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Thread: The James Fields Shoah Trial

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    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default Lessons of the Fields Trial

    Lessons of the Fields Trial


    James Fields, the person who drove his car into a crowd of left-wing rioters in Charlottesville, during the Unite the Right rally two summers ago, was convicted of all counts last week. The top count was first degree murder, which means the jury agreed with the state that he drove into the crowd intending to harm people. Technically, he could get the death penalty, but the guidelines recommend life without parole. The jury will make a recommendation this week and the judge will formally sentence him in the next month.

    Everyone with an interest in the case has made their position clear. The Left, of course, loves the sight of blood, so they are thrilled with the result. The alt-right people, who followed the case, are obviously disgusted at the show trial and result. They are correct that this whole thing was a mockery of justice. While reasonable people can disagree about his culpability, sending him away for life is a vulgar act of vengeance. Regardless, it is an event that should provide some very clear lessons for the dissident right.


    Pastor Lindstedt comment: Z-Man, as somneone new to the Alt-kike doesn't know or understand the History of the [bowel] Movement, particularly not before the [S]Election of Obongo.

    For starters, right-wing movements in America have always made the mistake of assuming the Left is amenable to humanitarian appeals. This case makes clear that to be on the Left is to have abandoned any shred of mercy or compassion. The kid should not have been there and he certainly got mixed up with some bad people. Order requires he pay some penalty for what he did, but sending this young man to jail for life is vicious and cruel. There is no mercy on the Left. There never will be.

    Another lesson, is that we no longer live in a land of laws. What has gone on in Virginia since that rally is an abomination. This is just the most recent act of lawlessness. Over the last year or so, other men have been sent away for hard time over trivial things, simply because they are white and hold the wrong opinions. Meanwhile, the blacks involved were handed checks and allowed to promote themselves off their crimes. For white people, there is no justice in the court system, so make sure you stay out of it.

    Of course, this rally did not spring from nothing. The organizers who put it together and promoted it have some culpability here. The thing that leaders must always accept is they are responsible for their people. That’s part of leadership. When you lead your men into a fight, they expect that you are not leading them into a trap or into certain death. Leadership requires a sense of duty to those you are leading. The people who put this together failed in that regard and they should be judged accordingly.

    That said, most involved were new to activism and can be forgiven for getting caught up in the spirit of the times. Mike Enoch, who has done everything he can to support the men being persecuted, has clearly learned a hard lesson from this. He is a guy who deserves credit for not only learning from the event, but accepting some responsibility for blundering into a trap. Not everyone involved has covered themselves in glory, though, and that’s a good lesson moving forward. Leadership is not just about being cheeky on YouTube.

    That last point is salient, because that is another lesson of this whole affair. In fact, the best way to think about Charlottesville now is in the fuller context of the pogrom launched against dissidents this past year. The normal way of resolving disputes in a civil society are no longer available. The people in charge are slowly swinging the authoritarian door closed on us. They are corrupting every aspect of civil life in order to prevent any challenge to their authority. These show trial are just one aspect of their greater war on us.

    There is no civil way forward and that means thinking different. The people who rule over us, whether you wish to use archaic terms like Marxist or socialist, or you like neologisms like cosmopolitan globalists, they do not see themselves as bound by the letter of the law, because they see themselves as the spirit of the law. Tim Cook is not ready to declare himself a god, but he has declared himself the high priest of the new faith of the ruling class. There’s no mercy in the righteous and no reasoning with a fanatic.

    Finally, the deafening silence from the people claiming to be in opposition to this growing tyranny, people like Ben Shapiro, is important. A lot of people on the dissident right think these anachronisms from a bygone age will wake up and begin to agitate on our behalf, but that will never happen. As has been explained many times, their real role is as defenders of the system. It’s why they hate Tucker Carlson so much. he actually talks about some of these things, thus exposing the perfidy of the Ben Shapiros of the world.

    Whatever comes next next is not going to happen within the old system. It is too corrupt and too compromised. That’s the great lesson of the last year. In a lawless age, one has to let go of the law in order to avoid the law. A great Chinese curse is “May the authorities become aware of you.” For our age, the opposite is true. Never let the authorities become aware of you. If the current slide into darkness is to be arrested, it will happen because what comes out of the shadows is strong enough to stop it.[/SIZE]

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    Default Responsible jewboy & mischling ZOGbots don’t let theyz’ ZOGtards play LARP Z&Z — (Live Action Role-Playing ZOGbots & ZOGtards)

    Responsible jewboy & mischling ZOGbots don’t let theyz’ ZOGtards play LARP Z&Z — (Live Action Role-Playing ZOGbots & ZOGtards)


    In response to Zman Blog Post: “Lessons of the Fields Trial:”

    Responsible jewboy & mischling ZOGbots don’t let theyz’ ZOGtards play LARP Z&Z — (Live Action Role-Playing ZOGbots & ZOGtards)

    There are really no “lessons” to be learned from this episode of playing LARP Z&Z. (Live Action Role-Playing ZOGbots & ZOGtards). At least nothing more that couldn’t and shouldn’t have been.learned from the Greensboro Incident of November 1979 in which police informants and agents provocateur (ZOGbots) including TraitorGlenn Miller deliberately stalled a Klan Rally driving through the negro section of town. Whereupon the antifa of the day, four or five jew communists took pistols to a gunfight they started while the Klansmen took their rifles and shotguns and killed them. There were both state trials and federal civil rights trials and the Klansmen were acquitted and the police were blamed for letting this happen. Sound familiar?

    Now the collection of jews, mischlings, mongrels, perverts and ZOGbots who set up this “Unite the Right” fiasco in Charlottesville are much the same of the now defunct “Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas” as as I call it, the “ZOGbot Poverty [F]Law Center.” Here is their Board of Directards as of March 3, 2018 when they imploded and ended Dickie Spenthwer’s career of forcing sundry universities to spend hundreds of thousands in police security in order to “protect” less than two dozen ZOGtards.


    Right now there are three or four lawsuits in Lake County Ohio Court wherein I am being sued by one Bryan Reo for calling him a homosexual mongrel ZOGbot and counter-suing Bryan Reo, Attorneys Kyle Bristow and Brett Klimkowsky and William Finck — a former jew pig who murdered a Puerto-Rican prisoner in the Jersey City Jail, snitched on another pig and ruined his appeal and now is a member of the League of the South. See

    Bryan Reo et. al. vs The Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri, et. al 16CV000825.

    What is amusing — and telling — is that the lawyers of the ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center have taken down a dozen of my Church web pages and are demanding that any future web pages be pre-emptively censored because it is “emotionally upsetting” that I refer to Bryan Reo as a Satanic homosexual mongrel abomination.

    Now I seriously doubt that the sundry collection of jew. mongrel, homosexual and perverted lying ZOGbots are able to learn anything useful in a Revolutionary sense, although both Dickie and Mike “Enoch” Peinovich did arrange for a taxi to spirit them away from their fiasco and David Duck jumped in. Pity in theys’ planning for making theys’ Grate Escape they didn’t take better care of theys’ ZOGtards. The addled lost mischling James Fields would have been far better off if it had let Greyhound do the driving to get back to Toledo.

    The collapse and implosion of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final is inevitable. What will replace this Mighty Evil Empire is the reduction of the mixed-race population of one-third of a billion to 10-20 million ex-whiggers ruled over by local theocratic military dictatorships which I call The Ten Thousand Warlords. .

    So I have far more of an affinity to Dylann Roof or Robert Bowers who went from ZOGtard to “Lone Tard” with due deliberation and a far larger body count of negroes and jews and without any remorse. Since they were taken alive, their punishment after their shoah trial isn’t going to be meaningfully more dire than that of a lost confused scared mischling driving down the wrong way of a narrow street pursued by antifa animals and hitting a whiggress land-manatee mudsharkess chasing not-sees in the August heat because the Charlottesville Piglice refused to do theys’ jobs of ensuing pub[l]ic order. Not only that but deliberately forcing those with a permit to run the gauntlet of bussed-in antifa mobs.

    I’m asking that Lake County Ohio for pursuing the Sin of Sodom/Gomorrah of abuse of legal process in murdering and robbing strangers, cf. Jasher Chapter 19 be punished by a spot of prion-poisoning and since my web pages got Bryan Reo fired from its job at the North Perry Nuclear Power Plant by making it go all Chernobyl. Same thing happened to the Tribe of Benjamin when they let their Amorite Canaanite jews escape perpetual slavery and they raped and murdered the Levite’s concubine. Daniel suffered castration for the sins of King Hezikiah 120 years earlier. So since “color of law” can be used to justify anything, why cumplain when ZOG/Babylon brings down Dresden and Hiroshima upon its degenerate population of ZOGling whigger and mamzer ass-clowns?

    I think that the “lesson” to be learned from Charlotttesville is that Warlords don’t let their soldiers regress to being ZOGtarded by bowel Movement ZOGbots. That and do unto ZOG what ZOG does to our People, just harder, faster, longer — and uncut.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

    Pastor Lindstedt (@PastorLindstedt)
    DECEMBER 15, 2018 AT 4:04 AM

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