Are You Ready To Face The Beast Of Revelation?

Along Comes The Beast:
I want to ask you a question...


I already know the answer you're going to give me, but I'm going to ask you the question anyway. When the time comes, and you're put on the spot... no way out... are you going to take the Mark Of The Beast? Not a trick question. You know what the mark is... Book Of Revelation. Chances are if you stopped and took the time out of your busy day to read this, you already had the stock answer primed and ready to give me. It goes something like this:

"I'll take the bullet in the back of the head, before I let them put that thing on my forehead."

Good choice. And I do believe you're serious. You'll stand on two feet with Jesus and take your medicine bravely and with a smile. When the time comes, that is exactly what you'll do. You realize that your eternal soul is worth much, much more than any earning power you might still have left to make a few more dollars to buy some more plastic Chinese garbage from Walmart. Hats off to you. But now I have another question to ask you. Do you really think the devil is going to make it that easy for you?

Think about this for a minute... The Devil has spent 7500 years on this Earth. Maybe longer. He was here before we were. For 7000+ years he's been watching us, studying us, noting and recording our every weakness, our greatest fears, our strongest lusts and passions. He studied every last little flaw and quirk and soft spot we have that he could possibly exploit in some way to take us down to the pit of hell with him. He's spent 7500 years perfecting millions of schemes, and scams, and confidence games designed to get us to give up our eternal souls. He endlessly tweaks and adjusts them to fit the new times, the new technologies, ever increasing their strength, power and effectiveness. Lucifer looks back on 7500 years, and he's well pleased. His hard work and study have paid off. Everything he's done, every plan he's put into place is working perfectly. The world and the people living it here in the 21st century have never been so godless, so degenerate, so materialistic, so selfish, so ripe for the picking, and so easliy picked. Now, after he's gone to all that trouble to gain total control of just about everything, all governments, the media, education, the financial systems, social policy, etc, etc. Should we really expect he's going to roll the clock back 7000 years and do it all old style, with a sword resting on the back of the neck or a knife against the throat. He already tried that, 7000 years ago. It didn't really work all that great back then. Probably 70% people spit in his face and told him to go to hell. Probably 70% still do it today in some of the African backwaters he stil uses that old game. The Devil didn't do all this work to get the same 30% he was getting when he started. He went to all that trouble to get 100% and he's near getting that now. Between all the homosexuals, the fornicators, the adherents to false religions and gospels, the mammon chasers, the drunks, the drug addicts, he's getting a near 95% kill ratio worldwide. He's not going back to the old days, he's just going to keep on doing what he's doing. What works, and rather beautifully. Satan's got a scam or a scheme to get everybody now. He's advanced way past threatening to shoot you in the back of the head.

The carrot and the stick. The devil probably invented that. You either get a nice little bonus prize for going along, or you get beaten with stick if you don't. In the coming days of Revelation, you should expect both. Expect the carrot to be very juicy and delicious. And expect the stick to have a few nails in it that you can't see. And it will hit much harder than you ever imagined too. Most people will take the carrot straight away. It'll be like a visit from Santa Claus with special gifts chosen just for you. Whatever rings your bell, they'll be plenty of it. Girls, money, safety, love, big houses, fine cars. All your wildest dreams come true. He'll be like Kenneth Copeland... you just name it and claim it! Except that unlike Kenny boy, Satan actually delivers. Copeland was just warming everybody up for the real thing. With the Beast, you'll get what you were promised. I expect most of you reading this article, though thoroughly impressed with the carrot, will politely decline. At least I hope you will. Some won't. But for your sake, I prey that's not you. For you, it's probably going to have to be the stick. A stick made just for you.

I'll give you an example of what we should be expecting. Behold, a young man named John, a young father, maybe a lot like you. He's a Christian, he loves his kids, he'd do anything for them. It's been tough not taking the mark. Everybody else is living like a king. John barely gets by. Sometimes he wonders if maybe he made the wrong choice. Like all the rest of the kids living in the days of Revelation, his 10 year old son has got some health issues. They pumped him full of vaccines as a baby, now he's got peanut allergies, egg allergies, several others they havn't identified yet. He's mildly autistic. John got lucky there. There's lots of basket case kids worse than his. He's got asthma from pollution, he's got diabetes from the shugary diet, he's fat, he's sick. None of that was an accident. That waa the devil, setting the stage 10 years in advance, for the terrible thing that's about to happen.

John stops in mid stride and he knows there's something wrong. His son is no longer beside him, John turns and looks back to find the boy crumpled up on the sidewalk. John isn't sure what it is this time, could be so many things. He rushes over just as quick as possible and a crowd is already beginning to form around the boy. John figures it out pretty quickly. Peanuts... or eggs maybe. His son's got the tell tale hives, and he's already starting to have trouble breathing. Last year John would have stuck him immediately with the Epipen. But they stopped taking his cash at the pharmacy last April, and they don't take chickens in trade either. In fact they're going to close altogether in a month or two. Nobody needs pharmacies anymore. The mark cures everything wrong with you and immunizes you against all diseases. After those couple of really bad plagues back to back 2 years previous, people were lined up 10 blocks to get marked at every clinic on earth. Just one of the modern miracles The Beast has generously gifted to the people of the world. A cop rushes over. A year ago he would have had an Epipen in his pocket. All Police officers were mandated to carry them. But since nobody needs them anymore they stopped. They don't even make them anymore. No demand.

The boy is dying. Everyone there knows it. Somebody suggests John take him down the street to the walk in clinic. it's just around the block. They can do the mark there. It'll fix him right up. All clinics have the equipment. John knows that if he allows that, he's sealed his own son's fate. He'll spend eternity in hell, and John will never see him again. But that's in theory. In practice John will be there with him. They will only mark the children of a parent who is marked. John is going to have to take it too. That's how they get you. They got it all figured out. Some of the people in the crowd begin to question why John's hesitating. He can save the boy, "in like 2 seconds," a young girl of about 20 seems to think. They begin to wonder if maybe John isn't one of those extremist Christian wackos and they figure out pretty quickly that he is. They hate those extremist Christians. Especially White ones. They've always been responsible for everything wrong with the world. Everybody knows that. That's what The Beast says anyway, and he's right about everything. That's when the threats start, the shoves, the spitting, the vile and vulgar insults. Then John hears the cop suggest that maybe he's an unfit parent, and he hears the cop call over the radio for Child Protective Services.

John is terrified at the sight of his son dying in front of him. He should have seen it coming, but somehow never expected this at all. His 8 year old daughter is crying uncontrollably in fear next to him. In fear of what's happening to her brother. in fear of the ever more violent and angry crowd around them. John knows now that regardless of what happens to his son, CPS will take her and put her with a couple of lesbian, "foster parents." And then it will be all over for her too. He tries not to imagine what happens to her after that, but he knows she'll be marked in just a few weeks with her two new mommies. He's heard that's what always happens. John wonders what his wife is going to say. She was never really down with the whole Jesus thing, and was only going along because they still had some cash money left to spend, but they were running out of that quickly. John knows his time is running out, he prays silently begging God to do something. His boy is beginning to choke and wheeze as his throat is nearly swelled closed...

Now imagine that's you. You still think you have what it takes to be the tough guy and hold out? That's the kind of stick you'll be facing. You'll be making choices like that every day. It won't be as simple as you imagine. The devil is going to have it all locked up. That's what you're in for.

Over the course of this series I will draw from the scriptures, from history, from what we know of human nature, from current events and we will extrapolate all that into the future to paint probably a pretty accurate picture of the true horror we'll face at the Great Tribulation. Will absolutely everything I tell you come true? No, it won't. I'm not a prophet, nor do I claim to be one. I won't have it nailed down 100%, maybe not even 75%. Some of the things I describe might not happen at all. But I bet it'll be close enough to give you a pretty good Idea of what you're going to face as a Christian holding out in The End Times. it will be far worse than what you have imagined. I don't want you to believe me. I want you to think about what I've said. I want you to imagine it for yourself. I want you to ask yourself at least once a day every day from here on in, how is the devil going to get me? I want you to be able to say on the day that you're looking down at your 10 year old on the sidewalk, or something like that,

"I knew this would happen one day, something like this. I've thought about it many times, I'm not shocked, I'm not panicked, I'm not afraid, I'm ready to make my choice."

It's the shock and panic that's going to get you. What you never imagined could happen is going to shock and panic you. And you can't make a good decision in that kind of emotional state. That's a well known fact. We know that. The devil knows that too. He's counting on it. That's why he's going to use it against you, along with peer pressure, extortion, coercion, fear, the whole shooting match, the whole system he already uses against us every day to get us do what he wants. Except now, to the power of 10. I want to make you ready for that, and I'll do my best over the course of this series to prepare you to find a way, to find the strength in Jesus Christ to save yourself, your friends, and your family. Not your lives. We're already dead the moment is starts. Souls, that's the only thing that's going to matter. I hope to get you ready to preserve yours. Because one of the devil's aims and goals during his final push, is to remove from the world the hope of salvation that Jesus gave us 2000 years ago. Yes, you can lose your salvation. Take The Mark of the Beast and you'll find out. My only goal here is to get you ready to keep it. Stay tuned, there's lots more coming.

Corneilu Codreanu
June 9, 2019