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Thread: Don't cum-cum, cum-cum 2 Granby

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    Default Don't cum-cum, cum-cum 2 Granby

    Don't cum-cum, cum-cum 2 Granby


    Many is the time when some ZOGling whigger fuktard with dire prospects and no place other to go asks me whether or not to move to Granby Missouri.

    Usually I tell him not to do any such thang. Why?

    Because living in Eastern Newton County Missouri can be so nice -- if you have money and don't mind living deep in the woods with a cow or two and plentiful raised-bed gardens. Are into Home Schooling and quietly Christian Identity.

    But if you are poor and stupid and don't have too much on the ball, don't worry -- you WILL be fucked. Even if you are a toothless fucking inbred who gradjewmacated at the botton of meth-cooking skrule. Especially so then.

    Granby is the dumping ground for Newton County. The lead mines closed in the late 1950s and so those who live here are the inbreds who were tough and hardy. But anyone young who has anything on the ball moves to Springfield or KC or used to be Dallas. Now not so much.

    So sometimes people cum back and they usually are changelings who can't really relate to where they were born and bred. They have the same thieving inbred attitude but they now want to steal everything so that they can move back to jewplin.

    Even worse are those like Box-Wine Reggie Bard. Cum from someplace else and want to change Granby from being its low or no maintenence shithole to the very same shithole in California or wherever else they cum from. Like missionary whiggers trying to change thangs in Africa or places too far gone in niggertude like Detroit or Baltimore they sooner or later find out that "Afreeka ALWAYS wins." The niggers won't change theys' DNA or bone-deep nigratude. Well the same for Granbeans. Granby ALWAYS wins. The way of the Whigger Anglo-Mestizo Trash will always win out. You can be like a chihuahua puppy chasing the big truck all you want; count yourself lucky you didn't get your ass run over.

    Most of the tards who cum-cum, cum-cum to Granby are those who get a "good-deal" from the low prices for some hovel thay bought which would cost at least half again someplace else. Then they find out that this is not any thing like a good deal and they move on out, cussing Granby all the way.

    Don't you be one of them tards.

    You have been warned.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    http://www.whitenationalist.org/forum ----> Christian Nationalist Forum

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    Default I think I might have moved into a shithole named Granby . . .

    I think I might have moved into a shithole named Granby . . .

    Could someone please hold muh pee-pee & assure me that I got a really good deal moving here?


    Iím new to Granby, just moved here last fall. What Iím reading here lately both saddens me and scares me a bit. We picked Granby because it seemed to be a quiet, small town that reminded me much of the town I grew up in.

    This is my personal opinion, but if you want Granby to stop shrinking and start thriving, this city needs to find a way to connect in a more positive way. An example is the Volunteers group I started following last week. Instead of complaining about the city, they are reaching out to make positive changes.

    For example, stop assuming the worst about the police here. They have been nothing but friendly and helpful to newcomers.

    Focus on the positives of the candidates of elections, what they can contribute, rather than tearing them down. Once they are elected, they will be our leaders/public servants/representatives. If they start off with egg in their face, it will only hurt Granby. We need to show respect for our leaders, even if we disagree with them.

    Be careful what you post to social media. Had I found this group before we found this house, I may have been scared off. We have empty buildings and houses we need to draw good people here. Keep that in mind before posting.

    This big world is a very negative place. Why not find something positive about this sweet city.

    Help me prove to myself that we didnít make a mistake moving here. As a newcomer, tell me, what will I grow to love about a Granby Missouri?


    Granby Thots & Views

    What Granby whiggers & anglo-mestizos are yapping about life in Granby Missery

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    Default Granby isn't near the shithole that everyone in the rest of Newton County and elsewhere says it is.

    Granby isn't near the shithole that everyone in the rest of Newton County and elsewhere says it is.


    Terri welcome to our town. It is a great little town. I moved here 10 years ago and cant see myself anywhere else.

    Do remember Facebook is Facebook and drama is everywhere. This town has many great committees to be apart of. Cemetery committee, ballpark committee, Christmas committee and the volunteer group has been a wonderful committee. If you want to get to know the history we have a fantastic museum with people that are very knowledgeable about the cities history.. should you ever want to be apart of any of these great committees and get to know the positive people in our city I'm sure a list can be found at our city hall. I hope you fall in love with our city as I have and stay for a very long time.

    Granby isn't near the shithole that everyone in the rest of Newton County and elsewhere says it is.


    Numero Uno of Meercats

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    I have a twat and I have a brain . . .

    . . . I'm told my twat works a lot better than my brain.

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    Default Granby is a shithole which is always declining further

    Granby is a shithole which is always declining furtherr


    Jaimie Arnall and her brother Jeromy Hopper actually work hard to bring Granby around. Like most of the few remaining merchants remaining they understand that the previous city councils have destroyed the social capital which remains in a decaying town in a region undergoing demographic decline.

    She even left the old Rex Burnett grocery and laundry building open for 7-8 months so that Granby could move its "new" police building there for the sale price of $21,000 until the past mayor who had to resign went and bought the "Styron eyesore" for $300,000 and counting. Now she runs a sewing shop which brings a lot of visitors, mainly elderly women to Granby where they eat at JJ's, which is as fine of dining as Granby has. I tell her that she would be richer and happier living in Springfield, but she wants to renovate what little remains of Granby's heritage from back around the turn of the last century. I tell her that just as in Rome, which went from a population of over a million around the time of the Caesars to around 35,000 by the AD 700s. The population changed and so did the habitations to reflect the degenerate inhabitats.

    Now either you were someone who came from out-of-state or somewhere and you found that a house in Granby sells for 2/3rds of what a similar house sells for in Neosho. What explains the difference in price? Why the quality of the inhabitants and its city councils, of course!

    Now I was able to buy a hovel and a half-acre back in 1987 for $3000. Where else was I going to buy a house so cheap except Granby? Over the years I bought a lot of houses from old people who died and their children sure were not going to live in Granby, so I bought cheap. The old must hunker down, the young work elsewhere, buy their groceries elsewhere, and life goes on. What the problem is in people who buy Granby cheap and want to turn the place into exactly what they left.

    Driving around in East Newton County with someone who just left Chicago, I explain exactly what I see. An old two-story house which usually is empty and decaying along with single-wides and double-wides with newer pickup trucks and cars and every so often a tractor and farm equipment. And then all of a sudden a McMansion sometimes with a paved road or driveway.

    It seems that everyone with money or anything on the ball tells me proudly that they live "just outside the Granby city limits." Quite a few ex-council-critters and ex-mayors amongst them. They used their powers to buy Granby property at tax sales upon the deaths of the old people and put it out to rent for them they disallow to live on single-wides on their own property. Many is the time I've urged young people who want to put up the housing they can afford to sue the city because the council-critters can't or won't obey their own laws regarding trailor houses, but without success. Nobody except me is stupid enough to fight to live in Granby. Not when they can live cheaper and better outside Granby. As with Diamond, we all know the county roads to take the "Diamond Bypass" and the "Granby Bypass."

    You moved here without doing an exhaustive search of who and what type of people you were moving in with. 'Now you say that "some people are negative" in what they say. Lot, Abraham's nephew, did likewise without exercising due diligence, sold his herd, and moved into the capital city of the Five Cities on the Plain of Sodom. You can read how that turned out by a perusal of Genesis Chapter 19. Or read further in the Book of Jasher, Chapter 19, and you will get the rest of the story and find out that the Sin of Sodom was "Corrupt judicial process" in which they murdered and robbed strangers under color of law. Lot's righteous daughter Paltiel. was texecuted for helping a stranger. Elieazer, Abraham's servant, ran afoul of the judges as surely as myself with Kevin Lee Selby and Gregory Stremel. Now you blame the messengers for the message that perceived Neosho-Sodomistical living has a gritty Granby-Gomorrah coonsequence. Rather, it is what it is.

    Since things are as they are, and by a rate of 228 to 18, the People of Granby voted for more of the same as what they got, I suggest that most of you like to have three city workers, none of them who know book-keeping so it must be done at a cost of $22,000 per year for a total of $122,000 per year, counting the fact that they no longer do billing either. I suggest that sooner or later the Granby water system will be bought out by the Missouri American Water corporation and you will have a $100 per month water bill because this corporation will want to recoup its money spent in bribes and then upgrades because for the past four years nothing has been done to fix decaying water systems. So upon selling the city services, eventually Granby will be disincorporated, going back to pre-1988 levels.

    Have I been sufficiently "negative" in discussing the current reality, Buttercup?




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