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Thread: Harold Armstead Covington, September 14, 1953 to July 17, 2018

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    Default Harold Armstead Covington, September 14, 1953 to July 17, 2018

    Harold Armstead Covington, September 14, 1953 to July 17, 2018


    Andreas Donner 1130 PDT -- It is with a heavy heart I must inform you all that Harold Armstead Covington, founder of the #NorthwestFront, passed away last week in his apartment in Bremerton, WA. Thankfully, preparations were made and the Party continues to ...

    ... still recovering various communication capabilities and getting back up to speed. On top of that, we're obviously all very busy right now, and we sadly do not have the bandwidth to be anywhere near as responsive as we would like.

    Thank you for your understanding.



    Given that I was an ally of Harold Covington since making peace with him in March 2009, Andy Donner, Harold's Right-Hand Man called me up Friday to give me the bad news. I was not surprised as Harold has been in bad health for years. I told him that I didn't think the "bad news"{ was Gretchen the Librarian wearing a wire like Axis Skanky.

    Andy advised Harold's family about Harold's death -- they not being in contact for years and in North Carolina said that Andy and Harold's Party could deal with Harold's funeral arrangement and limited assets. Harold Covington released his intellectual property to the public domain years ago when pursued by Will William's lawfare. There are no assets other than an used car which is on payments in any case.

    I advised Andy to close up most of the loose ends as possible then to release news of Harold's death on Tuesday -- one week after Harold died.

    The Northwest Front is planned to continue, albeit with Memorial Services and "Best of" podcasts. Radio Free Northwest was the best Resistance Movement podcast in the bowel Movement, in my opinion. I think Harold really built a sturdy portion of his part of the Movement.


    A number of people in the bowel Movement, especially See-Eye Dentistry, have complained about my positive attitude towards Harold Covington. And I tell them that while both Harold and I agreed that ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final was decaying towards senescence and would eventually collapse -- and in our lifetimes -- the difference between Harold and myself was in how to offer Resistance to ZOG. Having been in the Army and in the Nuthouse, having my grandchildren bought and sold like cattle and wanting nothing more than to simply put the mass of ZOGling whiggers, especially the piglice, judges, lawyers, politicians and tyheir families to the sword and to enslave the rest, my Solution is The Ten Thousand Warlords -- Ten million surviving ex-whiggers ruled over by Ten Thousand Warlords under a largely theocratic Dual-Seedline Christian Identity military dictatorships of less than a few thousand people and a county in area.

    Harold had a different idea. Harold thought that he could attract 1,000 "alphas" / warlords in the three and a half states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Western Montana to fight as a team / political party / Northwest Volunteer Army as did the IRA under Michael Collins and to cut off that area in a colonial war for an independence movement. I had and still have my doubts about the ability and advisability of ZOGling whiggers to build anything in an era of impending apocalyptic collapse. But Harold believed in reincarnation while as a Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor while I certainly believed in Revelation, the Great Tribulation, the Second Coming and am a pre-millennialist, the Collapse like death is already baked into the cake of life. Regeneration of ZOG/Babylon is NOT the fate mandated by YHWH for a Mighty Evil Empire Under Satan's Administration.

    Harold was the most gifted fiction writer of in the bowel Movement. Harold introduced himself to me in 1998 as I was a known militia leader and Resistance soldier. And we got along until "Hill of the Ravens" came out in 2003 in which Harold wrote a number of things which set Identity Christian teeth on edge. Harold didn't take criticism well and given that both of us like to fight -- we fought.

    But them my grandchildren were taken by the Newton County Republican authorities -- Sheriff Ron Doerge, Ken Copeland, Judges Timothy Perigo, Gregory Stremel, and especially the vicious mongrel Judge Kevin Lee Selby, Prosecutor Scott Watson and Bill Dobbs, and the baby-stealing pedophiles or the Newton County Division of Family Services. On April 9, 2004 when they were taken screaming and crying from their home across the street I had a choice to make of whether to die that day in killing four or five of these regime criminals serving Satan and die as well -- or whether to kill millions of ZOGlings through total civil war. So I swore an oath to YHWH to send every single non-white regime criminal and their miscegenated peoples screaming to hell and to send every whigger regime criminal serving Satan to death or to perpetual helot slavery along with their families for they deserve no different for serving Satan and Satan's spawn the jews. The only penalty for those who destroy a White Aryan family is the absolute destruction of that criminal's family and bloodline being wiped from the face of the Earth. And this so-called Repub[l]ican form of government is the most degenerate and wqicked form of government.

    When Harold wrote "A Distant Thunder" about a young Resistance soldier who had been treated like all young white men -- like dirt -- and the War for Northwest Independence starting when police criminals tried to steal a White family of children like happened to Randy Weaver and Waco, I would revel in Harold's writing, pure revenge porn. Harold got his tards to back off when he heard about my grandchildren being taken. So I was halfway to forgiving Harold for Hill of the Ravens.

    Of course I had been advised that the Newton County and Missouri authorities had it all planned out to railroad me for child molestation and then have me murdered in prison. Their own law said that in the case of suspected child molestation that there is to be an investigation within 30 days and a report in ninety. But their practice is to on the basis of an anonymous hotline call to take the children, to coerce the weak-minded of them into testifying against their parents and grandparents, then to sell them to rich perverts or put them in foster homes and to run a railroad against their political enemies. (Can you see why I have no problem with finishing off the current social order and them who profit off of it by means of terrorism under color of the New Order like the French and Russians and Cambodians and Chinese did?)

    After a year, a month, a day after the grandchildren were taken on May 10, 2005 I was arrested for statutory sodomy, assessed a $100,000 bail impossible to make by Judge Gregory Stremel, who recused himself. The judge assigned by Circuit Judge Timothy Perigo was none other than Judge Kevin Lee Selby who had stolen the grandchildren trying to coerce a preliminary hearing from me. But I refused to accept a public pretender's "assistance" because that would allow me to face my accuser if I was my own attorney. So facing a revolt by the pubic pretender's office Judge Kevin Lee Selby and Sheriff Ken Copeland came up with the idea of having me be declared insane and sent off to the Fulton State Nuthouse w2ithout me getting a jury trial as to my competentcy. I was a year in maximum security at Biggs before I was accidently allowed to see the mental evaluation which was the basis of my getting my ticket punched to the cackle factory.

    I was shoved into a curb by Newton County deputy sheriff Don Hunt being taken up to the Nuthouse with five front teeth knocked out. They hid this. And for the next over two years I was doped up, forced to fight bigger psychotic prisoners, denied rights to telephone calls home and mail screens and my records of mistreatment by nigger psychiatrists Alicia Thompson and V. Marvelene French. Biggs is pure hell on earth. Anything which remained which councelled mercy to regime criminals and their families was certainly knocked out of me.

    But eventually I was transferred to medium security at Guhlman. There I got access to my court papers. I started legal proceedings. A new white psychiatrist said that he didn't believe in forced doping and took me off the forced doping. I pretended that I'd hire a lawyer. And so at the end of July 2008 after being locked up since Dec. 6, 2005 I was brought back to Newton county to face the bogus sodomy charges.

    Of course I refused to hire this scumbag lawyer. They couldn't send me back to the Nuthouse. So after three months I got access to a law library, talked five others accused of child molestation to dirch their public pretenders and finally was allowed to make $10,000 bond. The bogus case fell apart since my retarded grandson refused to lie about me. I hear that he has been put in many mental prisons for juveniles. The case was nolle prossed on Feb. 27, 2009 by Jacob Skouby and never even got to a preliminary hearing.

    So in March 2009 I decided to make peace with Harold Covington. I've heard that Harold didn't believe the lies about me but was impressed that I've not crawled off as a result of ZOG's railroad attempt like so many have before. Well, I had no choice but to fight in order to live in the NutHouse, and my Oath to YHWH says that ZOG and ZOGlings must be destroyed and I'm not an oathbreaker. I live every day to help bring about a burnt-out ZOG with no more than 20 million ex-whiggers ruled by White military dictatorships running a new feudalism in which our Servant Nation of YHWH can regrow under YHWH's Law.


    And so that is what I like about Harold Covington. Harold unlike most of the bowel Movement leaders never was a ZOGbot. He lived a shorter life yet like Moses he got to see the Promised Land of ZOG's destruction. For years and years Harold fought on low pay living out of a suitcase, also like Moses never enjoying the pleasures of ZOG sin for a season.

    So being a White Resistance soldier of great will, living the life of an outlaw, fighting for Edgar Steele and Bill White even though like me he didn't like either one of them, am I to look down on Harold because Harold was far more of an optimist regarding the sick diseased ZOGling whigger herd animals coming together to bring about a racial ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest? Why? Shouldn't Harold in fighting ZOG try out his solution as opposed to my solution? Every day, much like I do, Harold would figure out, "How am I going to fuck over ZOG today?"

    The bowel Movement is a network, not a hierarchy. I have compared it to barons all fighting with each other. More tellingly and accurately I have compared it to pig farming. Pigs cannot live in peace/piss together as long as they are eating the same slop out of the same trough. Here in Southwest Missouri eating different slop not out of the same trough as around Seattle myself and Harolld were not in conflict.

    Besides Andy Donner is a friend of mine. I didn't have anything to do with Harold's bunch learning from 2003 that Harold's friends were not necessrily my friends.

    Harold Covington was a Resistance soldier and leader. We had mutual respect and after 2009 Harold took care to ask my opinion of Christian Identity characters in his novels. Harold would ask my advice but sometimes not take it like when I urged him to cut "Hunter Wallace" some slack, especially when it was "Robert Campbell" / Tard WeeWeeSperg who banned Harold from Occidental Dissent after WhiggerSwill Welass bitched about sockpuppetry.

    Most of the bowel Movement "leaders" are jews, mamzers, criminals, addicts, perverts and ZOGbots. Harold fought against this reality fearlessly and as a result was hated by such bowel Movement "leaders". But there is no mileage out of such vermin as it is an inevitability that they will go all "TraitorGlenn Miller" on you.

    So in closing I'll play for Harold his favorite military hymn, "Ich hatte einen Kamaraden / I had a Comrade" which has been the German military funeral song since 5the 1800's.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri




    Due to the necessity of completion there were errors made -- I'll clean them up later.

    The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    A Dual-Seedline Christian Identity Church & Resistance Organization incorporated in the State of Missouri

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