Now, don't go jumping to any hasty conclusions, guys. Hopefully, it won't be taking place anytime soon.

Nonetheless, during a trip with my sister, to celebrate my last birthday, I expressed to her my wishes that, after my death, my ashes be taken back to the old Dye homestead in Pine Creek, Virginia, to be scattered, and explained that I wanted her and Ben to go together, if possible, to film the ceremony, and that there were certain songs I wanted to be played, that I would email to her later. This past weekend, I did so. Preceding the vids is a short tribute, written by myself, (Actually, it's a verse from an as-of-yet-unfinished song.) which pretty much sums up how I would like to be remembered. ---CGO


"I don't care if anybody
Ever knows my face, my story, or my name
Or if, when my life is over,
I'll have ever seen one day
Of wealth or fame
But I'd give my life
To see St. Andrew's Standard
Flying from a hill
Above the flames
One more time, for Samson,
One more time for Jesse James."---CGO 12/2015.

Mary Fahl - "Going Home"

Van Morrison & The Chieftains - "Celtic Ray"

Van Morrison & The Chieftains - "Irish Heartbeat"

The Shiners - "I'm A Good Old Rebel"

Angry Johnny & The Killbillies - "Last Rebellion" (SUCKY version. :-/ )

Jesse James - "The South's Gonna Rise Again"

Alison Krauss - "The Scarlet Tide"

Carl Klang - "The Second American Revolution"

Carl Klang - "It's Not Over Until We Win"

Joe South - "Don't It Make You Want To Go Home"