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Thread: Lone Tard Whiggers vs ZOG

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    Default Dallas Federal Building Shooting

    The quality of people I am reaching is much higher than I ever did with a forum.
    I'm now at the top of the racialist intellectual community in the United States.
    I was a nobody when I ran The Phora.

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    Default You can't understand because you are not desperate enough

    You can't understand because you are not desperate enough


    You haven’t missed anything Brad, other than what you deliberately choose not to see:

    You have all sorts of rules to encase you in “protective stupidity” that when there is finally a hapless “Lone Tard” whose pathetic desperation won’t even remotely come on back to you then you claim that you want to becum enlightened.

    This young whigger tard should scare the shit out of ZOG precisely because he was so inept, yet chose certain death — which he got — raising his pore pathetic Armed Farces Trained little whigger paw against Mighty Evil ZOG. He chose a relatively formidable target and yes, he was soon dead. What does that show other than desperation?

    Now I’ve been in the same situation at 2:15 pm 9 April 2004 when the Newton County Division of Family Services and Newton County Sheriff’s Department swooped down and took all four of my grandchildren and then bought and sold them under color of a claim, supposedly extorted from my retarded grandson that I had kissed his penis and licked his ass. Took then two months from what I heard. I often ask how long these regime-criminals spawn and grandspawn could hold up to torture but tell them that yes, we all shall find out. I never saw them again although I hear from my favorite the girl who is under student debt, had a miscarriage, is Facebook friends like Dylann Roof with all sorts of nigger and beaner friends, and has implanted memories in which she blames Roxie for staying with me.

    Now on that day, 9th April 2004 I had the very same decision that Dylann Roof, Robert Bowers, Brendon Tarrant, Robert Earnest and now this Brian Clyde had to make if for no other reason than because of being White Men. Whether to get payback now or later.

    With a 30-06 I would have gotten off four or five shots and no pig body armor would have saved then from a 165-grain soft point deer round loaded at 3,000 fps. Then the dangerous pigs down a shooting at leisure of the baby-stealing bitches so as to blind and geld and mutilate at leisure the rest so that ZOG would pay for them to the rest of theys daze of suffering. Of course one doesn’t want to be taken alive except if it will cause more grief for ZOG.

    But luckily or unluckily I had already figured out prion-poisoning, i.e. spreading Chronic Wasting Disease throughout the ZOGland and having it get in the food chain. Already in 2002 CWD had spread to gliberal ass-hole Dane County Wisconsin and now is all over Minnesota, Iowa and spreads an average of forty miles per year. The very first place in Missouri it showed up was in Adair County, whence there lives a certain jewboy with Crohns/jew Ass-GAIDS. From there it has jumped the Missouri River to Cole County and points around, but it started in Kirksville. What do you think the odds are of that?

    Now what kept me alive through the years shead — the dopings, the forced fights with stronger younger psychos in the NutHouse — was my Oath to YHWH that I would absolutely destroy every single judge, lawyer, policeman and politician along with killing or enslaving their entire families in setting up local military dictatorships under hard White men under Theocratic Warlordism. I am so very happy as to what is happening now, as was Harold Covington before he died. So most of the time I am pleased with not just killing four or five or ten when I might have already killed thousands which is the only justification for me still being alive. Sometimes I wish I had killed and died on 9 April 2004 because it certainly would have made my life easier.

    You see, I suppose it all depends on what you will tolerate. An iron rule of life is that you must endure what you will tolerate. The same principle is the very basis of Christianity: That one man, unblemished and without sin can redeem all of Christian Israel. Also that very few of us White Men are even human: Most of the creatures we live with, especially ZOGling Whiggerkind are mere diseased animals and the Book of Revelations is merely the predictable story of what will happen to them.

    So no, Moan Bradifer, I do most certainly fucking get it. I sure hope that there is something in you which might get it too. Whenever I see or read of the clown-car Brigade of ZOGling Whigger & Mamzer Supremacists / Nationalists pissing & moaning against White Domestic Terrorism I sure doubt that they will ever get it, but if put under enough not-quite destructive pressure then they might get it too.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

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