I would say that, at your worst, you are most like your biological father,---the angry, short guy. ;-D You piss and moan, bellow and bluster, until you've finally blown off a good head of steam, and then, ten minutes later, you forget all about it. My Dad's the same way. Whether they ever told you this or not, Andi, you may as well face it: YOU'RE IRISH AS A MOTHERFUCKER. ;-D :-) Yours is a classic Irish temper, if ever I've seen one. But I would say that, if you're like anybody, you're like your biological father and like Harold. Nothing wrong with that. You just have to be aware of it. God never owed you anything but a CHANCE, Andi, and She gave you that. Hell, She's given you chance after chance after chance. Think about it. You're still here, aren't you? After all the close calls you've had, all the car wrecks you've survived, and Boat Chick coming to your rescue that first time, (Yeah, I know she turned out to be a cunt, but God uses who She uses. ;-) ) and then me. God has given you PLENTY of chances, Andi. It's about time YOU gave HER a chance. ;-(



    I've done everything I know to do, Andi. Like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. You've got to do what you've got to do. I can't make your decisions for you.

    All I can tell you is this: Chances are, Mom *WILL NOT* back down on selling my grandparents' land, and I will simply have to do what I will have to do. It will be the Samson Option. Now, grant it, I will wait until I've had the chance to play all the CDs I've not played yet, post everything that I need to post to Christian Nationalist, and go to The Hound's Room one more time, but, sometime between early February and early April, I *WILL* be leaving this world, most likely. ;-( I'm also more convinced than I ever have been that the race war is gonna start within the next few months. And there's no denying that my health is slowly going downhill. I weigh 400 pounds. I have all kinds of digestive problems. There's that inner ear bullshit that's been going on for over a year now. And there's no telling when all the damage from that head trauma from hitting my head on that concrete wall in kindergarten is gonna take its toll. You know about all these things. You also know that the fumes from this damn trailer are killing me by degrees. Destroying my lungs. And, yet, with all this, you still seem to think I'm gonna last another six months. :-/ DON'T FUCKING COUNT ON IT, ANDI!!! ;-( Time to face facts. IT JUST AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!!!

    So, under the circumstances, I don't know why you're suddenly pissing and moaning so much about the weather, acting like you expect me to believe you're some kind of delicate, tropical flower that is just gonna wither away and die if you leave the hothouse like climate of Florida. Bullshit, Andi. I know better. YOU LIVED HERE FOR TEN FUCKING YEARS!!! You know what the winters here are like. They are very, VERY mild!!! It's not Alaska or the Pacific Northwest or even New Jersey. It's East Tennessee. You know what I wore up to my parents' house to eat chili last night? A pair of shorts, Andi!!! A pair of fucking shorts!!! On the 27th of December!!! So don't give me that weather bullshit!!! I'M NOT FUCKING STUPID!!! :-( What's the REAL reason you suddenly don't want to come up here, after agreeing to it two months ago? I WANT TO KNOW, DAMN IT!!! I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!!! :-(

    Does it, perhaps, have something to do with that VILE, PORCINE ABOMINATION, still residing in Pigeon Forge? ;-( If so, you are even more fucked up than I ever thought possible. :-/ :-( Afraid you won't be able to resist the temptation of going to visit that stupid sow, even after she lied about you on her Facebook page to the whole damn world?!!? Goddamn, Andi!!! How low are you gonna let yourself sink? :-/ PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! :-(

    Now, it's like this, Andi: I WAS THERE FOR YOU WHEN YOU NEEDED ME AND I EXPECT THE SAME FROM YOU!!! YOU OWE ME THAT, DAMNIT!!! It's one thing if you don't want to come up in December, but, once the month's over, you've got no excuse!!! It SHOULDN'T have even had to get to this point. We haven't seen each other for NINE DAMN MONTHS, Andi!!! Nine months!!! And we only had a little less than four months together before that, after missing SIX YEARS!!! :-( Now, do you care about me or not? If you do, I don't know why you wouldn't be as anxious to see me again as I am to see you. Doesn't make any sense. :-/ On the one hand, you tell me that you miss me, you enjoy my company, you're bummed because nobody else wants to talk to you about the heavy spiritual and political shit that we talk about, yet, when it gets close to time to actually DO something about it, you get cold feet. WHY THE COLD FEET? I think I have a right to know.

    So have a happy birthday. My advice is, assuming you don't have any other plans, go ahead and watch one of the many DVDs I made for you, and know that I'll be there with you in spirit. :-) I've got presents for you, too, BUT YOU WILL HAVE TO COME UP HERE AND GET THEM!!! ;-D I got a VHS video collection of the godawful, fagtarded Beatles, back in August, because I was under the impression that you liked them, and went ahead and put them all on one DVD for you: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, HELP!, MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR and an Albert Maysles' film documentary of their FIRST U.S. VISIT. Hope you like it. :-) I've also decided to give you my all-over-print PINK FLOYD: THE WALL t-shirt that hasn't fit me in years, and I KNOW you'll like that when you see it. ;-) Hell, I'll even save you the WHOLE Reese's snowman this time, instead of just half of one. ;-D And we can have our belated birthday supper at Big Ed's whichever day you want.

    So enjoy your birthday, and do whatever you have to do to get through the rest of December, but, come New Year's Day, I expect you to get on the phone and start finding out how much busfare is gonna be, here and back, and I'll get Mom to send the money to your account, and you can come on up here, either next weekend, or the week after, whichever you would prefer. OK? ;-)

    Take care. ---Your friend and brother, Prometheus, aka xxxx.


    This was her reply:


    i have to say your email pissed me off a lot .. not nice and
    not true on many counts. thats why i havent taken your calls lately .


    This was mine:


    Name me one thing I said that wasn't true, Andi. ONE. You can't because there weren't any. ;-(

    I was as nice as I possibly could be to somebody who basically calls me a liar every time I have an actual conversation with them, without having the GUTS to actually come out and do so. :-(

    I took you into my confidence, telling you things that Mom didn't even want ME to know, let alone you, and yet how do you react to that? You treat me like some delusional, manipulative little child, who makes things up to try to get their pwecious widdow way. It's called PROJECTION, Andi!!! Look it up sometime!!! ;-(

    I was there for you when you needed me. I did everything in my power to save your life, and I did so. The proof is in the pudding, Andi: YOU ARE ALIVE AND BECAUSE OF ME!!! Deny THAT if you can, you carpet-munching Yankee cunt!!! :-( Or was that all a big scam, too, just to get my money??? I'm frankly starting to wonder. ;-(

    No, Andi, after all I did for you, any NORMAL person, any HONEST person would've been glad to come and spend a week with me, especially given the urgency of the situation, and the fact that I was willing to pay for their busfare, here and back. But you, you just piss and moan and try to put me off. You don't even express one ounce of sympathy for me when I tell you that I'll probably be dead in a couple of months, you just sulk like a spoiled little child who has just lost an argument and say "OK." "I'll look into it." (Getting a sitter for the dog and finding out about the busfare.) and then you never fucking do. :-(

    You must think I'm pretty fucking goddamned stupid to believe the reason you haven't been taking my calls is because you're somehow all butt-hurt about me telling you the TRUTH in that last email. Hell, I didn't say one thing in that one that I didn't essentially say in that one I sent you way back in March, besides my predictions for this coming year, which are DEADLY FUCKING SERIOUS. Not my fault if you're too lazy/shallow/pick your pejorative to read everything I send you. :-/ No, Andi, the reason you're not taking my calls is that YOU'RE A CAUGHT RAT, and you fucking know it!!! ;-( You essentially sealed your fate when, late on the evening of Christmas Day, you told me, for the THIRD time, how you "would rather wait until warm weather" to come up here. That email I sent was just one last-ditch attempt to prick your conscience, ----assuming that you HAD one, which you DON'T,---so that I wouldn't feel bad when I, most likely, ended up having to tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF. But, no, like I say, you don't have a conscience, and you don't have a SOUL. You're just some vile, subhuman little TROLL, conjured up from the blackest pits of Hell to try to ensnare me in some Satanic scheme or other. Guess Satan WOULD use a hobbit to try to ensnare a Tolkien fan. Sneaky old bastard. ;-(

    Then, as a last, desperate power play, you try to turn the tables on me, and make ME out to be the bad guy, as Jewsual. :-/ Good luck with THAT, honey. ;-( ;-D Don't confuse me with your deluded old dipshit of a father or one or your shit-for-brains boyfriends. I'm wise to all your tricks. I watched you using them on other people for three months, and now you're trying to use them on me. Nice try, cunt. Nice try. ;-( :-D

    Now the fact of the matter is, like all con artists do, you took my kindness for weakness. I put up with WAY more shit from you than I would've ever put up with from anyone else under any other circumstances. Because you kept threatening to kill yourself, and I felt I owed it to you to save your life, I basically bit my lip and held back my hand, ---although it took all the self-restraint I could muster to do it---while you yapped on and on about pussifism and "gay rights" and there being "good" niggers in the world, when with any other TWAT, in any other circumstances, I would've first told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP, and then, if you didn't do so, I would simply smack the living shit out of you. ;-( The last straw was you playing that militant monkeyshit by that whigger faggot rapper, MacLemore. (God, I miss the old days, when rappers used to rap about SHOOTING faggots instead of BEING faggots. ;-D ) The blood was literally about to shoot out of my eyes at that point. :-/ I should've told you to slit your kosher, Commie wrists and burn in Hell, walked out the door, and never come back, but, unfortunately, I believed your evil, self-serving busllshit, and I didn't. :-(

    Now I will admit to one thing, Andi. Technically speaking, I did tell one "lie" in that earlier email, though it was in all innocence, and completely unintentional. When I said that you were Irish, I guess that was just wishful thinking on my part, combined with your blue eyes and hellacious temper. But, no, you're definitely *NOT* Irish. I paid you an undeserved compliment. YOU'RE ALL KIKE!!! ;-( Lindstedt was right about you. Only JEWS get Crohn's disease. Have fun bleeding to death out your ass like Rabbi Linderswine. ;-D Much as I hate to admit it, Dad and Christy were right about you. You're nothing but a two-bit con artist, and you played me for a sucker from Day One. If you actually WERE Irish, you would be here right now, and we would be talking and laughing and watching movies, just like old times, and you wouldn't care a damn what the weather outside was like. But, no, you're just a sneaky little Sheenie she-serpent that somehow managed to slither into God's Graceland, unawares. ;-( I forgot how hard cold weather was for you little kosher snakes, especially when you can't find a nice big rock to warm jewrselves on. ;-( ;-D Just as well. Stay down there in Fucktardida with all the other kikes, faggots, and carpet-munchers. Like the song says: "YOU DON'T BELONG IN DIXIE"!!! ;-( :-(

    Now that's just about all I've got to say to you. Any future voicemails or emails will be deleted, and any future calls will be ignored. And, if you ever hit rock bottom again, and I'm sure you will, being the STUPID LITTLE CUNT that you are, don't even THINK about calling me for help, unless you want to hear me laugh in your face and tell you to slit your stupid little kosher wrists and choke on your Mama's pussy in Hell. :-D ;-( ;-D

    You have succeeded, Lucifer. You just got yourself kicked out of Heaven. Good luck getting back in again. ;-( ---Lord Siva, Slayer Of Demons. (Especially kosher ones.)

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    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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