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There's a legal concept called mens rea: the mental intention to commit a crime. Some crimes are defined to only require proof of an intention to commit a crime. Not the actual commission of one.

Sort of abstract because the intention in such cases IS the crime. The only thing they needed to prove was intention.

They were already screwed before they got to the house. If you look into the details of the process by which they snagged every single one of them you'd realize they all committed felonies before they ever came to the house. What they said to the virtual child - it didn't matter that she/he wasn't an actual child - was already soliciting sex with a minor over the internet: felony. Some also sent naked pictures or exposed themselves or even masturbated over a video chat. Transmitting obscene material to a minor: felony.

They couldn't make anything of the argument she/he wasn't a minor - which she/he wasn't - because it was presumed that the decoy's written and spoken insistence she/he was a minor was sufficient.

The house part was just for drama. For the viewers.

A few were let go who never entered the house. But they likely could have been prosecuted. Others never got there and were prosecuted.

I was completely fascinated by this show at one point and I watched every available episode on the internet. I was troubled by a few of the situations because I listened to the extended phone conversations some of the decoys had with some of the guys and they were actually quite disturbing. Why? Because some of the younger guys were no match for the decoys, who were mature, sophisticated women who'd practiced and trained their skills at gradually roping these guys in. Sure, the majority seemed to be bad guys - creepy, disgusting people. But there were just a few who really seemed naive and kind of dumb. And they kept saying they'd never done it before and they didn't know what had made them do it. And like everyone else, at first I didn't believe them.

And then I heard those extended phone conversations and it all seemed different to me. They weren't talking to a child. They were talking to an adult who knew how to work them like a pot on a wheel. They were clay being molded. Sure, they may have consciously thought they were talking to a child. But the "child" was a puppet being operated by a sophisticated adult with a very precise agenda. They'd all been in normal adult chatrooms and had stumbled into a conversation with someone who only later told them they were underage. If the decoys had actually posted their real age they would have been removed from the chatrooms. One apparently listed her she in her profile as 78. So they started with deception right away. The guys weren't out looking for underage girls; they were clearly looking for women their own age or older. Several of the guys repeatedly told the decoy they thought it was wrong because of the age difference - and a few of these guys were very young - but the decoy kept insisting and working them with a surprisingly astute capacity to reel them in. Sure, she sounded like a child. She giggled like a child. But if you listened to what she was actually saying and doing it was actually kind of sinister. Because although there had been some initial sexual banter, with several of these young guys I'm describing, it was just a skilled, sophisticated, cynically-focused adult woman talking to a young, lonely guy about hanging out. "But you PROMISED," the decoy would insist, as the guy would be trying to explain he didn't think it was right for him to visit a person so young. And she'd use all of her adult wiles to keep trying to reel him in like a fish. And it was done SO well.

The decoys would beg and plead for them to come. And it was clear they needed bodies. They were on a schedule and the whole production was burning money unless guys showed up. And the decoys were part of an organization that had been been paid an ENORMOUS amount of money to bring these guys in.

In some cases I began to think it was quite sick to do that to a few of the youngest guys.

So I asked an attorney friend about it and that's when I learned about how it all worked and why almost every one of them was convicted. Including several who never came into the house or even got there.

The only way they could have escaped the way you're asking about is to never have spoken about sex, ever. Just interacted as friends. But I don't think they'd have let them come to the house in the first place.

BTW one guy actually did leave a note in his car saying something sort of like that. The police ridiculed him for it. They called it an "alibi note" and said it was quite common. And he was convicted.

When you follow the lives of some of the guys after that show you have the feeling it would have been kinder to just shoot them. Most of them were put away for many years. At least one died in prison.

Don't get me wrong. Almost every one of them was a sick, disturbed individual who deserved a severe response.

But there were a few…

Added afterwards, began as a response to a comment but it got kind of long. Pretty much just added more detail about the same things plus some new material at the end:

Some were obviously classic pedophiles. Fifty-year-old guys who initiated all the sex talk and kept bringing it up. Insisted on video chatting and masturbated while asking to see more of her body than she was showing. Repeatedly asked her to verify she was only fourteen. Some had prior convictions. One was six days away from starting a prison sentence for molesting a tiny relative who was so scared of thunder she came to his room because she was scared. A four-year-old. Completely sick piece of garbage. Another showed up at multiple sting houses on the show. Yet another was caught at the house entering completely naked and then again by the same team a few days later showing up to meet a "young boy" for sex at a McDonald's.

Clearly almost all were predators who were mercifully removed from destroying more young lives. It was apparent what they were and that they must have done it before and would do it again.

But there were a few that were so young themselves and so naive sounding. Yes, I read the chat logs, there is a website where they're all archived, or at least have been until very recently; the organization that ensnared them has finally suspended their operations and is disbanding after twenty or so years but they were all there at least up to a month ago. The several really young guys - one was like nineteen - I'm referring to did initiate a conversation involving sex. Apparently that was a minimum condition. But it was so tentative and so minimal. And they didn't come back to it on their own. But the decoy lady was so persistent and so charming and kept trying to induce guilt when the boy kept expressing his doubts about continuing or showing up. An eighteen or nineteen-year-old who sounded and came across like a child himself, he repeatedly said he didn't think they should meet. With the decoy - one of many who worked on the same young guy - as skilled at reeling in a confused kid like the ones I'm talking about as any adult female could be. And the decoys worked with multiple other adults who were brilliant at this and discussed it in strategy meetings - there were multiple "behind-the-scenes" segments that showed them discussing strategies to reel in specific guys who had clearly changed their minds. One was the most naive kid of all who was clearly conscience-stricken about his initial sexual comment. And the decoy kept begging and acting incredibly disappointed and hurt and saying she was lonely and she just wanted him to come hang out and watch a movie. "But you PROMISED!" She kept saying and sounding so unhappy he was trying to back out of "just coming to say hi".

What kind of predator does that make him?

And I remember that Chris Hansen asked him what he was doing there and he kept saying he just came to watch a movie and hang out. That he had told her he'd realized it wasn't right to do anything with such a young girl but she had seemed so hurt and disappointed that he'd agreed to just come and say hello. And when I first heard that I though it sounded absurd. Then I finally heard over an hour of the decoy or decoys just working him with the most skillful kind of manipulation he just wasn't equipped to handle. And not only wasn't he actually interacting with a child but with one or two different women who were smarter and more experienced and more sophisticated than he was and actually older than he was by an obvious magnitude of developmental levels. And the amount of money their organization had been given was like $100,000 for a few days of work to bring in the bodies and there was tremendous pressure on them at times - like once there was a power failure or the internet was down in the entire area for a day or two and they were discussing their concerns about not having enough guys to sting and their desperation was obvious as the costs just continued and the reality that they only had that many police officers available for a specific, limited time.

When the younger few guys I'm talking about showed up they were like children themselves. And they responded to Chris Hansen like children talking to a teacher. They repeatedly called him sir and sat immobile like scared children.

What they did to those few young guys I'm describing seems monstrous to me. Completely evil. And when you Google their names and look at what it did to their lives it's horrifying. You can see what prison did to them. The changes in their eyes. One minute one was a college freshman in an adult chat room not looking for a younger girl at all. And then dragged into this by a self-serving adult woman with her own agenda collecting scalps at any cost. And my God she was good. Imagine what a talking puppy could get any really young child to do. Probably convince some of them to kill their parents.

To top it off this was before the big push to make sure everyone knew this was completely illegal activity. A couple of the kids I'm describing kept asking what was wrong about coming to say hello to someone who would actually have only been four or five years younger. "But you were here to have sex," Chris Hansen kept saying. And these kids kept saying, "No. I told her that was wrong. That I couldn't. But she seemed so sad I wasn't coming and she kept begging me to still come and just watch a movie with her."

At least one kid had actually brought a movie and even that fact was used to show intent because she had asked him to bring it. And it was obviously a specific innocuous movie that he'd brought because she'd specifically asked for it.

When I finally heard the phone conversations with the decoys working those guys I wanted to throw up that a team of skilled, sophisticated adults under tremendous financial pressure had done what they'd done to a few of these youngest guys.

Eventually the show got someone killed. It was awful what they did because they got involved with a police department who let them take over a case and push the police and SWAT to speed up a critical situation to make more interesting TV. There was a big scandal and a lawsuit and the show ended in disgrace.

And then not too long ago Chris Hansen was charged with fraud. He had started a crowdfunding project to bring To Catch A Predator back to life and got a bunch of donations, made a bunch of promises about special participation and access and various mugs and hats and other paraphernalia for people who made particular-sized donations to fund the show.

He hired a guy to make the stuff - only around 15k worth - which under the circumstances, for a guy that'd had a 1.5 million plus salary for the years he was putting these guys away, was not much.

He wrote a bad check, was offered a chance by the police to make it good, twice, I think, and he didn't. He was arrested.

And what happened to the money that was donated to restart the show?

So in the end, he comes out a lot less sympathetic and it makes me think he's not a kind or ethical guy who cared to set standards for TCAP that might have spared a few of the naive young guys getting shredded for life in his cash machine. Yes, most of the predators were obvious disgusting pigs. But those few made me wonder.