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Thread: Granby Uncensored Facebook Group

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    Default Granby Uncensored Facebook Group

    Welcome to "Granby Uncensored" Facebook Group


    Welcome to "Granby UnCensored" Facebook Forum

    This week the Granby Police Department was back to making false arrests and the current Mayor of Granby “Crooked Ira” Hawkins was whining for censorship. “Roxie” had just posted a youtube video showing that the City of Granby commissioned a water survey in Sept 2014 and then raised the water rates but didn’t make any water improvements, not even to fix the pipes, much less building a Water Tower #3 to go with Well #3.

    So Granby has a lawless and corrupt Police Department, thinks it can arrest the poor and young and powerless while themselves refusing to obey their own municipal ordinances, pay out hundreds in thousands in salaries for people who cannot and will not do their jobs and kickbacks for a police station for the next 30 years and make it impossible for young people starting out to put a single-wide on their own property or start a family. In fact, if you were stupid enough to buy a new or remodeled house in Granby, expect for it to be worth only 60% of a similar house in Neosho, Carthage and half of what a home in a upscale community like Carl Junction or even Webb City.

    Anyone with anything on the ball moves to Joplin, Springfield or with lesser abilities to Neosho, Carthage, or Monett. Granby should be the “Queen City” of Eastern Newton County. Instead it is the literal bunghole of Newton County, full of the elderly whom time has passed by waiting to die, the drunken and addicted middle-aged derelicts with child molestation convictions (true or not) and a few of the younger generation always being harassed by the corrupt Granby Police.

    So there needs to be a public Facebook page in which those on the outs can speak freely. Granby Thoughts and Views is not it. This new Facebook forum shall remain open to the public. Anyone can join and then post. The only rule is nothing which is profanity for the sake of profanity. No F-bombs or the like. You post about the crookedness of the Granby City Council and employees it would be nice if you are able to prove it, but then again they are crooked liars, thieves and perjurers and so it can be risky to be a whistle-blower. If any of the Granby City Council or Police or Employees and family wish to respond in full they are free to do so without fear of censorship. Be warned though you will likely be ridiculed.

    Social media and the Internet could do a lot for responsible representative democracy. The problem is that representative democracy is all about stealing everything from the public to benefit your friends and family. The very last thing it is about is doing something useful for the general public paying the taxes and obeying the laws that corrupt government and cowardly corrupt police enforce selectively.

    Everyone in Newton County and Southwestern Missouri knows all about Granby. As a result Granby is literally the deadest town in every way, economically and culturally in Southwestern Missouri. Which is fine by me as at least the corruption and stupidity of the thieving inbreds who run Granby is that they have kept out the blacks and Hispanics looking for a handout. Granby is such a shithole that the only one who likes it here are the thieving inbreds and addicted derelicts who have to live somewhere cheap and lawless.

    That said, I like Granby just fine. Where else can you buy a house and land for $3000? I bought all my Granby property from old people who died and liked Granby fine but theys’ kids and grandkids sure didn’t want to live in a shithole like Granby. And so they sold out cheap. Granby is a Shithole’s Shithole.

    Insofar as the refugees from California or Illinois or Ar-Kansas are concerned let me say this: You don’t need to turn this Inbred’s Shithole Paradise into the very sort of ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer Shithole like whence you fled. If you be Box-Wine Wedgie Tard, or Lawna Price or Michael Logan or any other ZOGtard, you need, especially if you get tired of beating up or gelding you’s meercat or drinking box wine, or huffing cat urine from all of your 23 cats and just need to thieve from or bother the native inbred shitheads, please move on back to the very shithole that shat you out. You will not be missed.

    As for the thieving inbreds who [d]rule Granby. You are pub[l]ic figgrz and white or anglo-mestizo niggrz. You WILL be ridiculed here and your misconduct noted and discussed. You can of course respond without being censored, but know this: Everything you say will be noted and analyzed. If we get something wrong in out criticism, then we will admit it and maybe even apologize. But here on Granby Uncensored, we are not trying to sell you anything or take in advertising. We tell it like we see it.

    There is no reason why anyone should join unless they have something to say because this is a public forum. Understand that.

    Have a truthful day.

    Hail Victory !!!
    Pastor Martin Lindstedt CJCC/AN
    Candidate for Mayor of Granby


    Granby Uncensored

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    Default Tired of Censorship & False Arrest? None of that at "Granby Uncensored"!!!

    Tired of Censorship & False Arrest? None of that at "Granby Uncensored"!!!



    Don't you guys wish there was a forum where we could openly express our concerns and suggestions about city departments/issues? Some sort of meeting with elected representatives of the city...we could hold it bi-monthly.

    ...oh well, we will just have to run smear campaigns (with no real gain) on Facebook like "normal" people.

    David Joel
    August 1, 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by David Joel

    You can join "Granby Uncensored" Facebook Forum. Or not join because it is a public forum. https://www.facebook.com/groups/363179937888031/

    I can guarantee that you won't be arrested or silenced for something you said on above forum, unlike you will at City Hall when you make fun of them. Let's see how long this stays up.

    Meercat with tits!!!

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