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Thread: TIME FOR WAR!!! Billy Barrnrat, Butcher Of Ruby Ridge, Confirmed By Senate To Be Trump's AG Fag

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    Angry TIME FOR WAR!!! Billy Barrnrat, Butcher Of Ruby Ridge, Confirmed By Senate To Be Trump's AG Fag

    Well, the MAGA Fagga finally found a little butt-puppet Beria to disarm us all. I'm convinced this was the plan all along, and that he only put Jewff The Goof Sessions in there to buy himself some time, so we would let down our guard, thinking: "Surely the wunnerfool, wunnerfool MAGA Fagga would never disarm us!' "I mean, he's a Repulsivecunt, for fuck's sake!!!" "We all know Repulsivecunts don't do that kind of thing!!!" "Just those big, bad, evil Demonrats!!!"

    Make no mistake about it, guys, what this means is this: Whether Dorko Jewbio gets his little Federal "Red Flag" Law passed or not, the MAGA Fagga and his little AG Fag boy-toy will simply implement the policy anyway, via Executive Order, and that will be the end of that.

    Therefore, if you're a White, hetersexual male, rather than waiting around to be disarmed, once you've been denounced by your liberal neighbor or vindictive ex-wife/girlfriend as an "evil waycess" or domestic abuser or puppy-kicker or whatever, simply KILL ALL YOUR WORTHLESS LIBERAL RELATIVES NOW, AND THEN GO AHEAD AND KILL EVERY NIGGER, BEANER, FAGGOT, FEMROID, AND JEW YOU CAN FIND, AND THEN KILL AS MANY PIGS AS YOU CAN, WHEN THEY COME AFTER YOU.




    Washington (CNN)The Senate on Thursday confirmed William Barr as attorney general.

    The vote was 54-45, primarily on a party-line basis with most Republicans backing President Donald Trump's nominee and most Democrats opposed.

    This will be Barr's second tour as attorney general; he led the Justice Department during the George H.W. Bush administration. He takes over a department that Trump has repeatedly criticized for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

    When Mueller's investigation does wrap up, the decisions around how much information should be disclosed to the public will likely fall to Barr, a noted proponent of strong executive authority.

    Barr's deference to the presidency -- he has referred to the role of attorney general as "the President's lawyer" -- is in line with a school of legal thought that draws a vision of uncompromising executive power from the Constitution.

    Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month, Barr refused to commit to release Mueller's final report unchanged, but pledged transparency and said he would put out "as much as I can."

    He also said he would not let Trump make corrections to the report before a possible publication, and promised to protect the investigation until its finish.

    "I am not going to do anything that I think is wrong, and I will not be bullied into doing anything I think is wrong," Barr said. "By anybody -- whether it be editorial boards, or Congress or the President. I'm going to do what I think is right."

    Barr's nomination last year marked an unusual return to politics for the 68-year-old.

    An old guard conservative, Barr has held many of Washington's most influential legal perches, including a stint as the head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, where he helped shape legal opinions that influenced White House policy and action.

    After Bush's re-election defeat, Barr left government service for lucrative positions in the private sector, becoming the general counsel of Verizon up until 2008 and serving on the board of Time Warner, CNN's former parent company, through last year.

    In his confirmation hearing last month, Barr pointed to this distance from the Washington career ladder as one of the reasons he decided to take the job.

    "I feel I'm in a position in life where I can do the right thing and not really care about the consequences in the sense that I can truly be independent," Barr said.

    Mueller investigation

    Barr's claim of independence did little to assuage Senate Democrats skeptical of his potential handling of the looming conclusion of Mueller's investigation.

    In their rejection, many Democrats have pointed to a 19-page memo Barr wrote and sent to senior White House and Justice Department officials last year that criticized an element of the special counsel probe.

    "We must be clear-eyed about the moment our country is facing and the Attorney General's important role in ensuring the integrity of our democratic institutions," Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware, said in a statement Wednesday announcing his no vote.


    Barr has a reputation as a hardliner on immigration and crime.

    His plans to build a barrier along the US-Mexico border in 1992 will ring familiar in an administration currently engaged in a funding fight for a wall to stop an influx of illegal immigration, and in his confirmation hearing last month, Barr aligned himself with the President's views on border security.

    Barr's stance on criminal justice, however, appear to have evolved since he endorsed a Justice Department publication titled "The Case for More Incarceration" in 1992, when violent crime rates hit record highs in the country.

    Pressed by Democrats at his confirmation hearing last month, Barr said, "I don't think comparing the policies that were in effect in 1992 to the situation now is really fair," and told senators that he would carry out a newly passed bipartisan sentencing reform bill.

    "I think the time was right to take stock and make changes to our penal system based on current experience, so I have no problem with the approach of reforming the sentencing structure and I will faithfully enforce that law," Barr said.


    Barr will face a new landscape of challenges in his second turn at Justice, including foreign threats and cyber crimes that were not on the department's radar, or even physical possibilities, in the early 1990s.

    Chinese state-sponsored hacking and intellectual property theft are now top of mind for the Department of Justice, and federal prosecutors have brought a number of cases against Chinese nationals — and that country's biggest telecommunications manufacturer — in recent months.

    "The primary rival of the United States is China. I think Russia is half the size it was when we were facing them at the peak of the Cold War. Their economy's long-term prognosis is nowhere near China's," Barr testified last month.

    Barr says he hasn't spoken to White House about executive privilege on Mueller report

    Barr has also set his sights on American technology companies, and told senators at his confirmation hearing that he would use the Justice Department's antitrust division to explore questions around competition in Silicon Valley.

    Barr agreed to return to the Justice Department out of a sense of "patriotism" and he will likely aim to helm the department in a way that restores some normalcy after a period of criticism from the President and his allies, his friends say.

    "This is a person who has a special commitment to making sure that the Justice Department is really seen in a great light," said Paul McNulty, a former deputy attorney general who was Barr's top deputy for policy and communications. "He'd really want his legacy on a second time around at DOJ to be that he made the department stronger, because it's that special to him."

    CNN's Ted Barrett contributed to this report.

    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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    Post The Billy Barrnrat Anti-Gun Dossier

    2:00 PM 01/26/2019 | OPINION
    Michael Hammond | Gun Owners of America

    The Second Amendment community has tried very hard to get members of the Judiciary Committee to persuade attorney general nominee William Barr to renounce his long-standing support for gun control. Opposing his nomination is not a position we relish. But if members of the Senate choose to ignore his record on guns, they should not ignore his role in the Ruby Ridge scandal.

    Consider these facts.

    Barr was in charge of the Justice Department during Ruby Ridge, and he knew what was going on.

    Barr stated, under oath, that his chief gun priority would be the Ruby Ridge-like gun confiscation orders (sugar-coated as “red flag laws”).

    You may remember that Barr’s federal agents descended on Randy Weaver’s Idaho compound in August, 1992, and (1) shot weaver in the back; (2) shot Weaver’s wife Vicki to death, while she was holding her infant son; (3) shot Weaver’s 14 year-old son to death; and (4) shot Weaver’s dog.

    Courts subsequently largely exonerated Weaver, while excoriating the FBI and the Department of Justice. And, although then-Attorney General William Barr claimed to know nothing about the Ruby Ridge fiasco, a 1995 Washington Post article reported that there were 20 high-level DOJ calls about Weaver in the 24 hours preceding the murder of his wife — and two of them directly involved Barr.

    After that, Barr spent huge amounts of pro bono time trying to get exoneration for the FBI sniper who shot Vicki Weaver to death. He pushed for immunity from prosecution, organized letters on his behalf, and framed arguments before the trial and appeals courts.

    But long before Ruby Ridge, Barr’s hatred for the Second Amendment was clear.

    Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1991, Barr pushed the gun control “grand bargain” which, two years later under Clinton, was to become the biggest blow to the Second Amendment since the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act.

    Said Barr: “On the assault weapon front, the proposal before us is the DeConcini amendment. And I think … I would support both the Brady Bill waiting period and the DeConcini [semi-auto ban] amendment, provided that they were parts of a broader and more comprehensive crime bill that included … very tough provisions on the use of firearms in crimes and illegal purchase and trading in firearms…”

    In addition to endorsing the Brady Bill and the semi-auto ban, Barr went on to support the magazine ban by saying: “I would prefer a limitation on the clip [sic] size.”

    In 1991-92, as a Senate staffer, I placed a “hold” on the crime legislation. Hence, it did not pass during the Bush administration. But after I left the Senate to run for Congress in 1993, the Barr “grand bargain” was passed during the first two years of the Clinton
    administration. It turned out to be so controversial among gun owners that Democrats were ousted from control of the House as a result for the first time in a generation.

    And, incidentally, under oath, Barr is now perjuring himself by claiming he opposed the semi-auto ban.

    So has Barr changed his tune in 2019?

    Sadly, Barr, under oath, committed that his chief gun objective would be the most insidious aspect of the Bloomberg agenda: gun confiscation orders.

    Said Barr: “I also think we need to push along the ERPO’s [Gun Confiscation Orders], so we have red flag laws to supplement the use of the background check…This is the single most important think I think we can do in the gun control area to stop these massacres from happening in the first place.”

    If anyone doesn’t know what Bloomberg’s gun confiscation orders involve, police or an angry “ex” can go to a “secret court” [ex parte proceeding] to obtain an order to strip a gun owner of his Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights.

    After a judge rubber-stamps the order, the police arrive at your door in the middle of the night to ransack your house and, if you resist, to arrest or kill you (and your dog) — just like Barr did at Ruby Ridge.

    Don’t think this could happen?

    Consider the case of Gary Willis, a “gentle” 60 year-old man in Ferndale, Maryland, who was the subject of a gun confiscation order by a vengeful relative who didn’t like his politics. When Willis went to the door at 5:17 a.m. holding a gun, a scuffle ensued and Willis was shot to death. Summarily executed for the crime of being a “conservative gun owner.”

    Every week, we, at Gun Owners of America, get messages from gun owners who say they will give up their guns “only when they wring them from their cold, dead hands.”

    How many gun owners will die so that “the butcher of Ruby Ridge” can be confirmed attorney general?

    So, for those who care about the Second Amendment: William Barr is bad on guns. Very bad. Worse-than-Loretta-Lynch bad.

    For those who think the Second Amendment doesn’t matter, well, enjoy the swamp.

    Michael Hammond is legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America, a national gun rights organization representing more than 1.5 million gun owners.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.



    William Barr Doubles Down in his Support for Gun Control

    Urge Your Senators to Oppose William Barr for Attorney General

    The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote next week on the Attorney General nominee William Barr.

    Unfortunately, Barr's answers to Senators' questions during a hearing earlier this month showed that he holds a very anti-gun bias.

    And after the hearing, several Senators submitted written questions to him -- looking for clarification on many issues (including guns).

    Sadly, Barr either doubled down in his support for gun control or refused to answer important questions -- such as whether he supports concealed carry reciprocity.

    So it's now doubly clear that Barr will be no friend to gun owners should he assume the office of Attorney General.

    Here are just some of Barr's answers in writing:

    Barr supports Gun Confiscation Orders:"... it is critical that we get an effective system in place that keeps firearms out of the hands of mentally ill people... A key part of any such system are laws that allow 'Extreme Risk Protection Orders' [aka Gun Confiscation Orders]." (Barr answer to Sen. Cornyn Question #1.)

    Barr explains why he could still support the semi-auto and magazine bans that he supported in 1991:"I would look for ... whether [the] burden [of a gun-control measure] has a sufficiently meaningful impact on crime to justify burdening a fundamental right..." (Barr answer to Sen. Kennedy Question #3.)

    Barr could possibly support the elimination of the 3-day period for completing a NICS check -- thereby allowing the FBI to block a purchase forever, without knowing if the individual was a prohibited person:"I also have not studied whether changes to the three-day waiting period are advisable. If confirmed, I will review this issue along with other issues affecting public safety." (Barr answer to Sen. Feinstein Question #43.)

    Barr refuses to answer whether he believes concealed carry reciprocity legislation is constitutional:"I ... am not currently in a position to opine.... The question of whether the Second Amendment, or any other provision of the Constitution, would require one state to recognize another's concealed carry permit is one I have not considered." (Barr answer to Sen. Feinstein Question #44.)

    Barr punts on whether a federal ban on bump stocks (which would also affect semi-autos) would be legal:"I would be pleased to review any legislation on this issue." (Barr answer to Sen. Feinstein Question #45.)

    Barr supports the Lautenberg misdemeanor gun ban, which takes guns away from people who engaged in shouting matches in the home:"I look forward to working with you and the Committee on this important issue." (Barr answer to Sen. Feinstein Question #46.)

    So there you have it. Barr is not backing down. He would be a disaster for the Second Amendment.

    Again, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting next week on his nomination.

    It is likely that most Democrats will oppose him. But many Republican Senators are wary of going against Trump on this nomination.

    So the only hope of swaying them is to convince them that YOU -- their constituent -- pick up the phone and let them know that you are 100% opposed to this nomination.

    Please contact Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) to urge them to oppose William Barr for Attorney General.


    Barr was Involved in Ruby Ridge and Defended the People who Killed the Weaver Family

    Will Bill Barr Come Clean About his Involvement in Ruby Ridge?

    Last week, I wrote to you about all the gun control restrictions that William Barr supports.

    As you know, Barr has been nominated by President Trump to be the next "top cop" in America.

    Well, Barr's support for gun control is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons why the Senate should defeat his nomination.

    An excellent article by James Bovard lays out Barr's role in planning and covering up the massacre of Randy Weaver's family at Ruby Ridge.

    I will give you the highlights of this article (below), but you can read the entire piece here.

    You may remember that Randy Weaver was entrapped by a federal agent for violating a very technical part in the federal gun law.

    U.S. Marshals later launched an offensive against the family, first, killing Weaver's 14-year-old son. Then, an FBI sniper shot Weaver in the back and murdered his wife, as she stood in the doorway of their cabin holding her baby.

    Afterwards, an Idaho jury found Weaver not guilty on almost all counts, and a federal judge blasted the Justice Department and FBI for concealing evidence and demonstrating "a callous disregard for the rights of the defendants and the interests of justice."

    All of this was under the leadership of then Attorney General William Barr.

    Barr misrepresents his involvement in Ruby Ridge

    Barr claimed at the time that he had no involvement in the Ruby Ridge shootings, even though it all happened under his jurisdiction.

    But, in 1995,The Washington Post reported that "top officials of the Bush Justice Department had at least 20 contacts concerning Ruby Ridge in the 24 hours before [Weaver's wife] was shot" -- and that two calls involved Barr.

    Remember how, in my letter to you last week, I mentioned that Barr had misrepresented the truth (under oath) when he told Senators last week that he did not support the 1991 semi-automatic ban?

    Well, Bovard shows that Barr also fibbed when he claimed no direct involvement in Ruby Ridge -- even though he had sat in on at least two phone calls.

    But that's not all: When the FBI sniper who murdered Vicki Weaver was faced with criminal charges, Barr tried to get immunity for the killer.

    He tried to get the judge to dismiss the charges on the general theory that prosecuting FBI snipers "undermine[d]" the attorney General.

    Barr spent two weeks organizing former Attorneys General on behalf of the FBI killer. He "assisted in framing arguments" before the district court and on appeals.

    In fact, a majority of Barr's pro bono activities have consisted of trying to cover up for the massacre at Rudy Ridge and exonerating the government killers.

    Is it any wonder that Barr supported semi-auto and magazine bans for "the little people" -- and helped create Brady Checks -- and then denied it under oath?

    Is it any wonder that Barr's top priority as Attorney General would be "secret police-initiated orders" to raid gun owners' homes in the middle of the night (aka, "red flag" laws)?

    The Attorney General is an important and powerful position. And it is imperative that the Senate does NOT confirm William Barr as the nation's top cop.

    So please contact Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) again and present them with this new information from the Bovard article.

    Let them know that his previous "tour of duty" as Attorney General in 1992 does not deserve a promotion in 2019.


    Barr Reveals his Top Priority: Confiscating Guns

    Wow. Just wow.

    Tuesday's confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee William Barr was very disturbing.

    Even the most liberal, anti-gun Justice on the Supreme Court -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- didn't sit in the witness chair in the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell us she intended to shred the Second Amendment.

    So, when Barr openly spat on the right to keep and bear arms on Tuesday -- and threatened to break down our doors in the middle of the night in order to confiscate our guns -- well, that's a problem for us.

    Listening to William Barr, there is no doubt that he will be an enemy of the Second Amendment. He even talks like an anti-gunner.

    On Tuesday, he told Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) that "there's room for reasonable regulation" on firearms laws -- which is exactly the same lingo that Michael Bloomberg or Chuck Schumer would use.

    But now it has become clear: Barr's history as an enemy of the Second Amendment goes back a long way.

    Click here to see the longer version of this alert, which includes Barr's statements in 1991 supporting semi-auto bans, magazine bans and background checks.

    Amazingly, when speaking before the Senate on Tuesday, Barr may have perjured himself by denying he ever supported a semi-auto ban.

    When asked how his views from the early 1990s had changed after the Heller decision, Barr said: "I think I opposed an assault weapons ban [in the early 1990s]."

    Of course, that's clearly not what he said, and he's obviously hoping that people don't view the C-Span footage from 1991. [You can see Barr's remarks at the 1:42:23 mark in this C-Span video.]

    Barr currently supports "Gun Confiscation Orders"

    In an answer to a question by anti-gun Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday, Barr said his top gun priority will be Gun Confiscation Orders:

    “I also think we need to push along the ERPOs [Gun Confiscation Orders], so we have red flag laws to supplement the use of the background check... This is the single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area to stop these massacres from happening in the first place.”

    I'm sure your familiar with the police shooting of 60-year-old Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland, who was shot to death when he answered his door at 5:17 a.m.

    Mr. Willis is dead because of Maryland's Gun Confiscation Orders.

    We understand that Barr claims to believe the Second Amendment is an individual right, after the Supreme Court said it was in the Heller case. Yeah, so does Michael Bloomberg.

    That's no protection at all. Especially when he thinks that your rights can be subjected to "reasonable" restrictions that include proposals to confiscate firearms.

    In sum, William Barr is an effective and persistent enemy of the Second Amendment and the Constitution in general.

    So please email Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) and Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) and urge them to OPPOSE the William Barr nomination.

    The pre-written messages are specially tailored to fit whether your Senators are Republican or Democrat.

    But if either of your Senators are Republican, it would especially be helpful to call them in opposition to Barr.

    The Capitol Hill switchboard for the Senate is 202-224-3121.

    Tell them any senator who cares anything about the Second Amendment will oppose his confirmation.


    "Lay down your silver and your gold
    I am a man who won't be sold
    And even when my heart grows cold
    I'll curse your evil stranglehold."---Horslips, from "Trouble With A Capital 'T'", 1977.

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