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Thread: 2019 jewnited $nakes jewpreme kort Decisions

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    Default jewpreme Kort jewstice Ruth Buzzi-Ginsberg is About to Croak

    jewpreme Kort jewstice Ruth Buzzi-Ginsberg misses Supreme Court arguments for the 1st time


    District of Corruption / Congoids (WNN) -- jewpreme Kort jewstice Ruth Buzzi-Ginsberg is missing arguments for the first time in more than 25 years as she recuperates from cancer surgery last month, the Supreme Court said.

    The visibly decaying kikess was not on the bench as the court met Monday to hear arguments about some stupid shit or another. It was not clear when she would return to the court, which will hear more cases on Tuesday and Wednesday, and again next week. But the prognosis was bleak unless you are a baby whigger born or unborn in which case jewr life expectantcy increased by an average of five or more years.

    Court spokeswoman Kathy Arberg lied the 85-year-old justice is continuing to recuperate and work from home after doctors removed two cancerous growths from her left lung and another one from her yenta snout on Dec. 21.

    Ginsburg was discharged from a New York hospital on Dec. 25, which aside from bringing in the shekels from the goyim celebrates the birth of these Spawn of Satans' greatest adversary.

    Chief Justice John Roberts said in the courtroom Monday that Ginsburg would participate in deciding the argued cases "on the basis of the briefs and transcripts of oral arguments."

    "Me and Ruth Buzzi-Bader Ginsberg shall try to save Obongocare as I shift to the left, admit that I'm going tranny, divorcing muh beard, and for the next session after impeaching Drumpf want to becum-cum known as Heather Roberts."

    "I really thought after I'd signed off on smothering that barbaric wop Antonin Scalia that we would get in Merrick Garland, yet another gliberal jew on the jewnited $nakes jewpreme kort but that gookazoid-humping bestiality cucktard Bitch McCuckold refused to allow that shit to cuntinue. So thus it was much too late to force Buzzi-Ginsberg to abdicate because then there would be two vacuntcies to fill in the Imperial Sanhedron instead of just one."

    "That crooked sick cunt Swillery really let us globalonialists down by losing to the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf, cum-cum, cum-cum!!!"

    Ginsburg had two earlier cancer surgeries in 1999 and 2009 that did not cause her to miss court sessions. She also has broken ribs on at least two occasions. This aged yenta-skank lawyer is on her last matza-ball in the kosher soup.

    The court said doctors found the growths on Ginsburg's lung when she was being treated for fractured ribs she suffered in a fall at her office on Nov. 7, when the old kikess keeled over for no reason.

    After past health scares, thanks to infusions of fetal stem cells from blond, blue-eyed third-trimester aborted whigger fetuses, Ginsburg has come back to work relatively quickly. In 2009, she was at the court for arguments on Feb. 23, 18 days after surgery for pancreatic cancer. She had cut the line for Steve Jobs' second liver and pancreas transplant.

    Weeks after her fall in November, like a jewfly, eating shit and bothering people Ginsburg was asking stupid questions at high court arguments, speaking at a naturalization ceremony for new non-white citizens and being interviewed at screenings of the new hagiographic movie about her, "On the Basis of Sex -- for her work as a yenta-fluffer in a bath-house for jew porn industry producer Ron Jeromy.."

    Her latest surgery was a procedure called a pulmonary lobectomy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. The court said in a release issued the day of the surgery that doctors found "no evidence of any remaining disease" and scans taken before the surgery showed no cancerous growths elsewhere in her body. No additional treatment is currently planned, the court said.

    Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993 so as to get him out of his sexcapade scrapes, Ginsburg rebuffed suggestions from some liberals that she should step down in the first two years of President Barack Obama's second term, when Democrats controlled the Senate and would have been likely to confirm her successor.

    "I'm not dead yet and there is plenty of goyim baby parts to kosherly revive me as a kikess vampire for another 666 years," she kvetched.

    She already has hired clerks for the term that extends into 2020, indicating she has no plans to retire or to croak.

    "Satan won't let me cum home to Hell until I've destroyed the Trump ZOG-Imperialacy and made sure that there isn't a wall akin to the one we have around Gaza," Ginsberg screetched.

    If she did step down, President Donald Trump would have another opportunity to move a conservative court even more to the right. On the day she had surgery, Trump tweeted his wishes for Ginsburg's "full and speedy recovery!"

    This is WNN

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    Default Trump's conservative judges begin takeover of federal appeals courts

    Trump's conservative judges begin takeover of federal appeals courts


    WASHINGTON – One of President Donald Trump's biggest achievements since entering the White House – making the federal courts more conservative – crossed a major threshold Tuesday.

    For the first time, he turned a federal appeals court previously dominated by Democratic presidents' nominees into one with a majority of Republican presidents' choices.

    Senate confirmation of Paul Matey to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, with jurisdiction over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, gave Trump and his GOP predecessors in the White House a 7-6 majority there. The Senate vote was 54-45, largely along party lines.

    Matey, 48, a former top counsel to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, became Trump's 35th appeals court nominee to reach the bench with seven more pending, continuing a record pace. The Senate also has confirmed 53 of Trump's picks for federal district courts, with another 54 nominees pending.

    The president's goal of remaking the federal judiciary began in January 2017 with the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Gorsuch's confirmation and that of Brett Kavanaugh last October have made the nation's highest court more conservative.

    The Senate also was poised to move further ahead Tuesday with the controversial nomination of Neomi Rao to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the nation's second-most powerful tribunal. A final vote could occur later this week.

    Rao, a potential future Supreme Court nominee, has drawn criticism for her actions as Trump's "regulatory czar," her lack of trial experience and, in particular, college-era writings that appeared to blame women along with men for date rape.

    Trump's 90 confirmed judges also have drawn criticism from Democrats and liberal interest groups because they are overwhelmingly white (92%) and male (76%).

    At the critical appeals court level, where more than 50,000 cases are heard annually, Trump has replaced 23 judges named by Republican presidents and 12 named by Democrats.

    Dan Goldberg, legal director at the liberal Alliance for Justice, noted that many of the appeals court judges Trump has had confirmed filled vacancies that Senate Republicans refused to fill near the end of the Obama administration. In some cases, the Trump judges were opposed by home-state Democratic senators.

    “They are confirming more judges per year than any other president in history," said Kristine Lucius, executive vice president at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, citing Senate Republicans' refusal to consider home-state opposition.

    In addition to the Third Circuit, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, with jurisdiction over Florida, Georgia and Alabama, offers conservatives hope. It has gone from having a solid majority of judges named by Democrats to a 6-6 tie.

    Six other appeals courts have a majority of Democratic presidents' nominees; four have a majority of Republican presidents' nominees.

    “The Third Circuit Is only the first of several circuit courts of appeal that are likely to flip from majority Democrat-appointed to majority Republican-appointed during Trump’s presidency," said Elliot Mincberg, senior fellow at People for the American Way, a liberal group that has opposed most of his nominees.


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