Bryan Reo explains why it is the very Model of a Modern Satanic Mongrel Abomination Lawyer

If Donald Trump sat down at the bar next to you, what would you ask him?

If he is meeting somebody such as me it is probably to discuss consumer rights law or defamation/free speech law or some sort of intentional tort law. There wouldn't be many other reasons for him to meet with me.

I have suggestions for how to bolster consumer rights, such as curtailing mandatory arbitration or simply repealing the Federal Arbitration Act.

As to defamation I would suggest that the Sullivan New York Times “public figure” standard be abolished legislatively and that the same standard for libel of a private figure would apply to other targets of defamation. I would also suggest adding to the United States Code to provide for criminal libel, a crime which would entail extreme, severe, or persistent libel that would rise beyond merely being an intentional tort and would become an actual crime with criminal penalties.

I would also suggest that all Predictive Dialers be classified as Automated Telephone Dialing Systems (ATDS) for purposes of 47 USC 227(b).

I would also suggest a provision that when home health care is being canceled the policy issuer must provide 30 days advanced notice in writing to the policy holder.