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'It's blasted across America': How Fox and Sean Hannity amplified a Russia-fueled conspiracy

The Seth Rich was murdered by Crooked Swillery Coonspiracy Theory

(((Michael Isikoff))) Chief Investigative Correspondent,Yahoo News
• July 30, 2019

This is the fifth part in the Yahoo News “Conspiracyland” series. Read and listen to the first four parts here.

WASHINGTON — Early on the morning of May 16, 2017, the editors of the Fox News website were in a state of near panic. As they arrived at work at Fox headquarters in midtown Manhattan, they discovered that the network’s affiliate in Washington, D.C., had dropped a huge story the night before, based on the work of one of the Fox News website’s own reporters. It was a story that could turn the political world on its head — if it was actually true.

The story involved Seth Rich, the 27-year-old Democratic National Committee staffer who had been shot and killed the previous July in what police believed was most likely a botched robbery. Malia Zimmerman, a Los Angeles-based reporter for the Fox News website, had sent her editors in New York a wild draft of a piece claiming that the FBI had uncovered evidence that Rich — and not Russian military-intelligence hackers — had been the real source of stolen DNC emails provided to WikiLeaks. If that was the case, that botched robbery in Washington would start looking very much like a political assassination.

The Fox News web editors hadn’t had a chance to vet Zimmerman’s article. They had not drilled down on her sketchy sourcing. But, according to three Fox News sources familiar with the handling of the story, the editors were so upset that such a big exclusive had been broken by a local affiliate, rather than the network itself, that they hastily rushed the Zimmerman piece onto the Fox News website, setting off a political and media firestorm.