Commiefornia US Senate Candidate Patrick Jewtrick Little Exposed as Jew Shill - Big Surprise

This is what I suspected from Little's total BS "redpilling" story. Little said he read the unreadable pile of shit, Culture of Critique, by none other than fellow jew shill "Kevin MacDonald." And, of course, it changed his life and turned him into a "jew hater." Is this the best the kikes have? They're not even trying anymore

This jew tard Little is a swarthy, brown eyed critter who managed to get just 1.33% of the vote. And in typical jew smug fashion is walking around like he's the king of the world, LMAO. Only a jew could be so brazen...and clueless. No one but JIDF shills online are supporting this kike. When you badmouth him, you get swarmed by these jew vipers with nothing useful to say, but in full support of him nonetheless.

This expose explains the mysterious reason why Kike Enoch and Andre the Nigger did NOT initially support him. TRS and Daily Nigger are such damaged goods, they didn't want to hurt their kike "golden boy's" chances for fooling the goyim. Of course this piece of kike jew shit Little is coonnected to every Alt Kike shill on Gab and twatter, so it's all just a big farce. Almost no one is paying attention to this tard, which may mean whiggers are through with democrapcy.

After what happened to Germany by the kikes and Jewmurican whiggers during WWII, it's no wonder that whiggers are gun shy in supporting an "anti-seemite monster."

Lots of juicy stuff here. Well researched. Well worth a read, all of it:

Part 2:

Part 3: