Eric Hoofshit's Latest Article

Jewboy Eric Hoofshit's latest article. I followed Hoofshit from the start. He's got to be a zionist shill, he knows way too much about how the jew criminal network operates. And his piece of shit sister is married to a Murdoch.

I have no idea what the fuck he thinks he's doing exposing so much info. Kikes lie even with the truth. Jews are probably promoting "anti-seemitism" because:

A. It's inevitable there will be a reaction by angry whiggers to kill all jews.

B. The jews want to coontrol the reaction by getting their "anti-seemitic" shills into power, like they did with Torquemada back in Spain, to prevent the goyim from slitting every last jew throat.

Hoofshit also tells the kike criminals they should come clean to get a better deal when the Gestapo finally shows up and deals with their stinking kike asses. LMAO. Leniency seems like a pipe dream, but it might reveal part of his motivation.

Anyway, this little pencil-neck jew prick hates God, and thinks religion is all fake. He thinks like typical jew commie scum that the world is purely mechanical and we are just intelligent monkeys, blah, blah, blah. What a fuckin jew.

These kinds of kikes promote NO RELIGION for goyim, while drinking blood and eating children for Satan. They are schizophrenic satanic lower than shit scum. Hoofshit looks like a Satan worshiper if there ever was one, all the while pretending to worship "science."

Hoofshit also has such a simplistic view of the world that it's almost unbelievable. It's a child's world. He can't be that stupid, he's just a shill. There is no room for race, history or spirituality in his sterile, dead jew worldview.

But if you can get past all that, and just ignore it, he has some of the best info on the kikes: