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Thread: How Missery Prostitutors run Child Molestation cases

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    Default How Missery Prostitutors run Child Molestation cases

    'Confession' tape played in Joplin sexual abuse trial

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com, 10 Jan 2019


    David Schachtner, scared whigger

    David Schachtner admitted to a detective two years ago that he entered the bedroom of a 7-year-old girl while she was sleeping and touched her inappropriately.

    "That's all; that's all that happened," Schachtner told Detective Dustin Holt of the Joplin Police Department during a recorded interview on June 29, 2017, that was replayed for jurors Wednesday, the first day of his trial in Jasper County Circuit Court on a charge of attempted statutory sodomy.

    Schachtner told the detective that he had been drinking in the living room.

    "Ever since my son died, I drink too much," he told Holt.

    He said he did not know why he got the idea to get up and go to the girl's bedroom. She was asleep when he entered but woke up while he did what he admitted doing. He said he had licked her, but not on her genitalia. It was all over in 30 seconds, he said. Then something suddenly "clicked," and he realized what he had done was wrong and he told her that and left, he said.

    "I was hoping she would forget I was in there," Schachtner told Holt during the interview.

    A jury of 10 men and four women were chosen Tuesday afternoon to hear the case, with two of them seated as alternates. The state called witnesses and presented evidence Wednesday. The defense is to begin presenting its case at 9 a.m. Thursday.

    Attempted statutory sodomy carries the same penalty range as statutory sodomy with a child younger than 12, five years or up to life in prison.

    The girl, who is 9 years old now, testified during direct examination by Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher that the night in question was actually the second time Schachtner did "things" to her. Both times were at night and in her bedroom, she said. The night in question, she said she could smell beer on him.

    "He touched me — and I can't really remember all of it — but he used his hands and his tongue," she said.

    She said he pulled her underwear aside to do what he did and told her not to tell anyone before leaving her room. But she told her mother the next day, she said.

    Public defender Craig Lowe suggested on cross-examination of Holt that the detective had used an interview technique that Lowe claimed is known to have elicited false confessions from suspects. Holt admitted using the technique to some degree but said he had no knowledge of any alleged propensity of the technique to elicit false confessions.

    "Are you a monster?" Holt asked Schachtner during the interview.

    "No," Schachtner replied.

    "Do you do this to a bunch of different kids?'

    "No," he said.

    Schachtner told the detective he did not know if he touched her underwear or not, denied having done anything to her on any other occasion and insisted what he had done the night in question was "a one-time thing."

    This story has been updated.


    All the shit unfit to print


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    Default Jury convicts Joplin man of sodomy with young girl

    Jury convicts Joplin man of sodomy with young girl

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com, 10 Jan 2019


    David Schachtner, scared whigger

    Jurors did not believe David Schachtner when he told them Thursday that he was just drunk and received no sexual gratification entering a sleeping 7-year-old girl's bedroom two years ago and inappropriately touching her.

    A jury of eight men and four women deliberated just 17 minutes before finding the 37-year-old defendant guilty of statutory sodomy with a child younger than 12 at the conclusion of a three-day trial in Joplin.

    Schachtner took the witness stand Thursday in an attempt to get the jury to believe that what he did fell short of the charge he was facing. He told them he actually only licked her leg near her genitals, and that he had no explanation for the behavior other than that he was extremely drunk.

    "I got no sexual gratification from this not at all," he said. "In fact, it disgusts me."

    He told jurors he does not find children sexually arousing and claimed that some nude photos of an apparent prepubescent girl that the victim's mother testified that she found on the defendant's cellphone were actually photos of a local girl who "does porn" and whom he believed was of legal age despite her young appearance. He said he had pictures of her from the internet on his phone to tease a male friend who claimed he ran into her in a bar.

    Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher asked Schachtner on cross-examination that if he was not drawn to the girl's bedroom by sexual desire, why had he explained to a detective in 2017 that he has always had difficulty separating love feelings from sexual desire because he was sexually abused himself as a child.

    He claimed to have always managed to repress any inappropriate feelings arising from the abuse he suffered.

    "That night, I didn't fight the feelings, and I drank an excessive amount," Schachtner tried to explain.

    Public defender Craig Lowe suggested that the girl's mother might have inadvertently put words in her daughter's mouth that made the incident appear to be worse than it was. He played a video recording for jurors of the girl's interview at the Children's Center in Joplin in which she expresses an inability to remember exactly what happened and at times seemed to be repeating phrases she might have heard discussing the matter with her mother.

    She said Schachtner did things to her that were "illegal" and "very inappropriate." She said Schachtner told her not to tell her mother what he did and later apologized to her.

    "But words doesn't really help," she said during the interview. "It just has to heal."

    At one point in the Children's Center interview, she said she really did not remember what he did to her while she was sleeping, but she was trying to recall. Her interviewer, Kelsey Petit, explained that such reluctance to speak about the specifics of abuse is commonplace among child victims, and the girl did eventually manage to tell Petit that Schachtner had kissed her and licked her "private," touched her back, held her hands and rubbed her neck.

    "He was, I think, between my legs," she told Petit.

    Fisher told jurors that Schachtner's decision to enter her bedroom while she was asleep, to position himself on her bed, to move her underwear aside and to lick her even if it was not directly on her genitals but just near each constitute the "substantial step" toward statutory sodomy that the law requires to convict him of the charge.

    The Globe's article about the case in Thursday's edition incorrectly stated that no witness to a prior propensity of the defendant for sexual contact with children had been called to testify the first day of the trial. Actually, the first witness called by the state was a woman who told jurors that Schachtner used to sneak into her bedroom when she was a child and sexually molest her.

    Lowe told jurors during closing arguments that the girl's mother, police and prosecutors were assuming the worst about his client and "jumping to conclusions." He said his client "got drunk and did something stupid" and ever since has felt "terrible about what happened."

    But Fisher argued in rebuttal that he is nothing other than a pedophile who likes little girls. She said some proof of that lies in his own response to a detective's question two years ago if what he did with the girl in her bedroom had given him an erection. He denied that it did. But he did not say that it had failed to do so because he does not like little girls, Fisher said.

    He told the detective that he did not get an erection because he was too drunk, Fisher pointed out to the jury.


    David Schachtner is facing a penalty range of a minimum of five years or up to life in prison for the conviction of statutory sodomy. At the defendant's own wish, jurors were not given any option of finding him guilty of any lesser included offense.

    Circuit Judge Gayle Crane set his sentencing for March 11. Schachtner has been in jail for 18 months since his arrest in 2017.

    All the shit unfit to print


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