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Thread: How Missery Prostitutors run Child Molestation cases

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    Default How Missery Prostitutors run Child Molestation cases

    'Confession' tape played in Joplin sexual abuse trial

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com, 10 Jan 2019


    David Schachtner, scared whigger

    David Schachtner admitted to a detective two years ago that he entered the bedroom of a 7-year-old girl while she was sleeping and touched her inappropriately.

    "That's all; that's all that happened," Schachtner told Detective Dustin Holt of the Joplin Police Department during a recorded interview on June 29, 2017, that was replayed for jurors Wednesday, the first day of his trial in Jasper County Circuit Court on a charge of attempted statutory sodomy.

    Schachtner told the detective that he had been drinking in the living room.

    "Ever since my son died, I drink too much," he told Holt.

    He said he did not know why he got the idea to get up and go to the girl's bedroom. She was asleep when he entered but woke up while he did what he admitted doing. He said he had licked her, but not on her genitalia. It was all over in 30 seconds, he said. Then something suddenly "clicked," and he realized what he had done was wrong and he told her that and left, he said.

    "I was hoping she would forget I was in there," Schachtner told Holt during the interview.

    A jury of 10 men and four women were chosen Tuesday afternoon to hear the case, with two of them seated as alternates. The state called witnesses and presented evidence Wednesday. The defense is to begin presenting its case at 9 a.m. Thursday.

    Attempted statutory sodomy carries the same penalty range as statutory sodomy with a child younger than 12, five years or up to life in prison.

    The girl, who is 9 years old now, testified during direct examination by Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher that the night in question was actually the second time Schachtner did "things" to her. Both times were at night and in her bedroom, she said. The night in question, she said she could smell beer on him.

    "He touched me — and I can't really remember all of it — but he used his hands and his tongue," she said.

    She said he pulled her underwear aside to do what he did and told her not to tell anyone before leaving her room. But she told her mother the next day, she said.

    Public defender Craig Lowe suggested on cross-examination of Holt that the detective had used an interview technique that Lowe claimed is known to have elicited false confessions from suspects. Holt admitted using the technique to some degree but said he had no knowledge of any alleged propensity of the technique to elicit false confessions.

    "Are you a monster?" Holt asked Schachtner during the interview.

    "No," Schachtner replied.

    "Do you do this to a bunch of different kids?'

    "No," he said.

    Schachtner told the detective he did not know if he touched her underwear or not, denied having done anything to her on any other occasion and insisted what he had done the night in question was "a one-time thing."

    This story has been updated.


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    Default Jury convicts Joplin man of sodomy with young girl

    Jury convicts Joplin man of sodomy with young girl

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com, 10 Jan 2019


    David Schachtner, scared whigger

    Jurors did not believe David Schachtner when he told them Thursday that he was just drunk and received no sexual gratification entering a sleeping 7-year-old girl's bedroom two years ago and inappropriately touching her.

    A jury of eight men and four women deliberated just 17 minutes before finding the 37-year-old defendant guilty of statutory sodomy with a child younger than 12 at the conclusion of a three-day trial in Joplin.

    Schachtner took the witness stand Thursday in an attempt to get the jury to believe that what he did fell short of the charge he was facing. He told them he actually only licked her leg near her genitals, and that he had no explanation for the behavior other than that he was extremely drunk.

    "I got no sexual gratification from this not at all," he said. "In fact, it disgusts me."

    He told jurors he does not find children sexually arousing and claimed that some nude photos of an apparent prepubescent girl that the victim's mother testified that she found on the defendant's cellphone were actually photos of a local girl who "does porn" and whom he believed was of legal age despite her young appearance. He said he had pictures of her from the internet on his phone to tease a male friend who claimed he ran into her in a bar.

    Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher asked Schachtner on cross-examination that if he was not drawn to the girl's bedroom by sexual desire, why had he explained to a detective in 2017 that he has always had difficulty separating love feelings from sexual desire because he was sexually abused himself as a child.

    He claimed to have always managed to repress any inappropriate feelings arising from the abuse he suffered.

    "That night, I didn't fight the feelings, and I drank an excessive amount," Schachtner tried to explain.

    Public defender Craig Lowe suggested that the girl's mother might have inadvertently put words in her daughter's mouth that made the incident appear to be worse than it was. He played a video recording for jurors of the girl's interview at the Children's Center in Joplin in which she expresses an inability to remember exactly what happened and at times seemed to be repeating phrases she might have heard discussing the matter with her mother.

    She said Schachtner did things to her that were "illegal" and "very inappropriate." She said Schachtner told her not to tell her mother what he did and later apologized to her.

    "But words doesn't really help," she said during the interview. "It just has to heal."

    At one point in the Children's Center interview, she said she really did not remember what he did to her while she was sleeping, but she was trying to recall. Her interviewer, Kelsey Petit, explained that such reluctance to speak about the specifics of abuse is commonplace among child victims, and the girl did eventually manage to tell Petit that Schachtner had kissed her and licked her "private," touched her back, held her hands and rubbed her neck.

    "He was, I think, between my legs," she told Petit.

    Fisher told jurors that Schachtner's decision to enter her bedroom while she was asleep, to position himself on her bed, to move her underwear aside and to lick her even if it was not directly on her genitals but just near each constitute the "substantial step" toward statutory sodomy that the law requires to convict him of the charge.

    The Globe's article about the case in Thursday's edition incorrectly stated that no witness to a prior propensity of the defendant for sexual contact with children had been called to testify the first day of the trial. Actually, the first witness called by the state was a woman who told jurors that Schachtner used to sneak into her bedroom when she was a child and sexually molest her.

    Lowe told jurors during closing arguments that the girl's mother, police and prosecutors were assuming the worst about his client and "jumping to conclusions." He said his client "got drunk and did something stupid" and ever since has felt "terrible about what happened."

    But Fisher argued in rebuttal that he is nothing other than a pedophile who likes little girls. She said some proof of that lies in his own response to a detective's question two years ago if what he did with the girl in her bedroom had given him an erection. He denied that it did. But he did not say that it had failed to do so because he does not like little girls, Fisher said.

    He told the detective that he did not get an erection because he was too drunk, Fisher pointed out to the jury.


    David Schachtner is facing a penalty range of a minimum of five years or up to life in prison for the conviction of statutory sodomy. At the defendant's own wish, jurors were not given any option of finding him guilty of any lesser included offense.

    Circuit Judge Gayle Crane set his sentencing for March 11. Schachtner has been in jail for 18 months since his arrest in 2017.

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    Default Teen tells of abuse by Carl Junction man five years ago

    Teen tells of abuse by Carl Junction man five years ago

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com, 22 Jan 2019


    Accused Reobert Wedgeworth

    A 17-year-old girl testified Tuesday that Robert Wedgeworth sexually abused her on multiple occasions when she was under 12 years old.

    The girl's testimony came on the first day of the 50-year-old Carl Junction man's trial in Jasper County Circuit Court in Joplin on two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy with a child under 12 years old and a single count of first-degree child molestation.

    In a sobbing and halting voice, the girl testified that the abuse took place at a relative's house, where she and a brother would spend about every other weekend. She said the first time the defendant came up behind her in the kitchen and touched her inappropriately.

    She recalled that it was a Friday night and they were all watching a movie together in the living room. She said her relative often went to bed early and that's when Wedgeworth would make his move.

    Sometimes he would touch her beneath a blanket as they sat together on a couch watching movies. She recalled being upset by his actions and going to her bedroom to get away from him. But he would follow her, shut the door to the bedroom and resume his molestation of her, she told the court.

    He afterward would leave and go back to the living room, where her brother was. She said she would wait until her tears dried before going back out herself.

    "Because I didn't want (my brother) to notice or think anything was weird," she said.

    She told the court that Wedgeworth also liked to take her on late-night drives after her relative was asleep. Ostensibly, he was teaching her to drive. Often, her brother would come along with them and sit in the back seat. She said Wedgeworth would touch her inappropriately or make her touch him.

    Assistant Prosecutor J.D. Hatcher told jurors during opening statements that the girl told no one about the matter for five years because she was scared, confused and worried about what her mother, brother and others in her family might think. Hatcher called Wedgeworth's abuse of the girl "calculated and continuous."

    Defense attorney Jonathan Pierce told jurors that the girl's initial disclosure to her mother came at a time when they had been fighting and her mother had taken her cellphone away and was about to take her tablet away as well, leaving her no means to communicate with her friends.

    Under cross-examination by Pierce, the girl acknowledged that the first time she made her allegations against Wedgeworth known was when she approached her mother hoping to make up with her.

    "You just wanted the fighting to stop, is that right?" Pierce asked.

    "Yes," she said.

    But, on redirect examination by Hatcher, the girl told the jury that she often fought with her mother and had been grounded before and that her phone and tablet had been taken away without those measures prompting her to disclose what she had been reluctant to tell anyone previously.

    Her brother testified that he recalled his sister getting upset and going to the bedroom sometimes when they were watching a movie with the defendant. He recalled Wedgeworth following her into the room to "have a talk" and shutting the door. He said his sister would sometimes seem sad afterward and be "wiping away tears." But she never told him that Wedgeworth had done anything to her and he never saw him do anything during the late-night drives they would take together.

    The relative told the court that she also never suspected that the defendant was abusing the girl, although, looking back now, she recalls "a lot of cuddling and spooning on the couch" with the girl that she failed to interpret as anything less than innocent at the time. She said the girl would get upset at times and refuse to tell her what was the matter. She recalled Wedgeworth often telling her that he would take care of it and go talk to the girl.

    "And there was more than one occasion when she would get up the next day and want to go home," the relative said.

    Jury makeup

    A jury of seven women and six men including one alternate were selected Tuesday morning to serve at the trial of Robert Wedgeworth, with testimony getting under way in the afternoon. The trial resumes at 9 a.m. today in Circuit Judge Dean Dankelson's courtroom on the third floor of the Jasper County Courts Building in Joplin.

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    Default Carl Junction man takes last-second plea offer -- Admits to being a child molester

    Carl Junction man takes last-second plea offer

    Fate removed from jury's hands

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com, 23 Jan 2019


    Self-Admitted Child Molester Robert Wedgeworth

    At the conclusion of occasionally tearful testimony in his own defense Wednesday, accused child molester Robert Wedgeworth made a decidedly emphatic declaration.

    "I never ever touched that girl," Wedgeworth told jurors just before the defense rested at his two-day trial in Jasper County Circuit Court on charges that he sexually abused a girl on multiple occasions more than five years ago.

    Two hours later — before closing arguments were made and the case turned over to the jury for deliberation — the 50-year-old defendant decided to take a plea offer that could send him to prison for 20 years, entering an Alford plea to an amended count of statutory sodomy with a child younger than 14.

    An Alford plea admits no guilt, but the defendant answered in the affirmative when Judge Dean Dankelson asked if he was acknowledging that the state's evidence against him was strong and that he no longer wished to risk letting a jury decide the matter.

    Wedgeworth had been facing two counts of statutory sodomy with a child younger than 12 and a single count of first-degree child molestation.

    Dankelson dismissed the child molestation count after the state rested its case Wednesday and defense attorney Jonathan Pierce entered a motion for an acquittal on all charges. The judge ruled that the state failed to produce any evidence that Wedgeworth fondled the girl's breasts and dismissed the molestation count but left the sodomy counts for jurors to decide.

    The sodomy counts were based on occasions when the defendant allegedly abused her with his hands, both in a bedroom and while teaching her to drive in his vehicle.

    The defense challenged the age element of the two sodomy counts during testimony of the defendant, who claimed that the abuse could not have taken place in the summer the girl claimed. The victim, now 17, testified on Tuesday that she believed the defendant began molesting her in 2013 when she would have been 11.

    Due to some uncertainty in the girl's testimony as to the year and her age, the prosecutor's office amended one of the two sodomy counts to sodomy with a child younger than 14 instead of younger than 12 and offered to dismiss the second count in a proposed last-second plea deal capping the defendant's prison time at 20 years.

    After a recess lasting almost two hours and involving a good deal of back-and-forth negotiations between the two sides, Wedgeworth took a plea deal despite his claims on the witness stand that he was innocent and that the girl was lying.

    "Never once did I 'snuggle' with her, 'spoon,' or whatever," he told jurors in reference to the testimony on Tuesday of the girl's relative with whom he had a relationship at the time of the abuse.

    He told the court that he met the girl's relative in late 2012 and moved in with her initially at an apartment in Joplin while his residence near Carl Junction was undergoing extensive remodeling. He testified that they did eventually move there. But the girl and her brother did not begin spending every other weekend with them until just before her 13th birthday, he said. He testified that he was certain of that because he remembered becoming superstitious about the idea of having 13 candles on her cake.

    Wedgeworth claimed the girl and her brother loved coming to his place and that he enjoyed taking them fishing, hunting and letting them run around his small acreage.

    "Kids need to be kids and they got to be (at his place)," he said. "It's like (the girl's brother) said, that was their 'safe place.'"

    The girl had testified that Wedgeworth gave her alcohol on different occasions and tried to get her to watch pornography on his cellphone. Her relative corroborated her testimony to some extent, telling the court that Wedgeworth frequently watched porn on his phone but acknowledged that she never saw him watching it while the girl and her brother were there. The defendant denied having provided them alcohol or watching porn in their presence.

    The judge ordered a sentencing assessment of the defendant and set his sentencing hearing for March 11.

    Averted rebuttal

    Assistant Prosecutor J.D. Hatcher informed the court after the defendant's Alford plea was entered Wednesday that the state had been prepared to call a rebuttal witness if the defendant did not accept the last-second plea offer.

    Hatcher said the witness was a girlfriend of the victim who would have testified that Wedgeworth molested her as well when she went to his place for an overnight stay with her friend.


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    Default Trial underway in Joplin child sexual abuse case

    Trial underway in Joplin child sexual abuse case

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com
    Mar 5, 2019


    Blaine Downum -- tattooed dope-smoking criminal

    A girl testified Tuesday that she was 10 years old when Blaine Downum sexually molested and raped her a year ago in a Joplin motel.

    The girl's testimony was heard the first day of the 30-year-old Joplin man's trial in Jasper County Circuit Court on charges of first-degree child molestation, first-degree statutory rape, resisting arrest and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

    A jury of nine women and four men were seated Tuesday morning to hear the case, with one of them designated an alternate. The prosecution began presenting its case in the afternoon with the testimonies of the alleged victim and her older sister.

    Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher told jurors during opening statements that the girl trusted Downum and looked up to him prior to the day in February 2018 when he sexually abused her in the motel room.

    Fisher said she was playing with a phone he had given her while he was sleeping. When he woke up, he was acting weird and asked the girl if she wanted to have sex, Fisher said.

    The girl told the court that what Downum did next was to touch her inappropriately at first and then rape her. The state then called her older sister to testify that Downum committed a similar act of sexual abuse with her when she was just 4 years old.

    Public defender Craig Lowe told jurors during opening statements that while his client is a drug user with a history of addiction and incarceration, that does not make him guilty of child sexual abuse. Lowe suggested that the mother of the two girls has ulterior motives for wanting to see Downum convicted and sent to prison.

    In cross-examining the older sister, the defense inquired about a purported falsehood she initially told in reporting the matter to police. According to the defense's line of questioning, the girl apparently at first had claimed that Downum molested her in one manner but then changed her account to another.

    Assistant Prosecutor J.D. Hatcher called Detective Wayne Buck of the Joplin Police Department to testify about how the case came to light and how the defendant avoided police. The detective said he made several efforts to speak with Downum about the girl's disclosures to her mother and child abuse investigators, including a couple of visits to the restaurant where he worked.

    It was not until April 16 of last year that police finally located him in Leonard Park, where he tried to run from them, Buck told the court.

    According to a probable-cause affidavit and testimony at a preliminary hearing in June of last year, Downum was caught with the assistance of a police dog and allegedly found to have a gun. Previously convicted of receiving stolen property, he is prohibited from possessing firearms.

    Second day

    The state will continue presenting its case when the trial of Blaine Downum resumes at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Jasper County Circuit Court in Joplin. The trial was expected to last two or three days.

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    Default Jury convicts Joplin man of sexual abuse of girl

    Jury convicts Joplin man of sexual abuse of girl

    By Jeff Lehr jlehr@joplinglobe.com
    Mar 6, 2019


    Blaine Downum -- tattooed dope-smoking criminal

    Blaine Downum failed to convince a jury Wednesday that he did not molest and rape a 10-year-old girl a year ago in a Joplin motel.

    "It's disgusting," Downum said of the charges when he took the witness stand in his own defense on the second day of his trial in Jasper County Circuit Court. "It's the most disgusting thing I could be accused of."

    The 30-year-old Joplin man said the girl's and her sister's allegations that he'd sexually abused them particularly pained him because he was "violated" himself when he was a child. He told jurors that the girls were making those claims because they and their mother disapprove of his drug use, and their mother doesn't want her girls around him any longer.

    "The kids don't like meth," he told the jury. "Their mother doesn't like meth. It doesn't make me a child molester."

    The jury of eight women and four men deliberated a little more than an hour and a half before finding the defendant guilty nonetheless of all four counts that he was facing: first-degree child molestation, first-degree statutory rape, unlawful possession of a firearm and resisting arrest.

    Downum admitted to the charges of resisting arrest and possession of a firearm as a felon. But he claimed he avoided police for several weeks and ran when they finally caught up with him in Leonard Park in April of last year because he thought they were after him on drug charges, not because he had any consciousness of guilt with respect to the girl, as the prosecution maintained.

    "I ran from the officer because I had a gun in my backpack, and I didn't want to go back to prison," he testified.

    The molestation and rape of the younger of the two sisters took place in February 2018 while Downum was living with a woman and her two children at the Economy Inn & Suites on Joplin's southwest side. The victim claimed she had been left alone with the defendant.

    Public defender Craig Lowe called an ex-girlfriend of the defendant, who is not the girls' mother, as a witness for the defense. She acknowledged that Downum was a drug user and dealer who carried a gun for protection but denied ever seeing him sexually abuse either girl or hearing him admit that he had.

    "The rape thing I would have said something because I was raped," she told the court.

    Under cross-examination by Assistant Prosecutor J.D. Hatcher, however, the ex-girlfriend had to admit that there were times when the girl was left alone in the room with Downum.

    The prosecution played a video for the jury of the girl's interview about a year ago at the Children's Center in Joplin before resting its case on Wednesday. In the interview, the girl told a child advocate that she was sitting in a chair talking on the phone with a friend when Downum woke up and asked her if she wanted to have sex. She told him no. But he pulled her up out of the chair, pushed her down on the bed, pulled her pants off and began raping her. In between bouts of raping her, he stopped and put his mouth on her, she said.

    She told her interviewer that Downum asked her again on a second occasion, a week or so later, to have sex with him after a friend of his texted him asking if he had "boinked" her yet. She said she told him no and he called her "a bitch" and said she was "just like the rest of them."

    Lowe told jurors during closing arguments that the girl's refusal to answer certain questions under cross-examination by him on Tuesday, especially queries about her mother's "fabrications" about his client, were an indication the girl was lying. Lowe had elicited testimony from his client and other witnesses that Downum has certain remarkable tattoos on his body that the girl failed to describe to investigators, another possible indicator she was not telling the truth.

    "How do we know (she) was telling the truth?" Assistant Prosecutor Kimberly Fisher asked jurors during closing arguments. "First, she has no motive to lie."

    The number of details she was able to provide and her consistency in relating them to investigators are additional indicators that she is telling the truth, the prosecutor said. For instance, a girl her age would not know that having sex could be painful, like she described, unless it had been forced upon her, the prosecutor said.

    Fisher said the defense's claim that her mother put her up to lying about Downum falls apart in the face of testimony that the mother actually wanted her daughters to continue having contact with him right up to the moment the youngest one told her he had raped her and the mother took the matter to police.

    "Then, you're damn right, her mama bear came out," Fisher said on rebuttal.

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    Default Jasper County officials show off new Juvenile Services Center

    Jasper County officials show off new Juvenile Services Center

    By Tyler Wornell twornell@joplinglobe.com
    Mar 15, 2019


    The new Baby-Stealing White-kid destroying jewvinile dungeon


    Jasper County officials cut a ribbon and conducted an open house Friday at the new Juvenile Services Center in Joplin in anticipation of an April 1 opening date for a structure that will house what they see as a nationwide leader in juvenile justice.

    The approximately $10 million project is nearly four years in the making and funded through a quarter-cent sales tax authorized by voters in 2016. The juvenile center has a "trauma-informed design," with a courtroom in the middle and two U-shaped wings on the north and south ends.

    The south wing houses several classrooms, a kitchen, music room and multipurpose room that will be used for education and life skills programming. The north wing of the building has eight detention cells.

    Erik Theis, Jasper County courts administrator, said the building will help the county achieve its goals of providing services to kids in an effort to keep them out of the criminal justice system.

    "This conversation really began in 2015 when we decided, based on research, that diverting kids out of detention would have better outcomes," Theis said. "Our goal is to give these kids what they need to achieve, and this building which (contractor) Dalton Killinger did a great job on is going to give us so many opportunities to help them."

    The county's juvenile division staff will work on the second floor, creating a centralized location for the juvenile court division. Currently, the juvenile division is spread out across three locations.

    "Right now, our service delivery is disjointed, and with this, we're going to have a one-stop shop for everything," Theis said. "This will streamline our operations, allowing us to deliver much better service to the kids."

    Two teachers from the Joplin School District will work in the center, one in the detention wing and one in the education wing. Students who are referred to the county juvenile system will still get classroom instruction while they're suspended, ensuring they don't fall behind.

    "Instead of having them sit at home unsupervised, they'll come here where they can be held accountable," Theis said. "We hope this can address the school-to-prison pipeline."

    Carthage schools Superintendent Mark Baker said the district had more than 160 kids this year involved in youth programs through the juvenile court system. The new building, he said, will provide kids and parents the opportunity to receive education and training.

    "The entire building design benefits the children and schools when the child returns to school," Baker said. "We love the idea."

    The juvenile center was part of phase one of the county's plan to improve its justice infrastructure, and voters will be asked to approve phase two in April. The quarter-cent sales tax is set to expire in 2023, and the April ballot question is a 15-year extension.

    If the sales tax is extended, the county intends to build a new courts building in Joplin, expand the county jail and add a courtroom at its courthouse in Carthage. The estimated cost of all three projects is $50 million, with the Joplin courts building costing $36 million.

    Darieus Adams, Jasper County Western District commissioner, said the county has been transparent with the first round of tax money and that the juvenile center wouldn't have been possible without the support of the community.

    "This has been a labor of love, and we can't thank the citizens enough," Adams said. "I hope by looking at this they'll see we've been good stewards of their money and delivered what we promised."


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