I Am Being Followed/Observed

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On my back from the vet's office today, where I had to go to take my cat, on the road I always take back, there was a white car (I believe it was 2 doors) waiting on the side of the road, half in the dirt, with the right turn signal on.

My first thought was that it was a carjacker trying to get me to stop in my lane or slow down at which time I would be attacked. Because of this initial thought of mine, I checked the other lane for oncoming traffic, and when I saw there was none, I activated my signal and flew by the car using the other lane.

I then signalled back to move into the proper lane, which I did, at which time the car immediately pulled fully back onto the road, right behind me, and began moving.

I continued on at my normal speed, and at the next turn, I made the turn I would normally make to go home, a right turn. However at the next intersection I did something different, I turned left and began to head the wrong way for going home, I then made the first right-hand turn that was possible.

The car behind me made the left turn to follow me down the road into a residential area, and then when I made a right turn into a residential development, and came to a stop in the entrance of the development, the car turned into a development entrance that was on the left, made a fast and hard U-turn, and then sped away.

I was ready for trouble, if it came... However, when I tried to call my dad to tell him about the incident, I noticed my cellphone wasn't working. For that matter it hasn't been working at all today.

I then drove around for a few more minutes, made my way through the development, exited the development through the other side, made a few more wrong turns, looped around, then I went home after I confirmed nobody was following me. When I got home I called my dad (on the home phone) and told him that something very fishy was going on, my cell-phone was not working, people were following me, and I advised him to consider that it was RED LIST day, and that he should come straight home. I then started laying out rifles and I put on my tactical armor, in the event that the following was a prelude to some sort of gang attack, ATF assault, or any other NWO goon squad attack.

Has anybody else ever had these sorts of situations?

12-10-2008, 5:03PM

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